620 This or That Questions

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This or That Questions – I have Aggregated a list of this or that questions and some games that are identical to “this or that” game. Also We have previously covered these kind of intriguing conversation games.

Games like “this and that”

There are tons of games like this and that. You need two ingredients to play these games. Some pre-made questions and group of friends.

Never Have I Ever

If you are around new friends or just want to get to know each other better, never have I ever can be a great game.

  1. Start by sitting in a circle.
  2. The person throwing the party will ask the first question.
  3. Those that have never done it should stand.
  4. Those that have done it will think of a dare for all those standing.
  5. Standers must now complete the dare.
  6. After completion, the next person in the circle pulls out a question.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is a great conversation game for getting to know new people. It doesn’t require anything but friends.

  1. Start by sitting in a circle.
  2. The person throwing the party can start or pick someone randomly.
  3. The ‘guesser’ person looks to the person to their right.
  4. That person must tell them two truths and a lie.
  5. The ‘guesser’ person must pick the lie.
  6. If they choose correctly, they move on to the next person who will tell two truths and a lie.
  7. When the guesser person fails to guess the lie that person will take over as the guesser.
  8. Gameplay continues until everyone has been a guesser.

Pass the Bowl

Much like the coveted hot potato for little kids, this teen version brings the fun. You will need a bowl filled with either truth questions and dares and music. There needs to be one person designated to start and stop the music. This person will rotate with each round.

  1. Sit in a circle.
  2. Start the music.
  3. Pass the bowl to the left.
  4. When the music stops that person must pull a truth question or a dare out of the bowl.
  5. They will then answer the question or perform the dare.
  6. The music will start again.
  7. The round is over when the bowl has made two rotations through the circle. The music person must choose another person to start and stop the music.

Find the Truth

Instead of finding the lie, in this game, you find the truth. You need one less strip of paper than there are players. For instance, if you have 8 players, you will need 7 strips of paper. All the strips but one will say lie. One strip will say ‘truth.’ Put all the strips in a bowl.

  1. You don’t have to but it is helpful to sit in a circle for passing around the bowl.
  2. The guesser can be chosen randomly. For example, the person with a first name that begins with A.
  3. The guesser will pass around the bowl.
  4. Every person will read their strip and say a lie or a truth.
  5. The guesser must find the truth.
  6. The truth person will be the next guesser.

Would You Rather?

Would you rather is a conversation favorite among teens. Not only does it help them to learn about one another but it is fun. This game doesn’t require anything but creativity. Also kids can play this game.

  1. Everyone will sit in a circle and the question giver will move clockwise along the circle.
  2. The question giver will start. This person can be the youngest person in the room.
  3. They’ll ask a would you rather question. For example, would you rather ski or snowboard? Would you rather eat jalapenos or snails?
  4. Everyone must answer what they would rather do.
  5. Once everyone has answered, the next person in the circle will give a would you rather question.

Twenty Questions

Twenty questions is a popular game that starts with one person selected to be an answerer. He or she chooses an object that is kept secret. Every one else is a questioner, and they take turns asking questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no.” If appropriate, “maybe” is also an acceptable answer, but the answerer may not lie. if the questioners can’t figure out the subject in 20 questions, the answerer wins and gets to remain in that role for the next round. If someone figures out the subject before the 20 questions have been asked, that person is declared the winner and takes on the esteemed role of answerer.

The Winking Assassin

A crisp dark evening around the glow of a campfire is a perfect setting for this game of death and deception. All of the players close their eyes except the one person predetermined to be dubbed the Godfather. The Godfather secretly taps one of the other players on the shoulder. This player becomes the “assassin.” He kills off other players one at a time by winking at them, although he must do it secretly, without others seeing him. As soon as someone is winked at, he or she must slump over and play dead. But if anyone witnesses the assassin winking and says, “he’s the winker!” the jig is up. But don’t be too quick to tattle; anyone who guesses wrong is immediately and metaphorically sent to swim with the fishes and is out of the game.this or that questions 4

This or That Questions

  1. Big Party or Small Gathering?
  2. New Clothes or New Phone?
  3. Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?
  4. Football or Basketball?
  5. Work Hard or Play Hard?
  6. Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?
  7. What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?
  8. Jogging or Hiking?
  9. Bath or Shower?
  10. Sneakers or Sandals?
  11. Glasses or Contacts?
  12. Hamburger or Taco?
  13. Couch or Recliner?
  14. Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?
  15. Receive: Email or Letter?
  16. Passenger or Driver?
  17. Tablet or Computer?
  18. Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?
  19. Toilet paper: Over or Under?
  20. Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?
  21. Pancake or Waffle?
  22. Coke or Pepsi?
  23. Coffee Cup or Thermos?
  24. Blinds or Curtain?
  25. Train or Plane?
  26. Phone or Phablet?
  27. Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?
  28. Meat or Vegetables?
  29. International Vacation or a New TV?
  30. Save or Spend?
  31. Honesty or Other’s Feelings?
  32. Coffee or Tea?
  33. TV or Book?
  34. Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?
  35. City or Countryside?
  36. Winter or Summer?
  37. Mac or PC?
  38. Console Gaming or PC Gaming?
  39. Soup or Sandwich?
  40. Card Game or Board Game?
  41. Classical Art or Modern Art?
  42. Beer or Wine?
  43. Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home?
  44. Working Alone or Working in a Team?
  45. Dine In or Delivery?
  46. Sweater or Hoodie?
  47. Comic Book or Comic Strips?
  48. Motorcycle or Bicycle?
  49. Book or eBook?
  50. When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?
  51. Cookies or cake?
  52. Cat or dog?
  53. Computer games or video games?
  54. Pop music or Rock music?
  55. Stuff animals or dolls?
  56. Pancakes or waffles?
  57. Hot chocolate or coffee?
  58. Morning or evening?
  59. Day or night?
  60. Text message or call?
  61. Library or museums?
  62. French or Spanish?
  63. Summer or winter?
  64. Theater or cinema?
  65. Love or money?
  66. Book or movie?
  67. Tea or coffee?
  68. Chocolate or vanilla?
  69. Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
  70. Rain or snow?
  71. Car or motorcycle?
  72. Comedy or horror?
  73. Hamburgers or hot dogs?
  74. Suggested: 21 Questions to Ask a Guy
  75. Paper or plastic?
  76. Boat or plane?
  77. Painting or drawing?
  78. Reading or writing?
  79. Singing or dancing?
  80. T-Shirts or sweaters?
  81. Flowers or trees?
  82. Burgers or tacos?
  83. Roses or daisies?
  84. Pandas or whales?
  85. McDonald’s or Burger King?
  86. Books or magazines?
  87. Circles or squares?
  88. Ketchup or mustard?
  89. Money or fame?
  90. Piercings or tattoos?
  91. Puzzles or board games?
  92. Living room or bedroom?
  93. Sandals or sneakers?
  94. Apples or oranges?
  95. Bagels or toast?
  96. Weird or crazy?
  97. Digital watch or analog?
  98. Freedom or hope?
  99. Alice in Wonderland or Robinson Crusoe?
  100. Snow White or Cinderella?
  101. Sitting or standing?
  102. Comedy or drama?
  103. Being too warm or too cold?
  104. Pasta or pizza?
  105. Online shopping or in-person shopping?
  106. Writing poetry or reading poetry?
  107. Wild animals or domestic animals?
  108. Family or friends?
  109. Scooby Doo or Tom and Jerry?
  110. Coffee or tea?
  111. Coke or Pepsi?
  112. Beer or mixed drinks?
  113. Juice or water?
  114. White or wheat bread?
  115. Cake or donuts?
  116. Vanilla or chocolate?
  117. Ice cream or sherbet?
  118. Pork or chicken?
  119. Bacon or sausage?
  120. Scrambled eggs or over easy?
  121. Over easy or poached eggs?
  122. Cream and sugar or black coffee?
  123. Well done or rare?
  124. Corn or peas?
  125. Salad or squash?
  126. Green beans or broccoli?
  127. Black beans or kidney beans?
  128. Pinto or Lima beans?
  129. Frozen veggies or canned?
  130. Pancakes or waffles?
  131. Be 6 inches taller or $600k richer?
  132. Be a bee or a wasp?
  133. Be a celebrity or be a regular person?
  134. Be a chair or a table?
  135. Be a cyborg or completely human?
  136. Be a dragon or Unicorn?
  137. Be a famous musician or actor?
  138. Be a friend or a lover?
  139. Be a genius or be wealthy?
  140. Be a hammer or a nail?
  141. Be a happy fool or troubled genius?
  142. Be a heartbreaker or the one that always gets your heart broken?
  143. Be a hero or a villain?
  144. Be a master of tactics or strategy?
  145. Be a millionaire or an average person?
  146. Be a Navy SEAL or a Green Beret?
  147. Be a ninja or a samurai?
  148. Be a poet or a scientist?
  149. Be a police detective or an FBI agent?
  150. Be a psychopath or sociopath?
  151. Be a Ruler or be a follower?
  152. Be a Russian oligarch or a Saudi oil tycoon?
  153. Be a Russian or American?
  154. Be a Soviet soldier or Nazi soldier?
  155. Be a superhero or a supervillain?
  156. Be a thief or a liar?
  157. Be a vampire or a werewolf?
  158. Be able to fly or teleport?
  159. Be able to fly or turn invisible?
  160. Be able to play 10 different instruments beautifully or speak 10 different languages fluently?
  161. Be able to run at 100 mph or fly at 1 mph?
  162. Be adopted by excellent parents or be with your crappy biological parents?
  163. Be an FBI agent or a police detective?
  164. Be an honest asshole or a sweet liar?
  165. Be an introvert or an extrovert?
  166. Be an ugly genius or a hot moron?
  167. Be at the mercy of Cersei Lannister or Ramsay Bolton?
  168. Be a sociopath or a psychopath?
  169. Be born in the future or the past?
  170. Be born white or black?
  171. Be broke or dead?
  172. Be caned or spend time in prison?
  173. Be chased by 10,000 scorpions or 10 lions?
  174. Be chased by Godzilla or King Kong?
  175. Be constipated or have diarrhea?
  176. Be curvy or slim?
  177. Be cute or beautiful?
  178. Be data scientist or machine learning engineer?
  179. Be deaf or blind?
  180. Be decent in everything or incredibly talented in one thing?
  181. Be eaten by a shark or a tiger?
  182. Be educated or intelligent?
  183. Be enslaved or die?
  184. Be European or American?
  185. Be extremely smart or extremely lucky?
  186. Be famous online or in real life?
  187. Be fat or ugly?
  188. Be financially bankrupt or emotionally bankrupt?
  189. Be friends with Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian?
  190. Be handsome or be smart?
  191. Be homeless or in jail?
  192. Be idealistic or realistic?
  193. Be in a gunfight or a knife fight?
  194. Be in a relationship with an unattractive but kind woman/man or with an attractive but vain woman/man?
  195. Be in a room with Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran?
  196. Be in the Marvel universe or DC universe?
  197. Be invisible or able to read minds?
  198. Be logical or creative?
  199. Be lost on a mountain or an island?
  200. Be loved or feared?
  201. Be loved or respected?
  202. Be lucky or talented?
  203. Be middle class in America or rich in China?
  204. Be on CIA’s most wanted list or ISIS most wanted list?
  205. Be painfully aware or blissfully ignorant?
  206. Be part of the Rebel Alliance (Star Wars Universe) or part of Starfleet Command (Star Trek Universe)?
  207. Be poor in the United States or Sweden?
  208. Be poor in the US or the UK?
  209. Be punched by the Flash (Barry Allen) or Bruce Wayne?
  210. Be quantitatively or qualitatively inclined?
  211. Be respected or be feared?
  212. Be rich and dumb or poor and smart?
  213. Be rich and ugly or poor and good looking?
  214. Be rich or famous?
  215. Be rich or have superpowers?
  216. Be sexist or racist?
  217. Be single or in a relationship?this or that questions 3
  218. Be smart but accomplish very little or stupid but accomplish a lot?
  219. Be smart or attractive?
  220. Be sticky or itchy for the rest of your life?
  221. Be strong or smart?
  222. Be stuck at age 18 or 50?
  223. Be stuck in a room for an extended period, with a smart ass or a dumbass?
  224. Be stuck in a room with Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler?
  225. Be stuck on a deserted island with O.J. Simpson or Donald Trump?
  226. Be the fastest person alive or the strongest person alive?
  227. Be the next Einstein or constantly happy?
  228. Be ugly and live forever or be attractive and die in a year?
  229. Be underpaid or overrated?
  230. Be utterly heartbroken or single?
  231. Be vegan or vegetarian?
  232. Be wealthy doing something you hate or be poor doing something you love for the rest of your life?
  233. Be wise and unhappy or stupid and happy?
  234. Be wise or intelligent?
  235. Be with someone for passion or stability?
  236. Be without the Internet and your devices or your spouse for a month?
  237. Be your first love’s second choice or your second love’s first choice?
  238. Be yourself, and nobody likes you or not be yourself, and everybody likes you?
  239. Beautiful girlfriend or a kind girlfriend?
  240. Jello or pudding?
  241. Cherry or raspberry?
  242. Grape or orange?
  243. Lime or blueberry?
  244. Slim Jim or Jerky?
  245. Cupcake or Dingdong?
  246. Swiss cake or Hoho?
  247. Gum or Lifesavers?
  248. Tic-tac or Altoids?
  249. Tootsie rolls or Skittles?
  250. Licorice or fruit roll ups?
  251. Popcorn or peanuts?
  252. Hot pretzels or nachos?
  253. Grilled or pan fried?
  254. Deep fried or baked?
  255. Apple or cherry pie?
  256. Sugar or chocolate chip cookies?
  257. Pumpkin or blueberry?
  258. Pie or cobbler?
  259. Breaded or plain?
  260. Iced or hot coffee?
  261. Hot or iced tea?
  262. Sweetened tea or unsweetened?
  263. Chinese or Italian?
  264. Indian or Thai?
  265. American or Mexican?
  266. Sweet or sour?
  267. Eat in or dine out?
  268. Cook at home or take out?
  269. Cheeseburger or calamari?
  270. Hot dog or taco?
  271. Stew or chili?
  272. Sweet potato or French fries?
  273. Baked potato or onion rings?
  274. Ketchup or mustard?
  275. Mayo or salad dressing?
  276. Sandwich or soup?
  277. Ribs or wings?
  278. Family run or chain restaurant?
  279. Cook out in backyard or catered?
  280. Wine or beer?
  281. Jack Daniels or Jim Beam?
  282. Irish coffee or plain coffee?
  283. Orange juice or grapefruit juice?
  284. Re-fried beans or rice?
  285. Tacos or chicken parmigiana?
  286. Pizza or subs?
  287. Peanuts or almonds?
  288. Cashews or hazelnut?
  289. Walnuts or sunflower seeds?
  290. Garlic or onion?
  291. Bagels or English muffins
  292. Poppy seed or onion rolls?
  293. Cinnamon or blueberry bagels?
  294. Everything or sesame seed bagels?
  295. Thousand Island or Ranch?
  296. Catalina or vinaigrette?
  297. Onion dip or bacon horseradish dip?
  298. Cheese fries or chili fries?
  299. French fries or onion rings?
  300. Cheese and crackers or pretzels?
  301. Chips with dip or vegetables and dip?
  302. Fruit or vegetables?
  303. Dinner rolls or croissant rolls?
  304. Biscuits or bread?
  305. Whole wheat or rye?
  306. Whole grain or white?
  307. Corn muffin or blueberry?
  308. Pastrami or bologna?
  309. Italian sub or ham and cheese?
  310. Turkey and cheese or roast beef sub?
  311. Sub roll or ciabatta roll?
  312. Sour cream and onion chips or barbecue?this or that questions 1
  313. Cheddar and sour cream or salt and vinegar?
  314. Corn chips or Doritos?
  315. Rice crispies or Corn flakes?
  316. Raisin bran or granola?
  317. Cheerios or corn puffs?
  318. Apple jacks or fruit loops?
  319. Cold cereal or oatmeal?
  320. Drip coffee or instant?
  321. Perked coffee or tea?
  322. Action movies or dramas?
  323. Comedy or thrillers?
  324. Romantic or documentaries?
  325. Reality or fiction?
  326. Family or adult movies?
  327. Netflix or Hulu?
  328. Cable or satellite?
  329. Watch live or recorded so you don’t have to watch commercials?
  330. Television or book?
  331. Detective novels or super heroes?
  332. Romance novels or spy novels?
  333. Horror stories or mysteries?
  334. John Wayne or Clint Eastwood?
  335. Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford?
  336. Mark Harmon or Tom Selleck?
  337. Don Johnson or Eric Estrada?
  338. Mark Wahlberg or Shemar Moore?
  339. Erin Gray or Catherine Bell?
  340. Sybil Sheppard or Michelle Pfeiffer?
  341. Jodie Foster or Markie Post?
  342. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio or Sela Ward?
  343. Reese Witherspoon or Kirsten Dunst?
  344. Rock or country?
  345. Pop or reggae?
  346. Choose classical or rap?
  347. Smooth jazz or techno?
  348. Standards or classic country like Johnny Cash?
  349. Nickelback or Rush?
  350. Miranda Lambert or Madonna?
  351. Kenny G or Bob Marley?
  352. Reo Speedwagon or New Kids on the Block?
  353. Regular radio or satellite?
  354. Stephen King or John Grisham?
  355. Nora Roberts or Heather Graham?
  356. Spy or supernatural book or movie/TV?
  357. Vince Flynn or Tom Clancy?
  358. Bound book or Ebook?
  359. Newspaper or online news blog?
  360. Play or musical?
  361. Dancing or cooking classes?
  362. Concert or play?
  363. Massage or facial?
  364. Pretty Little Liars or Real Housewives?
  365. IZombie or Lucifer?
  366. Ncis or Criminal Minds?
  367. 2 and Half Men or 2 Broke Girls?
  368. Friends or How I met your mother?
  369. Law and Order or LA Law?
  370. Agents of Shield or Arrow?
  371. Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow?
  372. Scandal or the Family?
  373. Batman or Superman?
  374. Spiderman or the Hulk?
  375. ABC or CBS?
  376. Fox or NBC?
  377. CW or PBS?
  378. Bowling or theater?
  379. Paint ball or arcade?
  380. Crocheting or knitting?
  381. Cards or board games?
  382. Polo or horse racing?
  383. Nascar or drag racing?
  384. College or pro?
  385. Touch or tackle football when you play?
  386. Short stop or third base?
  387. First base or outfielder?
  388. Catcher or pitcher?
  389. Winger or defenseman?
  390. Goalie or defenseman?
  391. Hunting or fishing?
  392. Deer or bear?
  393. Elk or moose?
  394. Bass or tuna?
  395. Ocean or lake?
  396. Lake or river?
  397. Skiing or surfing?
  398. Xbox or PS?
  399. Multiplayer or single player?
  400. Sports or shooter?
  401. Strategy or puzzle?
  402. Pacman or Tetris?
  403. Foosball or Ping-Pong?
  404. Computer or game consoles?
  405. Fantasy leagues or playing with your buds?
  406. Live action role playing or online gaming?
  407. Wrestling or mix martial arts?
  408. Bowling or tennis?
  409. Poker or chess?
  410. Volley ball or skateboarding?
  411. Cardio or weightlifting?
  412. Go to gym or home exercise?
  413. Boats or 4 wheelers?
  414. Walking or jogging?
  415. Weightlifting or pilates?
  416. Off road or race track?
  417. Skiing or snowboarding?
  418. Sweating to the oldies or playing handball?
  419. Working out three times a week or every day?
  420. Eating whatever you want or eating healthy to stay in shape?
  421. Workout alone or with a partner?
  422. Swimming or reading?
  423. Paintball or motocross?
  424. BMX racing or hang-gliding?
  425. Skateboarding or swimming?
  426. Triathlon or marathon running?
  427. Personal trainer or work out alone?
  428. Nutritionist or make your own meal plan?
  429. Drug representative or researcher?
  430. Cook or waitress?
  431. Janitor or IT tech?
  432. Banker or stock trader?
  433. Insurance actuary or detective?
  434. Street sweeper or sanitation supervisor?
  435. Telemarketer or appointment setter?
  436. Secretary or office manager?
  437. Physical therapist or psychologist?
  438. Rock star or race car driver?
  439. Country singer or professional athlete?
  440. Wrestler or football player?
  441. Professional bowler or poker player?
  442. Professional league coach or college coach?
  443. Professional cheerleader or model?
  444. Actor or model?
  445. Actress or talk show host?
  446. News anchor or meteorologist?
  447. Jeweler or seamstress?
  448. Computer programmer or criminologist (CSI)?
  449. Construction worker or artist?
  450. Newspaper editor or reporter?
  451. Journalist or photographer?
  452. Dentist or podiatrist?
  453. Medical examiner or emergency doctor?
  454. Teacher or administrator?
  455. Auctioneer or sports caster?
  456. Stock broker or day trader?
  457. Author or advertising agent?
  458. Truck mechanic or long haul driver?
  459. Long or short hair?
  460. Freckles or dimples?
  461. Shy or outgoing?
  462. Automated answering service or speak to a live person?
  463. Frozen pizza or Dominoes?
  464. Pizza hut or Little Caesars?
  465. Sweater or hoodie?
  466. When hanging toilet paper, over or under?
  467. Blue or red?
  468. Green or white?
  469. Pants or shorts?
  470. Brains or beauty?
  471. Date someone older or younger than yourself?
  472. Beads or pearls?
  473. Mac or PC?
  474. Take time to style your hair or wear a cap?
  475. Dye your hair or have natural color?
  476. Natural or breast implants?
  477. Give roses or daisies?
  478. Receive roses or daisies?
  479. For a snack something salty or sweet?
  480. Wear leather or lace?
  481. One night stands or an exclusive relationship?
  482. Facebook or twitter?
  483. Coffee or tea?
  484. Plastic or glass?
  485. Tent or camping RV?
  486. Fishing or hunting?
  487. Hats or headbands?this or that questions 2
  488. Blue or green?
  489. Pen or pencil?
  490. Silver or gold?
  491. Vacation or staycation?
  492. Long or short hair?
  493. Batting or pitching?
  494. Roller coasters or bumper cars?
  495. Giving a gift or receiving a gift?
  496. Traditional spaghetti or chicken alfredo?
  497. Apartment or house?
  498. Workout at home or at the gym? 
  499. Iced tea or hot tea?
  500. Smoothies or milkshakes?
  501. Sleep on the left or the right side of the bed?
  502. Soup or sandwich?
  503. Working as a team or working alone?
  504. Zip-up or pullover hoodie?
  505. Jeans or sweatpants?
  506. Socks or barefoot?
  507. Sleep in the quite or with noise?
  508. Spring or Fall?
  509. Scary movie or a funny movie?
  510. Pepsi or Coke?
  511. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
  512. Paper or plastic?
  513. Sour or sweet?
  514. Hair straight or curly?
  515. Romance or loyalty in a relationship? 
  516. Lipstick or lip gloss?
  517. Bar of soap or shower gel?
  518. Tattoos or piercings?
  519. Necklace or bracelets?
  520. Chicken nuggets or hotdogs?
  521. Carpet or hardwood floors?
  522. Couch or recliner?
  523. Superheroes or supervillains?
  524. Gloves or mittens?
  525. Hot or cold?
  526. Radio or television?
  527. Gummy worms or gummy bears?
  528. Nuts or no nuts?
  529. Coffee black or with cream and sugar?
  530. Markers or crayons?
  531. Batman or Superman?
  532. Travel by plane or boat?
  533. Blinds or curtains?
  534. White meat or dark meat?
  535. Apple or Android?
  536. Chips and dip or chips with salsa?
  537. Hard or soft shell tacos?
  538. Lose both legs and both arms?
  539. Lose your hands or lose your tongue?
  540. Lose your sex organs forever or gain 200lbs for the rest of your life?
  541. Love or Money?
  542. Love or sex?
  543. M&Ms or Kit Kat?
  544. Magazines or newspapers?
  545. Make lots of money or make a huge impact on the world?
  546. Makeup or No Makeup?
  547. Manicure or pedicure?
  548. Marry and divorce or never marry at all?
  549. Meat or fish?
  550. Meet Barack Obama or Donald Trump?
  551. Meet Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk?
  552. MIT or Caltech?
  553. Mom or Dad?
  554. Monarchy or communism?
  555. Money or power?
  556. Monopoly or chess?
  557. More money or more time?
  558. Morning or Night?
  559. Movies or TV shows?
  560. Nerd or jock?
  561. Never drink alcohol again or never cuss again?
  562. Night or day?
  563. Nike or Adidas?
  564. Nissan GTR or a Porsche 911?
  565. No food or No sleep?
  566. No friends or toxic friends?
  567. No one at your funeral or no one at your wedding?
  568. Office Job or Work from home?
  569. Overdressed or Underdressed?
  570. Overprotective parents or neglectful parents?
  571. Pads or tampons?
  572. Pancakes or Waffles?
  573. Pay US tuition fees now or pay 40% income tax once you have a very good job?
  574. Pen or Pencil?
  575. Pepsi or Coca-Cola?
  576. Talking or Listening
  577. Target or Walmart?
  578. Tea or Coffee?
  579. Teleportation or time travel?
  580. Texting or phone calls?
  581. Texting or Video Call?
  582. The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
  583. The Cavs or the Bulls?
  584. The Flash or Green Arrow?
  585. The perfect job or the perfect relationship?
  586. Thor’s hammer or a lightsaber?
  587. Throw away your wallet with its contents (without getting it back) or release your entire search history?
  588. Time travel or teleportation?
  589. Toyota or Honda?
  590. Trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?
  591. Travel alone or travel with friends?
  592. Travel the world or focus on your career?
  593. Travel to France alone or go with your best friend?
  594. Truly love someone you can never have or have someone you can never truly love?
  595. Truth or Dare?
  596. TV shows or Movie?
  597. Understand any language or be able to play any instrument?
  598. Vacation in Barcelona or Venice?
  599. Vanilla or chocolate?
  600. Visit Boston or San Francisco?
  601. Visit Guangzhou or Taiwan?
  602. Visit Iran or Pakistan?
  603. Visit Lisbon or Amsterdam?
  604. Visit Rome or Paris?
  605. Visit Turkey or Greece?
  606. Walk a dog or rock a baby?
  607. Wealth or Beauty?
  608. Wealth or happiness?
  609. Wear leggings with undies or without?
  610. Wear skirts with opaque tights or leggings?
  611. Wendigo or a Werewolf?
  612. Win $50,000 or let your best friend win $500,000?
  613. Wonder Woman or Supergirl?
  614. Work at SpaceX or Google?
  615. Work with Twitter or Snap?
  616. Work for Apple or Google?
  617. Work for Google Brain or Google Deep Mind?
  618. Work on Tesla or SpaceX?
  619. Work with an asshole or a liar?
  620. Working-partner or a stay-at-home partner?

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