135 Coolest Haircuts For Boys

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Cool Haircuts for Boys – Most boys are not only experimenting with different cuts but also with different colors.  Perhaps it’s the influence of social media that encouraged them to try a variety of styles.  Some of the styles which are popular nowadays have been around for quite some time while some are new. It’s great to see that these boys are actually stepping out from their comfort zone. We have witnessed how famous celebrities such as Chris Brown and Justin Bieber change their looks over the years.


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Haircuts for Boys That looks Cool

When your boy wants to cover his broad forehead in a stylish way, without ‘girly’ bangs, a messy fringe should work. This modern boy hairstyle needs medium length hair on top.

How to Style Cool Hairstyles

  • To begin, wash the hair with a sulfur-free, organic shampoo.
  • Rinse the hair and dry it with a towel.
  • While the hair is still damp, try to form short curls with your fingers.
  • Wrap a few strands of hair onto your fingers, hold it for a while, and then leave it.
  • Repeat the same for the rest of the hair.

1. Faux Hawk With Surgical Design

The most obvious choice for boys who love to have a funky hairstyle that they can flaunt everywhere they go, faux hawk makes it to the top of this list. In fact, this faux hawk look is a touch different and comes with its own unique style elements. The hair is raised forward and up getting the maximum height at the front. There’s a high fade on the sides and a surgical line goes right where it ends. So, it looks gorgeous overall.

2. Caesar Cut

This is a cool variation to the Caesar cut that boasts of a bit longer hair compared to the conventional Caesar hairstyle. Nevertheless, the hair is styled in pretty much the same fashion and is complemented by those nicely faded sides.

3. Forward Swept Hairstyle

This is a cool haircuts for boys with straight and fine hair. It requires the hair to be grown to the same length all over and then swept forward nicely. It creates cool bangs at the front and boasts of an overall casual look that will make your little one feel comfortable everywhere.

4. Long Side Swept Fringe With Surgical Design

Side swept hairstyles are a common boys trendy haircuts option. However, this one is quite different as it’s not the conventional side swept look. This one features an extravagant fringe that is swept to a side creating a combed over look while the rest of the hair is trimmed nicely and kept short. There is a surgical design just where the side part starts and there’s another one just around the nape. Overall, it looks cool and funky and can be a dream hairdo for any young boy.

5. Comb Over With Disconnected Undercut

If you love to sweep it all back, this beautiful comb over hairstyle should be your first choice. In fact, it doesn’t even require thorough combing and only needs you to run your fingers through to sweep it all backwards. The sides are kept short and cut into a nice disconnected undercut to complete the look to perfection.

6. Slicked back Hairstyle With Mid Fade

Slicked back hairstyles have always been a popular choice in boys haircut options and here we have got one for you. The hairstyle features medium length hair swept nicely to the back and combined with a cool disconnected undercut to achieve a perfect look for any occasion. This one also presents a bit of vintage look and is just awesome.

7. Comb Over With Disconnected Undercut

This is another cool comb over hairstyle for boys that looks amazing on the teenage boys. It requires the top hair to be grown long enough and then combed over to create sort of a puff on top. The natural texture of the hair is also kept intact by sweeping it all with fingers. The disconnected undercut blends in rather nicely to complete the look.

8. Side Swept With High Fade

This side swept hairstyle features medium length hair swept nicely to a side. Here again, we have that layered texture apparent in the look. The high fade on the side gives it quite a clean look overall and allows you to have a perfect hairstyle to flaunt.

9. Short Forward Swept Hair

If you love to keep it short, your most obvious choice is to go with short and forward swept hair. Add in some gel or any other styling product to impart some shine into the look and keep it looking fresh. The hair on the sides is kept faded giving top hair a bit of prominence.

10. Pompadour Hairstyle

If you are after something more formal and stylish then a Pompadour hairstyle is what you need. The look is gorgeous and features puffy side swept hair on top. Combine it with a high fade and you have an even better look. It’s clean, it’s chic and it’s just awesome.

11. Mohawk

If you like something even funkier than a faux hawk hairstyle, then you should probably go with a Mohawk that features a spiky look with sort of a tail at the back. It’s a gorgeous boys haircut that has a unique sense of style. And, it looks awesome with that cool undercut on the sides.

12. Side Swept Hair

Keeping it all medium length gives you a nice choice in haircuts for boys. And, with that, the go-to choice for you is a simple side swept look. There is nothing so fancy about this hairstyle but it still is a cool option to go with toddler hairstyles. In fact, it’s a cool everyday look that you will surely adore.

13. Textured Side Swept Hair

If you love to keep the natural texture of your hair intact, this is the look you should go with. It’s all short on top and complemented nicely with a cool undercut. There is a hard part that defines it to perfection. It’s simple yet stylish and makes for a perfect hairstyle for you to flaunt on any day.

14. Spikes With Undercut

Spikes is a gorgeous hairstyle option when it comes to boys haircut designs. It requires a special technique for cropping the hair but if you have an expert stylist to take care of your hair then you don’t need to worry. The hair is cut to medium length and then styled into cool spikes with a proper styling product. To add to the overall look, add in a beautiful undercut with surgical design. It will look awesome.

15. Slicked Back Hairstyle

If you don’t have naturally silky and smooth hair, you can still have a few cool choices to make with your hair. Even for slightly wavy hair, this slicked back hairstyle is a cool option. The hair is swept back nicely and kept in place with a styling product. The sides have a mid fade and go perfectly with the overall look.

16. Medium Length Boys Haircuts

This medium length style reminds me of all the boys in eighties and nineties movies. Think about the Goonies or even Gremlins and every child star seemed to be rocking one of these hairstyles.  It doesn’t take much to have get this style all you have to do is grow it out a bit and your in action.

17. Crew Cut with Fade Boys Haircuts

This whipper snapper is ready for the big league with his fine crew cut with fade. It’s a very low fade which is a respectable look. Then he has the punk rock spike thing going on up top. I don’t know whether this kid is a Damien child son of Lucifer or the angel his mother always makes him out to be.

18. The Pompadour Boys Haircuts

Maybe it’s time that you gave your little cherub a pompadour so they can fit in with the gang. The pompadour is a flattering hairstyle for those who want to look ready for business or a play date to McDonald’s. If you get your child a pompadour they will be the most popular kid in the playground. They will be invited to all the cool kids birthday parties, Summer holiday’s and bahmitzfas. Does all this sound too good to be true?

19. Curly Hair Boys Haircut

Does you child have curly hair? Well you are in luck because we have some serious inspiration for you and your child. Curly hair should be considered a blessing not a curse. People with straight hair wish they had curly hair and people with curly hair wish they had straight hair.  The grass is always greener on the other side as they say.

20. Fade with Comb Over Boys Haircuts

No this kid isn’t going bald and doing a comb over. He’s simply combing the hair to one side. This is an eighties look made famous by the Cure and a bunch of other new wave acts. It’s all about leaving the fringe a little bit longer and the brushing it to the side.

21. Spiky Boys Haircut

Every young lad likes a spiky haircut. Perhaps it reminds them of the dinosaur stegosaurus. For me it was the bad mogwai in the Gremlins movie. You know that one who had the white stripe down head. He had kind of like a mohawk thing going on and he was the leader of the bad guys.
Yep he was always causing trouble for Gizmo and Billy. But of course, like all the movies the good guys prevail in the end. Well when I was younger I wanted a haircut like the bad mogwai.

22. 70’s Throwback Boys Haircuts

Woah this lad looks like he caught a time machine from the past. He has the mad 70’s hairstyle with the straight fringe and the big ear muffs going on. This hairstyle was very popular throughout the seventies. All the pop stars had them.

Maybe it’s time to bring it back. Get the young ones active and mobile in the world of fashion. If every parent gets involved they could change the fashion industry forever. Rather than letting a few people dictate what is cool we can dictate the coolness through sheer numbers.

23. Cowlick Boys Haircuts

It took me a long to time to know the meaning of cowlick. People were always commenting on my hair saying you have a cowlick. I though they were teasing me so I denied it all the time. A cowlick is where the front of the hair curls to one side. It kind of looks like a cow has come and licked your fringe and the mucous from the mouth has acted as gel and stuck it into one point.

24. Teen Boys Haircuts

Is your child in or about to hit the dreaded teen years? Well they will probably start caring about their appearance a lot more than when they were younger. You won’t be able to pull off the DIY haircut anymore without having to listen to excessive whinging.

Yep the little dune bug is growing up fast and now they need to be cool or all the other kids will make fun of them. This is something to consider when getting their haircut.

25. Mini Fro Boys Haircuts

The mini afro for a mini person is one cool hairstyle. I always wanted an afro when I was a kid but I could never get one because my hair is so fine and straight. No matter how much hair product I put in there or how much of perm I got it wouldn’t stand up like the other kids at school.

If you or your child are blessed with such beautiful thick locks you might like to try the afro look out. It’s big, bold and badass.

26. High Fade Boys Haircuts

This young entrepreneur is rocking the high fade with the slicked back ready for action hairstyle. This little dude is a tycoon in the making. He could even be Donald Trump Jnr Jnr. This pint sized sasquatch will be offending people on twitter, accusing the media of fake news and building a wall around a country near you.

All jokes aside though, the haircut actually looks good on this little whippersnapper and makes him seem much older than he actually is.

27. Faux Hawk Boys Hairstyle

Oh I remember the days of getting ready for school and making my hairstyle into a mohawk. Then only to be told to brush it out by my mother before school started. Well thankfully times have changed a great deal and a mohawk is an acceptable hairstyle.

I thinks it’s due to the internet. Yep, the internet has opened the people up to the world and they have seen and heard more than they ever have before.

28. Trendy Hairstyles Boys Haircuts

Kids are basically little people. Just because they haven’t developed vanity and a sense of fashion does not mean you can make them look like total dweebs. This kid above is a cut above his classmates with his super styling haircut. He reminds of a kid I went to primary school with named Simon.

Simon used to always rock up to school with lightning bolt tracks and colored foils in his hair. His mother was a jockey and a good one at that.

29. Long Boys Haircuts

Hand this kid a guitar because he looks ready to rock and roll. The long hair, care look is a great one for your child. The best part about it is the lack of maintenance required for upkeep. All you have to do is let if grow farmer Joe and you have yourself a mini rockstar running around.

All you have to do then is get him a guitar and maybe a few singing lessons and you are on your way.

Short Boys Haircuts

I feel your pain mate. This kid has a terrible haircut and he knows it. You tell by the expression on his face. What were his parents thinking by giving him such a terrible haircut. I would be pulling a face or two if that was done to me then I would get out the clippers and shave it all off before my friends got to see it. He would never hear the end of it at school.

30. Popular Boys Haircuts

This seems to be one of the most popular styles for boys these days. It’s the classic fade with a bit of part going on. This hairstyle is popular for big boys as well. It also incorporates a fade that gradually tapers up to the long part.

If you walked into a barber shop and said give me a haircut and gave no particular instruction this is the hairstyle you would get.

31. Tracks Boys Haircuts

When I was growing up, every kid wanted tracks after they saw that Simon had them. I wanted tracks and so did all my friends. Why not be a cool parent and get your kid some tracks. They will be the coolest in the playground.

You don’t have to get the stock standard tracks that you see in the above image. My friends Simon had lightning bolts when we were growing up.

32. Prickle Cut Boys Haircuts

There are so many different styles of boys haircuts but the prickle cut has never gone out of fashion for kids. It has been a staple on the playground since I don’t know when. It’s one of those boys haircuts that really has stuck around and makes our little cherubs even cuter.

This boys haircut isn’t every flattering so it’s best to give your kid one before they become fashion conscious.

33. The Ron Weasley Boys Haircut

Well this is a blast from the past. Ron Weasley is well grown up now. As you can see he has the classic part thing going from his days at Hogwarts Academy. I don’t know if this haircut stands the test of time. It looks kind of goofy. You know what? It reminds of the haircuts from Beverly Hills 90210. That bad TV show from back in the day that made all those kids famous.

34. Temp Fade Boys Haircut

This temp fade sure is popping. This kid has paired it up with a low fade and pompadour. He is the first triple threat we have scene on the list and he shall be crowed king of the kids. This man is the first picked for every team sport. Gets to dance with all the nice ladies and he has first pick of the swap lunch fiasco.

A good haircut can change your life and this young man is living proof. He used to get picked and never made the football team.

35. Straight Fringe Low Fade Boys Haircuts

This is a bit different to most of the boys haircuts we have seen on the list. It’s a straight fringe with a low fade. Have you ever heard of Norm core? I hadn’t until my friends told me about it but this seems like a norm core hairstyle. It’s where you try look geeky and normal on purpose for the sake of fashion. They also wear very unstylish clothing. It’s part of the style or lack there of it.

36. Cheeky Boys Haircuts

This kid is a bit cheeky poking out his tongue at the camera man like that. If your bored with your child’s hair don’t be afraid to put some color through it. Try and go for the colors made from natural ingredients as they won’t damage the hair as much as colors with chemicals.

So have fun with it. Try using all the colors of the rainbow and see how it turns. By the way we take no responsibility if your child hates their new colored hair.


Is your kid ready to jump in the barbers chair and get one of these boys haircuts. This was a great list and we hope you have found some inspiration. Whether your a parent who loves attempting to cut your child’s hair or you are just shopping around for ideas for haircuts.

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