Best Non Filter Air Purifier

Best Non Filter Air Purifier – As the name implied, a filterless air cleaner will purify the air without relying on any filter. Depends on the technology, a filter-free air purifier can cover a wide range of indoor pollutants like a normal HEPA filter would.


1.OION Technologies B-1000

The OION Technologies Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier is built for smaller rooms, with a smaller build and capacity than other purifiers. It comes with a night light that you can shut off if you prefer and offers quiet operation that won’t interfere with your sleep. The low energy consumption will also be easy on your bank balance.

In our analysis of 203 expert reviews, the OION Technologies Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier placed 1st when we looked at the top 10 products in the category.

2.Airocide APS-300

The Airocide’s big, pricey Airocide APS-300 is still the highest quality for personal air purifier, as the Airocide APS-1000 is somehow for public spaces. Finally, we get a refined version of Airocide APS-200 for larger room coverage, and I hope the Airocide APS-300 Review will help you consider buying this machine or not.

Do you like having an air purifier developed by NASA? If your answer is yes, prepare to spend for a high-range device, as Airocide is the only brand you can look for. Since 2007, the company has manufactured the air purifier with PCO technology – an air filtration system that can actual “destroy” the ultra-fine particles.

3.LEVOIT Air Purifier

The Levoit Core 400S has five fan speeds, including a very quiet “sleep” speed and a rather loud “turbo” speed; a timer function that lets you set the air purifier to run for up to 12 hours more; and a “check filter” light to tell you when to clean or replace your filter. You can also turn the display light off or even “lock” the display so that the purifier is controlled only via the smartphone app or Alexa.

The most useful feature, though, may be the air quality sensor, which Levoit calls Airsight Plus and uses some kind of laser to measure the number of particles in the air. It then tells you what it’s found using the PM2.5 counter (explained above) and LED ring on the touch screen.


If you thought Airfree was ready for a flagship breather after the Airfree P1000 and Airfree Tulip 1000, you’d be wrong. The Airfree P2000 is here as a small improvement for the popular P1000. Let’s find out in our Airfree P2000 Review.

The Airfree P2000 is superseded by the Airfree Onix 3000 (P3000) and Airfree Iris 3000, which are capable of much larger rooms. You can also choose the Airfree Lotus, sharing the same performance as P3000, for a change of design.

5.Clarifion re

Due to this, many medical problems considered as harmful diseases such as asthma, lung infection, cardiac arrest and different allergies are arising which are bad for mental and physical health.

Some of the stated diseases makes living hard throughout their life and can also lead to death. Many psychologists say that people living in high air polluted areas have deceased focus and a slow thinking process than people who live in the fresh air. So we need a best air purifying system at home.

By the way, there are many air purifier systems available in the market, but what looks more popular nowadays is Clarifion.


It can also be looked upon as a sub-standard unit that falls behind a HEPA air cleaner. There are some that even argue on the usefulness as there is no filter involved. To search for a particular model according to your needs, we have conducted endless hours of testing, comparison, and reviews.


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