59 Best Hairstyles for Boys With Longer Hair

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Hairstyles for Boys With Longer Hair – Here are more examples of the best men’s long hairstyles you’ll love! From formal styles for proms or weddings to hipster or business attire, there’s something for everyone! And for good measure, we’ve also incorporated some medium length cuts if these others are too lengthy for you!

Good long hairstyles for boys are quite rare, that’s why young men tend to choose something short and simple. However, if you do enough research, it’s easy to find amazing examples of easy to make and fairly simple to maintain long hairstyles. The longer the hair is, the more experiments you can make with it and the more different hairstyles you can come up with.

Best Hairstyles For Long Hair

There are many different ways to wear long hair looks these days. You can grow it all out one length or grow it long on top while keeping your sides and back short and clean cut with a cool fade. In addition to classic slick and undercut styles, fringe cuts and styles are becoming more popular.


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How To Style Long Hair

Styling long hair for men doesn’t mean you have to follow some ridiculous care regiment or brush your hair a hundred times each night. Basic hair care really starts with a few key products to keep everything healthy. For example, a good shampoo and conditioner is a basic requirement. Then a quality styling product can make all the difference in getting the long hairstyles you want.

Long Hair Maintenance

Long hair enhance the beauty of your look, side by side, it demands something in return. That’s is extra care and affection. One must follow some basic rules while growing and styling long hair. Read on the following list.

  • Long hair may lack moisturizer and tend to get frayed at the edges. Regular application of high-quality hair oil will help protect the hair from getting split.
  • One must not use low-quality products on sensitive things like hair. Once the hair gets damaged it requires heavy toils and time to regain beauty. So make sure you are applying good and branded products.
  • Use wide toothed comb or hairbrush. Don’t comb the hair with a tight and thin comb. This damages the hair and sometimes it creates unexpected knots.
  • Be very careful while getting the service of a hairdryer. Never go for the extra heat. Keep the heat setting as low as possible. Continuous hot air should not be exposed to hair for a long time.
  • Don’t wash the hair every day. Frequent exposure to water is bad for the health of hair.
  • Drink abundant pure water and eat a balanced diet. We will get what we eat.

Trendy Hairstyles for Long Hair

[su_highlight]Here are the description of trendy hairstyles for Long hair[/su_highlight]

1. Top Knot

The top knot came onto the scene around the same time as the man bun, but hasn’t enjoyed the same following. While the top knot is remarkably similar to a ponytail, the difference is the placement of the tie up and the often faded, undercut or shaved sides.

2. Man Ponytail

The male ponytail is one of the easiest and most common longer styles. Whether you’re in the process of growing your hair long or already have length, you’ll eventually try this low-maintenance hairstyle.

3. Long Curly Hair

If you have long curly hair but aren’t sure how to style it, why not let your haircut simply flow naturally. As one of the best long hairstyles for men with thick hair, this natural look can weigh down your curls while allowing them to add something unique! You may even want to apply some light pomade for a textured finish.

4. Shoulder Length

Cool men’s shoulder length hairstyles don’t have to be complicated to look good. You don’t need dreads, braided sections, or some hipster spin that requires regular styling. Instead, you can sweep your hair behind your ears, part it in the middle, or just let everything fall naturally.

5. Bun Hairstyle

The bun is a fresh look for moms and dads who prefer their child to keep the hair long, while also maintaining a sense of style. It is a long hairstyle for boys that involves tying their child’s hair in a single bun, placed at the crown of the head. Further, you may also recognize this trendy fashion statement as the “dude bun,” “hipster bun,” or “bro bun.

6. Surfer Boy Hairstyle

This surfer boy hairstyle look originated (where else?) in Southern California is the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. It became massively popular with surfers at the time.  Since, it has grown across the country at an exponential clip, thanks to bands like the “Beach Boys.” The hairstyle became attractive to females who admired boys who surfed and stayed active outdoors. Further, the long exposure to sun, salt water, and humidity gave the style real authenticity.

7. Slick Back

For guys with medium-long locks, the slick back look is as easy to achieve as it is suave. A more undone alternative to a bun or pony, the slick back works as well with a tailored suit as it does with streetwear. For fine hair, a high-shine look is optimal and can be achieved by raking fingers through clean hair using a medium hold wet-look gel. Guys with curly or textured hair can also rock this look by sweeping the front section of hair back with a pomade or mousse for greater hold. Curls can be left largely intact, or broken up slightly for a more worn-in feel.

8. Long Braids

For gents with long hair who like a bold look, braids can make an excellent option. Not only are they uniquely stylish, but they’re also versatile and can be adapted to suit a range of styles. For a subtle braided look, try wearing your hair in one long and loose plait at the back of your head. Alternatively, for an eye-catching style, create many tight braids, starting at your scalp and working through your long mane. You can even partner your braided look with a man bun or ponytail for a double dose of style.

9. Long and Straight

While short and straight hair can often appear a little plain, long and straight locks look daring and eye-catching. With little texture or shape, this style shows off all your length without any distraction. As such, it’s essential to maintain your cut and keep your ends neatly trimmed as they’ll be on display. For a smart and stylish appearance, it’s also important to ensure that your hair is healthy. Doing so will help to reduce frizz and enhance shine for a sleek appearance. Of course, if your hair isn’t naturally smooth or completely straight, you can always fake it. Just blow-dry your mane using a heat-protectant spray and round brush before applying a serum to tame any frizz or flyaways.

10. Dreadlocks

Having long hair affords you the possibility to rock a range of impressive hairstyles, including dreadlocks. Although the style isn’t for all gents, it can be an excellent option for those who are prepared to try something a little out of the ordinary. Whether you braid or twist your hair, dreadlocks can appear simultaneously on-trend and uniquely stylish. As such, they make a fashionable choice that can instantly upgrade the look of your long locks. Just be sure you’re ready to commit to creating and maintaining this style as it can take work.

11. Long Hairstyle with Beard

Long hair makes quite the statement, but, pair it with a beard, and it’s even more powerful. So, if you want to make your long mane even more memorable, consider complementing it with some facial fluff. Just make sure that you pick the right length and style to suit the look you’re aiming for. For example, long waves paired with a big bushy beard will project a wild and rugged appearance while a smooth mane partnered with some subtle stubble will look more sophisticated and work-appropriate.

12. Long Undercut

If you’re looking for a way to give your long hair new life, you should consider adding an undercut to your style. By shaving the sides and back of your hair, you’ll instantly create an incredible contrast between these sections and the long hair left on top of your head. Then, just let you long locks fall to one side for an awesome attitude-filled appearance. Alternatively, this cut can also work well with a ponytail, man bun or topknot, which are ideal for the warmer months along with formal functions.

13. Long Grey Hair

Think long hair is just for young gents? Think again. A long mane can suit men of any age, including those who have gone grey. While many men decide to keep their hair short as they age for a sophisticated appearance, long locks can look seriously stylish on older gents. Providing a youthful and rugged appearance, long grey hair is a style well worth trying if you’re game. All you need to do is let your grey hair grow long and rock them with an attitude. An excellent wardrobe filled with smart yet laidback pieces will also help you nail this look.

14. Long Hair with Part

A crisp part can be incredibly striking on a long mane. Centre parting is best left to the symmetrical and those with straighter hair. To get an arrow straight part, take a fine-toothed comb to freshly washed hair and draw a sharp line from the centre of the hairline directly back before running fingers through ends with a drop of serum. An option for guys with softer features and more textured hair is an indistinct side part. Guided either by a natural cowlick or preference, sweep the larger section of hair to one side and train it to stay in place by tucking it behind your ear. To create extra hold, use a dry texturing spray on the roots and define the part near the face with a loose hold wax — ultimately, however, this is a style that is best worn with a little movement, so tread carefully.

15. Long Spikes Hairstyle

The spiked haircut or long spikes hairstyle can sometimes get a bad rep. However, spiky hair is a look that can really help to add texture and style to an otherwise simple haircut. There are nearly endless variations of this classic, from soft spikes to messier, unstructured points and even hard spikes with high and tight sides.  We still strongly consider it one of the top kids hairstyles.

16. Long Blonde Hair

While gents of all hair colours can rock long locks, long blonde hair appears particularly striking. Thanks to its light hue and natural lustre, blonde hair typically looks radiant and impressive when worn long. Additionally, long blonde hair also conjures images of Norse gods, making it appear highly masculine and impressive. Of course, pairing it with a beard will also help on this front. Alternatively, if you prefer a surfer style, consider opting for long blonde waves that fall just past your shoulders and avoid too much facial hair.

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