Best Electrostatic Air Purifier

Best Electrostatic Air Purifier – An electrostatic air purifier uses electrical charges to clean the air.  There are both advantages and disadvantages to this air cleaner.  The filter is unique in that it is a permanent filter electrically charged.

The main benefit is no filter to replace.

The downside is lower performance and creation of ozone.


1.LEVOIT Air Purifier

The unit connects to Wi-Fi, so you can even control it when out of the house. As indicated by its name, the Core 400S is rated for rooms of up to 400 square feet in size.

I haven’t had a chance yet to try out many other air purifiers — my only experience is a tiny bedroom unit that gets rather loud when it goes beyond its slowest speed — but I was very impressed with the Levoit Core 400S. It cleaned the air in my living room quickly and quietly, and was lovely to look at and easy to use. You can’t ask for more from a mid-priced, mid-sized unit, and it definitely deserves a place among the best air purifiers.

2.ENVION – Therapure TPP240

Envion made an amazingly efficient luxurious air purifier. The Therapure TPP240 model has many advanced features including permanent HEPA type filter.

Now, this filter is not really the best, because it is not True HEPA filter, but still, it does a fantastic job at removing all kind of air pollutants. In combination with the optional ionization and UV light, many airborne contaminants are caught.

3.Coway AP-1512HH

The first stage is the fine mesh pre-filter, and it helps to remove larger pollutants such as mold spores, dust, pet hair, and pollen from the air. What you need to know is that the pre-filter is washable and permanent.

After the pre-filter, you have the deodorization filter. As the name suggests, the filter neutralizes odors and VOCs by chemical adsorption. This filter sheet is infused with activated carbon and helps to freshen your indoor air. However, this type of carbon filter is less effective than a pellet-based carbon filter. The carbon filter has a lifespan of 6 months.

4.Blueair Blue Pure 211+

The efficiency is 99% at 0.1-micron particle size, which is close to HEPA performance. This particle filter will be able to capture most of the airborne particulates like household dust, mold spores, airborne bacteria, and smoke particles.

The particle filtration is also boosted with an electrostatic method, which they called HEPASilent™. However, this filtration doesn’t produce any traceable amount of ozone, and the purifier is also CARB certified.

5.Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

The purifier has a dedicated button for activating PlasmaWave. To activate the feature, press the button only once.

You need to know that PlasmaWave often produces a traceable amount of ozone. Use this feature intermittently as the ozone can cause lung irritation. If you have breathing difficulties, avoid it completely.


An electrostatic air purifier uses an electrical charge to remove particles from the air. The most common type is known as an electrostatic precipitator. It has a series of plates that the air passes through.

The plates serve as the filter.

The first set of plates in the electronic air cleaner are negatively charged. The negative charge is passed onto the particles that move through the air cleaner.

A second set of plates are positively charged. So the negative airborne particles are attracted to the positive plates.

This air purifier has no filter like you see in a HEPA air purifier.


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