42 Best Short Hairstyle Ideas For Men

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Men’s short hairstyles and short haircuts for men are always going to be in style. Most men want their hair to be cut short on the sides and the back one way or another, and this is the basis of all classic men’s hairstyles.

There are a huge variety of short haircuts, from the buzz up to styles that are a couple of inches long. Lots of these short men’s haircuts that are short around the sides and back with an easy to manage shorter length on top. Not all have fades thought, there are also taper hairstyles.

42 Trending Short Haircuts for Men

Below are some trending ideas for short haircuts


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Short Haircuts Styling Tips

Short haircuts are so simple that you simply cannot go wrong. Some hair gel, pomade, or even matte hair wax will work great in pushing up the front of the top, or creating a side parted look. You can also run your hands through the top in random motions, creating a stylish “just woke up and got out of bed” look.

1. Side Part

This hairstyle has been around for generations and is a very classy look. If you have a son who wants to look like he is above his peers on an intellectual level, or you want to add some sophistication to your own look, this is the hairstyle to get. It seems to be getting more and more popular, as people from all over the world are starting to sport this impressive look.

2. Classic Short Style

The simple short hairstyle has been around forever, and it is still the number one choice for short haircuts for boys and men alike. This is where you keep the sides and back of the hair short, almost buzzed, but you keep some length and thickness up on top.

3. Push Up

This classic look is much like the other two, but with a more flexible, thicker top. Instead of being buzzed or trimmed short, the top is allowed to grow out and become longer, while the sides are buzzed down almost completely. This look is a lot like the Angular Fringe, only the top of the hair is much longer. This allows for a lot more flexibility.

4. The Top Fade Hairstyle

The next hairstyle on this list of short haircuts for men is the top fade. It’s a very modern, classic look. It is a lot like a buzz cut, however the top has a little more hair to it. It is a lot like the Angular Fringe, just a lot shorter. The hair can also be styled and modified, as it can be spiked up or slicked down. Some styling cream, wax, or pomade can help you maintain one of these styles, or you can just leave it how it looks after you wake up for a wilder look.

5. Angular Fringe

The Angular Fringe hairstyle is a classic, clean look. The trend of this short hairstyle for boys started up again in 2015, and is here to stay. In fact, it is about to get even more popular than it is now, so get ahead while you can!

This hairstyle has tapered, short and clean sides, but it maintains the thickness on the top of the hair. If you have a round face, this hairstyle will look perfect on you, but the style is so versatile that it will look great on anyone with any face shape.

6. French Crop

Keeping the edges in close and tight gives straight hair a burst of volume at top. The cropped hairstyle has been common for many years, but roughed up hair in the crowned area adds a more modern and rugged update. This style is ideal for those with fine hair.

7. High and Tight

Inspired by the styles popular during the 1920’s, this style has made a comeback. With short edges and about an inch and half on top, this hair style is best for straight hair. It’s trendy yet masculine, making it a popular choice with many.

8. Textured Style

A textured style with various lengths throughout creates a slimming silhouette for thick hair. This style works best for those with thicker hair and compliments round, square, or oval face shapes. It leaves many options for styling.

9. Side Swept

Short sides and full length side bangs are the components to the side swept look as well. It’s similar to multi-textured, but the key is in how you style it. Volume is not a necessary factor in styling. The goal is for it to look soft and just barely brushed back.

10. Hipster Style

This style is really set off by its significant pomp on top, which is why it is important to leave at least three inches on top when asking for this style. The side length depends on preference, ranging from short to medium. Best for straight to wavy hair.

11. Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is about as short as you can go before it becomes the full Bruce Willis. But even that’s not the simple standard-issue military style it once was. Yes, it’s still a short-all-over job created with clippers, but it comes in many different iterations ranging from the induction cut (the shortest of all) to the tapered down brush cut, which verges on crew cut territory, albeit with less length.

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