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Best Office Chairs 2020. As with most products of the budget variety, temper your expectations. There is no sub-$100, $200 or even $500 office chair that does all things for all people, or performs equally to premium.

Ergonomic design, to some extent, is present in all seating, but not all chairs can be called ergonomic. By way of built-in automatic adjustments or manually turning knobs and pulling levers, great ergonomic chairs are the ones that conform to the human body, and the best do that to specific human bodies, no matter their weight, height or posture.

1. Knoll ReGeneration

The ReGeneration is the affordable update to the legendary Generation chair. It adjusts to your weight, posture and weird leaning tendencies on the fly. It’s also warrantied for a whopping 12 years.

Knoll is the master of the office chair, and the more accessible version of its lauded office seating boasts the most useful functionality, comfort, extra options and looks at the most reasonable price point.Best Office chairs 1

2. Alera Elusion

Being on a budget does not mean settling for design of a lower quality. it means identifying smart engineering at price points. The Alera Elusion, which is also our best option under $200, is just that. It’s mesh-backed and features loads of recline and tension adjustment options for just $190.Best Office chairs 2

3. Flash Furniture High Back Mesh Chair

This mesh-bodied, high-back chair from Flash Furniture is the best and most versatile chair we’ve found under $100. It has an adjustable headrest holds more weight than most dirt cheap options, has a tilt tension adjustment knob, offers firm lumbar support and isn’t absolutely atrocious to look at. If it’s missing anything. it’s adjustable armrests.Best Office chairs 3

4. Haworth Zody Chair

The famous Haworth Zody chair has acquired the certificate as well as recommendation from the American Physiotherapy centre.

The design of this chair features a unique asymmetrical support system. This support system enables you to reduce the pressure and cure the problem residing in your lower back and neck. Also there is a pelvic pad attached to it that helps in the perfect alignment of your spinal cords and prevents diseases like slip disc and others.Best Office chairs 4

5. Herman Miller Sayl

This is an affordable take on Herman Miller’s manually-adjusted office chair. The webbed, unframed back is supported by a suspension tower, which allows for a twisting and turning in the chair to remain both comfortable and well-supported.

The arms slide up and down, the recline tension is adjustable, the chair is certified to seat a person up to 350 pounds and it does all this for just south of $500. This is no ordinary budget seating.Best Office chairs 5

6. HAG Capisco Puls

It allows for seating in any way that’s comfortable to you — stool seating, cross-legged, side sitting, sitting backwards and so on. Essentially, it encourages non-static working and provides the means to act on that comfortably.

The Capisco Puls is the slimmer, newer and more affordable version of the chair. Looking at the greater standing desk chair market, you could settle for less, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice.Best Office chairs 6

7. Vertagear Triigger 275

The best gaming chair is not about immersing the sitter in the game or looking cool — it’s about support, customization and the ability to remain cool for hours.

Vertagear’s Triigger series of chairs is just this, and the 275 model is the best balance of price and useful features.

The Trigger 275 allows you to adjust armrest height, seat height, backrest height and lumbar support. And because it’s a mesh chair, you remain cooler for longer, and it doesn’t look juvenile.Best Office chairs 7

8. Ergonomic Leather Chair by GM Seating

The Ergohuman designed by Ergotech, includes a very unique style. The whole chair is made with luxurious leather having the qualities of ergonomics.

The adjustments that it provides are the TRPs of this product and these adjustments include the tilt adjustment, seat adjustment, and the adjustment of the height and the angle of the headrest. This chair is particularly good for the people suffering from neck pain.Best Office chairs 8

9. EuroTech Ergohuman

Truth be told, if you’re serious about you’re reclining, you better be serious about having a chair equipped with a headrest. Thinking about reclining sequentially, you press your back against the chair, lean back and your head loses the natural support of your neck and body. This causes you to tense your neck, which creates soreness and leads to further problems down the line.

That’s what chairs like Eurotech’s Ergohuman aim to solve, while limiting sacrifices to the chair’s comfort level.Best Office chairs 9

10. Herman Miller Cosm

The success of Herman Miller’s office seating line is unquestioned (just look at our list), but this might be the largest departure from that line since it began. Where our “Best Value” choice was of the old school of passive ergonomics, Cosm is of the new.

Apart from aesthetics and sizing options, the primary functional difference between the two is a single, completely unique innovation — the ability to use your weight to adjust tension to you without the need to slide your body forward or lift you up at all.Best Office chairs 10

11. Humanscale Freedom

American industrial design legend Niels Diffrient authored many products of great importance, but this was his magnum opus. The Freedom chair marks the beginning of the shift away from manually-adjustable office seating and to self-adjusting chairs.

Specifically, the Freedom chair handles all recline tension and tilt functionality itself, while still allowing you to slide the seat backward or forward and the armrest up and down.Best Office chairs 11

12. Balt Butterfly Executive Chair

The Balt Butterfly Executive Chair ranks 12th in our top fifteen list for the best ergonomic office chairs.

It has a mesh back that helps in the proper passage of hair, thereby making you remain cool throughout your work. Also the back is perfectly contoured that helps in keeping your body posture accurate. It also provides a natural lumbar support. The curved head support helps in keeping the head perfectly aligned along with the position of the body.Best Office chairs 12

13. Herman Miller Embody

This is not luxury in the plush leather, animal skin, bedazzled sense; it’s luxury in just how effective it is at what it does.

It has a unique human spine like design, attached at the back known as the exoskeleton. This exoskeleton moves along with the posture of the body, thereby helping to keep the body posture correct.

Herman Miller puts it this way: “so intelligent, it makes you think.” It prioritizes and glorifies movement above all else — movement lessens muscle tension and increases blood flow, thereby increasing the amount of time your brain operates at a high level, which in turn makes for better work.Best Office chairs 13

14. Viva Office Mesh Chair

The Viva Office Mesh chair is a unique blend of price, fashion and function.

The mesh design of this chair at the back helps in making the chair breathable thereby keeping you cool and comfortable during your work. There are pneumatic height adjustments and the armrests are also adjustable from the point of view of height.Best Office chairs 14

15. Steelcase Gesture

The Steelcase Gesture chair has won numerous awards from the top medical institutions owing to the best office chair functions it provides. It is because of this reason that it ranks as the second best ergonomic office chair in our list.

This office chair has been uniquely designed to adapt to the various positions of the body. It also accommodates all types of sizes and shapes, therefore can be also used as a comfy reading chair for affordable price.Best Office chairs 15

9 Key-features You should Consider

A badly designed chair can lead to a whole host of ailments such as poor posture, fatigue, back pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and leg pain. Here are the top features of the most comfortable office chairs.

1. Backrest

A backrest can either be separate or combined with the seat. If the backrest is separate from the seat, it must be adjustable. You should also be able to make the adjustments to both its angle and height. The height adjustment provides support for the lumbar portion of your lower back. Backrests should ideally be 12-19 inches in width and designed to support the curve of your spine, especially in the region of the lower spine. If the chair is manufactured with a combined backrest and seat, the backrest should be adjustable in both forward and backward angles.

2. Seat height

The height of a good office chair must be easily adjustable; it should have a pneumatic adjustment lever. A good office chair should have a height of 16-21 inches from the floor. Such height will not only allow you to keep your thighs parallel to the floor, but also keep your feet flat on floor. This height also allows your forearms to be level with the work surface.

3. Seat pan characteristics

The lower area of your spine has a natural curve. Extended periods in a seated position, especially with the right support, tends to flatten this inward curve and places unnatural strain on this sensitive area. Your weight needs to be evenly distributed on the seat pan. Look out for rounded edges. The seat should also extend an inch or more from both sides of your hips for best comfort. The seat pan should also adjust for forward or back-ward tilt to allow room for posture changes and reduce pressure on the back of your thighs.

4. Material

A good chair should be made of strong durable material. It should also be designed with sufficient padding on the seat and back, especially where the lower back makes contact with the chair. Materials that breathe and dissipate moisture and heat are the best.

5. Armrest benefits

Armrests help reduce pressure on your lower back. Even better if they have adjustable width & height to help support several tasks such as reading and writing. This will help ease shoulder and neck tension and prevent carpal-tunnel syndrome. The armrest should be well contoured, broad, properly cushioned and of course, comfortable.

6. Stability

Get an office chair on wheels’ that swivel to avoid too much twisting and stretching of your own spine. A 5-point base won’t tip over when reclining. Look for hard casters that will allow stable movement even when the office chair is reclined or locked into different positions.

7. Tilt with Adjustable Tilt Tension

Manufacturers may sometimes list tilt and tilt tension adjustment as two separate functions. We feel that these office chair controls are closely related and the fact that you almost can’t have one without the other, to be a reason to treat them as one feature. Most types of task, computer, and executive chairs feature tilt with adjustable tilt tension. Tilt is what enables the user to rock or recline backward to a set limit defined by the chairs mechanism or control plate.

8. Tilt Lock:

This function sounds easy but you would be surprised at how many people have difficulty with this, and it’s not always their fault. One of the problems with tilt lock is that not all manufacturers use the same lever or put the lever in the same area to control this function leading to various ways a chairs tilt lock adjustment could be modified. Consulting your chairs owners manual is always the best practice to help familiarize your self with your chair’s specific controls.

9. Synchro Tilt

A lot of computer and task chairs offer this feature. Basically, this office chair control allows the backrest to recline twice as fast as the seat cushion or at a 2-to-1 ratio, this allows the user to recline while keeping their seat relatively level to the floor instead of the traditional “rocking chair” type recline.

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