PS2 Horror Games – 27 Best Games Enlisted

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Ps2 Horror Games – Some people like to feel afraid, and even seek out fear through different forms of entertainment. For those who seek out the thrill of being scared out of their seats, video games are a pretty effective way of experiencing fear. There’s no shortage of interactive entertainment designed to terrify, and things have only gotten more frightening as graphics have evolved.

Top 10 Horror Games (Video)

28 Best Horror Games for Addicts of Thrill

1. Friday the 13th: The Game

Despite our review’s issues with “lopsided” and buggy gameplay, Friday the 13th: The Game still had plenty of thrilling and admittedly very silly asymmetrical multiplayer action to enjoy. Check this trailer one of best horror games

2. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Not a conventional horror game by any means, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice invites you in with its promise of a dark and sinister Viking adventure and transfixes you with its haunting exploration of mental illness and personal perseverance. It’s also gorgeous. Check out trailer of horror games

3. Little Nightmares

little Nightmares may be short, but the two or so hours spent on that dreaded sea vessel are among some of the most haunting this year. It’s as eerie as a scary children’s book, but even more shockingly gruesome. Its stealth-based sequences are incredibly well done, and it boasts one of the most thrilling and beautifully-framed chase scenes in a game

4. Narcosis

Horror isn’t all haunted houses and spooky forests. Narcosis is set deep in the Pacific Ocean, which is about as terrifying a place you can get whether you have a phobia or not. Especially when you’re stranded, with nothing but a flashlight, some flares, and a slowly depleting oxygen supply. For extra scares, try playing this in VR. This is best horror games when you play on VR

5. Outlast 2

Religious cults have been done and done again in horror, but Outlast 2 puts a few clever spins on the old formula. With the familiar found footage inspirations stronger than ever and some unnerving flashback usage for good measure, Outlast 2 manages to tell a much better story than the first game without abandoning what made the first game so distinct.

6. Prey

More psychological than horror, Prey is worth a go if you want some solid jump scares with your first-person shooting. Not only does it keep you on edge with its constant deception, it has a genuinely dark sci-fi tale at its core.


The cerebral deep sea horror SOMA originally launched in 2015 on PC and PlayStation 4. Its brand new Xbox One version not only brings the game to an all new audience — it also introduces Safe Mode, an optional game mode that removes death as a fail state. Considering the occasional chase scene was hardly the creepiest thing about the psychologically haunting SOMA, you’re sure to get a great experience with Safe Mode on or off. Horror games which is scary AF.

8. The Evil Within 2

Scarcer resources, a nightmarish open world, scarier monsters, and a more emotionally-driven story makes the Evil Within 2 more ambitious, more terrifying, and even more bizarre than its predecessor. The Evil Within 2 is indeed most scariest horror games.

9. F.E.A.R.

This first-person shooter was heavier on the shootout action than most horror games (the remarkable enemy AI still impresses to this day), while its arsenal of weaponry gets more brutal – wall-pinning, weaponised railway spikes, anyone? – the more you play. But just as you begin to feel powerful, something that can’t simply be shot comes along to put you in your place.Best Horror Games 1

10. Condemned: Criminal Origins

Some games tread the line between real and not-real beautifully and Condemned: Criminal Origins’ murder-solving intro blurred the boundaries beautifully. Starting with with a very Hannibal-like overly staged murder, thing are almost immediately… wrong. There are barely human homeless attackers to fight, black light blood trails to follow, and things just get worse from there.Best Horror Games 2

11. Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

Picking up on the tropes of Japanese horror and folklore that were made famous in The Ring and Ju-on, the Fatal Frame series has always been unsettling. Characters are frozen in place with fear, their only weapon against soul-stealing ghosts is an ancient camera. This means the only way to fight your enemies is to face them head-on, an increasingly terrifying proposition as the game wears on. The franchise has several great entries, but we choose to single out the second game as the best fit for this list.

12. Alan Wake

Alan Wake isn’t like most horror games. It doesn’t trade in excessive gore or jump scares – in fact, it’s not that scary on the whole. But its sense of place and character is second to none. That place is Bright Falls, a Twin Peaks-inspired mountain community with a terrible secret. The dulcet tones of the night DJ rambling across the airwaves – mixed with the little vignettes you can catch on TV – make this town feel alive, like a character unto itself. Its story unfolds like a thrilling TV miniseries, right down to the episodic structure that bookends each plot twist and revelation.Best Horror Games 5

13. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

As if being trapped in a monster-infested fortress without knowing who you are or why you’re there isn’t scary enough in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you’ll have to guide protagonist Daniel to salvation while maintaining his sanity. That means staying out of the darkness (in a huge building where light is scarce) and running from monsters, which have a habit of popping up extremely unexpectedly. Please Don’t Play these Horror games alone Best Horror Games 6

14. Until Dawn

Teen slashers have been around for nearly four decades now, but aside from the abysmal Friday the 13th on NES, games haven’t really been brave enough to venture into that territory. Until now. Or rather, Until Dawn (zing), a 2015 survival-horror game about a pack of randy teens going on vacation to an isolated mountain cabin, only to find that some heinous entity is set on killing them off.Best Horror Games 7

15. Bloodborne

From Software’s Dark Souls games – of which this is a very obvious descendent – don’t play like horror standards. They’re action-RPGs, built around stat micromanagement and skilful play. And yet they feel scarier than most games that build themselves around fear – stress, dread and jumps come as frequently as loot and levelling.Best Horror Games 8

16. Resident Evil 4

This is the series that invented modern survival horror, but that wasn’t good enough for director Shinji Mikami. So in Resident Evil 4 he invented the modern third-person shooting, just for fun. Leon Kennedy’s adventures in gunplay are rightly famous, the feedback-heavy combat making every situation a shaky joy. But, I hear you cry, how does that make it qualify as a top 10 horror gameBest Horror Games 9

17. Dead Space

If Resident Evil is the king of survival action-horror, then Dead Space aimed to be the pretender to the throne, bringing together Capcom’s early dread and latter day over-the-shoulder shooting into one gory package. Borrowing from Alien and other sci-fi classics, the 2008 release put players in the role of Isaac Clarke, an engineer trapped on a derelict spacecraft. Soon Isaac finds out the ship isn’t as empty as it seems, as a strange alien artefact has transformed everyone on board into hideous, flesh-eating creatures, each more horrific than the last.Best Horror Games 10

18. SOMA

SOMA has problems, largely from clumsy stealth section, but it also has, hands down, one of the most unpleasantly disturbing stories of anything in this list. To explain why would ruin it, but this plays with ideas of consciousness and what makes you ‘you’ in a terrifying way. When you’re not exploring the rusting, decrepit undersea base of PATHOS II, you’re playing with some pretty heavy metaphysic concepts fit to give you nightmares.Best Horror Games 11

19. Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

While Until Dawn created a cinematic choose-your-own adventure horror experience, its Rush of Blood spin off focuses on fast action shooting in VR. The ‘why’ of it all isn’t ever really made that clear – there’s a roller coaster, it goes through themed levels full of things trying to kill you – but the results are spectacular. While basically an on-rails shooter as you dual wield Move controllers, it has an absolute mastery of the jump scare, using pace and distraction to play you like a foolBest Horror Games 12

20. Outlast

Outlast offers a first-person trek through a setting literally no one in real life would willingly check out – an old asylum that seems abandoned, but also strangely very active. At night. In the mountains. Miles from help. Who does that?! The set up alone is perfect horror fodder, but this plays out like Found Footage: The Game, via clever use of a videocamera’s night vision mode to see in the dark.Best Horror Games 13

21. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill, as a franchise, is home to some of the most frightening enemies and situations in gaming history, but the series’ most abiding horror is Silent Hill 2. This PS2 classic manifests our deepest fears as flesh, to reveal there is no greater evil than our own imagination. Though he’ll encounter creatures like the iconic nurses and Pyramid Head, protagonist James Sunderland is far more threatened by his personal demons. And the empty town of Silent Hill brings them all to the surface.Best Horror Games 14

22. P.T.

If you brought together the world’s most idiosyncratic game auteur and one of its greatest film monster creators and they didn’t make one of the oddest, most horrible games yet released, you’d be pretty upset. Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s “playable teaser” for the now-canned Silent Hills, places you in a single, infinitely looping hallway, and proceeds to find a thousand ways to terrify you.Best Horror Games 15

23. Alien: Isolation

Countless games have been inspired by elements of the Alien franchise, be it James Cameron’s space marines, Ellen Ripley’s fortitude, or the chilling power of silence in a soundtrack. Despite all that, Alien: Isolation may be the series’ greatest gaming triumph. It takes the gut-wrenching fear fostered by the lone Xenomorph in the original film, and extends it into a lengthy game. Isolation’s tense survival gameplay keeps the pulse pounding for hours and hoursBest Horror Games 16

24. Layers of Fear

Most games can make you jump, they can make scream, but few can make you doubt yourself in real life. Layers of Fear initially appears very familiar as you explore a spooky, creepy and cavernously empty house. The Gothic story unravels slowly as you play an unnamed artist returning home. It soon becomes clear though that madness has overtaken the painter and it expresses itself in the unreliable narration of the physical world.Best Horror Games 17

25. Resident Evil 7

It could have been a disaster – a clunky, forced update to a revered series, that left fans clamouring for the bombastic nonsense of Resident Evil 6. But Resi 7 is a triumph, smartly feeding off the best horror movies of the last 20 years, effortlessly easing all that edgy new into a recognisable, modern reinvention of the series. The central story is fantastic, the mysteries artfully concealed and your tormentors, the Bakers, are brilliantly subversive. This Zombie games is one of worst horror gamesBest Horror Games 18

26. Bendy and the Ink Machine

Cuphead got all the love this year for its painstaking recreation of old-timey animation, but Bendy and the Ink Machine also put a new spin on vintage cartoons. Set partially in an abandoned animator’s workshop, the episodic series (which has yet to conclude) promises to “forever ruin your childhood love of cartoons.”Best Horror Games 19


FAITH combines the very best elements of the ZX Spectrum-era and occult horror for some spooky low-res fun. Add to that some excellent use of sound, genuinely surprising moments, an accessible 1-2 hours of playtimeBest Horror Games 20

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