Best Air Purifier for kitchen Smells

Best Air Purifier for kitchen Smells – Proper ventilation and correctly placed exhaust fans are good enough to remove most of the odors out of the kitchen. Also, cleaning the kitchen after dinner will help not to linger the odor. On different occasions, do your heavy cooking activities outside the home if possible. If your kitchen has inadequate ventilation or an open kitchen area, then some particular air purifiers might benefit you.


1.LEVOIT Air Purifier

Pros & Cons

The Levoit LV-H132 serves as a momentous device in the story of compact air purifiers. It’s the first of its kind, the first to use a new design language for air purifier, to start a new era for any compact air purifiers after it.

After two years, the Levoit LV-H132 still holds the place of #1 Amazon best seller air purifier in 2021. Let’s read our true Levoit LV-H132 Review to see why this air purifier is still the most popular choice when searching for air purifier today.

2.Molekule Air Mini+

Pros & Cons

The primary job of an air purifier is to remove pollutants from the indoor air. It also shouldn’t create any secondary level pollution while doing the primary job. Furthermore, as it is a home appliance, it should not be of an odd industrial-type shape.

Molekule Air Mini uses a nanoparticle-coated PECO filter, which activates by ultraviolet (UV-A) light to oxidize airborne pollutants. Testified at Berkeley Lab, Molekule’s air purifiers effectively reduce common indoor air pollutants without producing ozone or other byproducts, and it is also CARB compliant.

3.Dyson Pure

Pros & Cons

But to be honest, despite the complaints, for the longest time I felt reluctant in investing in an air purifier. Either because they are very tricky to buy (is it really effective?) and very hard on the pocket (is it worth the money?)

And amid all of the dilemma, Dyson launched their Pure Cool air purifier in India in July and sent me a unit of the tower model to review.  There is also a desk variant of the air purifier, which is priced at medium. I reviewed only the tower variant, and here’s how my last few weeks were breathing the Delhi air.

4.Blueair Blue Pure 311

Pros & Cons

An effective air purifier can cut back on indoor pollutants such as pollen, dust, dander, and smoke. Most people don’t know this, but when too little outdoor air enters a home, pollutants’ concentration increases indoors. This poses comfort and health problems.

In fact, a high concentration of pollutants indoors can cause asthma and respiratory issues.

There are many types and sizes of air purifiers on the market. Some air purifiers are effective at particle removal, while others are not. The best air purifier is designed for eliminating both particulates and odorous pollutants. The new Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto is the one that can do both.

5.Bissell Smart Purifier

Pros & Cons

Bissell can get all the hype for their floor care products, but the company is still very young at manufacturing air purifier machines. The company approaches with the same pricing strategy as any other products, first with a budget Bissell MyAir, then all air purifiers under the low mid-range segment.

The Bissell air320 is actually a classy big air purifier with a number of fine attributes and few outright flaws – however it’s easy to see it getting lost in a highly competitive mid-range field. So for the current Amazon’s Choice, Bissell air320 needs some better deals to fight back.


There are two types of sources of air pollution in the kitchen. Gas stoves often produce carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other harmful pollutants. Cooking and frying also release multiple odorous volatile organic compounds and particles into the air. A simple range hood can remove these pollutants from the kitchen.

If you don’t have a range hood installation or have an open kitchen with the living room, you can improve the ventilation using an exhaust fan or open windows. When these options are limited, a special kind of air purifier can also reduce indoor air pollution from the kitchen.

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