Best Air Purifier for Birds

Best Air Purifier for Birds – As a bird owner, you will want the absolute best for your chirpy companion. Unfortunately, our indoor air is nothing compared with the outdoor nature air quality. Bird respiratory systems are very sensitive to indoor chemicals like VOCs, perfumes, and aerosols.

We as an owner could also be allergic to bird dust, fungus from bird droppings, bird dander and so much more. An air purifier can help protect the feathered friend from succumbing to diseases while keeping the pet allergens away from us. So what is the best air purifier for birds? Let’s find out.


1.GermGuardian Air Purifier

Many people don’t realize is that the tiny bird’s dander can cause many allergic reactions. To tackle that, GermGuardian AC5250PT is perhaps the best tower air purifier for bird. With a 5-stage filtration in its slim body, the permanent mesh filter plus charcoal pre-filter will trap the initial feather dust. Continue that is the True HEPA Fresh filter that will remove dander and other allergens. Pet Pure treatment will halt microorganism growth in the filters while the UV-C Light will destroy airborne germs.

GermGuardian AC5250PT is a well-made tower air purifier that barely takes up any space. It even comes with a highly adjustable programmable timer for you to play around with. However, its purifying coverage is not the widest nor is the airflow delivery rate. Still, the all-in-one HEPA filtration is capable of trapping any airborne transmitted diseases.

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2.Winix HR900

Winix is a South Korean company. It is working for the last 40 years and truly an expert in manufacturing air purifiers. Winix HR900 is not a new model in the market, but the best air purifier for bird dander and dust. This air purifier offers superior air cleaning for Bird owners.

While talking about the air purification of Winix, it has a double pre-filtration system and dust sensor, making this air purifier more efficient in pet houses. Let’s start the review of this amazing product with key features.

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3.Honeywell HPA300

The next product in our list of best air purifiers for bird dander belongs to a well-reputed electronic brand; Honeywell. If you are looking for an air purifier, you may hear about Honeywell. Honeywell is a well-known company in manufacturing air purifiers.

Honeywell HPA 300 is their proud product. Its performance is amazing, and the price is affordable. It is the most hunted product of Honeywell. You can use it either for birds aviary or for the baby room.

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4.Bissell air400

Bissell  Air is one of the leading companies in manufacturing house cleaning items. It has experience of about 140 years of in this field. These days Bissel air also introduced its air purifiers in the market.

Bissell air400 smart air purifier is one of the best air purifiers of this company and the best choice for birds owner. With an elegant design, better room coverage and satisfactory air purification performance Bissell air400 is a mid-range air purifier. Let’s check out the deep review of Bissell’s flagship air400.

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5.Whirlpool Whispure

Whirlpool is a well-known brand in manufacturing home appliances. It has vast experience in this category. Whirlpool whispure air purifier WP500 (Formerly Named As AP51030K) is a nice brand in the air purifier line. It is one of the best units designed for medium to larger spaces.

The whirlpool AP51030K is an amazing air purifier with ultra-quiet operation and electronic controls. It is powerful enough to remove dust, smoke, pollen, pet hair from indoor air in your home or office. Let’s start the review of Whirlpool and see either this unit worth it or not.

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6.Austin Air HealthMate

When your Cockatiels are not cheeping, chirping as they used to, their respiratory systems might be compromised. You will need a powerful air purifier that works on all types of house pets. Austin Air HealthMate is a dated air cleaner that is been around for ages. Don’t let the age fool you though, its 5-stage filtration is nothing to scoff at. It comes with an outer mesh, inner pre-filter, medium filter, HEPA filter, and 15 lbs carbon filter. No dust, hair, bird dander, or germs would be too difficult to capture.

Austin Air HealthMate is not the best air purifier to start with as it is very expensive. The filtration and airflow performance depth will make up for the price tag. Not to mention the super low maintenance cost thanks to the long-life 5 years filter lifespan. If you don’t need all the autonomous purifying and fancy tech, this air purifier will suit you well.

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Best Air Purifier for Birds – Bird dander AKA bird dust, feather dust, parrot dandruff or wing dust is a by-product, white powder produced by the feathers closest to the skin. The sheath of a new feather is covered with fine keratin that will dry off as the feather grows.

The keratin will then break into powdery form. The function of the powder is to keep the bird’s feathers soft, silky and waterproof. Bird dander is more frequently released during molting periods and when birds preen. A simple flapping of the wings can spread the dust particles all over the room.

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