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Best Shoes for Disc Golf

Best Shoes for Disc Golf – Footwear is probably not the first thing most players think about when picking up disc golf. Immediate attention always goes to discs, bags, or even practice baskets. But a shoe is the sole point connecting a player to the ground, providing leverage and the basis for a good shot.

If you have ever hit the disc golf course with your running or regular shoes, you would agree that those footwear turn out to be too uncomfortable to wear beyond an hour on the field.

You will need all the added stability you can gather and getting the best disc golf shoes plays an important role in that. Having established that, let’s get into the nitty-gritties of disc golf footwear for today!


Here are the popular disc golf shoes in the market right now.

Best Disc Golf Shoes for Men

Disc golf is well known for eating up shoes. Running shoes may be comfortable to play in, but the constant planting, rotation, toe dragging, and concrete tee pads can quickly destroy these types of shoes. After a couple rounds, you’ll blow out the sides, find the fabric coming undone around the toes, or wear down the tread.

Merrels never last me more than 3 months before they break down on the inside of the shoe. Outside holds up fine, but holes through the footbed all the way down to the rubber are unacceptable.

Comfort is the ultimate factor, but you also need to consider your early morning rounds with dew-covered grass, how the shoe supports your foot during the miles of walking, and the all-important grip strength on any surface. You need a shoe that will blend comfort and functionality to keep you going no matter what the weather or the course conditions throw at you.

1. Adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Swift R2 GTX

This shoe hits the perfect middle ground between those outdoorsy hiking boots and the sport shoes, which makes it my go-to choice in terms of disc golf shoes.


The outsole made from Traxion rubbers offers amazing traction and grip on different surfaces, including the wet surfaces. To add to that, it is lined with a waterproof membrane that makes it completely water-resistant. So, come rain or shine, you game wouldn’t stop with these shoes on.

The midsole being made of EVA (a kind of compressed foam) is not just lightweight, but also offers adequate cushioning. Add to that the presence of the brand’s special ADIPRENE insert, and the shoes also win in terms of shock absorption.

the actual weight of the product, this one weighs about one pound thirteen ounces, which keeps it among the lighter ones among the adidas disc golf shoes.

This weight might not be great for long distance hikes, but given all the varied types of grounds that you will cover during your disc golf games, this lightweight is actually a really good thing for you.

The only issue I have is with the long break-in period of the product. I had to wear it for quite a long time to get it adjusted to my feet. But trust me, there’s no looking back once it does!

2. Adidas outdoor Men’s Terrex AX2R

Though the target market of the manufacturer was the hikers, it can be good use to the disc golfers as well. It weighs only 14 oz. If you are a disc golfer who is used to playing on rough terrains, then this right here can be the ideal shoe for you.


The stable and rugged construction of the product is perfect for spending long hours on the field, regardless of the weather condition.

the midsole of this one is lightweight as well and comes with EVA cushioning. The ADIPRENE support below the heels protects the foot and acts as a shock absorber. The Traxion rubber outsole gives amazing traction and grip on different surfaces, including the wet surfaces.

Before you buy this shoe, consider your playing habits and style closely. If you think that you need a rugged and durable, yet breathable and lightweight shoe, then this one comes as a highly recommended pick.

3. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

The traction of salomon disc golf shoes is really something I can write home about. It is practically unstoppable on snow, mud, and even in wet conditions.


The shoe has a decent ground feedback, and the price is justified based on the durability and performance that it offers.

There is an anti-debris mesh around it that wards off most of the dirt and debris.

The rounded toe box gives improved comfort and toe splay. There is an Endo fit inner sleeve that wraps my foot in comfort, while the Sensifit overlays offer more precision and better support for a great fit.

e shoe might look burly to you, but is highly nimble and lightweight. The actual weight of the shoes is just a little over ten ounces. Just keep in mind that they run a size small, and buy accordingly.

Best Shoes for Disc Golf for Women

1. WT410v5 Cushioning Trail Running Shoe

This is one of the best trail running shoe brands for all you wonderful women out there. New Balance is a shoe that all of you must have in your collection of disc golf shoes. It has got all those features that you would want in a disc golf shoe.


The outer sole provides for an amazing grip and it will always keep the strides of your shoes firm and stable, no matter which surface you are using the shoe on.

New Balance Women’s WT410v5 is quite breathable and it also as a well-meshed upper which will allow for good air circulation. Having this shoe means that you can be rest assured that your feet will be dry and comfortable throughout the time you are on the course.

They are light in weight and provide extra comfort as the width allows for perfect fit. It comes with an amazing toe box which will prevent your toes from getting squeezed or sleeping over each other due to lack of space. This means there will enough space for the toes inside the shoes providing comfort even for long hours.

2. Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

The Merrell Moab 2 Hiking shoe is one of the best supportive and well-built shoes that you will find in this range for women. The leather fabric is extremely durable and it comes with a vibram sole.


Now, if you are wondering which sole is better vibram or rubber, let me tell you that in this case vibram sole will serve the purpose better. This is because they will offer stability as well as control and grip over uneven surfaces.

For all the women who are looking for a hiking shoe or disc golf shoe, Merrell will be the right choice for you as it will improve your reflexes and keep your feet dry and away from moisture. It will prevent building up of heat inside the shoes and no matter how extreme the temperature is outside, your feet will always remain dry.

In case you have arthritic feet, it will offer proper ventilation and provide support to your feet.

I have told you enough about its resilience and efficient build up, but one of the most important considerations of buying shoe is the breathability factor, especially in the case of disc golf shoes. When your feet are dry and odor-free while playing, it will improve your overall performance. Not to mention, it will also help in correcting your posture for a better and longer throw.

3. Dakota Drifter Waterproof Shoe

Columbia Sportswear initially started as Columbia Hat Company in the year 1938. Since then the company has done an excellent job in providing sports products, especially hiking shoes.


It combines several elements which makes the Dakota Drifter Waterproof shoe. The upper is made from rubber, mesh, and soft suede. The shoes are made as their signature waterproof and breathable construction and it will keep the feet dry and comfortable.

The best thing that I like about these shoes is that they are extremely comfortable even on those treacherous days when you are out on the trail. You can roam around freely with the shoe’s waterproof combination suede, rubber, leather and mesh construction. The mesh tongue is durable and adds to the breathability factor.

The company has kept in mind the adjusting factors as well so you do not have to worry about the lace loosening up. It features a lace-up closure for a more secure and adjustable fit.

The midsole support of the shoe is something people who own the shoes cannot stop bragging about.

It is the company’s signature midsole support which provides superior cushioning and high energy return for comfort on even the most uneven surfaces or any terrain. It comes with Omni-Grip outsole which is equipped with multiple tread patterns. These are specialized to handle different environments so the wearer can get traction even on steep trails, fresh snow, and slippery rocks.

Buyer’s Guide

Disc golf shoes are quite different from golf shoes, even though both the games are closely related as they use the same tools. What differs is the ground that you play the games in.

While golf is played on a mowed and well-kept course, disc golf is played on a completely opposite ground. The game is often played in a rugged environment with different levels of terrain which will slope at a moment’s notice.

We have all been there playing a sport where our footwear might not be the right size and material and the entire experience was uncomfortable and painful. This is why it is important to choose the right pair of shoes for disc golfing.

  • Waterproof. Whether it’s dew during early-morning rounds, rain, snow, or puddles, protecting your feet from moisture is a huge step toward a comfortable day at the course.
  • Good traction. Make sure to try out a shoe on multiple surfaces before buying so that you know you can trust its grip both on the tee and off of it.
  • Lightweight. Long days of disc golf mean lots of walking, so save your legs a little effort. Lighter shoes can also help your footwork by keeping you a little more agile.
  • Durability. Though no disc golf shoe will last forever, make sure to look for a brand and model with a reputation for holding up well to the demands of outdoor sports. Shoes not made for outdoor use don’t last long and can fail at important moments.

Breathability vs. Waterproof

I am starting with one of the toughest points, but this is so that you have an idea of where to start from.

How do you want your shoes to be? Do you want them to be breathable or water resistant? This majorly depends on where you stay. If you live in the deserts of Phoenix, it will be easy to make the decision.

However, if you live in a place where the climate is not clearly defined, it will be a lot tougher on you to make the right choice. This is because shoes that are waterproof are less breathable.

Waterproof shoes can let water in and don’t let your feet breathe well in the heat. If you are someone who plays in the early morning then you would want a waterproof shoe because of the dew.

On the other hand, companies have made a few improvements in shoes in the last few years so you can benefit from both the realms. Water resistance is great, especial for rain/muddy/slippery conditions.

Wearing waterproof shoes when the conditions are not wet is the perfect way to cook your feet.

Weight of the Shoes

Weight will always be an important factor in the world of shoes, whether anybody agrees to it or not. The weight of the shoe can either make your game or break it.

Unlike the first factor, this one still has little tradeoffs here and there. If you go for a lighter shoe, it will allow you to be more explosive with your shots and you will be able to use your momentum in a big way.

For smaller players, this might be an important factor as it will make all the difference in the way they play games. But, at the same time you will have to give up on the durability of the shoe if you are opting for a lighter one.

This is the reason some people choose heavier shoes. Shoes that are heavy in weight allow more protection and keeping you away from rolling an ankle or sustaining from other types of foot injuries.

People who are playing disc golf for the first time usually go for heavier shoes to avoid getting their foot injured. A lot of ultra-lightweight running shoes are just too flimsy.

Shoe Cushioning

One thing that you will have to look for in a shoe is adequate cushioning. A lot of people think that cushioning and comfort is the same thing, but it is just a small aspect.

Comfortable shoes are the ones that have a comfy bed on it and it has to have the right amount of cushioning to it. Without cushioning, the shoes will not feel right, no matter how great they look.

Arch Support

The second thing to look for under comfort is arch support. If you have a flat foot or high arch, you would still need this to feel comfortable.

Have you ever had a day at disc golf course when you came back home and your feet was hurting?

This could be because of lack of arch support causing pain in the bottom part of the foot. The shoe is reinforced for lateral movement with strong material so your foot won’t slide and dig into the laces.

Shoe grip

Another thing to look for in a shoe is their grip level. Now, the grip level can vary from buyer to buyer because it depends on the area in which you are wearing the shoes.

One of the best ways to look at the grip is to look at the tread which is on the bottom of the shoe. The same way that you find different looks in a regular golf shoe, disc golf shoes have different soles.

Some shoes will give a minimal type of look and feel where there would not be any noticeable treads. The shoe must be strong enough so that it doesn’t roll over the sole when you plant a foot in the ground moving laterally.

However, if you are playing in a place where wet and moist weather is prevalent, then you would want something more pronounced that will keep your position upright.

In general, treaded shoes will give you more grip on rough terrains including dirt, roots, mud, snow, and even in the middle of the woods. Less pronounced tread can be good but it comes with its own tradeoffs.

It is important to make sure that the tread on your shoe is capable of holding up wear and tear, especially if you are going to use them on a daily basis.

Types of shoe lace

Laces might not seem like a thing that people consider before buying disc golf shoes, but it can be a major concept that will help in bettering your sports experience. Shoe laces will keep your feet secure and locked in.

However, you will have to balance this with the need to feel comfortable. Some laces and set ups are just way too tight which will cause players a lot of problem.

Whether it cuts off circulation or restricts movement, it can turn a good day into a bad day quickly. Look for laces that have metal rings as it will add more durability to the shoes.

Material of the shoe

You will find that disc golf shoes are made from different kinds of materials and choosing which material to go for is one of the toughest decisions to make. It can be quite difficult to determine whether your shoes are made from high-quality material or not.

What is a high-quality material?

High-quality shoes are made from either leather or fake leather. Leather shoes are highly durable and they are also weather-resistant. The color will not fade away easily and it will hold-up for a long term.

If your budget is limited then you can for shoes that are made from rubber-like fabric as they will last you for comparatively a longer time. Also look for the quality of glue or stitching in the shoes as it can lead to the shoes falling apart after a relatively short time.

Taking Care of Your Disc Golf Shoes

Now that you’ve invested time and money into identifying the perfect disc golf shoes, you’re going to want to take care of them. Your shoes will stand up to the test of time if you put in the time and effort into caring for the fabric, soles, and insoles.

After all, if you take care of your shoes, your shoes will take care of your feet.

  • To avoid odor buildup, air out your shoes after each use. Remove the insoles and allow them to air dry. If you don’t have time to air dry, you can stuff your shoes with newspaper or paper towels to dry
  • Take some time to clean your shoes. Regular cleaning of the exterior fabric and the soles will result in longer lasting shoes. Never use a washing machine, as the spin cycle can cause damage to the shoe’s structure and the detergent can break down the glue used in the midsoles. Using an old toothbrush, gently wash off the mud by hand with some mild, anti-grease dish soap. Brush off any mud clinging to the treads to prevent them from wearing down more quickly.
  • Never dry your shoes in the clothes dryer. Even if they are soaked through with rain or constant creek crossings, the clothes dryer is the wrong way to expedite the drying process. The glue that holds together the inner parts of the midsoles can be compromised by the heat of the dryer, and the structure of the upper can weaken and crack from the heat. Placing shoes in direct sunlight or in front of a fan are great wasy to dry your wet shoes. If you really need to dry them quickly, use the low power setting on a hair dryer.
  • Store your shoes in a dry environment with circulating air. Don’t store your shoes in a gym bag or a box where air cannot circulate. In the winter, avoid storing your shoes in freezing temperature areas such as your car or a garage, as the cold can cause stiffening in the midsoles.
  • Take the time to unlace your shoes and gently slip them off your feet. When you kick them off, you can warp the heel and they will become misshapen over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that most of the queries and doubts have been answered by me, let me get to the questions that I have frequently been asked by you people, and my fellow disc golfers. So, here are the top three questions and their answers.

1. How much should you invest in new shoes for disc golf?

There is a wide range of different shoes available for different prices. The cheapest options, i.e. the ones that are below $30 are not really worth buying because these are usually made with unskilled labor and poor quality of materials.

The cheap shoes would not stand the test in harsh weather conditions. At the same time, you do not need to get a $200 pair of shoes unless you are an absolute pro at the game.

Granted that the expensive shoes come with amazing breathability and waterproofing, and feel great to wear, but there is no need to invest so much if you are a beginner.

If you are a newbie disc golf player, start with cheap shoes or your own running shoes at first. You need to determine your level of play, how often you play, and how hard you throw disc, and that will help you to choose the right shoes to fit your requirement.

The best bet would be to go for something in a medium price range, say around $70-$100. You will get many quality products at this range that will last you for long, and you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy the product.

The important thing here is to judge a shoe by its merit and not by only its price. There are absolutely average shoes that are super expensive, as well as inexpensive shoes of great quality.

2. What kind of shoes are best for disc golf?

There are certain factors that make a shoe perfect for disc golfers. The ideal shoes will keep your feet completely dry but not interfere with the breathability in the process. Having vibram outsoles is a plus if you play almost regularly.

If you play only once or twice a week, then you can rely on any kind of good quality running or hiking shoes. In fact, if the climate of your place is not too extreme, even a good pair of running shoes will suffice. However, good trail shoes are a must if you plan in mountainous courses.

Make sure that the shoes provide ankle support and the soles are made of high quality rubber with minimum treading pattern. It also needs to offer you enough movement and not restrict you in any possible way. So, whether you climb rocks, cross streams, climb over downed trees, get through muck, walk through briers and bushes, and so on, the footwear should stay intact and support your feet.

3. Do I Need Waterproof Shoes?

Waterproof shoes are great for any disc golfer, and especially for slippery, muddy, or rainy conditions. You will not be able to play at ease in these conditions if you do not have waterproof footwear to help you pull through.

However, the catch here is that some waterproof shoes tend to make your feet uncomfortable by not letting it breathe well in heat.

So, even though you must get waterproof shoes because you wouldn’t want to be sitting home just because of the rains outside, make sure that they are of good quality. Also, you can choose not to wear waterproof shoes when it is not raining and there are no rain forecasts in sight.

Wrap UP

Finally, don’t forget that you need to be comfortable in whatever shoe you buy. Just because a pro or experienced player says one brand is their favorite doesn’t mean it’s the type that will fit your body. If this is your first time looking for a shoe specifically for disc golf or outdoor sports generally, we highly recommend going to a physical store (when that’s possible again) to get a true feel for how different models fit.