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Best Water Air Purifier – We all need fresh and clean indoor air. 90% of the people spend their time indoors, and the indoor air is much polluted than outdoor air. It would help if you had a quality water-based air purifier to filter dust, allergens, spores, and other things that compromise indoor air quality. The good thing about water air purifiers is you can also use them as humidifiers and fresheners, which makes them multi-purpose.

It will be easier for you to compare and pick the best water based air purifier from the top list. If you are uncertain which one to pick, we recommend the Sirena Twister Air Purifier that offers efficient allergy filtration.  It also gives an incredible aromatherapy experience and eliminates pet dander, dust, smoke, and lint from indoor air.


1.Ocean blue 2

DOES NOT MEET CALIFORNIA REQUIREMENTS, CAN NOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA Brand New Air Purifier Humidifier by New Comfort. This works as a air humidifier, air deodorizer, air purifier, air revitalizer, air sanitizer, aroma therapy and fragrance machine with its own motor. Simply fill the water bowl with water and add fragrances (sold separately) to improve the smell of the air. It runs quietly in the background and keeps your air smelling good fresh and clean.

Do you know how clean the air smells after a rain storm? It works similar to that by using a water bath to clean and purify the air removing odors and the humidifying feature works great for dry skin and allergies. Covers 350+ sq. ft. Runs up to 24 hours before refill. LED’s that light up in 7 different colors. Runs quiet, purifies and humidifies the air.

2.LEVOIT Air Purifier

Levoit is a trustworthy American brand for air purifiers in many years. They focus on developing a community with fitness lifestyle more than just selling their products. Look at how Levoit build a strong and inspiring community, it is clear why their air purifiers are so popular these days.

Levoit’s prior air purifier – the Levoit LV-H132 is clearly their ace to be the best air purifier under . Now, let’s take a look in the Levoit LV-H132 Review.


The EcoGecko Earth Globe Air Revitalizer, Air Freshener, Room Aromatizer, Aroma and Essential Oil Diffuser is a powerful workhorse for neutralizing unpleasant odors in your space. Simply fill the bowl with tap water, add a few drops of the included aroma oil and turn on the freshness. The unit has a fan system that sucks the air from the room into the water.

The air is pushed through the aroma oil scented water, particles are trapped in the water and pleasantly scented air is released back into your room. The shimmering blue LED light emitted into the water and the whirlpool of swirling water will turn any indoor space into a zen like atmosphere.

The gently swishing water creates soothing white noise for a peaceful and restful environment. The Light can be turned on/off with the flip of a switch and the speed of the water agitation can be adjusted by turning the dial on the top.

4.TRUSTECH Air Purifier

Air Purifiers are becoming a necessity nowadays. They are seen as the most effective tool to improve indoor air, and in turn, your and your family’s health. To cater to the rising demand, several portable air purifiers are available in the market.

Choosing one of them could prove a  daunting task as you need to take into account several factors, such as if it effectively cleans the air, fits your lifestyle and, of course, falls within your budget.

5.Aprilaire – 400Z 400

This Aprilaire furnace humidifier covers a large amount of area, up to 4200 square feet, and deliver 0.6 gallons of water per hour, one of the highest in the industry.

Once installed, it is extremely easy to use and care: an automatic digital control that equipped with an exterior sensor, it helps you modify the level of humidify, as well as avoid expensive repairs by displaying the problems.

However, to install it is not a easy process, manufacturers actually advise you to hire a technician to do that.


Air purifiers are essential devices that improve the quality of the air we breathe. There are various kinds of air purifiers, and we will majorly focus on water-based air purifiers. Water air purifiers address the same problem that other air purifiers solve, and they are cost-efficient. They reduce cooking odors, dust mites, pollen, mold, and other pollutants.

On top of that, having a water air purifier, or a water-based air revitalizer gives you many advantages because they are multi-function. They act as humidifiers, purifiers, and air fresheners. If you are looking for recommendations on the best water based air purifier, check out our top 8 reviews.


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