Best Air Purifier for Classroom

Best Air Purifier for Classroom – Poor air quality can lead to absenteeism in school due to asthma and other respiratory infections. It can also increase the transmission of coronavirus between students and staff.

With a powerful air purifier, it can filter out airborne bacteria and viruses. It also removes allergy and asthma triggers.

If you are looking for the best air purifier for classrooms to improve air quality and reduce coronavirus spread, we recommend the units reviewed .


1.Austin Air

If you are looking for a durable air purifier to remove the chemical smells from your nail salon, dry cleaning laundry room, smoking zone, basement, or laboratory, then the Austin Air HealthMate Plus is for you.

The purifier comes in a metal housing with caster wheels, a heavy-duty chemical filter, easy-to-use, and the filter lasts up to 5 years. In this Austin Air HealthMate Plus Air Purifier review, we look at the purifier’s specs, features, pros, and cons.

2.Medify Air MA-112

When it comes to wildfire, you are dealing with both harmful gases and particles. This is a crucial issue to understand before starting to sharpen for the best air purifier from smoke because you are always looking to buy one that will reduce both.

When shopping, you need to be aware that some models will only filter particles or gases. If it only filters one type of pollutant, it is not the gadget you need in your home.

The Medify MA-112 v2.0 air purifier has received high praise from customers on Amazon, but does it do the work as it should?

3.Blueair Classic 605

As a Swedish air purifier for 20 years, Blueair has expanded their market in more than 60 countries. There aren’t many air purifiers on the market can be quite like the Blueair Classic 605. It’s unashamedly huge, seriously expensive, and jams pretty much every high-end feature into a surprisingly air purifier machine.

It’s closest competitor is the IQAir HealthPro Plus and others in Blueair Pro family. Heading on our Blueair Classic 605 Review to decide if this air purifier is your next investment or not.

4.Whirlpool WPPRO2000M

Air purifiers have a unique set of features, but they have one thing in common – multi-stage filtration systems. The filters work in harmony to trap and remove contaminants from the air. Such pollutants include cooking odors, VOCs, dust, pet dander, pet fur, and lint.

By getting rid of pollutants from the air, you and your family get to breathe clean air. Besides clean air, purifiers help to prevent infections or trigger illnesses such as asthma.

5.LEVOIT Air Purifier

Compact air purifiers are simple to use and maintain. You can place it on the desk while working from home or next to your couch in the living room or next to the bed in the bedroom while sleeping. An air purifier should be placed where you spend the most time. Instead of buying multiple purifiers, only one purifier can do that.

Levoit Core 300 is a cylindrical-shaped air purifier with a 360-degree air intake and a complimentary 3-in-1 filter. Without emitting any ozone, this quiet air purifier with a Smoke CADR of 141 CFM can clean a 210 sq ft room five times an hour.


Today, states across the US are planning to re-open schools. Several questions need answers before re-opening. Is it safe to re-open? Can schools guarantee safety to the students and teachers against COVID-19 transmission? Are air purifiers effective in trapping or killing coronavirus? Can schools use air purifiers to prevent transmission of coronavirus?

The good news is schools can guarantee safety to staff and students by adhering to strict control measures. One of those strict measures is using air purifiers for every classroom.

This post will discuss whether an air purifier can be beneficial for the classroom, a buying guide with CFM calculation, and the 7 best air purifiers for classrooms based on an in-depth market analysis.


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