Best Air Purifier Under 150

Best Air Purifier Under 150 – You have made it to the end of my top 5 best air purifiers under $150. Hopefully, you are able to narrow down your selection to the one that suits your needs most. If you are not sure what to take or do not have any specific issues (like seasonal allergies), then the “best overall performance” is a good choice to go with. When choosing the best air purifier under $150, it is most important to look at the filtration system and CADR rating/room coverage above anything else. You want the biggest bang for your buck. You can read more about the CADR rating in my other post on this link.


1.LEVOIT Air Purifier

Pros & Cons

The Levoit LV-H132 serves as a momentous device in the story of compact air purifiers. It’s the first of its kind, the first to use a new design language for air purifier, to start a new era for any compact air purifiers after it. After two years, the Levoit LV-H132 still holds the place of #1 Amazon best seller air purifier in 2021. Let’s read our true Levoit LV-H132 Review to see why this air purifier is still the most popular choice when searching for air purifier today.

With more than 27150 reviews (rated 4.5/5) on Amazon, the Levoit LV-H132 continues to be our everyday beater – a beautiful device and worthy of consideration for 2021. Levoit has recently released the Levoit Core 200S to slowly replace the 3-year-old Levoit LV-H132, as well as the Levoit Core 300 and Levoit Core 400S to serve for a much larger room. Also, if you find the LV-H132’s power enough for your room, you should check the Levoit LV-H128, because it’s cheaper.

2.WAGNER Switzerland air Purifier

Pros & Cons

If you’re really serious about yours and your family’s health, it’s time to buy a good air purifier for your home. Here is our WAGNER WA888 Review, to explore if this latest HEPA-13 air purifier is good one to consider buying.

The Swiss made new WAGNER WA888 comes with four layers of filters. The high density Pre-filter layer removes larger dust particles and pet hairs. Its medical grade HEPA-13, second layer ensures up to 99.95% of particles are removed from air. Particles as small as 0.1 microns are efficiently removed by this filter, which includes mold, dust, hair, smoke, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, germs and other allergens.

3.Medify MA-25

Pros & Cons

Last year is the start of many new air purifiers, and Medify Air adds one new contender into their strongest field – the top low-range segment.

The new Medify MA-25 is the company’s top low-ranger, bringing update in design and decent fan power. And one more thing, the price will make loyal users happy. Alright, this is the first impression of Medify MA-25 Review, and I promise to keep update the review for anything new later.

4.Winix 5300-2

Pros & Cons

The Winix 5300-2 is one the three Winix air purifiers that gives you the 5300 Model styling on a budget, but with a different color and no remote control (come on, why). This lack of remote control won’t hold you back from true greatness, but at this low price, both the Winix 5500-2 and Winix C535 are the possible alternatives for you.

Today, our Winix 5300-2 Review is the most trusted review for you to know if you still need this air purifier in 2021 or not.

5.Pure Enrichment

Pros & Cons

Since 2010, the California-based Pure Enrichment has always been a great company targeting only at home air quality control. Their air purifiers are under low-range segment, with an unbelievably good air filtration process to protect you from the common airborne allergens.

We will all love the 5-year warranty for their products, as we believe that they will support us right after sales. You should check their Pure Enrichment PureZone and Pure Enrichment PureZone Elite.


Welcome to my top 5 best air purifiers under $150 list, where I will be looking at what I consider the best entry-level air purifiers currently on the market. Air purifiers are your first line of defense against indoor air pollution, which is becoming a bigger problem as each new year passes. EPA (environmental protection agency) estimates that there are up to 5x more indoor than outdoor air pollutants. Dealing with indoor air pollution does not need to be expensive tho – this is why every air purifier on this list is below $150, while being good enough to do the job efficiently.

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