Best Air Purifier for Nursery

Best Air Purifier for Nursery – Choosing the best air purifier for your baby’s room may seem like a simple and straightforward task. However, getting the best can be trickier, considering how delicate babies are and the number of pollutants in the air.

From our review, it’s pretty evident that price aside, the quality and efficiency of your choice should be a top consideration—other factors such as silence, the flexibility of use, and compactness fall in the same category.

Overall, the best air purifier for the baby room should eliminate 99.9% of all germs and pollutants, thereby allowing your baby to breathe in the fresh air.


1.Germ Guardian

This air purifier does solid work without a lot of bells and whistles, at least on the outside. It’s easy to use and replace the filters, but the extra charcoal filter (and optional UV-C light) make it equally good at trapping odors and allergens. And with a low power consumption, it’s ideal for heavy use in medium-sized rooms.

In our analysis of 65 expert reviews, the GermGuardian Full Room Air Purifier placed 12th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category.


Some unique features especially for your babies and a keen pricing make the Vornadobaby Purio a standout and special air purifier. For the first and only time, Vornado makes a different logo and attaches the keyword “baby” after its name. Will this air purifier be the best air purifier for baby? We shall see, in our Vornadobaby Purio Review.

Vornado has been a trusted manufacturer of air purifiers in the United States since 1945. Though the company doesn’t sign for Energy Star rating like the Honeywell and GermGuardian (other American air purifier companies), their air purifiers are built to meet U.S voltage requirements.

3.LEVOIT Air Purifier

Levoit Core 300 is a decorative and elegant-looking air purifier. Lightweight only at 7.5 lbs, the purifier is available in Black and White you can choose from.

The touch control panel on the top is convenient to use, and it includes all the necessary features an air purifier needed. It featured 3 fan speeds and four different timers: 2hr, 4hr, 6r, and 8hr.

You can set it to sleep mode, where it goes to the lowest fan speed and turns of the indicator lights. It also features a display lock button to prevent unwanted touch.


If you are looking for a beautiful and sleek air purifier to control allergens and odor in large rooms, then the Hathaspace HSP002 might be a good fit for you. The color-coded AQI light bar will tell you instantly whether the purifier is working or not. Hathaspace HSP002 is a nice upgrade to the best-selling HSP001 model with more coverage and an H13-HEPA filter.

We at LearnMetrics, however, are all about the specifications. In this thorough, in-depth Hathaspace air purifier review, we’ll look at all the primary and secondary specifications to see if its tremendously high rating is justified from an HVAC standpoint as well.

5.KOIOS Air Purifier

The Koios Purifier Indoor Air Cleaner is an affordable, durable, and surprisingly child-friendly air purifying unit. It can become a little loud sometimes, and its area of effect is limited to the room it’s in, but for $55.00 it’s hard to complain. Check out our best air purifier under 100 list for more great air purifiers!

Koios Air Purifiers improve air quality via a three-stage filtration system: fine preliminary (pre filter), true HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter. The filtration systems work one after the other to kill 99.97% of particles and odors, including pet dander, to give the room the best air possible.


Is an air purifier for the baby room a luxury? The answer is NO. An air purifier is a necessity that helps keep your baby’s room free from pollutants.

Contaminants are harmful, and studies reveal the majority of babies are asthmatic. Such kids can have trouble sleeping due to congested respiratory systems.

These pollutants are all over, and unfortunately, we can’t see them with our naked eyes.

If your child has allergic reactions, then an air purifier can keep the air free of allergens. It also helps in trapping smokes, cigarettes and cigar odors, pet dander, and any other air pollutants.


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