Best Desktop Air Purifier

Best Desktop Air Purifier – There are more factors to consider when shopping for the best desktop air purifier for a study desk or a work desk for home or office. These factors include energy efficiency, maintenance costs, portability, sleek design, and non-distracting aesthetics.

Combining these factors and the others highlighted above will enable you to buy the best air purifiers for a desk.


1.Medify MA-14

As a homeowner, what experts recommend is buying an air purifier. Air purifiers help to remove more than 99% of the pollutants in the air. As such, they improve the quality of your indoor air while reducing the risks of respiratory diseases.

You too can enjoy fresh, clean air whether you are working from home, watching TV or movies with your family or sleeping.

In this post, we review the Medify MA-14 Air Purifier. To help you make a smart decision, we delve into its specs, features, operating costs, pros, and cons.


There are a few things about Partu air purifiers due to which I cannot recommend this product. First, it does not have official certification for its air purification performance. Next, the company itself seems shady and does not even have its own website. Third, their exaggerated marketing claims and customer reports about the company not honoring their warranty.

Based on these, I would recommend the products below are better alternatives to the BS-03. While the Winix 5300-2 is priced slightly higher, it can cover more than triple the area. Honeywell is a well established brand and comes with a 5 year warranty. Finally, the Febreze FHT180 provides similar air purification and the option of a fragrance diffuser

3.IonPacific ionMi

Ever since COVID-19 led to a worldwide lockdown, one thing was evidently visible: cleaner air. On that note, the World Economic Forum has since reported that consumers living in poor air quality are more vulnerable to getting infected as such an atmosphere is more likely to initiate the spread of the virus. Though it is supposedly too soon to make such connections, taking the extra measures towards utmost protection does not hurt. This is where it is best fit to introduce ionMi.

ionMi can be viewed as the ultimate enemy against pollutants, airborne particulate matter, dust and other harmful actors housed within the very air we breathe. The purpose of this review is to provide a complete analysis on ionMi and how it contributes towards cleaner air among many other roles.

4.Bissell 2780A

Bissell MyAir 2780A is one of the first attempts at a HEPA air purifier. With the HEPA filter made by the most famous vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the United States, the Bissell MyAir 2780A is a strong budget contender to consider.

Yes, it is even cheaper than lots of Chinese air purifiers that are popular in the market. It’s not magic, you should find out in our Bissell MyAir Review right now.

5.UNbeaten Air Purifiers

The UNbeaten is quite a basic air purifier with no extra functionalities. Essentially, it includes just an internal fan and filters. Specifically, it uses the standard filter system with a pre-filter to remove large particles, an activated Carbon filter to reduce smelly household odors, and a true HEPA filter to trap allergens and bacteria.

The HEPA filter can eliminate particles as small as 0.3 microns. As all of those filters are integrated into once piece, it is pretty easy to replace it.


To improve indoor air quality, concentration, and worker productivity, you need to invest in the best air purifier for your desk. In this post, we review the top 10 best air purifiers for study or work desk in your home or office.


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