Best Large Room Hepa Air Purifier

Best Large Room Hepa Air Purifier – First of all, a personal insight: It’s quite a pleasure to review big air purifiers for large rooms. The reason is simple. When it comes to large room air purifiers, every air purifier brand brings its A-game.

Big air purifiers usually have the best filtration system (often H13 HEPA filters), highest CADR ratings, and higher maximal airflows. Many of these large air purifiers are the best brand models overall.


1.IQAir GC MultiGas

IQAir is a true giant in the air purifier industry, the only to claim as the World’s Best HEPA Air purifier, with the foundation to be 50 years ago. This brand is only dedicated to bringing out the luxury high-range air purifiers. IQAir GC MultiGas is currently the most powerful air purifier for large room.

So why did Breathe Quality award IQAir GC MultiGas the gold medal?

It has the highest-quality air filtration system and a powerful fan to keep your room clean fast and effectively. The IQAir GC MultiGas is the champion of big room air purifiers, with a coverage area of up to 1125 square feet.

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2.Blueair Classic 605

Blueair has also been a well-known name in the air purifier industry for over two decades. After years of expertise, it’s safe to say Blueair is a reliable source for air purifiers, particularly when it comes to huge air purifier machines for large rooms.

As the runners-up of best large room air purifiers list, Blueair Classic 605 can cover an extra large room of 775 square feet.

However, do not be fooled by the reduced room coverage; the Blueair Classic 605 is one of the most powerful air purifiers on the market today, with an unmatched fan power.

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3.Austin Air Healthmate

With the title of “The only Clinically Proven, Medical Grade Air Purifier”, Austin Air is always the first choice when it comes to choosing the best large room air purifier. If you could afford a high-range budget machine, Austin Air is the brand that is most frequently mentioned.

Their Austin Air HealthMate Plus is notable for large room coverage of 1500 square feet.

We can easily measure the fan power of this Austin Air flagship with a 5X ACH and 400 cfm CADR. This fan power is still extremely powerful for an air purifier, being double the CADR of the best low-range air purifiers like Coway AP-1512HH or Winix HR900.

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4.Coway Airmega 400S

As the current flagship of Coway, we have high expectations for the AIRMEGA 400S. Indeed, this air purifier maintains an excellent level of performance and functionality.

AIRMEGA 400S is a big room air purifier that can cover an area of up to 1560 square feet. Although the CADR is not stated in the documentation for this AIRMEGA, after doing several extensive testing, Breathe Quality recorded an underrated CADR of 340 Dust/ 350 Smoke/ 400 Pollen. This CADR specs is not sufficient for a large room coverage of 1560 sq ft.

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5.Alen 75i Air Purifier

Alen is the first and the best air purifier brand that delivers a Forever Warranty – a policy to guarantee the rights of their customers, as well as show the absolute confidence in their products.

After many years of manufacturing the HEPA-type devices, finally we have a True HEPA flagship from Alen – the Alen BreatheSmart 75i.

With a coverage of 1300 square feet, Alen BreatheSmart 75i is the best air purifier for large rooms from this company.

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6.Sharp FPA80UW

Sharp FP-A80UW is the last one in Breathe Quality’s best large room air purifiers list, and this air purifier comes from one of the most well-known electronics incorporation in the world – Sharp. With high fan power, Sharp FP-A80UW can cover up to 455 square feet.

This air purifier also comes with a great CADR rating of 303 Dust/ 293 Smoke/ 360 Pollen (cfm) and an ACH rating of 5X.

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7.Medify MA-112

With an unmatched fan power, together with a H13 True HEPA filter, the Medify MA-112 officially wins a slot in our list of the best large room air purifiers. This is the flagship of Medify Air, packing with the internal power that you could expect from a flagship, with much lower price than things like the IQAir GC MultiGas or Blueair Classic 605.

Medify MA-112 is suggested for a room size of 1200 to 2400 square feet by the manufacturer, and with the AHAM’s CADR rating of 400 Dust/ 450 Smoke/ 450 Pollen (cfm), this is one of the best air purifiers for fan power we’ve ever tested.

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Best Large Room Hepa Air Purifier – Large rooms can accumulate large amounts of air pollutants. You could put 2 or more small air purifiers in a big room, and remove dust, pollen, smoke, and other air pollutants.

Better still, however, is to do the most obvious thing:

Get a big air purifier for a big room. A 500+ sq ft room does need an air purifier with a 500+ sq ft recommended coverage area (preferably with AHAM Verifide seal).

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