Best Air Purifier for Cat Hair

Best Air Purifier for Cat Hair – The Alen Breathesmart is an excellent choice. But, it’s doesn’t beat out the competition by a landslide. That’s why we included some other options. All of which will help you remove pet hair and dander from the air in your home. They will also help with other allergens (like pollen), remove stubborn odor, and dust.

If you want to remove pet hair from there are some purifiers that will help a lot. But, to be honest, you will need to do your part and clean up some of the pet hair that settles behind furniture or gets stuck on carpet. If you don’t it will eventually get kicked up into the air; of you’re lucky the purifier will snatch it before it settles. If not it will probably find another spot to rest until you stir t up again.


1.Austin Air FR410B

Pros & Cons

The Austin Air Pet Machine Air Purifier Replacement Filter Pack (FR410) replaces all filters that come with the Austin Air Pet Machine (HM410). Includes the main filter assembly (True HEPA filter, activated carbon/zeolite filter, and medium-particle pre-filter), plus the large-particle outer pre-filter. Removes allergens and other particles, plus pet and household odors, smoke and gases.

The Austin Air HealthMate Plus removes a wide range of gases, chemicals, VOC’s and formaldehyde. This broad-spectrum adsorption makes it the best choice for people exposed to smoke from wildfires and people living close to busy highways. All standard size units are interchangeable with all standard size filters.

2.Winix HR900

Pros & Cons

The Winix HR900 is the most basic model in the Ultimate Pet series, which is superseded by the Winix HR950 and Winix HR1000 today. However, it still has plenty going for it, including an unique double pre-filtration and the dust sensor that is missed in even the Winix P450 and Winix U450.

After many years joining many lists of best air purifier, let’s check if this air purifier is still good or not in our Winix HR900 Review.

3.Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

Pros & Cons

People spend almost 90 percent of their time indoors, at work, or home. Many people don’t know they are exposing themselves to invisible air pollutants.

It’s even worse for people who have respiratory problems such as asthma. Pollutants such as VOCs, mold spores, pollen, and pet furs can trigger asthma attacks.

The amount of pollutants indoors varies from home to home. Taking measures to control and remove common pollutants indoors can protect you and your family.

4.Blueair Blue Pure 211+

Pros & Cons

Packing in more power than any of the other models we tested, the Blueair Pure 211 provides high-end cleaning performance to rooms of up to 525 square feet. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and in this case, by responsibility, we mean cost.

It costs quite a bit upfront, and even more over its lifetime. This was the highest lifetime cost we calculated by far and took the Blueair out of contention for our highest honors. However, it is incredibly capable, and if you don’t mind incurring extra costs to make sure you’re large living room gets effective air cleaning, this product will serve you well.

5.Bissell air320

Pros & Cons

The Bissell air320 2768A in newest bundle of Bissell offers a slightly better than the Bissell air220, a beautiful design. It also serves higher CADR rating, for the device to clean the room much quicker. However, if it comes in at an accessible price it could be a winner.

Bissell can get all the hype for their floor care products, but the company is still very young at manufacturing air purifier machines. The company approaches with the same pricing strategy as any other products, first with a budget Bissell MyAir, then all air purifiers under the low mid-range segment.


Now, while a good vacuum will help keep fur off the couch and floor, it won’t do much for the hair floating around your living room. Fortunately, with the help of the best air purifier for pet hair the air you breathe will be clean and fresh.

So before you go out and buy a purifier to pull animal hair from the atmosphere, there are a few things you should consider. First do you also want to remove dust, mold, and other pollutants from the air? If you do you’ll need a good HEPA filter. Second where are you going to put the purifier? If it’s in a laundry room near the litter box you’ll want something small. If you want to put it in a large room you’ll need something more powerful; but you’ll also want to think about where you’re going to place it.

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