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Best Small Air Purifier – A lot of the conversations surrounding air pollution revolves around the outdoors, but given that the average person spends 93 percent of their lives indoors, the quality of the air inside is just as, if not more so, important.

In fact, the air inside can be five-times more polluted than the air outside thanks to the lack of circulation in a lot of indoor spaces. If left unchecked, a lot of the pollutants hiding in the air can have damaging effects on our health, from agitating those who suffer from allergies or asthma to provoking respiratory infections.


1.KOIOS Air Purifier

I’ve had this air purifier for over a year now; I originally purchased it to help with my seasonal allergy symptoms flaring up, but have found it to be effective no matter what season it is. This is a compact, yet effective, HEPA air purifier that is also easy to use. Featuring 360° deep purification, this air purifier has three different modes, including a quiet setting that won’t disturb your sleep if you’d like to keep it running.

I keep mine in my bedroom (which is where I also work during the day) on my nightstand; it’s so quiet, I can leave it on throughout the day while I’m on Zoom calls or composing emails without any distracting sounds. The filter only has to be replaced every six months and aren’t terribly expensive, so maintenance isn’t a draining hassle.

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2.Pure Enrichment PureZone

This air purifier is compact enough to take with you on the go, or keep on a small or cramped desk without eating up precious space. But don’t let its small size fool you — it doesn’t sacrifice efficiency for size. Featuring a two-stage air purification process, this purifier promises to eliminate up to 99.7 percent of contaminants, whether that be pollen, dust or foul odors.

It’s also quiet enough to efficiently clean the air without drawing attention to itself, whether you happen to be using it on public transport, a study session or you just generally prefer to see, not hear, your air purifiers. The filter should be replaced every six months and is very inexpensive.

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3.Holmes True HEPA Air Purifier

You’d be forgiven if you gave this a quick glance and mistook it for a clock or radio, but this air purifier’s slim design makes it suited perfectly for desks and other workspaces, whether you need it to sit horizontally or vertically to accommodate laptops or other belongings.

Mold, smoke, bacteria, pet dander and other contaminants are no match for the powerful HEPA filter and ionizer duo, working in tandem to keep the air from being dirty and stale.

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4.Molekule Air

This mini air purifier by Molekule may be significantly more expensive than the others mentioned on our list, but that’s because it’s more powerful. By using a process known as Photochemical Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) nanotechnology to destroy contaminants in the air. In short, instead of trapping things like dust, mold and viruses, this air purifier actually destroys them.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be Bill Nye the Science Guy to use this; in fact, this air purifier’s settings are extremely customizable. Though there are five pre-set speeds available, and you can automate settings to be even quieter or more powerful to match to your unique preferences.

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5.LEVOIT Air Purifiers

We recently featured this best-selling option on our list of the Best Air Purifiers for Smoke and Smog, but it’s just as adept at combatting everyday contaminants, such as allergens or viruses. For those looking for more power without a higher price tag, this is a perfect option.

With a powerful three-stage filtration process and several filter options available, this air purifier promises to always meet your needs and give you the peace of mind that your air is contaminant free, freeing you from excessive sneezing and debilitating congestion. The sleek design allows you to keep this pretty much anywhere without being a nuisance, perfect for a desk or side table.

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6.GermGuardian Pluggable

If you have a small living space or need an air purifier for your travels, the GermGuardian Pluggable Air Purifier and Sanitizer is the most convenient and portable option.

It easily plugs into a standard wall outlet and immediately begins eliminating germs and mold with UV-C light. It also doubles as a deodorizer and small room refresher for odor from pets, diapers and more.

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7.AeraMax 100 Air Purifier

As previously said, this is the highest performing air purifier you can acquire for your bedroom on a budget of less than $100. All of AeraMax’s air purifiers are certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, proving to be the ideal treatment for any type of allergy or asthma problem. Additionally, AeraMax 100 is capable of capturing airborne influenza viruses.

One advantage of having this air purifier in your bedroom is that it features an accurate Smart Sensor that detects air quality and automatically changes the fan speed to maintain cleaned air. Moreover, you will benefit from the Aera Mode, which is a unique AeraMax 100 mode designed specifically for allergy and cold/flu season.

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Best Small Air Purifier – The best portable air purifiers help to remove dangerous particles from the air that could affect your breathing and health.

It works by using a fan that sucks in the air, where it passes through a filter that traps the pollutants before the air is expelled back into the room. The filter allows clean air to circulate freely throughout the room, as opposed to stale air.

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