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Best Odor Eliminator Air Purifier – To avoid unwanted exposure to these harmful pollutants, you must find the right air purifier for your needs. This problem can usually be controlled or reduced by choosing a powerful fan and a large, activated carbon filter.

Air purifiers with larger charcoal filters will minimize the number of toxins and smells originating from cooking, leaving behind fresher, cleaner and safer air. Specialist VOC purifiers utilize activated carbon to absorb and neutralize gases and odors before they become a problem.

Using data analysis from consumer reports that rank purifiers by their best features and user feedback, we have compiled a list of 8 air purifiers based on their effectiveness, features and varying price points. Using this information, we then used Fakespot to remove any units with fraudulent reviews so you can choose the best air purifier for your space and budget.


1.Blueair Blue Pure 211+

The Blueair Blue Pure 211+ is ideal for homes that have a specific need for getting rid of cooking odors. It works at its best in rooms as big as 540sq. ft, which is perfect for most kitchens, and will allow you to cook to your heart’s content without worrying about any of the lingering odors that often accompany different types of cooking. It is small, which means that it will not get in the way of other kitchen appliances.

One of the best features of this air purifier is that you will not have to worry about having to purchase new filters often, as with other models, because its filters can be cleaned and reused as needed. This makes for another reason why it will work well in your kitchen because you will not have to keep moving it around to get it cleaned. If you happen to need to carry it around, it will not be a burden given that it only weighs 22lb.

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2.HATHASPACE Air Purifier

The Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier is easy to use and has several different features perfect for the kitchen. For instance, it is capable of clearing the air of smaller particles and pollutants present in most cooking odors. It also comes with a sleep mode and an auto mode that will allow you to pay less attention to the air purifier and more to living your life, not minding if the air purifier is doing its job as it should.

In a 700sq. ft space this air purifier can replace 100% of the air in the room in around 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the odors present, keeping the room free from any pollutants and smells. This purifier has a thin design that makes it easy to place anywhere in your kitchen.

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3.Rabbit Air

Although expensive, the rabbit air minus is worth every penny, and you would derive maximum satisfaction from this. It has a 6-stage filtration system, with an automatic mode that regulates the air extradition rate according to the level of impurities in the atmosphere, and at nights it is super quiet except at the highest setting (indicator lights are pretty bright also for light sleepers).

The device is highly sensitive, reacting to changes as little as spraying perfume or opening a closet. It has a remote that indicates when the air is clean or dirty, and the pre-filter only needs to be cleaned once a month, while the ion function helps in faster cleaning of dust particles dropping them to the ground to be vacuumed easily.

Charcoal carbon activated filter is present to deal with the odor alongside a HEPA filter and a special bioGS HEPA filter that doesn’t just capture and hole allergens like an ordinary filter but decomposes them after capturing to prolong filter life.

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4.Alen T500 Air Purifier

The Alen BreatheSmart T500 has an excellent reputation as a kitchen air purifier. It has a compact design that will allow you to place the air purifier in most areas of the kitchen without being in the way. This model can be purchased in 2 color options to help complement the decor of your kitchen, and even though it has a sleek design it is built to provide you with the high end performance of larger air purifiers.

It uses an ozone-free ionizer that makes it safe for the world while keeping the air in your kitchen clear. It is designed with a handle to make it easy to grab and move around the room as required, for better space management. In addition, this model comes with an indicator light that turns on when it is time to change the filter, which means you will never again have to worry about checking it yourself every now and then to ensure your room air is clean enough.

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5.Bissell air400

Bissell is one of the top manufacturers for various types of house cleaning devices and the air400 Professional Air Purifier is one of their high-quality air purifiers. It is classified as an ozone-free purifier, which means that it will not release any toxins in the environment. It has three different timers that can be set to help ensure that the filter is running when and for how long you want it to, which can be extremely useful in several situations.

This air purifier uses a honeycomb-structured filter that uses activated carbon and porous carbon pellets to make it more effective, especially when getting rid of unwanted cooking odors. It comes with a digital DC motor that is brushless and is designed to be powerful and long-lasting. Lastly, it is designed to be quiet despite the fan speed level.

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6.Germ Guardian True HEPA

The GermGuardian AC4825 was created by Guardian Technologies who have made it their mission to create a better home environment for anyone using their products. This air purifier is designed to help purify the air in your kitchen to help reduce many airborne germs that can be produced when cooking. Unlike most other air purifiers, this one is designed to be able to remove up to 99.97% of different types of particles and allergens that are as small as 0.3 microns, which is perfect for eliminating odor-causing cooking particles.

One thing about this purifier that should be noted is that it does not use washable filters, which means that you will have to keep an eye on the filter from time to time and make sure that you have extras to replace the filter when required.

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7.LEVOIT Air Purifier

It’s an excellent inexpensive option that eschews technology like UV and ionization more commonly found in this price range. Instead it features a three-stage filtration system that includes a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. And three fan settings let you control the speed and volume of the purifier.

While this air purifier was designed for use in the bedroom (its fan is ultra quiet and it features an optional soft blue night light with two brightness settings), it’s quite portable and can be moved from room to room if needed. Aesthetically, it wouldn’t be out of place on your nightstand with its white or black case and sleek design. Though its capacity is on the smaller side and it doesn’t have as many features as other air purifiers on this list, it’s hard to beat the price.

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Best Odor Eliminator Air Purifier – If you just need an air purifier for non-cooking issues, then be sure to also look at our list of the best air purifiers for VOC’s as these will be better suited to your needs. We also did the research to identify the best air purifier for the kitchen which is also worth checking out if you are concerned about cooking smells.

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