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Best Knives For Self Defense – Some everyday carry gear includes pens, wallets and a watch. Keys and eyeglasses are also common daily carry items. EDC knives are tools you carry with your daily carry items.

Often, edc gear is compact and lightweight. It can also be multi-functional and durable. These characteristics make the items easily fit inside a pocket or small backpack.

Have a set budget when looking for the best edc pocket knife. Edc fixed blade knives can vary from cheap to expensive. It’s always good to decide how much you can spend comfortably in advance.


1. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S Check Price
2. Poshland FN-9005 Check Price
3. Gerber Torch II Tanto Knife Check Price
4. Kershaw Dividend Folding Pocket Knife Check Price
5. Kershaw Bareknuckle Pocket Knife Check Price

5 Best Knives For Self Defense: Round UP

Before choosing an edc self-defense knife you should understand that everyone has unique preferences. It’s impossible to find one knife that cuts across everyone’s needs (pun intended). Again, various blades come with different capabilities and appeal.

1. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S

The only time you might have heard of the name “Smith & Wesson” would be in the movies. In fact, the famous fictional character John Wick has used Smith & Wesson handguns for – let’s say – effective crowd control. However, Smith & Wesson are not just a renown American manufacturer of firearms and ammunition, but a producer of excellent tools and merchandises as well. Which means, right of the bat, you know that you’re getting a high-quality product.Best Knives For Self Defense 1

It features a 3.1-inch high-carbon stainless steel blade that provides you with sharpness and durability. The knife features a liner locking mechanism, allowing you to secure the blade when it is open. Upon closing the knife, you have a belt clip to hold it firmly within the handle. This prevents the knife from springing open when you least expect it and give your fingers an unwelcome surprise. The aluminum handle allows you to grip the knife firmly but fits snuggly in your hands. The blade itself features jimping on both edges. The term “jimping” refers to small notches on a blade. These notches provide you with a small area to press down on without causing harm to your fingers.

What makes the SWA24S stand out from other pocket knives is the fact that it features a comfortable and straightforward design. With a manufacturer like Smith & Wesson, you might expect them to go overboard with the designs of their products. However, the company’s primary focus for the SWA24S was comfort. Without any sharp edges and pointy additions, the knife fits in your pockets without damaging them. Additionally, the thumb knob allows you to easily use the blade one-handed. You know, for those times you just want to look awesome.

  • 7.1-inch body with a 3-inch blade
  • Consists of 7Cr17MoV black oxide high carbon steel
  • Pocket Clip, finger flipper, jimping

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  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Sharp
  • Simple Design
  • Convenient

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  • No Spring Assist

2. Poshland FN-9005

FN-9005, Custom Handmade Damascus Steel 6.5 Inches Folding Knife – Beautiful Stage Handle with Brass Bolster Over All Length = 06.05 Inches, Blade Length = 03.00 Inches Handle Length = 03.50 inches This By 1095/15N20 (176 true Layers) Hand forged to Beautiful Pattern.Best Knives For Self Defense 2 Damascus steel of this knife has high quality contents to give an excellent edge and sharp cutting abilities. Hardness of the blade of this knife is HRC 58-60 in the lab & been hand sharpened to a Sharp Edge. Handmade Durable Leather Sheaths Included. BUYING You must be sure and certify that you are 18+ of age and you are able to legally purchase and own an item and will use it responsibly.

  • Handmade Damascus Tanto style Folding Knife
  • Beautiful Stage Handle with Brass Bolster
  • Beautiful & Durable Handmade Folding knife
  • Beautiful Fire Storm Pattern on Blade
  • Sharp Edge Blade

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3. Gerber Torch II Tanto Knife

The Gerber Torch II is a Rick Hinderer design, like the Torch I but a little larger. The Torch II features black G-10 inserts on a tactical finished frame lock handle. The matte black tanto blade has dual thumb studs for one-handed opening and a finger flip that doubles as a finger guard. The tip-down pocket clip makes this knife easy carry.Best Knives For Self Defense 3

  • Gerber Torch II black serrated edge knife with Tanto blade
  • Dual thumbstud provides one-handed opening
  • The finger flip doubles as finger guard
  • Designed with stainless steel handle with machined G-10 inlay
  • Overall length of 8.1-inches with blade length of 3.5-inches and closed length of 4.6-inches; lightweight at just 5.9-ounces

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4. Kershaw Dividend Folding Pocket Knife

Extra strong, modified 420HC steel has a higher carbon and chromium production, is easy to sharpen and is durable when in constant use. The 420HC steel composition has excellent corrosion resistance and is a tremendous everyday steel. Heat treated will good edge retention, 420HC steel has a high chromium and carbon content that provides superior abrasion resistance and edge holding capabilities.Best Knives For Self Defense 4

Depending on the knife’s design, Kershaw’s non-reflective stonewashed finish may be either pronounced or subtle, but in both cases, it transforms the blade by creating a fade-resistant, scuffed look that hides smudges and fingerprints. A stonewashed finish, achieved by tumbling a blade with ceramic stones, enhances a blade’s rugged appearance as well as its indestructibility during field use.

Using a torsion bar to move the blade out of the handle, Kershaw’s revolutionary SpeedSafe Assisted Opening system enables smooth, secure, fast one-handed blade deployment. Apply manual pressure to the flipper or thumb stud with a light push or pull back to overcome resistance of the torsion bar, and the blade opens smoothly and locks into place for confident handling without premature closure.

With two steel plates, or liners, on the inside of each handle scale, the liner locking system safely secures the blade open and prevents unwanted blade closure. The lockbar butts up against the blade’s backend to prevent closure, and angles or is bent towards the blade tang creating a bias locked position. Apply manual force to move the lockbar to the side and fold the blade back into the handle.

Knives with SpeedSafe open have two options for one-handed blade deployment. To activate the smooth, instant open, user can push a thumbstud or press a flipper. The flipper on SpeedSafe assisted knives is easy to operate by both left- and right-handed users. And, once blade swings open and locks into place, flipper either disappears for aesthetics or remains visible for added finger protection.

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  • Premium quality 420HC stainless steel, elegant, drop-point blade with a stonewashed finish offers outstanding edge holding capability, strength, hardness and corrosion resistance; roughened, scuffed look hides scratches, dirt and fingerprints
  • Anodized aluminum handle in matte grey curves gently to fit the hand comfortably
  • 4-position pocketclip for all users, tip-up or tip-down carry
  • Ideal, essential EDC—slicing, survival tool, cutting boxes, self-defense, tactical use, food preparation or the perfect gift
  • High quality, general all-purpose knife great for EDC or use when camping, fishing, hunting, working, utility or outdoor activities

5. Kershaw Bareknuckle Pocket Knife

If you need a high-quality knife that can be deployed safely and easily, then you should consider the Kershaw Blur Black Pocket Knife. It is equipped with high-performance steel formulated with a high amount of nitrogen for hardness and corrosion resistance.

If you need one of the highest-performing knives in the world, then you should not overlook the Kershaw Blur Black Pocket Knife. Some of the qualities that distinguish this knife are its edge stability, ease of use, and edge sharpness.Best Knives For Self Defense 5

You will also be pleased to learn that the blade comes in a Diamond-like Carbon Coating (DLC). This coating offers fantastic wear resistance, extra hardness, low friction, excellent corrosion resistant, among others. The advantage of a DLC coating is that its properties are a replica of that of a natural diamond. Therefore, DLC coating enhances the beauty and makes the blade to shine.

The secure locking system is another important feature that makes this knife unmatchable. It comes with a lighter and slimmer blade locking system for safe locking. The Inset Liner Lock makes use of high-quality, strong steel located within the handle scale of the knife. An essential use of the Inset Liner Lock is that it prevents accident closure of blades. Apart from that, it enables you to deploy the blade safely, conveniently, and quickly.

We are also pleased with the knife handle. The handle is made from aluminum, and it is anodized for excellent protection and hardness. So, the handle is safe to handle, durable, resistant to wear and scratch, and sturdy.

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The dimension of this pocket knife is 6 x 1 x 1inches, while its weight is around 4.2 ounces. The Kershaw Blur Pocket knife can be easily deployed either with your left hand or right hand.

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  • Fast Deployment
  • Safe to Use
  • Durable
  • Excellent Handle
  • Reliable

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  • The faces of the studs need to be smoothened.

Buyer’s Guide

There are different types and brands of pocket knives on the market, so buying a new pocket knife may not be as straightforward as it seems. It goes beyond seeing a pocket knife that catches your fancy and paying for it. You have to consider some important features before you make your final decision. You might not consider a lot of factors if you are buying a knife for decorative purposes alone. But, if you need a knife for more essential purposes, then you should take certain factors into consideration.

Bear in mind that your knife will be with you for a long time; hence, it is imperative to create time and evaluate different factors before making your purchase. Some of the vital elements you need to consider are as follows:

1. Design

If you are looking to buy a high-performing knife, you should not overlook the design. They come in different designs ranging from traditional to high tech design, as well as simple to fairly complex ones. Furthermore, the design also has to do with the inclusion of some notable features like special locking mechanism, and the blade width.

In all, the design of a pocket knife determines their appearance, so your choice based on these features will hinge on your preference.

2. Fixed or Folding

You must decide the type of knife you intend to buy, whether fixed or foldable. Your choice depends on the purpose of buying the pocket knife. A fixed blade is an ideal choice when you are buying a pocket knife in preparation for an emergency. For instance, patrolmen and women would prefer a knife that is ready for use at any instant. They will be able to swing into action immediately in case of an emergency.

On the other hand, folding blades have numerous benefits over the fixed ones. Apart from that, most people prefer it. One of the most significant advantages of a foldable pocket knife is the ability to conceal it in your pocket and bag without any fear of injury.

Furthermore, folding blades are compact, taking up less space and are less intimidating when compared to the fixed type. They also offer protection and can be used for self-defense. Bear in mind that there may be regulations in your community that forbid you from carrying a fixed blade knife around. You should go for a folding knife if you don’t have a special need for a fixed one.

3. Carry Option

The carry option is a vital feature that you should consider before getting a pocket knife of your choice. While some like to keep the knife in the pocket and forget about it until need calls for it, others want it to be easily accessible and ready for use every time. Therefore, it is vital to choose a convenient and easily accessible place to keep your pocket knife.

You might also consider getting a sheath, where you keep your knife. If you are going for a sheath, ensure that it is of high-quality and will not affect your ability to access the knife easily and quickly. Modern pocket knives come with clips that enable you to attach it tightly to your belt or your pocket.

4. Ergonomics

Ergonomics means designing a product such that it becomes advantageous to the buyer. The ergonomics has to do with some helpful features of the pocket knife. For instance, the design of its handle will affect your grip. Note that ergonomics differs from one individual to the other. For instance, a person with a small hand will go for a pocket knife that has a small diameter handle and light in weight, while a person with a bigger hand will prefer something entirely different.

5. Materials

The materials with which the blade and the handle are made are of utmost importance. Do not forget that the higher the quality of material, the higher the price of a product. This also applies to pocket knives. You are likely to pay less for a pocket knife with a plastic handle. When the materials of the handle are titanium or authentic hand-carved hardwood, you are going to pay more.

Frequently Asked Questions

One feature that all pocket knives have in common is the practicality. Apart from that, they are compact, light in weight, and easy to use.

What are the sharpest pocket knives?

Based on what we found out, the sharpest knives are Smith and Wesson Knife, and CRK Squid Folding Knife

What are the best everyday pocket knives?

According to our findings, the best everyday pocket knife is the Kershaw Blur Black Pocket knife. It comes with features that make it ideal for everyday use.

What is the best American made pocket knife?

Based on our reviews, the best American made pocket knife is the Mtech USA Spring Assist Folding Knife. It features a spring assist folding, black aluminum handle, and a black stainless steel blade.

What is the best pocket knife steel?

The best pocket knife is our most preferred product, which is the Smith and omen Wesson Opss Pocket Knife. It is a versatile product with a wide range of uses.

How much does a good pocket knife cost?

The price of a pocket knife depends on the quality of its materials, so it can vary from an amount less than $10 to several hundreds of dollars.

What are good Pocket Knife brands?

Some of the good pocket knife brands are Kershaw, Benchmade, Zero Tolerance, Spyderco, Kizer, Boker, SOG, Gerber, Buck, Reate, among others.

What is the best cheap pocket knife?

The best cheap pocket knife is the Smith and Wesson Extreme Pocket knife. It is also our first choice.

What are the different types of knives?

Today, there are several types of pocket knives on the market today. Replicas and collectibles aside, there are four models that are far more popular than any others:

  • Locking Knife
    The locking blade pocket knives typically come with one or two blades. Each blade automatically locking into place upon opening. To shut the blade once it opens requires the pressing of a button or a special release-tab. Locking blade pocket knives are among the safest knives to carry for day-to-day use.
  • Penknife
    The pen knife is another of the world’s most famous pocket knife models. Initially, this type of knife was a fixed knife with a thin little blade on both ends. Today, the penknife is more often a pocket knife with multiple blades than a fixed blade instrument. Pen knives are typically slim and lightweight which makes them easy to carry and conceal.
  • Multi-Tool Pocket Knife
    Multi-tools are by far one of the favorite pocket knives today. They are just as useful as the original swiss army knives (which inspired than many multi-tool pocket knives that now exist). Most multi-tools come with pliers, multiple blades, a mini saw blade, scissors, and more. They’re also great for work, for camping, and for keeping in your toolbox at work or home.
  • Jackknife Knife
    The most simple type of pocket knife in existence is unquestionably the jackknife. It’s compact, has one blade which folds out, and is held open only by the hinge tension. Meaning, it has no real locking mechanism.

What are the three blades on a pocket knife for?
Many popular of the best pocket knife models on the market today come with three blades. Each of these blades as a name, and a particular purpose:

  • Clip Point Blade: allows users to perform detail work such as carving and inscribing
  • Spey Blade: enables users to perform tasks such as skinning or slicing
  • Sheepsfoot Blade: allows making perfectly straight cuts (particularly on flat surfaces)

What size knife is legal to carry?
Depending on what state (or country) you live in the size of a knife that is legal to carry varies. Most states in the United States allow for knives with blades 2.5 inches or shorter to be carried in public. That said, Delaware allows 3-inch blades and Colorado allows blades up to 3.5 inches. Several other states allow 4 to 5 inches blades to be carried as well. We highly suggest that you research the law in your state (or country) before making a purchasing decision on the best pocket knife for you.

Should I carry a knife?
There are many reasons to carry a pocket knife (many of which we listed above). The least of these reasons is self-defense (albeit a knife can be a good defensive weapon with proper training). That said, nearly everyone can benefit from carrying a pocket knife as it is a genuinely versatile tool.

Wrap Up

In recent times, the usefulness of pocket knives have gone beyond cutting and slicing; they are now popular among climbers, rescuers, police, craftspeople, as well as delivery personnel. It is also used as a work tool by craftsmen, as a piece of safety equipment for climbers and motorists, while others might use it as a tool for self-defense.

They have a wide range of applications. Therefore, getting a pocket knife is not a waste of money. Apart from serving as a means of self-defense, it enables you to cut thick belts and ropes easily. There are lots of things you can do with a pocket knife.

At this point, we are certain that you can conveniently choose the best pocket knife. You can either select the right product based on our buying guide or pick one from our best pocket knives whichever you settle for will help you make a perfect selection.

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