86 Fancy Hairstyles for Black Boys

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Hairstyles for Black Boys – Get your unique style by mixing and matching your favorite fade, shorter or longer hair on top and a shaved part or hair design. There are so many ways to wear a buzz fade, high and tight, mohawk fade or afro.

Pictures are arranged in order from shortest to longest to keep scrolling to get from buzz fades all the way to afros.

Haircuts ideas for Black Boys

Here are the coolest hairstyles for black boys


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Glossy Haircuts for Black Boys

1. Twists With Fade

This is another combination of style that brings relevance to the look. Maintain some length on the top and style twists in the way outlined above. On the sides, opt for a length that tapers down. The style draws attention to what’s happening upstairs. This haircut works particularly well if the hair on top is a little longer and unruly.

2. Wave

We can’t decide whether we love this haircut, or if it’s completely garish. One thing is for certain; it is a style that could only be achieved with the benefit of thick hair. The style makes your hair a feature in its right. If you decide waves are for you, it’s best to see a barber beforehand. He or she will get your hair looking right before you start the wave process. The look will take a while to appear, and you will need a few products to get it going, most importantly a wave brush. Speak to your barber for more advice on how to achieve this unique haircut.

3. Short All Over

Simple, short all over. Longer than the buzz cut, this standard short style still acknowledges your hair’s curly nature without it becoming something you need to deal with day-to-day. To truly make this style yours, regular trims are imperative to keep from having your hair appear untamed.

4. Frohawk

Even though it’s long gone, we still love the frohawk sported by Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling. Think of it like a reimagined box fade, narrower in the middle and rocked with the kind of maverick air that only comes with mohawk styles. This haircut can be either angular in style or left to grow more freely. Those with tighter curls will find they have greater control over the shape of their frohawk and can opt for a bolder imagining of the cut.

5. Buzz Cut With Beard

Technically not a haircut in its own right, but the combination of a buzz cut and beard is always a winner for men with thicker hair. For the best results, buzz your beard down to a length that is consistent with your beard. You can achieve the neatest looks by manicuring your beard’s shape around the sideburn area and by keeping the cheek line consistently well-maintained.

6. Shaved Design

This bold hairstyle features a pattern shaved into the back of the head. The rest of the hair is kept short in order to emphasize the design. The look sends a bold message of confidence in your style. Keep in mind, if your hair is particularly coarse, you may be prone to razor bumps. Ideally, you should shave with wet hair, moisturizing shaving oil, and decent shaving cream to avoid the bumps. And remember always to shave with the grain.

7. Temple Fade

You can’t go wrong with a simple temple fade. This haircut, which also features an angular line up, will work with a variety of hair types and keeps everything tidy. This haircut is another style that takes advantage of thick hair and tight curls. Strong angles define a geometric cut, but there is no steadfast rule on how it should look. Your imagination is your guide here. One option is to use your part line (whether that’s real or imagined) as a guide to creating a right angle part in your hair.

8. Classic Temple Fade

Here’s another take on the temple fade. With a less angular line up, this haircut is a touch more formal than the previous style, making it a good choice for a variety of situations. Then you can decide how short or long you want the hair on top, and whether you want a part, line up, or hair design etched in. For a low maintenance haircut, you may want to get a buzz cut with a hard part; otherwise, a mohawk fade or short sponge twists may look stylish. The possibilities are limitless when you visit a skilled barber at your local barbershop!

9. Flat Top Line Up

The flat top is an iconic style that’s still popular to this day. It’s an excellent option for boys with more coiled, matted hair.

10. Subtle Burst Fade

If you want something more fun and casual, this might be the style for you. A burst fade emphasizes the area around the ear, and a shaved design adds some pizzazz.

11. Blown Out Flat Top

Here’s a trendy twist on the classic flat top that gives you the volume of an afro without any messiness.

12. Curly Top with Twin Hairline

Is shorter better for you? If so, this haircut is worth your consideration. Short hair on top is emphasized by skin faded sides, while two subtle hard parts add a touch of flair.

13. Spider Braids

If you’re into braided hair, you might like this hip and edgy style. Long braids hang down like spider legs, and there’s a very satisfying rectangular pattern on the top of the head.

14. Flat Top with Skin Fade

This is another flat top variation that’s neat and mess-free all around. A simple skin fade draws the eye up to the flat top.

15. Low Key Mohawk

If you like the mohawk style but don’t want something extreme, try this out. The hair forms a subtle mohawk that tapers as it reaches the neckline.

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