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Torrentz2 (formerly Torrentz) is one of the best search engines to browse and download torrent files over 80+ popular torrent sites on the ‘net. It became so popular that many torrent lovers often call it the “Google of torrents”.

For many torrent lovers, it is an essential website to download Movies, Games, and Software etc.  But with the strict internet piracy and regulations, many sites have to shut down including torrentz2.

URL Status
http://torrentz.com/ Online
https://torrentz2.eu/ Online
https://torrentz.unblocked.lol/ Online
https://torrentz2.cc/ Online
https://www.torrentsmirror.com/ Online
http://torrentzeu.to/ Online
https://torrentz.sitescrack.win/ Online
https://torrentz.unblocked.pub/ Online
https://torrentz2.is/ Online
https://torrentz.unblocked.pub/ Online
https://torrentz-proxy.com/ Online
https://downloadtorrent.top/ Online
http://torrentz.unlockproj.party/ Online
https://torrentz.bypassed.cab/ Online
https://torrentsmirror.com/ Online
https://torrentz.unblocked.team/ Online
http://torrentz2.me/ Online
https://torrentz.immunicity.plus/ Online
https://torrentz.proxybit.loan/ Online
http://torrentz.usunblock.pro/ Online
http://torrentz.ukunblock.men/ Online
http://etorrent.top/ Online
https://torrentz.bypassed.cab/ Online
TorrentZ Search Engine Proxy Online
Torrentz Unblocked Online
Torrentz Torrent Proxy Online
Torrentz2 Proxy Unblocked Online
http://proxtorrent.com/ Online
Torrentz Unofficial Proxy Online
Torrentz Mirror Site Online
Torrentz Proxy Site Online
Torrentz2 Search Engine Proxy Online
Torrentz2 Unblock Online
https://sitenable.co/torrentz2-proxy/ Online
https://sitenable.top/torrentz2-proxy/ Online
https://torrentz.io/ Online
https://torrentz2eu.org/ Online
https://torrentz2.eu/ Online
https://torrentz2.is/ Online
https://siteget.net/torrentz2-proxy/ Online
https://www.utorrentz.co/ Online
https://sitenable.ch/torrentz2-proxy/ Online
https://sitenable.info/torrentz2-proxy/ Online
https://torrentz.eu/ Online
https://freeproxy.io/torrentz2-proxy/ Online
https://sitenable.pw/torrentz2-proxy/ Online
https://www.utorrentz.in/ Online
https://utorrentz2.in/ Online
http://torrentz2eu.xyz/ Online
https://torrentz.nocensor.icu/ Online
http://torrentz2.cc/ Online
https://torrentz.123unblock.info/ Online
https://torrentz2eu.in/ Online
https://freeanimesonline.com/torrentz2-proxy/ Online
https://filesdownloader.com/torrentz2-proxy/ Online

There are plenty of torrent search engines which can help you find the Files or movies you like as per your need. They are very popular and after the takedown of the original website, torrent search engine there are few torrent engines which have become popular, but torrentz2 is the direct prodigy as it shares the same name as well as have similar interface. But also the fact that it uses the same database of the original one.

Hence, it is one of the best torrent search engine that is present since it can find files within other search engines as well. This makes it one of the powerful and useful search engine. We are likely to find any kind of file we are looking for. It can index most of the files and it is the best torrent search.

Info on Torrentz

After many torrent sites were launched all across the world, the introduction of a search engine to browse through all the available torrent files was needed. As with everything else on the internet, not all torrents trackers have content that is suited for you and going through all that data can take some time. That’s why Torrentz was launched, to help indexing all those torrent files available online. Often being referred to as the Google of torrent search, torrentz lists the best-suited results for your search. However, Torrentz is not that easy to access now. And even if they changed their name to Torrentz2, the need for a reliable Torrentz eu proxy to access the website is required.


This is one of the famous and most used proxy of torrent. There are a great deal of intermediaries that can be utilized to get to the toorentz2 web index. There are a great deal of storm web crawlers which can help you with finding the Files or films you like as indicated by your need.

They are incredibly noticeable and after the takedown of the principal webpage, storm web list there are very few downpour engines which have ended up being common, yet torrentz2.eu proxy is the quick marvel as it has a comparable name similarly as have equivalent interface.

However, furthermore the manner in which that it uses a comparative database of the first. From now on, it is unprecedented contrasted with other deluge web record that is accessible since it can find reports inside other web crawlers as well. This makes it one of the historic and important web crawler.

We are most likely going to find any kind of archive we are looking for. It can list most of the archives and it is the best downpour search. The strategy to use torrentz-eu proxy can’t avoid being torrentz2 middle person. There are a lot of mediators available that can be used to get to the torrentz2 web crawler like torrentz.com/, torrentz2.eu/, torrent.unblocked.lol/, torrentz2.cc/, www.torrentsmirror.com/, and so forth. One needs to use VPN organization like Nord, express, and so on. It might be helpful! in downloading the record you like.


It is another famous torrent proxy that is fast in performance and can get the work done quickly. This is one of the renowned and most utilized intermediary of downpour. There are a lot of mediators that can be used to get to the unblock torrentz2 web file. There are a lot of tempest web crawlers which can assist you with finding the Files or movies you like as demonstrated by your need. They are unimaginably observable and after the takedown of the key page, storm web list there are not many deluge motors which have wound up being normal, yet torrentz2 unblock is the speedy wonder as it has a practically identical name likewise as have proportional interface.

Anyway besides the way where that it utilizes a similar database of the first. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, it is exceptional appeared differently in relation to other storm web record that is open since it can discover reports inside other web crawlers too. This makes it one of the memorable and significant web crawler. We are no doubt going to locate any sort of file we are searching for.

It can list a large portion of the documents and it is the best deluge search. The methodology to utilize torrentz2 can’t abstain from being torrentz2 centre individual.


There are a great deal of storm web crawlers which can help you with finding the Files or films you like as exhibited by your need. They are unbelievably detectable and after the takedown of the key page, storm web list there are relatively few downpour engines which have ended up being typical, yet torrentz2 unblock is the quick marvel as it has a basically indistinguishable name in like manner as have corresponding interface.

In any case other than the way where that it uses a comparable database of the first. Beginning now and into the not so distant, it is excellent showed up diversely in connection to other tempest web record that is open since it can find reports inside other web crawlers as well.

Torrentz2 which allow any users to search for a torrent among 80+ torrent websites directly just by searching it on Torrentz.Because, whenever you search any torrent through Torrentz or Torrentz2, it is searched against 80+ popular torrent websites and if the files or Because, whenever you search any torrent through Torrentz or Torrentz2, it is searched against 80+ popular torrent websites and if the files or its related content is found in any of those websites, it appears in Torrentz/Torrentz2 search result.

These Torrentz2 proxy and mirror sites contain data, index, and content is taken directly from official Torrentz domains as these Torrentz proxy sites are maintained directly by Torrentz staff and volunteers who want to provide Torrentz access to even those countries where it is blocked. And, don’t worry about the latest update, these Torrentz2 mirrors are updated many times a day to keep it up with the latest Torrentz/Torrentz2 data and serve the latest content, information, and index to its users. Simply browse any of above Torrentz2 alternative sites and enjoy browsing Torrentz again.

Proxies don’t work? Here’s the solution

The first step to access any blocked site is through a proxy site. However, proxy sites don’t ensure privacy and data protection. Moreover, they can be easily detectable by modern firewalls. So, we need to look for something more efficient. i.e, The VPNs.

VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) will route all your internet traffic through a virtual IP address so that your network or ISP don’t know what website or app you are visiting. VPNs also encrypt your data while passing through the network. So, you are data is 100% safe.

How to Unblock Torrentz2 using VPN

  • Download and Install VPN software on your computer
  • Once the VPN is enabled, click on one of the torrentz2 proxy/Mirrors
  • It will take you to the Torrentz2 main page where you can browse your favorite torrents for free.

How To Download Torrent

If you have no idea about how to download torrent from Torrentz2 so don’t need to worry,we will guide you step by step about how to download torrent.

Step #1: Enter a Search Query

  • First of all open Torrentz2 in your browsers and begin search which you wan to download .you will see prominent search field at the top.you can check what’s a hot by click on ‘My Torrentz’ tab at the top of the page.

Torrentz Homepage

  • Type your desired keywords for downloading.In sample we type charlie Chaplin’s movies for downloading.

Torrentz Search Field

Step #2: Review the Search Results

  • In step 2 we will guide you how to search healthy torrents.After typing in ‘Search’ button.You will see a sheets of results.Just underneath the your query, you may clear out the results. There are three matters you may do.

Torrentz Search Results

  • you can filter out the torrents with the help of their age (from sooner or later to one month previous), include or exclude adult results, and select the favored satisfactory. if you pick out to take a look at verified torrents, you’ll see a smaller list – however, all of these are flawlessly safe for download;

Torrentz Search Results 2

  • Next, let’s test the hunt effects. searching from the left side, you could see the torrent’s name, how old it’s , how large it’s, as well as the number of seeders and leechers. To download the torrent fast, you want to ensure that the number of seeders is larger than the number of leechers. Torrentz is already assisting you with that with the help of listing the healthiest torrents first.
    Go beforehand and pick one of the torrents available at the listing of seek consequences.

Step #3: Reviewing Torrent Trackers

  • First, you will see a list of torrent trackers. those are torrent websites that you may use to download the torrent. Generally try to keep away from lesser-known websites and chose to 3 best alternatives. as an example, The Pirate Bay, 1337X, and Rarbg are constantly secure alternatives.
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Torrentz Available Trackers

Step #4: Download the Torrent

You’ve come to the very last section. check out how to finalize this method and how to download torrents on your computer.

  • At this point, you may be taken to a third-birthday torrent site. Since we chose on The Pirate Bay, we can see this site’ page that consists of the torrent of the Charlie Chaplin’s movie;

The Pirate Bay Torrent Details 1

  • At the same time as you’re here, it’s secure to take any other look.Don’t forget about to read numerous comments and see what different torrent customers are saying. If everything assessments out, click on ‘Get This Torrent’ and the torrent report might be downloaded;

The Pirate Bay Comments

  •  You need to apply your torrent client to finalize this method. After you download the torrent file on your pc, double-click on on it. It will automatically open a previously installed torrent client. After a few moments, the client will begin looking for seeders and it will start to download the files;

uTorrent Download Progress

  • when you’ve downloaded all the files, ensure to seed that torrent for a bit. This could assist other customers to download the report to their computer systems.

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