Best Air Purifier for Pollution

Best Air Purifier for Pollution – If you live or work near a busy road or highway, there are many things that can, unfortunately, disrupt your peace and tranquility. It isn’t just the roar of engines or the wail of sirens that can cause a problem, but also the quality of the air you breathe.

Traffic pollution is a serious issue that may affect your health in more ways than one. It’s not just the air in your home that’s affected by traffic pollution. Many of us spend hours each day commuting by car, by public transport, and by walking, exposing us to those harmful toxins produced by traffic.


1.Winix HR900

Although the Winix HR900 touts itself as a robust air purifier for pet owners, it’s just as useful to combat air pollution. This purifier features a fantastic 5-stage filtration process. There’s an ultimate pet pre-filter and a washable fine mesh pre-filter to handle any visible and larger particles. When it comes to taking on the airborne pollutants, the activated carbon filter reduces VOCs and smoke, while the True HEPA filter works on capturing 99.97% of small airborne allergens.

Meanwhile, the PlasmaWave Air Cleaning technology works to break apart pollutants like odors and chemical vapors at their molecular level. The LED lights will change color to alert you to any changes in the air quality, and you can set it on auto mode so that fan speeds adjust based on the sensor alerts.

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2.Dyson Pure Cool

The Dyson Pure Cool TP01 lets you take on air pollution in style. This air purifier provides smooth airflow delivery thanks to its efficient design, and it is multi-functional as it serves as both a purifier and a tower fan. In fact, there are numerous ways you can customize the unit to make it truly your own. The purifier has 10 different fan speeds so it can go as fast or slow as you need it to. It also features a sleep timer, and for safety, it’ll automatically shut off if tipped over.

The purifier contains a HEPA filter to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns such as pollen and mold spores. This unit also comes equipped with another layer of filtration in the form of an activated carbon filter, which makes short work of harmful VOCs. The unit has even received a rating as allergy and asthma-friendly for its effectiveness.

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3.LEVOIT Air Purifier

The Levoit LV-H134 is a wide range air purifier that sports an ergonomic design and multiple features on its sleek touch control panel. It has a check filter indicator, timer function, numerous fan speeds, as well as an auto mode and a sleep mode. You can even turn the display off for uninterrupted sleep at night.

For cleaning that pesky pollution from the air, there’s the H13 True HEPA filter that captures particles as small as 0.3 microns. There’s also the high-efficiency activated carbon filter to neutralize fumes and VOCs. To keep the filters performing the best they can, the air purifier has its first line of defense in the form of a nylon pre-filter.

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4.MOOKA Air Purifier

The Mooka GL-FS32 is a versatile air purifier designed to quickly reduce any health risks caused by air pollution. The purifier features a HEPA filter that removes over 99.97% of airborne pollutants. The unit also has an activated carbon and VOC absorber to handle smoke and odors. To further capture harmful particles, the purifier also has a UV sterilizer and a negative ion generator.

Additional features make the unit simple to use. It has a built-in timer that covers 1 to 8 hours, and a preconfigured sleep mode function. Also, you can turn the nightlight off if you want to use it completely in the dark at night. There’s even a sensor with auto mode so it can adjust as it sees fit.

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5.Blueair Blue Pure 411

The Blueair Blue Pure 411 features a quality combination filter. This is comprised of an activated carbon layer that works on capturing odors and chemicals, while the HEPASilent technology can trap particles as small as 0.1 microns, removing up to 99.97% of them. The particle filter removes all that dust, pollen, as well as viruses, while the fabric pre-filter takes care of the larger particles.

What sets this unit apart is that the fabric pre-filter is washable and customizable. There are different colors available, sold separately, so that you can set this purifier up to better match your home décor. It’s a perfectly-sized unit to place in small rooms, and with the fabric pre-filter, it won’t stand out much at all.

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6.Coway Airmega 400

The Coway Airmega 400 can filter the air in larger rooms with ease thanks to its dual function suction design. With the Max2 filter, it can quickly eliminate harmful particles present in any air pollution. This filter is a combination of an activated carbon filter and a True HEPA filter. The carbon filter helps handle the likes of VOCs, odors, smoke, and more. Meanwhile, the HEPA filter can capture things like fine dust and mold spores.

It has real-time air quality monitoring that cycles through 4 different LED colors to indicate the current condition of the air around it. The smart technology will adjust the fan accordingly until the air is clean again, saving you on energy as well as time, as you don’t have to hover over the unit when in this mode.

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7.Honeywell HPA300

This Honeywell is rated for rooms up to 500 square feet, which is on par with the other large-room air purifiers we tested. It’s also very lightweight. Compared to the Blueair HealthProtect 7410i and Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, it was much easier to pick up by its built-in handle and move around. It’s not lacking any parts, either. Inside it packs two HEPA-grade filters and an activated carbon prefilter for trapping volatile organic compounds such as cooking odors.

When air quality dipped inside my apartment, the Insight quickly ramped up its fan and sucked up the odors or invisible particulates. For under $300, you get a strong-performing purifier with an automatic set-it-and-forget-it mode, and unlike many bigger models, you can easily carry it from room to room when needed.

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Best Air Purifier for Pollution – The good news is that investing in an air purifier can reduce the likelihood of both you and your family suffering from these unfortunate conditions. Many units are also portable which means you can take them with you to work or on vacation trips. Effective purifiers successfully capture harmful airborne particles and eliminate gases and odors. This allows everyone to breathe the freshest and highest quality air.

Before you invest in a purifier, it’s helpful to think about your budget and room size. The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of a system lets you know how much square footage it will clean per hour.

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