Best Air Purifier Without Ozone

Best Air Purifier Without Ozone – An air purifier cleans the air in your home or office and improving your air quality. Pet dander and hair, dust, and even food odors can be unpleasant, and  Ozone Free Air Purifiers will clean all these and more out of your air, without adding additional Ozone.

That’s right, some air purifiers actually make ozone, which when you think about it is really counterproductive. Ozone can actually be just as bad for you as cigarettes. If you don’t let people smoke cigarettes around you, why would you want an ozone generator masked as an air purifier around you?  There are a lot of different kinds of air purifiers, and they are not all healthy. Some are even ozone generators, which is why it is so important to find a purifier for your home or office that reduces your ozone exposure.


1.LEVOIT Air Purifier

This is by far one of our favorite air purifiers. Not only is it an air purifier that does not produce ozone, but because of the activated carbon filter, it can actually REMOVE some of the ozone particles already in your air! It is also Energy Star Certified, so this air purifier saves you money while saving your lungs! A neat feature of this air purifier is that in auto mode, it can detect the quality of your air and adjust its fan speed accordingly.

There have already been over 3 million units sold. It is also an affordable unit, and the replacement filters are also reasonable for the work it does.  It looks stylish in any home and is certainly the most functional of the air purifiers. This is certainly the best all-around air purifier we have found.

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2.Blueair Blue Pure 211+

This is one of the ozone-free air purifiers that comes with a bit more premium price tag, but it is an attractive model that is aesthetically pleasing. It has a black and white theme, with the top half being white, the bottom black, and a white button logo dead center. Just like our number one choice, it has a carbon filter. This air purifier not only is ozone free but can help to remove existing ozone particles in your interior area. It will filter particles like pet dander,  pet hair, dust mites, allergens and irritants, mold, smoke, and odor-causing bacteria particles.

If you are not a fan of black and white, you can order a different color fabric filter. This customizable purifier is definitely a must for those who prefer to constantly change their interior design and style. There is grey, black, blue, yellow and pink available. The features and performance make this the second-best air purifier we have found.

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3.SilverOnyx Air Purifier

This small and lightweight model can easily be moved from room to room if desired. With five stages of filtering, this air purifier with a true H13 HEPA filter is a great option for a home with pets or for those who have allergies. It will clean your air with a high-efficiency particulate air rate with its multiple air filters. It has UV c light and ionizers to fully clean your home.

It could also be a good choice for an office space that is near a dusty work area, with this lightweight and easy to transport model the possibilities are endless! It has a sleek black silo shape, and the filter is easy to change with only a counterclockwise turn and an upwards pull. These reasons are why we chose this as the third-best air purifier.

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4.IQAir HealthPro Plus

This elite air purifier is a work of art. It would be ideal for someone fascinated with architecture or construction. It almost resembles a fancy office building with a curved bridge-like base. This model has six speeds and comes with a handy remote control, or can be used with the built-in panel on top. If purchased from the manufacture’s website, you can set up a payment plan making it a very affordable purifier.

Although this model is quite heavy, it does have wheels that can be put on which will make it easier to move unless you have a heavily carpeted house. This is an investment, but especially if you have children with health issues this is a worthwhile investment with along warranty that will last you since it removes particulates like odors, allergens, and other common irritants.

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5.Medify MA-40

This is a mid-level type of air cleaners that are sleek and stylish. It has an all-black color and is a reasonable weight. If purchased from the manufacturer’s website, white is also a color choice. This air purifier can clean a large area in a short amount of time, giving you almost instantly cleaner air quality.

It has a built-in handle to make it easier to move from room to room if you have a larger house. This air purifier, like many of the other air purifiers,  cleans your air of particles like germs, pollen, mold, nasty odors, smoke, and dust with its three-stage filter.

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6.Colzer 3000

This air purifier is a great choice for smaller spaces in the home such as a nursery, bathroom, or laundry room. It has a modern design and is small and compact. This would be ideal to take to work for a small office area, or even used in a home office situation.

The activated carbon later can actually help reduce the amount of ozone in your area. The sleep mode makes it a great option for a smaller bedroom because it is about equivalent in noise to a rural area at night. This is a great choice if you want to breathe easily and sleep soundly at night.

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7.Bissell Smart Purifier

Yes, Bissel makes more than just vacuums. This is a three-stage filtration device that catches all the gross stuff in your air; particles like pollen, pet dander, dust, and smoke, and even traps odors such as pet, smoke, and even the occasional cooking mishap we all try to avoid. It has both auto and sleep modes. This is a great choice for much larger spaces such as basements or dining rooms.

If you are a pet lover, proceeds of sales of this item go to an organization that saves pets. Another perk is that the cord for this is six feet long, so you have some options on where to place it in relation to your wall outlets. With a three-year warranty, you can have peace of mind that your air purification system will last. It is available in both black and grey options.

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Best Air Purifier Without Ozone – There are several different types of air purifiers. Electronic air filters use an electronic method such as UV light, ionizers, plasma, PCO, ESP, and a few others.

This is the category that the air purifiers that actually create ozone fall into. Generators and ionizers are the highest ozone-producing purifiers that are out there. Mechanical air purifiers use charcoal or HEPA filters and there are also hybrid units out there that use a little of both methods.

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