Best Affordable Reading Chair

Best Affordable Reading Chair – There is nothing like freezing winter weather to drive me into one of my favorite cozy reading chairs tucked into the perfect reading nook for hours at a time, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket with a steaming mug of tea next to me. But the most essential piece of that equation—the reading chair—can sometimes be the most difficult to get right if you’re shopping for a new one.

What’s the right amount of cushion? Do you want a reading chair that swallows you up with its squishiness or do you want a solid, supportive, ergonomic reading chair that will keep your spine from telescoping in on itself? Does fabric matter? Do you want something that’s easily cleanable because you’re a frequent spiller or you have pets that will shed all over the place? Most importantly, how much do you spend on the perfect reading chair?

Everyone’s “perfect” reading chair is slightly different, but we’ve got a bunch of great ones for you in every budget range, from the truly splurge-worthy down to the best affordable reading chair you’ll never know didn’t cost a fortune. You’re bound to find something you can burrow into for a solid page-turning marathon.


1.JC Home Argus

This plush recliner and matching ottoman checks all the boxes for both comfort and style.

The luxuriously padded seat, back, arms and headrest are upholstered in super-soft yet durable bonded leather, which looks great and feels gentle and snug against your skin.

Plus, the durable solid wood base has a classic mahogany finish that adds some serious style points to any room while also making it solid and strong.

This reclining chair also swivels so you can turn to face multiple directions, and there’s also a matching ottoman so you can put your feet up and relax.

Although it’s not the cheapest reading chair out there, it’s an absolute steal compared with many similar designer products on the market.

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2.Urban Shop Velvet

Although some similarly designed folding saucer chairs are cheaply made and don’t last a long time, this chair is much better quality and a lot more comfortable.

It’s even rated on Amazon as “Amazon’s Choice” and has a 4 out of 5-star rating by customers.

This will be a good chair to have if you don’t have a lot of space available or if you will need to put it in storage since it folds up easily.

If you don’t like the gray color, there are lots of other color choices. You can get one in black, blue, blush, brown, light blue, navy, mint, silver, pink, purple, red or white.

So, lots of options to choose from to match any room.

The size of it fits most adults and young adults. It’s not children’s sized.

However, there are children sized chairs similar to this available if that is what you are looking for.

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3.Lexicon Elle

This contemporary chair looks fantastic in any home with modern décor. There are five colors to choose from; blue, brown, dark gray, gray, and orange, so you’re bound to find the perfect shade to match any room.

The solid, smooth mahogany frame also adds a touch of elegance and class and blends well with most interiors. But just because this chair is stylish doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable too.

The generously padded seat and super soft fabric upholstery make this a cozy place to sit and read even for extended periods of time.

The only downside is that the arms aren’t padded, but if they were, you’d lose the sleek aesthetic of the curved wood, so if you’re looking for a chair with visual appeal, it’s well worth the compromise.

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4.Flash Furniture

Leather is always a good choice for material because of how easy it is to clean spills. When other types of fabric would quickly absorb liquids, leather does the opposite by expelling them.

Something that is spilled on high-quality and water-resistant leather simply sits on top of the fabric until it is wiped off, leaving no trace behind. This also reduces the likelihood of a stain developing.

The chair comes in an attractive beige color. Other color options include black, brown, and palomino.

It will look nice with any other furniture you have around it, especially because of the dark wood base that it stands on.

The base of the main chair swivels smoothly in a circle; the matching ottoman, however, does not, it is stationary.

Once you buy this chair from Flash Furniture and it is delivered, there is very little assembly required to get it set up.

It’s always a pain when you buy new furniture and then find out that it’s going to take hours to build.

It has a decent price point for the quality and is a really nice reading chair. Not all reading chairs can perfectly combine looks with practicality.

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5.Giantex Hanging

This outdoor reading chair is as comfy as it is cool. The unique ergonomic hanging design makes it wonderful to relax on. It rocks you gently back and forth in a comfortable reclined position, mimicking the feeling of chilling in a hammock on the beach (cocktail in hand, of course).

The solid frame is made from heavy powder-coated steel, which is completely rustproof, plus it’s super strong and supportive, holding up to 330lbs.

This chair is surprisingly easy to assemble and a breeze to clean. The weatherproof fabric cushions can be detached and thrown in the washing machine, and the steel frame can be easily wiped down, so you don’t need to worry about it looking dirty or worn over time.

The adjustable sun protection canopy can block out the sun’s rays and help you focus on your book. It’s a particularly good choice if you enjoy reading on the patio or by the pool on a summer’s day.

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Sitting in the HollyHOME lazy chair is a bit like being hugged by a really good friend. It feels welcoming, warm, and inviting; in fact, it’s so comfortable that if you opt for this chair in your living room, you’re likely to get through even more books than ever before!

The structure is supportive enough to provide relief for a bad back, and it’s also wideset and sturdy enough to hold up to 500lbs in weight. And because it’s wide, you can also curl your feet up on this chair with ease.

But despite being one of the comfiest reading chairs on this list, the HollyHOME is also super elegant, with stylish curved legs. Plus, it comes in a choice of fourteen rich and vibrant colors, so you can pair it with any kind of décor you choose.

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What to Look for in a Reading Chair

The 9 Best Reading Chairs of 2022
< id="mntl-sc-block_3-0-2" class="comp mntl-sc-block litho-sc-block commerce-sc-block-subheading--lifestyle commerce-sc-block-subheading mntl-sc-block-subheading">Style

As Herrera mentioned, comfort is vital when it comes to reading. You’ll want to go with a chair style that’ll keep you comfy and relaxed for hours on end, such as a design with a relatively tall or rounded back. Otherwise, she says to “consider an oversized chair or even one with a recliner so you can put your feet up.” A chair-and-a-half is an excellent choice, too, as it offers a broader and deeper seat. If you like to lay back while reading, consider getting a chaise lounge.

< id="mntl-sc-block_3-0-4" class="comp mntl-sc-block litho-sc-block commerce-sc-block-subheading--lifestyle commerce-sc-block-subheading mntl-sc-block-subheading">Size

For one, it’s essential to find a design that’ll fit in your space. Whether you’re placing it in a designated reading nook, bedroom, sunroom, or office, make sure to measure (and re-measure) before ordering carefully. Size has a lot to do with a chair’s overall comfort as well. We recommend getting one with a relatively wide and deep seat if you like to curl up, lean back, or even lay down while reading.

< id="mntl-sc-block_3-0-6" class="comp mntl-sc-block litho-sc-block commerce-sc-block-subheading--lifestyle commerce-sc-block-subheading mntl-sc-block-subheading">Material

Upholstered chairs are usually a little softer, and you can often find stain-resistant options. “I also think about the texture—bouclé upholstery, for example, is plush and cozy, while a chair that isn’t upholstered won’t be as inviting,” says Herrera. Leather-upholstered chairs tend to be more expensive, though they typically last longer.

The frame material is also important. If you want something with a higher weight capacity or built to last for several years, look for a chair with a solid wood frame—even better if it’s kiln-dried. Some recliner frames are steel, which is generally considered a high-quality, long-lasting material.

How do you make a chair more comfortable?

When the only thing stopping you from finishing a page-turner is uncomfortable seating, there are a few things you can try to make things a little comfier. First, if the chair has removable cushions, take them off and fluff them up, just like you would a pillow. And speaking of pillows, sometimes that’s all you need to get the back or neck support you crave. A footrest or ottoman can go a long way, too, as it allows you to recline back in an otherwise small chair.

Where do you place a reading chair?

“I like to place reading chairs in a quiet area of the home,” says Herrera. “A living area near a fireplace or a cozy corner in the bedroom are great options.” Some people opt to place armchairs and chaises near a window, as it can be peaceful while offering ample natural reading light.

You can create a coveted reading nook nearly anywhere in your home, and it could go in the corner of a larger room, underneath a staircase, in an attic, or even built into a wall.

How do you clean a chair?

The proper way to clean a reading chair depends on the material. Fabric upholstery can typically be spot-cleaned with an upholstery cleaner, a homemade solution, or sometimes liquid carpet cleaner. Some chairs even come with removable covers that can be zipped off and thrown in the washer for a more thorough cleaning.

In some cases, you can use handheld steam cleaners to freshen up fabric upholstery. Leather chairs can typically be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth and a small amount of mild soap if needed.

A spot in the sun with a relaxing read is a simple and timeless happiness. Lovers of literature know that some time alone – with a great book – can sometimes be the best medicine. Find an extra comfy, contemporary chair for your library with our selection of thirty-two top-of-the-line reading seats. Ranging from plush outdoor lounge chairs, to structured slingbacks, velvet-covered beauties, stylish leathered chaise lounge chairs and fold-away futons, they each allow you to lean back and learn in your individually-preferred reading position. Take advantage of our list to find the perfect partner for your reading sessions, in a variety of styles and colour-ways.

If you’re a reader, we’re betting you can really appreciate the value of a good reading chair. You know what we’re talking about—unlike a sturdy work seat or dining room chair, a reading chair is one that allows you to curl up for hours and get completely lost in your book.

After scouring reviews, we’ve determined that these are the best reading chairs you can buy on a budget. Because while you can splurge on a much fancier chair, we prefer to save our money for more books!

Spending hours lost in a novel is even better when you can curl up in the comfort of a cozy seat, but not all reading chairs are created equal. The best reading chair for your living space is one that provides support in addition to comfort. Features like an ottoman or reclining make these chairs even more appealing.

Learn about the most popular styles of reading chairs, how to select the right one for your space, and explore top picks for book lovers from plush leather recliners to elegant accent chairs.

Unwinding with your favorite book—or magazine; we’re not here to judge—is a favorite way to relax. If you’re aiming to lounge with your literature, invest in the kind of reading chair you can sink into comfortably while still supportive enough to hold up a book or tablet. Keep these key factors in mind as you shop:

Before you start an online search for some of the best reading chairs on the market, you first want to determine your style preference.

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Upholstery Material

There are two general types of upholstery for lounge chairs, arm chairs, and the like: leather and fabric, with fabric having several subtypes. The upholstery material you choose will impact the chair’s durability and comfort.

  • Genuine leather is extremely durable and can stand up to years of wear and tear. It’s the highest quality upholstery available, meaning it’s the most expensive. Although it’s a strong material overall, leather is vulnerable to scratches and water damage.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mimics the appearance of real leather at a lower cost. This synthetic material is more scratch-resistant and stands up better to water in comparison.
  • Polyurethane is another popular and budget-friendly fabric option. It’s waterproof, stain-resistant, and has enhanced torsion strength, meaning it can withstand cuts and punctures.
  • Velvet has a soft feel and luxurious sheen, coming in natural and cheaper synthetic varieties. This fabric is virtually snag-proof and immune to pet scratches, but tends to attract dust and pet hair.
  • Polyester is a water-resistant fabric favored for sofas and chairs because it resists stains and spills. Polyester velvet is particularly popular, offering the high-end look of true velvet at a lower cost.
  • Microfiber is affordable, relatively stain-resistant, and holds its color well. On the downside, it attracts dust and pet hair, and may generate static cling.

If you have children or pets, polyurethane, polyester, and microfiber are good fabrics since they’re durable and clean easily with mild soap and water. Velvet can be cleaned using the same method. Genuine leather chairs require a specialized leather cleaner, but are otherwise simple to maintain.

Frame Material

The material of the chair frame will determine how much weight it can bear and how sturdy it is. Metal is the strongest and longest-lasting option. However, if you don’t restuff the chair cushions periodically, a metal frame can create uncomfortable pressure points over time.

Hardwood is another good option due to its durability and give, though solid wood frame chairs can be expensive. Alternatively, manufactured wood is an affordable frame material, but it’s the weakest and generally has the lowest weight capacity.

Style and Space

If you don’t have a specific sort in mind, there are a number of classic reading chair designs to consider for your space.

  • Club armchairs are typically fabricated with leather or another thick upholstery. These lounge-type seats usually come with a footstool or ottoman, so you can put your feet up and relax.
  • Lounge chairs are designed with or without armrests. Round reading chairs are a favorite in this style, allowing you to curl up and get cozy, thanks to the softer lines.
  • Recliners are another go-to for readers, with modern styles offering features like a swivel base, cup holders, and massage functions.
  • Chaise lounges offer a lovely space to lounge and put your feet up because of their elongated shape—plus they look more elegant than recliners.
  • Hammock chairs have a fun look and provide a feeling of weightlessness in their enveloping fabric seat.
  • Floor chairs are designed for portability, with many options that fold up and can be stowed away when not in use. These legless reading chairs are among the most cost-effective.

The available space in your residence or office will also determine the type of the reading chair that best suits the spot. If you have limited space, consider a compact armchair or lounge chair. On the other hand, you can take advantage of a larger space with a chaise lounge or an oversized recliner. Regardless of type, it’s good to measure the living or working space available before you make a purchase.

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Comfort and Support

Comfort and support go beyond just having a pleasant place to read. An ergonomically designed reading chair is built to ensure that it feels comfortable, even after a long period of sitting. Chairs with a tall back provide a place to rest your head and reduce strain on your neck. Ideally, the seat cushion will fall in that perfect middle ground between plush and firm for adequate support.

Having a reading chair with spacious armrests can provide a spot to hold up your book, beverage, or even a bowl of snacks. And, if kicking up your legs at the end of a long day is important to you, choose a reading chair with a footrest or ottoman. These accessories can prevent foot swelling and discomfort when you sit for long periods of time. Otherwise, you can purchase this foot support separately or opt for a fully-reclining chair.

Additionally, think about seat depth before investing in a reading chair. For tall users or those who prefer to sit with their legs curled up, chairs with deep seats are a good choice. A deep seat is also ideal if you like to frequently switch seating positions while reading. These reading chairs typically have a seat depth of 20 inches or more.

A good book can draw you into a new world for hours—but reading in the wrong chair can leave you feeling uncomfortable and sore when you come back to reality. The right chair can make reading a cozier experience.

When choosing the best reading chair, comfort was our top priority. Each chair we chose had several comfort features, including a supportive design, ample cushioning, comfortable armrests, and extra features like reclining back and footrest or massage functions. We also looked at consumer reviews, selecting chairs that show real-life evidence of comfort.

When it comes to furnishing a home, style is as important as comfort for many shoppers. We kept aesthetics in mind when choosing our top picks, selecting chairs that have an attractive design and come in a range of upholstery options, so you can choose a seat that suits your style. Lastly, we chose reading chairs from a range of price points, from budget-friendly to luxury, so you can find a suitable choice for your home.

Now that you’ve explored the options for some of the best reading chairs, it’s time to answer any remaining questions. Below, check out answers to a few questions you may have about reading chairs to ensure you choose the right one for getting lost in a good book.

Do you need a reading chair?

While a reading chair isn’t a necessity, it is a nice furniture piece to invest in. The best reading chairs on this list were chosen for striking a good balance between coziness and support, so you can stay comfortable while settling down with a good book.

What style of chair is best for reading?

Several chair styles are suitable for reading, but the most popular styles include club chairs, lounge chairs, and recliners; these chairs are usually designed for comfort, making them a good choice for your reading nook.

What makes a good reading chair?

A good reading chair typically features a sturdy metal or wood frame, plush yet supportive cushions, a high back, wide armrests, and—depending on your preference—a place to rest your feet.

The perfect reading chair is like a trusted friend – a place to go for quality downtime and to recalibrate in the business of daily life, offering comfort and stability in all the right places.

But just what makes a good reading chair and where do you find one that suits your needs?

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A reading armchair is ideally sturdy in construction and ergonomic in design, as well as matching your decor, so opting for a cheap trending piece or an impulse purchase at Ikea wont really do the job. Prices vary but expect to pay from $600-700 anywhere up to $2000 and above for the right piece – more if you’re looking to invest in a classic designer model that is guaranteed to be made to last a lifetime.

The best reading chairs work pretty hard and essentially punch well above the task of simply somewhere to sit and read a book. Depending on where you’re planning to situate it, the best reading chairs can tick boxes for decorating style as well as comfort, allowing you to have a little fun with fabric and colour.


Best Affordable Reading Chair – If curling up with a good book is your idea of fun, you know how crucial a comfy reading spot is. Whether you’re an avid reader or an occasional bookworm, devouring a page-turner is all the more enjoyable when cozied up in a chair. But not just any chair. It must be one you where you can sit back, curl up, or even lay down while flipping through your latest paperback.

“Comfort is key when selecting a reading chair,” says Decorist interior designer Elizabeth Herrera. “A high or rounded back will provide lots of support and create a cozy feel.” She recommends opting for an oversized design or something with a recliner. Chair-ottoman combos are great, too, and depending on your preferred reading position, you might want to get something with armrests.

You’ll also want to consider the upholstery material and size in the actual seat and overall dimensions. There’s no one-size-fits-all reading environment, but we found many options at various price points that check most (if not all) of the boxes.