Best Budget Hepa Air Purifier

Best Budget Hepa Air Purifier – For a minute, getting an air purifier was like winning the lottery. All the top-rated options were out of stock, and those budget ones made some people hesitant as to why they were still available. Thankfully, a number of under-$150 air purifiers are worth the money and some of the brands that make those best-of lists also offer some cheaper units for those on a budget.

These won’t clean out your whole home, but they are good for targeted air purifying in small rooms. From a $55 air purifier from Ikea to one of the nicest budget units we’ve tested, these are the best cheap air purifiers.



You can’t go wrong with Partu’s BS-03, which offers optimal air purifying in rooms up to 107 square feet. The tiny unit has three stages of filtration and three fan speeds, though the highest option is a bit noisy. However, once you’ve had it on high for a while, you can easily kick it back dow to a slower fan speed, which is much quieter.

One of the best parts of the air purifier is that you can hang it on the wall, because Ikea knows space efficiency is important.

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2.Honeywell HPA100

What the HPA100 lacks in looks, it makes up for in ability. It can complete five air changes in an hour in rooms up to 155 square feet. Its CADR ratings are 100 for smoke and pollen and 106 for dust. It offers four cleaning modes — germ, allergen, general clean and turbo — plus a pre-filter and HEPA filter (no carbon filtration here).

The HPA100 is about double the price of the cheaper options on the list, but it adds a few user-friendly touches like an auto-off timer, a control panel dimmer and filter replacement indicator.

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3.TaoTronics TT-AP005

If you want to make sure your air purifier is even doing anything, the TaoTronics TT-AP005 gives real-time feedback on your room’s air quality.

An easy-to-read color-coded system lets you know when your room is clean and when it’s time to kick the unit into overdrive — except you don’t manually need to do that because of its auto mode, a huge plus considering most units in this price range lack that capability. In rooms up to 323 square feet, its CADR ratings are 250 across the board — an excellent feat for a $100 air purifier.

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4.Pure Enrichment

With more than 13,000 Amazon ratings and counting, the Pure Enrichment Purezone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier is a great choice for an air purifier for your home or office. It contains a three-stage filtration with a carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter, and UV-C light and photocatalyst filter. It offers three speed settings and a timed auto shut-off option you can set to two, four, or eight hours.

The four-button control panel at the top of the appliance is really simple to use, and features an indicator light that serves as a reminder to replace the filter. You’ll also find a handle on the back of the appliance to make it easier to move around the air purifier if the need arises.

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5.Lasko LP200

Amy Biggart, Commerce Editor at Bustle, appreciates how compact this Lasko Desktop Air Purifier is — she describes, “The size of this air purifier really can’t be beat — I have it tucked into a corner of my apt and barely notice it’s there.” According to Biggart, using and maintaining this model is fairly simple: “It has three settings, the lowest of which I can barely hear operate, and it also has a convenient timer so I can set it to work all day long.” Changing the two-filter pack (which includes one activated carbon filter and one HEPA filter) is “super easy,” too.

While Lasko doesn’t specify exactly how loud it is, this air purifier has a CADR of 73, 81, and 83 for smoke, dust, and pollen, respectively.

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This super compact KOIOS Air Purifier is the best budget option for small rooms like enclosed offices. It has a three-stage filtration using a preliminary filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter.

Use the single-button control panel to turn the device on the low setting, the high setting, and off. Its noise level is 50dB on its lowest setting, which is louder than the other air purifiers on this list. (For context, 50dB is about as loud as a conversation at home.) You won’t find an auto shut-off or timer functionality and its blue light can’t be turned off or dimmed while it’s on — but this basic model has a cheap price and comes with a one-year warranty.

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7.Elechomes EPI081

If you enjoy essential oil aromatherapy, the Elechomes Air Purifier is the way to go. Simply place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the pad in the fragrance box and the scent will subtly diffuse into the air. This air purifier has three stages of filtration: pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter.

The four-button control panel is straightforward to use and allows you to set the air purifier to one of three fan speed settings or sleep mode. On its quietest setting, it produces 33dB of noise. You can also set the auto shut-off timer to one, two, four, or eight hours. An indicator light appears after 3,000 hours of use to remind you to replace the filter. It comes with a one-year warranty.

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Best Budget Hepa Air Purifier – While you’d have to shell out several hundred dollars for many of the top air purifiers on the market, it’s definitely possible to spend less on a device that works to remove unwanted smoke, dust, and pollen particles from the air in your home or office.

The best budget air purifiers may not perform on the same scale as their more expensive counterparts, but they’re still an effective way to reduce allergies and odors.

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