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Best Gaming Headsets under 100 – Welcome to the comprehensive Gabed guide to the best gaming headsets under 100 and best gaming headphones on the market: our definitive list has been put together to make sure you make the most informed choice when it comes to adding a headset to your Rig.

We’ve got a pile of fantastic options for you, whether you’re a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop type of person. We’ve also got some top-notch recommendations to cover the best gaming headsets for PS4, the best gaming headsets for Xbox One, and the best gaming headsets for the Nintendo Switch as well.


The latter two of these qualities hit you as soon as you unpack the headset, with a rigid and cool-to-the-touch aluminium frame wrapped with a plush, soft-touch headband securely carrying memory foam-clad ear cups. Everything is a finished in a delicious matte black coating, with the only notable detailing being HyperX’s logo printed in silver. It’s a fantastic overall look.

That premium headphone style is crucial, too, considering the big sell with the Cloud Mix – its Bluetooth functionality. This allows you to ditch the cabling and use the Mix as simply a very rich pair of regular headphones, which is ideal for portable gaming on the go, as well as listening to music and watching media, too. It is the best gaming headsets under 100

It features smooth, understated, oval black earcups with rubberized sides and prominent HyperX logos on the backs. The logos are light gray, and the Y-shaped metal arms that connect the cups to the headband are black. Short, fabric-wrapped wires run from the earcups to mounts on the headband, which is well padded and covered in black faux leather.best gaming headsets 1

The Cloud Mix is designed to connect to mobile devices over Bluetooth on the go, but it’s intended as a wired headset for gaming. For that purpose, the headset includes two 3.5mm cables. One is a five-foot male-male cable that terminates in a single four-pole connector, with an inline remote with a volume wheel and a microphone mute switch. The other is a five-foot female-male extender cable that terminates in two three-prong plugs, providing a full 10 feet of wire for connecting to your computer.

I played a few rounds of Apex Legends on the PlayStation 4 with the Cloud Mix. The headset performed well, with each gun sounding distinct and punchy, and both character dialogue and voice chat coming through clearly. As a 3.5mm stereo headset, the Cloud Mix has no built-in simulated surround, but the stereo panning as I turned provided a strong sense of the directions from which different sounds came.


  • Modern, understated design
  • Premium build materials
  • Versatile Bluetooth functionality


  • Uses pinhole microphone instead of boom in Bluetooth mode.
  • No USB sound card included.

2. PDP LVL50 Wireless

The wireless LVL50 looks and feels almost identical to the wired LVL50. It has the same rounded, friendly design with few harsh edges or angles. The headset’s outer shell has matte gray plastic on the earcups and arms that attach the earcups to the black plastic headband. The most color you’ll find is the fabric on the inside of the earpads and the short cables connecting each earcup to the headband, in blue for the PS4 version or green for the Xbox One version (I tested the PS4 model). The fit is adjustable by smoothly sliding the arms up and down the headband, though there are no click-stops to set your preferred fit once you find it.

The headset connects to your PS4 (or Xbox One) or PC with the included USB dongle, a small, rectangular black device that looks like a flash drive. It comes paired with the headset out of the box, and has a Connect button on the side if you need to pair it again for any reason. An amber LED on the top lights up when the headset is connected.best gaming headsets 2

Combat in games sounds clear and fairly powerful on the wireless LVL50, though you won’t hear the full low-frequency power or high-frequency fidelity you get in more expensive headsets like the HyperX Cloud Mix or the Audeze Mobius. Gunfire in Apex Legends sounds punchy, with each type of weapon distinct from the others. Sound effects like footsteps in grass can be easily heard. Bass is fairly underwhelming in True Audio mode, but switching to Bass Boost gives the blams and booms a generous low-end punch.


  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Two audio modes offer satisfying bass and balance for gaming and music.


  • Slightly fuzzy microphone.
  • No wired connection option.


The best wireless gaming headset on the market today, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is an awesome piece of kit, delivering a best-in-class audio experience for PS4 and PC gamers.

The headset not only features a dual-wireless audio system that allows for both 2.4G and Bluetooth connections simultaneously (meaning you can listen to music or chat while gaming), it also comes packing Hi-Res capable speaker drivers and lossless audio too.

A very impressive 40-feet range, well-built wireless transmitter, lightweight aluminium construction, and swappable dual-battery power system complete a superb all-round package.best gaming headsets 3

The Arctis Pro Wireless headset is nearly identical to the wired Arctis Pro + GameDAC, but equipped with a battery and Bluetooth controls, and lacking colored lighting. It’s understated and black, with slightly rubberized plastic earcups. Soft, breathable fabric-covered earpads easily fit over most ears, and a black anodized metal headband holds each earcup on a nearly quarter-circle arm that lets them fold flat and pivot slightly vertically.

The Arctis Pro Wireless is designed for use with a PC or PlayStation 4, using the transmitter either connected through USB for a PC, or through both USB and optical audio for a PS4. The PS4 Slim doesn’t have an optical audio output, but the optical audio output from your TV will work just as well. If your TV doesn’t have an optical audio output, this headset isn’t suitable for console gaming.

The Arctis Pro Wireless handles music quite capably, with a sculpted sound that offers plenty of bass, typical for gaming headsets. At maximum and borderline unsafe volume levels, it reproduced the throbbing subwoofer-like bass drum in Run The Jewels’ “Legend Has It” with appreciable force and no distortion.

Like the Arctis Pro + GameDAC, the Arctis Pro Wireless uses DTS Headphone:X for simulated surround sound. We’ve yet to hear a headset that can produce real surround sound, but the Pro Wireless’ 40mm stereo drivers can at least generate a bigger-sounding audio field with processing and mixing.


  • Hi-Res Certified audio
  • 40ft wireless range
  • Excellent wireless transmitter


  • Expensive.
  • Doesn’t feel quite as premium as similarly priced headsets.


What’s more, the LS35X also automatically configures itself as well, making it a true plug-and-play product – you can just concentrate on the gaming. Throw in dual mics with mic monitoring, a delightfully lightweight build, and top surround sound capabilities, and it’s easy to see how the LS35X gaming headset is one of the absolute best on the market today. A must-see for any Xbox One gamer looking to upgrade.best gaming headsets 4

5. Logitech G635 7.1 Lightsync Gaming Headset

Logitech can usually be relied upon to produce solid pieces of kit, and so it is with the wired G635 headset – 7.1 surround sound audio, Lightsync technology for illuminating your gameplay space, plenty of features and buttons on board the headset itself, and compatibility with PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The headset is really comfy and snug to wear, and produces crystal-clear audio, which is of course the main selling point: you can hear the faintest sound of enemy footsteps, and the headset doubles up as a fine way to listen to music too. The supplied Logitech software lets you customise the lighting if you’re connecting it to Windows, and it’s a breeze to use.best gaming headsets 5

6. ASTRO 50 GEN 4

The Astro A50 Gen 3 was an excellent gaming headset and the Gen 4 improves on it: it has a more compact base station (the headphones themselves are wireless), the design is now more subtle and refined, and the same great sound is available through these cans, whether you’re playing on PC, PlayStation or Xbox One (you do need to pick either Xbox One or PlayStation when you’re buying, however).

The Astro A50 feels comfortable on the head, and brings rich and vibrant audio to your ears at any volume – bass, trebles and mids all come through clearly. The earpads are actually removable, so you can swap them out for a different pair if you’re looking for a different feel.best gaming headsets 6

7. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero should be one of the very first gaming headsets PC gamers consider when shopping for an upgrade. The reason for this is not just the hardware package the headset delivers, which partners an future-industrial, understated and mature aesthetic with high-end build quality and top-rate audio  reproduction, but the fact that it then allows audiophile-level customisation through the Turtle Beach Control Studio Windows application.

The Turtle Beach Control Studio aesthetically looks a bit old-fashioned with sliders, buttons and toggles left, right and centre, along with tabs, settings and more. However, the control it grants over the Elite Atlas Aero is truly first rate, with everything from treble, bass and dialogue levels, through mic variables, noise and volume, and onto high-level features like Superhuman Hearing and 3D Audio tweakable.best gaming headsets 7

In terms of the cups themselves, the Elite Atlas Aero delivers serious punch, and a chunky depth mean that they feel dense and well made both in the hand and on the head. Adjustments for size come from cups sliding up and down the frame arms, while there is a padded, floating headband that sits underneath the metal frame top that makes wearing the headphones comfortable for sizeable gaming sessions.

There are plenty of quality PC gaming headsets on the market today (the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless above delivers an incredible package that technically delivers even more in terms of audio features, though that costs twice this set), however, for the price, which is firmly mid-range, we feel these deliver everything a PC gamer could want in one package and at a very approachable price point.

8. Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset

The G Pro X gets a significant style and build quality upgrade over the previous, largely plastic G Pro Gaming Headset. The curved, matte black plastic earcups now feature bright, chrome-finished circular aluminum plates on the back bearing the Logitech G logo. The earpads are generous, soft memory foam wrapped in black faux leather, matching the foam-and-leatherette padding on the headband.

The left earcup holds the G Pro X’s two physical connections. A 3.5mm port for the two included headset cables faces straight down, while a second 3.5mm port for the boom mic points diagonally down and forward. One is a fabric-wrapped, two-meter (6.5 feet) cable intended for the PC, with an inline remote featuring a mic mute switch, a volume wheel, and a shirt clip. The other is a rubber-wrapped, 1.5-meter (4.9 feet) mobile cable with an inline microphone with a mute switch. Both cables terminate in a four-pole 3.5mm connection on both ends. Unfortunately, neither cable has any mobile playback controls if you want to use the headset as headphones with your phone.best gaming headsets 8

Forza Horizon 4 sounds very good on the G Pro X through the USB sound card. The sub-bass isn’t particularly powerful and the rumble of engines won’t rattle your head even if you crank up the bass with the EQ, but the above-subwoofer lows and low-mids get enough presence to sound very full without the ultra-low frequencies. The highs and high-mids sound sculpted and crisp even with a flat EQ setting, which lets each vehicle’s engine sound distinct, from the high-pitched whines of sports cars to the aggressive roars of trucks.

9. Logitech G433 Gaming Headset

If you’re looking for one of the best wired gaming headsets but want to save a bit of money, then go with the Logitech G433. These gaming headphones might not come with a dedicated app that offers many features, but they come with multiple accessories, making them a bit more versatile. You get extra pads, a carrying pouch, and a few extra cables in the box. One of the cables even has a typical in-line remote that’s mobile-friendly, meaning you can use your headphones easily with your phone. They also sound accurate and well-balanced, on top of being comfortable for long gaming sessions.

Compared with previous Logitech G-series gaming headsets, the G433 looks downright understated. It’s available in black, blue, red, or camouflage blue versions, and even the camo one is less eye-catching and explicitly gaming-themed than the Prodigy G231. The earcups have a cloth-like exterior to match the grille cloth in front of each 40mm driver.best gaming headsets 9 scaled

Tekken 7 on PC sounds fairly powerful on the G433. The character dialogue and fighting effects are crisp and clear, but the bass-heavy electronic soundtrack comes through a bit timidly. While most of the music’s mix is well-balanced, the ultra low frequency, dubstep-like thumps lack the oppressive force you get on the Astro Gaming A10 at top volumes.

How to choose the best gaming headset

Equally, if you are looking for a dedicated, heavy duty headset for streaming and super-long gaming sessions, you’ll need a set with excellent battery life, a good boom mic, and an over-ear comfortable fit. The best gaming headset 2020 is going to be different for everyone.

1. Wired vs. Wireless

Headsets can be either wired or wireless, with wireless models generally costing more. More important is that each gaming headset supports different system, handheld, and computer connections.

Bluetooth has made great strides in the last few years, but proprietary wireless connections generally offer better audio quality and a stronger signal. Proprietary wireless connections are typically designed for only one console, or one console and a PC; you’ll have to choose between Xbox One and PS4 for most wireless gaming headsets.

If you game on the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, newer Xbox One models, or most handheld gaming devices, you can just plug a single 3.5mm headphone jack into the controller or system and start playing.

2. Surround Sound

Most high-end gaming headsets claim to offer some form of surround sound, but this isn’t accurate. The vast majority of surround sound headsets still use stereo drivers (often a single 40mm driver for each ear) to produce sound. The surround aspect comes from Dolby and DTS processing technologies that tweak how the headsets mix sound between your ears to give an impression of 360-degree audio. It’s an artificial effect that wouldn’t provide a true surround sound image even if the headset had individual drivers for each channel; there simply isn’t enough space for the sound to resonate to produce the impression of accurate directional audio. However, it can make things more immersive and improve your ability to track the direction sounds from left to right.

3. Microphones and Speakers

If you already have a favorite pair of headphones that either has a cheap inline microphone or no mic at all. It’s a boom mic that attaches easily to your favorite pair of headphones, and can be removed when not in use thanks to a two-piece magnetic mount. You won’t get any of the gaming-specific features of dedicated gaming headsets with the ModMic (and wireless is right out), but it lets you use your beloved old cans for voice chat. Just make sure you have the right connection or adapter to use it with your preferred game platform.

4. Platform

The very first thing is to be considered the platform. Headsets come with different platforms. Is it for XBOX, PC, Mac and other devices. Such headsets are also available which support various platforms. They have both a USB and a 3.5 mm jack which supports almost all the instruments.

5. Sound Quality

This is one of the important while choosing a headset. Driver size matters a lot for these. 40 mm driver or higher is selected from for that. Excellent sound quality will help you to listen correctly. It helps you to distinguish between cheap headsets. It should also provide with good “bass” which will make you feel amazing while playing games.

With some excellent sound quality though, it should also support noise cancellation. This is a feature that will help to cancel the surrounding sound with the help of your Microphone. This helps you to concentrate on your games. Good music will change your mood to be happy, and you will enjoy the real gameplay.

6. The durability

Always choose an excellent durable headset for a long run. Their pins, wires, speakers, microphone and also the built quality should be premium. It should be durable enough to handle small falls or accidents. Not selecting the correct one will cause loose in connection or permanently it will be damaged.

7. Costs

In the electronic section the value of good gaming headsets a bit high. It depends on your choice. Buying the cheap one will provide you with the inferior quality of product whereas the expensive ones would be of premium quality. Selection should be made as per your budget between the cheap and expensive ones. Quality and looks of headsets also increase the cost.

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