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Best Tower Air Purifier – Air purifiers can help remove particles like dust, dander, and pollen from the air in your home, which can be especially helpful if you have pets or houseplants or if you live in an older home.

With so many different-sized models and types available, it’s useful to know how effective they really are, what they sound like, and what features they have. For example, there are some air purifiers that are also humidifiers, some are portable, and others are made with pet owners in mind. You should also consider the size of the room or rooms you will use it in and the type of filter used.


1.Germ Guardian

One user from Napa, California, bought this after a forest fire and writes, “This air purifier has made breathing noticeably easier in our home, and the air smells much cleaner, especially with the ultraviolet light turned on.” Many customers chalk up how well and quickly this purifier works to the True HEPA filter.

“I bought this model specifically because it uses ‘True HEPA’ filtration, which filters out the smaller smoke particles that can get into your bloodstream,” one writes. Another reviewer warns, “The replacement True HEPA filters are a bit pricey at around MEDIUM last I checked, but they last about six months, give or take.”

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2.TOPPIN HEPA Air Purifiers

One, who bought it in anticipation of a guest with bad cat allergies writes, “I put the air purifier in his bedroom and he had no allergy problems at all while he was here. Just for kicks, I put it in my own bedroom after my guest left … my own allergies disappeared!” Another reviewer who struggles with dust and pollen allergies says this purifier “has been an amazing addition to my home …

I can already feel a difference in my breathing and the air quality. I no longer wake up with a stuffy nose nor do I sneeze as much throughout the day.” And a reviewer who claims to be “allergic to everything basically” says it has “taken my allergy attacks down by 80% which is amazing! I went from taking allergy meds every day to maybe once every two weeks.”

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3.Dyson Pure Hot +

If you are in the market for a humidifier, fan, and an air purifier, look no further than the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool PH01. The price tag may seem high, but keep in mind that you are getting three products for the cost of one in addition to many other useful features.

This product features both a HEPA and an activated carbon filter that claims to capture 99.97 percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns. It humidifies and circulates air in areas as big as 400 square feet, and alerts you to the air quality in real-time through an app.

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4.MOOKA Air Purifier

This Mooka air purifier is a big hit among reviewers who love the sound of gentle white noise. One reviewer who suffers from tinnitus found the sound produced by this purifier to be an unexpected boon: “If you’ve got ringing in your ears that gets super annoying when it’s quiet, this thing will prevent the ringing from consuming you.

I plan on moving the unit into my bedroom tonight to see if it will help me sleep better.” Another reviewer was afraid that the “noise level .

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5.Hamilton Beach TrueAir

Several reviewers use the word “economical” to describe this air purifier from Hamilton Beach, including one who has six cats and struggled with both odors and dust. “I put this right next to my cat box and it has almost taken all the litter dust out of my utility room,” the reviewer writes.

And lots of reviewers specifically bought this air purifier because of the permanent filter, which means that they don’t have to order replacement filters and allows for even more cost savings. “It has a permanent filter that you just vacuum once a month,” a reviewer writes. “It’s amazing.”

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6.Pure Enrichment PureZone

Reviewers laud this air purifier for its sleek, portable design, including one who calls it a “lifesaver” for their wife who suffers from allergies. Since it features a USB charging port, they use it in their car and “noticed a big difference in air quality during our short drive.” They were so “wowed” that they purchased two more — one for themselves and another for their daughter.

Another reviewer appreciates the convenience of being able to “plug it into a portable charger, computer, your car — anywhere” and bought one “for every desk in our office when it reopened during the pandemic,” adding that it “makes little noise when on max power.” It’s so compact and quiet that over a dozen reviewers say they travel frequently with it.

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Best Tower Air Purifier – In order to see how air purifiers worked in real-life settings, we tested some of the most highly-rated air purifiers on the market in our own homes.

Our testers used these air purifiers for weeks at a time in different settings including bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, in homes with and without pets. We asked our testers to then rate each air purifier across categories including set-up, design, quietness, features, and effectiveness on a scale of one to five.

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