Best Cheap Air Purifier for Smoke

Best Cheap Air Purifier for Smoke – The market is flooded with cheap air purifiers and it can seem to the untrained eye that there is a lot of choice in the market.

The reality is that at this end of the market is full of poorly built products that are unlikely to do anything for cigarette smoke.

Even the brands that we love some products like Levoit have some stinkers – We love the H13 at $99 but the slightly cheaper LV-H132 is an absolute stinker that should be avoided.

So it really is a minefield to choose a purifier that will actually help.


1.LEVOIT Air Purifier

Pros & Cons

An air purifier should be placed where you spend the most time. Instead of buying multiple purifiers, only one purifier can do that.

Levoit Core 300 is a cylindrical-shaped air purifier with a 360-degree air intake and a complimentary 3-in-1 filter. Without emitting any ozone, this quiet air purifier with a Smoke CADR of 141 CFM can clean a 210 sq ft room five times an hour.

In this post, we discuss Levoit Core 300 specs, key features, maintenance costs, pros, and cons. We also include a comparison among the Levoit Core series air purifiers.

2.Blueair Classic 680i

Pros & Cons

Blueair is a symbol of air purifier industry for more than 20 years, with their expansion to more than 60 countries. As the obvious upgrade of the Blueair Classic 605, our today Blueair Classic 680i is easily the best that Blueair can cram into an air purifier.

Fact is, with its high-end features, the Blueair Classic 680i should be the better air purifier than even the huge Blueair Pro XL. It’s time for our Blueair Classic 680i Review, to check one of the top-class air purifiers you can buy for your home.

3.Vremi Premium

Pros & Cons

Clean air at home is an essential requirement for those who have allergies, asthma, or any other breathing issues. However, with the increasing technology modification, it becomes difficult to control the nature of air within your reach. But, that should not be an indicator that you cannot enjoy quality air even in the comfort of your home.

The Vremi air purifier is designed using quality features for your personalized experience that you can get within budget. Here we are going to discuss its specs, features, pros & cons, and will give you a comparison with a similar air purifier in its category.

4.Hamilton Beach

Pros & Cons

You’re half asleep on a Sunday morning craving a hot cup of joe, but too comfortable to get out of bed. Fortunately, you set your Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker the night before, so the only thing standing between you and a java jolt is the phrase, “Alexa, turn on my coffee maker.” Seconds after uttering those words, the aroma of freshly brewing coffee starts to fill the air.

And if talking is too much to muster first thing in the morning, you can start this 12-cup coffee maker from the Alexa app or create a Routine to have it automatically turn on at a certain time. Now, this smart kitchen appliance costs more than three times as much as a basic programmable model, which is a lot to pay for convenience. But if you’re firmly entrenched in the Alexa ecosystem and willing to pay a premium for connectivity, it works as promised.

5.Germ Guardian True HEPA

Pros & Cons

The GermGuardian has anchored Guardian Technologies air purifiers in the low-range market in the USA. The company launched its first classic GermGuardian, the GermGuardian AC5000, and it was received well here. Knowing the potential of the AC5000E device, Guardian Technologies invented a 22-inch version of this successful air purifier and reduce the cost even much lower.

Today, we are having a GermGuardian AC4825 Review to check out one of the best and most popular air purifiers in the line of GermGuardian machines.


Cigarette smoke, wildfire smoke, even cigar, and weed smoke can be effectively removed. The device that helps you do that is an air purifier. Preferably one specialized in removing high concentrations of smoke.

Nobody really likes the smell of smoke. We all want to get rid of it immediately. The reason for this is simple:

Air Purifier