Best Affordable Massage Chair

Best Affordable Massage Chair – A massage chair can change your life. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should spend all your money on one. With just enough research, you can find the best affordable massage chairs that will give you precisely what you need.

So, if you are on a tight budget but still want to get a decent massage chair, keep on reading. I’ve done the research for you, and I’ll narrow down your choices to the cheapest and worthiest massage chairs in today’s market.

Not all massage chairs are created equal! The brand and model your neighbor swears by might not give you the rest and relaxation you need, so researching all of your options is the only way to find the best fit.

But we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the top-rated massage chairs from the most reputable brands in the industry. Check out our list of the best massage chairs below, including special features, prices, warranty information and color options.

To help you gauge which one is your best investment we put together detailed reviews of each one on our Top 6 list. These should give you an idea of which ones are suited to your preferences. For a quick look, our comparison table below will steer you in the right direction of which one’s relevant to your scenario. Of course, we want you to make an informed decision in the end, which is the reason behind our comprehensive buyers guide, featured at the end of this article. We used advice and feedback from a variety of medical experts as well as patients to compile the reviews and the guide. Use their guidelines to make the best decision for your body. Then you can look forward to luxurious massages, whether it’s for health or relaxation. Your very own spa in your living room—that’s a brilliant idea! Here’s how you make it happen.


1.Zero Gravity Chair

Most people don’t have a separate therapy room. If you’re investing in a massage chair, chances are it will be placed in your living room. With this chair that’s no problem as its exterior looks stylish and modern. It’s bound to blend in with existing furniture and as it weighs much less than many other items on this list, it will be easier to move around during cleaning. The two wheels also help with this.

Setting up this one is very user friendly and within 15 minutes of receiving yours, you can have your first massage. Operating it is easy thanks to an included remote control. You don’t have to move any of your limbs to make adjustments—the ultimate luxury! There’s an HD screen that makes it easy to manage your massage. The only drawback is that you can’t really operate the foot rest and back rest independently of each other.

This is another model that caters for each and every part of your body: even your toes are given therapy and the back rest is high enough to cradle your neck & head.

Apart from the four different programs this chair also allows some massage customization. Perhaps you’re aware of a pain in a certain area of your body? Focus the massage features independently on those muscles and get the problem sorted.

Note that this chair automatically sets itself to the zero gravity position when you turn it on. Not everyone prefers this position, but it’s easy to change: you can make adjustments via the remote. What you will appreciate is the ergonomic design which cradles your arms in the perfect positions.

Despite it being lighter, this chair has quite a high weight capacity: it can handle over 400lb.

Pros & Cons

2.Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

I tried the Kahuna LM-6800, and its best feature is the hybrid track design because the S-track follows the anatomical spine curvature while the L-track offers a great glute and thigh massage.

With its space-saving design and pivoting chair, the Zero-G seating is another perk for this affordable price.

But in fact, the Kahuna 6800 boasts three Zero-G positions, which is on par with more expensive massage chairs.

Another feature thanks to which we got a great massage is the 3D body scanning technique thanks to which all our pressure points were reached.

Surprisingly, the Kahuna offers a manual adjustment of the massage rollers, which is great if the automatic machinery misses a sore spot.

For a cost-saving chair, the Kahuna boasts whole-body air massage with 36 airbags, along with various massage techniques, such as Kneading, Tapping, Kneading & Tapping, Rolling massage, and more advanced.

Plus, there’s a zoned massage option to massage a fixed spot, the exquisite Yoga stretch option, and calf and foot massage.

The back and calf therapy is another plus for the massage chair price range, though you can’t control the temperature.

Another downside is that you can’t change the massage timer, but that’s not a deal-breaker.

Pros & Cons

3.Osaki OS-4000

We tested this chair too, and it’s a definite contender to the Kahuna 6800.

There are a few similar characteristics, such as the body scan system, the air pressure massage, and the manual mode.

On the other hand, there are some differences: this chair only has an S-track, 2 zero-gravity positions (which is still a lot for a budget model), and just lumbar heat.

However, that’s not to say there’s anything specifically wrong with these features, just that the Kahuna offers more options.

We liked the PU covering for the seating though because that increases the overall durability of the chair.

There are 6 built-in programs, hips, and lumbar squeeze, 5 intensity levels, and seat vibration massage.

Conversely, the remote definitely has a learning curve, and the chair is not comfortable to use as a leisure massage recliner without the massage.

Pros & Cons

4.Ideal SL-Track

This affordable massage chair can be considered truly ideal, at least because it’s a budget model that offers a Shiatsu massage.

However, it’s a heavy item with default curb-side delivery, so you might want to consider paying extra for the white glove delivery.

Just like the Kahuna 6800, it sports 3 modes of zero-g seating and the advanced Shiatsu technique.

The other three techniques available are Kneading, Rolling and Vibrating, plus there’s lumbar therapy – so no foot and calf heat available.

The 3-year warranty and 10-day return policy are good, but there’s a 20% restocking fee.

With a decent massage quality offered by the air massage and vibrating chair, the 30-minute massage length is quite good too.

However, the arm massage seems too gentle.

On the other hand, you will have to assemble the chair yourself, even though that’s quite easy.

Another disadvantage is the lack of options, with no tapping, percussion, or stretching.

Besides, you can’t manually control your leg adjustment, there’s no feet massage, and the machine is a bit noisy.

Pros & Cons

5.Electric Full Body Chair

BestMassage is one of the most popular brands, and their Shiatsu recliner is a cheaper version of their products.

Still, people think they are getting the renowned BestMassage quality. Well, not really. This chair is a budget-friendly chair that comes from a popular brand. If you want to buy it, here is what you get:

Adjustability – Just like in all massage chairs, you can control the width and speed as well as the intensity of the massagers. However, you only have three control levels.

Diverse functions – Besides adjusting the massages, you can choose from different massage modes. There are 9 preset auto massage programs that are good, but not for an extended period of time.

Body scan – The chair scans your body to figure out where to massage, which is quite convenient.

Pros & Cons

6.Titan Pro- Alpha

The new arm design of the Titan Pro Alpha is a definite advantage: you just have to slide your arms into the sleeves, and you get a decent massage due to built-in airbags.

Even if it has 28 airbags, fewer than the Kahuna-6800, this is still more than other budget models offer.

The L-track design is great for a comprehensive, neck to back to buttocks massage, though the Kahuna’s 6800 hybrid track is better.

Although the Titan Pro Alpha has a space-saving design, it only comes with four built-in massage techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Kneading & Tapping plus Shiatsu.

There are 2 zero gravity positions, fewer than the Kahuna 6800 offers, but still pretty decent.

The dual-action foot rollers offer a great massage, and this chair comes with two advantages: Bluetooth speaker connection and memory function. Besides, it’s pretty quiet when compared to the Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair.

Other good features are the adjustable shoulders, plus the back pad pillow to adjust the massage intensity that’s otherwise quite difficult to change for deep-tissue L-track massage chairs.

This chair also boasts a computer body scan system and 6 built-in massage programs: Express, Wholesome, Classic, Oriental, Swedish, and Chiro.

With manual massage mode and side panel control, this chair is easy to operate. However, the remote has a learning curve.

Pros & Cons

What Massage Chair is Best for Me?

How To Pick The Best Massage Chairs For Seniors – Forbes Health

The answer to which budget cheap massage chair is the best depends on various factors, but the two most important are purpose and budget.

Check our reviews above to see which models can fit your budget, then consider your purpose.

If you want a massage chair for therapeutic purposes and post-surgery healing, make sure it has at least one zero-gravity seating option.

Full-body Shiatsu recliners provide the best for sore muscles, while those with a full-body stretch are great for relaxation.

If you want a great chair to unwind after a hard day at work, you don’t need a lot of massage options, techniques, or functions – even the basic chairs in this review can provide a decent massage.

If you’re very particular about your needs, consider a chair with a memory function or with very customizable options.

This is also a great choice if there are more people in your household that will use the massage chair.

Where to Buy / Good Massage Chair Price & Stores

One option would be to visit the official website where these chairs are retailed, especially considering you can choose between various delivery and shipping options.

You can also select a warranty or can use gift cards for your power recliner.

Otherwise, you can try trustworthy websites like Amazon, which has a fast delivery system, good shipping rates and you can pay with your credit card.

Amazon is also a good choice in terms of returning options.

I reviewed a lot of chairs in this article, but we couldn’t help ourselves: I wanted you to have the complete picture so you can compare, contrast, and make the best choice.

Remember, most of the cheaper chairs are not made in the United States (USA) or Japan. Most chairs are made in China!


But, here’s the bottom line: the Kahuna LM 6800 is a premium robotic massage chair, with top features that recommend it for therapeutic purposes, including the SL-track design, 3 zero-G seating, comprehensive air massage, plus lumbar and feet heat therapy.

The other chairs are reliable too, though they have more important disadvantages.

In terms of the under $1000 category, all the chairs there are Ok at best and offer basic massage functions.

The iJoy Active 2.0 is the best in this category, with the only disadvantage that it can only fit petite users.

Otherwise, it’s more accurate and offers better massages than the other two chairs, even if it doesn’t have the zero-G option.

And when it comes to a comparison between the Kahuna 7300 and the Infinity 8500, the latter is a better alternative because of multiple therapeutic functions.

But that’s just our point of view. Let me know what’s in your opinion is one of the top-rated cheap massage chairs out there and why?

Are you still cautious as whether to make this investment? There’s no reason to hold back. This is a smart decision whether you’re facing health concerns or not. When you start using this on a regular basis, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

The heat features in a massage chair can improve metabolism and blood flow. The latter can help your muscles recover faster after suffering strain.
When you put aside time each day to relax, you give your body time to recuperate from stress. Also, the various massage techniques are usually designed to relieve stress and tension.

Best Massage Chairs 2021: Home Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Reviews - Rolling Stone
If you experience pain in certain areas, a massage chair can counter this. The massage techniques can relieve pressure in these areas, help muscles relax or counter inflammation in joints with regular kneading. Even general stiffness in joints can be treated at home.
Above we reviewed budget buys in the massage chair industry (you can also check out our reviews of the best massage chairs under $500 if you’d prefer an even more affordable option). Your greatest benefit from looking at these items is the money saving factor. You won’t spend all your savings on the spa any longer. For under $1000 you can have daily massages at home that benefit your health without breaking the bank.

Features to consider when choosing a massage chair
Now you just have to find the best one for you from our list of examples. Although they’re all great, you may want a chair to treat something specific. This buyers guide will help you gauge what you really need. Then you can make the best choice in terms of cost and application. Here’s what’s important and what will give your chair value for money.

Massage points and programs

Massages depend on how your chair is rigged to provide treatment. You should ask:

How many massage points are there and do they align with where you need pain relief?
How many massage programs does the chair have? You need a variety to find the one that really works for you. And if you want the whole family to enjoy the chair, they may all have unique preferences.
Apart from set programs a customizable option is ideal. With this you can make sure your sessions target the areas where you’re experiencing pain.
Of course, you also want the treatment types to match your need. Popular types are:

Shiatsu, which is from Japanese origin and simulates acupuncture type massaging
Kneading refers to very stimulating circular motions that also help improve blood circulation
Tapping’s rapid pushes help to relieve tension
Vibrations help relieve tension and give a very relaxing (or sometimes invigorating) massage effect
Rolling is specifically beneficial to the back muscles as it relieves pressure
Swedish massage, which replicates long strokes that are great for relaxing muscles
Maximum reclining angle
Your massage chair may be a place you’ll spend a lot of time on, especially if you’re using it to treat problems in your body. Even sitting on a soft chair for long periods can cause fatigue, which is why reclining positions are so valuable. The further your chair can recline the better, and if you’re planning on sleeping there, it’s ideal if it can fully extend. However, slightly less at about 160° is also impressive.

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Zero gravity mode

Zero gravity reclining is a unique positioning of the body. Imagine astronauts in a space shuttle. When they’re launched into space they take up a specific position to put as little pressure as possible on their joints. The position distributes their body weight optimally, so muscles and joints don’t experience a lot of tension. This position is used in massage chairs and given the name “Zero Gravity Mode”.  So no, you won’t be floating around in the chair, but it benefits your body be relieving tension all over.

In this position you’ll experience the most comfort and your muscles & joints are given a chance to relax and recuperate optimally.


The chair may have multiple airbags across its surface. As these airbags inflate and deflate, they apply pressure to the body parts next to them on the chair. This is to simulate the massage technique of squeezing the large muscles of the body to provide stimulation and relieve pressure. In a massage chair the bags inflate thanks to a compressor that forms part of the chair’s design. Just note that this function easily becomes noisier as the chair gets older.

Heating function

Another aspect that helps with improving overall health is when your chair heats up. This heat gets absorbed by your body and can have a positive effect on your blood flow. Proper blood flow is essential to helping muscles recuperate as more oxygen will reach your cells. It also means toxins are transported away from inflamed areas faster. This is a great feature to invest in if you’re searching for a chair to use as therapy. This same feature can even stimulate your metabolism.

Dimensions and Extendable Leg Rest

Size is an important part of your vetting process. The only way you’ll get an optimal massage is when the chair’s massage features align with your body. Therefore, if you’re very tall and you sit on a chair designed for short individuals, your neck & shoulders won’t have support, meaning they won’t be massaged optimally. If you’re on the tall side, you can try out chairs with adjustable features (usually foot rests) such as the Real Relaxer Shiatsu Recliner seen above.


Firstly, this is not a light piece of furniture, no matter which option you pick. However, you should still consider weight details as it can make usage slightly easier. For example, if you have to install yours in an upper story and lug it up stairs, you should opt for a lighter model. However, many chairs will arrive in different parts such as the Real Relax model that is sent in three different boxes. This way you can carry each component separately, which makes it more practical.

Weight may also affect the chair’s capacity as it’s determined by the chair’s design, sturdiness and size. You’ll find chairs that can handle 200lb, while others can take up to 400lb. If you’re heavier you may have to invest in a larger, heavier model to prevent damaging the chair when you use it.

Audio speaker

This isn’t a priority feature since most people have their own sound systems or simply play music via their mobile phones. However, it’s very convenient if your chair can play your tracks nice and loud, such as the TissRelax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair. The enhanced audio experience can help you relax even more and it’s convenient if you can manage everything from your seat.


You’ll see most of the chairs on our list have leather exteriors. This is usually a synthetic type, especially in this price range. Make sure it’s soft and doesn’t have a plastic feel. At the same time, it must be durable, easy to clean and resistant to wear & tear – if you’re using your chair daily it shouldn’t wear out quickly.

Upholstering will affect your comfort. Ensure that it’s stuffed properly: soft enough to stay comfortable, even if you sit for long periods of time.

Massage Chair Buyer's Guide I Massage Chair Store

As stay-at-home orders remain in effect, many have been turning to the best massage chairs in order to upgrade their home entertainment experience and enhance their methods of lounging. Featuring advanced massage technology that is comfortably concealed under premium leather and cushioning, these innovative pieces of furniture provide ultimate relaxation with their various sizes, designs and recline settings.

The best massage chairs also boast several wellness benefits as well. Due to their specially designed massage features, massage chairs are able to provide professional-quality kneading to the shoulders, arms, back, thighs, legs and feet, allowing them to replicate popular massage treatments and techniques at home. Some models even use heat therapy to intensely soothe and restore the body as well, making it an excellent investment for those who experience chronic aches and pains.


Best Affordable Massage Chair – If you want to spend a fortune on a massage chair, you can do so – you can find zero-gravity massage chairs that are worth a couple of thousands of dollars. But, why spend so much when you can find a budget-friendly one under 3000, or even less when you get it on deals for sale.

But, even when you buy on sale or think you can have a lot of options – you don’t. I learned that from the list below only the Kahuna and the Osaki are reliable home massage chairs, whereas the rest weren’t worth the money you pay.

We reviewed the market and looked at aspects of massage chairs such as durability, the massage methods & warranties. And yes, you can experience high-end massage chair features (including airbags) without spending too much money. We know this is essential because aspects such as heating modes and zero gravity are also vital to your body’s recuperation & health. You should also consider the area of your body the chair covers and the available programs. If it won’t provide you with the right treatment in the right body area, it’s not your ideal solution