Best Air Purifier for Cat Allergies

Best Air Purifier for Cat Allergies – If you or a family member suffers from an allergy to pet dander, an air purifier can help clear the air and reduce your sniffling and sneezing. The Honeywell Insight Air Purifier (view at Kohls) uses a True HEPA filter and when used with its Honeywell Enhanced Pet Odor Reducing Air Purifier Filter (view at Walmart) (sold separately) it reduces pet dander and odors in spaces up to 500 square feet. For those in smaller spaces, the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Pet Air Purifier (view at Amazon) is an affordable option that works well.


1.Alen BreatheSmart FLEX

Pros & Cons

Alen is a strong name in the American air purifier industry, with the first and certain lifetime warranty. They want to deliver the best customer services to compare with other American rivals like Rabbit Air, Honeywell and Levoit, and keep the strong foothold on the air purifier market.

However, their air purifiers all demand the mid-range and high-range level, because buying an Alen’s product is a sign of lifetime commitment. Today we have Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Review, an air purifier which is the entry-level to mid-range budget.

2.Winix HR900

Pros & Cons

The Winix HR900 is the most basic model in the Ultimate Pet series, which is superseded by the Winix HR950 and Winix HR1000 today. However, it still has plenty going for it, including an unique double pre-filtration and the dust sensor that is missed in even the Winix P450 and Winix U450. After many years joining many lists of best air purifier, let’s check if this air purifier is still good or not in our Winix HR900 Review.

The Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier is one of the best air purifiers on the market, and its strong features set makes it a formidable cleaning tool for those who share their homes with furry friends. It may now be superseded by the Winix HR950 and Winix HR1000 air purifiers, but in terms of value, the cheaper Winix HR900 has both models licked.

3.Honeywell HPA8350

Pros & Cons

Honeywell has always really excelled at making mid-range air purifiers, in the way competitors like GermGuardian and Envion don’t have, the high-quality True HEPA filter combining with high fan power. Such high performance is enough to market the Honeywell products, even though they don’t have any good smart features like Coway and Winix did with their air purifiers.

However, the company is trying to change that with the new Honeywell HPA250B and today, Honeywell HPA8350B. If you regularly need to change the settings of your air purifier, Honeywell thinks this is the device for you. While the flagship Honeywell HPA600B may have the best True HEPA filter ever, with the same performance as old Honeywell HPA300 and great Smart features, this air purifier will be your favorite one soon.

4.Philips Norelco Series 1000

Pros & Cons

Philips Norelco is the dominating trimmer company on the market. They produce different quality products considering customer satisfaction and capacity. The Philips Series 1000 is their affordable beard trimmer production for men who do not like to break the bank.

The Dutch origin international brand Philips never compromises with product quality as the customer cannot blame. Since primary level beard trimmer, it comes with basic beard trimming facilities without any fancy function.

5.Hamilton Beach

Pros & Cons

You’re half asleep on a Sunday morning craving a hot cup of joe, but too comfortable to get out of bed. Fortunately, you set your Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker the night before, so the only thing standing between you and a java jolt is the phrase, “Alexa, turn on my coffee maker.” Seconds after uttering those words, the aroma of freshly brewing coffee starts to fill the air.

And if talking is too much to muster first thing in the morning, you can start this 12-cup coffee maker from the Alexa app or create a Routine to have it automatically turn on at a certain time. Now,  this smart kitchen appliance costs more than three times as much as a basic programmable model, which is a lot to pay for convenience. But if you’re firmly entrenched in the Alexa ecosystem and willing to pay a premium for connectivity, it works as promised.


Pet dander isn’t the only allergen that your dog or cat increases in your home. If they spend any time outdoors they may bring in pollen, along with dirt, germs, and untold grime from the streets. While a quick cleaning of their paws with a wet cloth can help, if you really want to keep your home—and the air you breathe—as clean as possible, an air purifier is the way to go.

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