160 Conversation Starters For Texting

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Conversation Starters For Texting – I have gathered around 160 conversation starters that you could use to start a conversation on text. These conversation starters are healthy ways that you could use to spark the conversation on phone.

These Conversation boosters are designed in a way that makes the conversation more interesting for both parties. Plus you need to know your way into the conversation otherwise these will not help at all.

PS: I have accumulated these tips for you that will help you get the dice rolling.

Tips to Spark Conversation on Text

When you are first getting to know someone, text messaging can be a great way to break the ice and generate interest in getting to know each other better. To start a text conversation with a girl, send her a short open-ended question to get things going, and then shift the conversation toward something timely or significant to her. Keep the conversation lighthearted, and take cues from her to determine whether to keep going or let it end.Conversation starters for texting 1 e1581904273915

1. Timing affects all the things

Try to pick a time to text when you know she can take a few minutes to chat. That means, don’t text her while she’s in class. Don’t text her while she’s at a movie or at softball practice.

Pick a time when she’s most likely free and eager for a little text diversion.

Also, use what you know about her schedule to incorporate into a conversation. Did she just have a big softball game? Ask her how it went a couple hours after it finishes.

2. AND Text Only When You Have Time to Respond.

Ping! You get a notification on your phone that you’ve matched with a man. You’re eager to get the conversation started…but don’t do it unless you can instantly reply and hold a conversation should he respond immediately.

You’re more likely to launch a text conversation if you respond promptly to his reply…otherwise, he might lose interest and find another woman to text.

3. Get Inspiration from His Dating Profile

If you’re on a dating site, read his profile and find something you can ask a question about (questions require an answer and keep the conversation going!).

Some dating sites have icebreakers, like having the user list two truths and a lie:

“I’m going to guess that your lie is…rescuing a baby tiger from the clutches of a bear. Am I right?!”

4. Focus on Getting to Know Him/Her

Now is the time to ask questions so you can determine whether this guy is a good fit and potential suitor. But…don’t bombard him with questions! Keep a healthy mix of questions and comments.

Try to give him a chance to ask you questions in return. While there doesn’t have to be a 1:1 ratio of text questions (women tend to be more curious than men, I’ve found), back off if you’ve asked several in a row without him having a chance to ask his own.

5. Watch That Tone

The thing about text messages is that sometimes they can be misinterpreted. What might have been a sarcastic and witty comment in your head could come out snarky and mean.

Always read your texts before you send them, and ask yourself whether someone who didn’t know you well might misunderstand your intention. If there’s even a shadow of a doubt, rewrite the text.

Conversation starters for texting 2

6. Text Him/Her Throughout the Day

Think about how you feel when a man texts you to wish you good morning each day, or makes a point to say “good night” via text.

It feels good, right?

So do the same to let this man know that you’re thinking of him.

Here’s the only caveat: stop doing it if he’s not reciprocating. If you look at your text chain and see that it’s been mainly you popping in to say hi, back off.

7. Flirt with Him/Her

One surefire way to let a man know that you’re into him is to flirt. There’s no need to go overboard, but make sure he knows you want more than just being friends.

You could send him a selfie where you’ve got a sexy smile…

…or ask him for a photo…

…if you’ve gone out, you could tell him you can’t wait to see him again…

It may not come naturally at first, but with a little practice

8. What To Text A Girl To Start A Conversation

This is where we really get into what you’re looking for: what to text a girl. First of all, you may feel you have just one shot at this, but you don’t. So, take some pressure off yourself.

If she wants to talk, she’ll work with even a bad intro from you. If she’s more reticent, just try a few text options till you get her talking.

Just use the options below to craft the best conversation you can.

  1. How is your day going?
  2. What is your favorite time pass?
  3. What is your daily routine?
  4. Do you study or have a day job?
  5. Do you have friends?
  6. Who is your best friend?
  7. Who is your best friend? What do you like about him/her?
  8. Do you like meeting new people?
  9. Do you like hanging out with your friends?
  10. What are your plans in life?
  11. What you want to be in life? any goals?
  12. Do you use social media to connect to people?
  13. Do you have any hobbies?
  14. Is there any one who influence you the most?
  15. Do you like watching movies?Conversation starters for texting 3
  16. Do you like listening to music?
  17. What kinds of things really make you laugh?
  18. Which is your favorite place in entire world?
  19. What kind of food do you like?
  20. Do you like tea or coffee?
  21. Which is your favorite restaurant?
  22. Are you in a relationship with someone or had in past?
  23. How you usually spend your weekends?
  24. Do you like to go on road trip?
  25. How do you plan your holidays?
  26. Do you remember your childhood?
  27. Favorite memory of childhood?
  28. How was you as kid?
  29. What kind of people do you like?
  30. Are you a spiritual person?
  31. Do you believe in religion? or do you follow any?
  32. Do you like people who do jokes or people with serious personality?
  33. How is your relation with your parents?
  34. Who do you like the most mother or father?
  35. There’s just something about you. I haven’t figured out what it is yet. Do you know?
  36. You drive me a little crazy, you know that?
  37. You know you’re amazing right?
  38. Wanna get outta here?
  39. What would you say if I asked you out to dinner?
  40. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  41. What’s behind that smile of yours I wonder?
  42. Is it too early to tell you how amazing I feel around you?
  43. Can you name three things that always make you smile?
  44. What are you thinking of right now?
  45. What am I thinking of right now? Guess.
  46. What makes you tick?
  47. How you doin’?
  48. I want to know everything about you. Where would you like to start?
  49. Where did you get eyes like that?
  50. What was the last book you read? I’ll read it too and then we can talk about it.
  51. What’s your type?
  52. Do you think you could fall in love tonight?
  53. What’s a girl like you doing on an app like this?
  54. How can I get to know you more?
  55. Have you noticed me noticing you yet?
  56. You make me smile. Can I return the favor?
  57. Want to go on an adventure together?
  58. Whatcha doing right now?
  59. Want to know a secret?
  60. Are you bored right now?
  61. Who are you? I simply must know.
  62. Do you like dogs?
  63. Are you feeling adventurous?
  64. Would you like to share my umbrella with me?
  65. Is this seat taken?
  66. Were you just checking me out? I dunno, I’m pretty sure you were checking me out?
  67. So, what would you like to know about me?
  68. Do you like guys who ask a lot of questions?
  69. Would you consider pride a fault or a virtue?
  70. What’s the one thing you could talk about forever?
  71. What’s your obsession?
  72. You know you look beautiful tonight, right? I don’t have to tell you do I?
  73. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
  74. Do you have any flaws? I’m trying to find one and can’t.
  75. What’s your biggest pet peeve? I’ll try my best to avoid it.
  76. When’s the last time you felt butterflies?
  77. What color are my eyes?
  78. So what do your friends think of me?
  79. What are you like when you really let go?
  80. Where should we go next?
  81. Are you ready to fall in love? I didn’t think I was at first.
  82. You don’t realize how amazing you are, do you?
  83. What’s one thing that’s happened to you in your life that made you feel weak?
  84. Where is one place you feel most like yourself?
  85. Where is your favorite place to escape to?
  86. Who do you think has had the largest influence on the person you are today?
  87. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
  88. If you had one day left to live, what would you do first?
  89. What decade do you feel you most belong in?
  90. Who are you closest to in your family? Why?
  91. Do you easily accept compliments? Or do you hate compliments?
  92. Is your favorite attribute about yourself physical or non-physical?
  93. What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself?Conversation starters for texting 5
  94. What is your favorite non-physical attribute about yourself?
  95. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  96. Do you believe in soul mates?
  97. How seriously do you take horoscopes?
  98. Have you ever been in love? How many times?
  99. What makes you fall in love with someone?
  100. What does vulnerability mean to you? What has the ability to make you vulnerable?
  101. What’s one thing you’re scared to ask a man, but really want to?
  102. If you were a man for a day, what would be the first thing you do?
  103. What do you find most attractive about each sex?
  104. What’s one thing you’d love to learn more about?
  105. What is something you’ve never done that you’ve always wanted to do?
  106. Why haven’t you done it yet?
  107.  If money didn’t matter, what would your dream job be?
  108. If you had off from work today, what would you do?
  109. How many books do you read per month?
  110. Who is the smartest person you’ve ever met?
  111. What’s the most interesting autobiography that you’ve ever read?
  112. What childhood event do you think impacted you most as a person?
  113. What’s your favorite TED Talk of all time?
  114. How many answers do you usually get right during Jeopardy?
  115. If you had to give a commencement speech at a college, what would you tell the graduates?
  116. Which newspaper (or website) do you get your news from?
  117. Which fiction author would you love to sit down and have a chat with?
  118. What do you wish you cared less about?
  119. Do you believe in fate or free will?
  120. Do you prefer crosswords or word searches?
  121. What cliche saying do you hate hearing the most?
  122. Is there a film that changed your entire outlook on life?
  123. Do you consider yourself a good person?
  124. Who (or what) gives you the most motivation?
  125. Do you believe in karma?
  126. Do you take better care of your mind or your body?
  127. What profession do you have the most respect for?
  128. Did your mother or father teach you more about life?
  129. What subject do you know the most about — aside from the one you majored in?
  130. Which song lyric speaks to you the most?
  131. Do you prefer to type or write with a pen?
  132. What’s the worst time period that you could possibly travel back to?
  133. What do you daydream about?
  134. What television or movie character do you feel a bond with?
  135. Have you ever had an out of body experience?
  136. Do you lie to yourself?
  137. Which invention would be impossible to live without?
  138. If past lives existed, what do you think yours was?
  139. What was the most interesting documentary you’ve ever seen?
  140. What do you think the most impressive thing about the universe is?
  141. How important is money to you?
  142. Are you a romantic? A hopeless one?
  143. Do you like hugs? I think hugs are the best.
  144. Do you have plans this weekend? Want to make some?
  145. What are you doing for the rest of your life?
  146. What weirdest thing you do not like in guys?
  147. Do you have any nickname?
  148. Is there anything you’re superstitious about?
  149. Have you ever felt so much scared in life?
  150. Do you have celebrity crush?
  151. Do you like pets?
  152. Are you a fitness freak?Conversation starters for texting 4
  153. Have you ever dated a guy?
  154. Do you believe in blind date?
  155. What thing you find most attractive in men?
  156. Do you like jokes and laughing out loud?
  157. Which is the best place you usually go in free time?
  158. Do you like to have a best friend as your life partner?
  159. Do you believe in luck?
  160. Is there any good advise you ever got?

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