Best Bath Chair for Elderly

Best Bath Chair for Elderly – As soon as you turn your shower on you run the risk of slipping and falling because of the wet floor. Most of us have had this experience and if it weren’t for our agility, grab bars or blind luck, there is a very good chance that we might have experienced an injury-inducing fall. The situation gets even worse as we get older and become senior members of society.

Bathroom falls are some of the leading causes of injuries and even deaths among elderly people. As much as these falls can be minimized or eliminated entirely, not very many people take the necessary steps to do so. Furthermore, not everyone can afford the latest walk-in tub.

However, if you have a walk-in shower and you are concerned about your safety while in the bathroom, then you should strongly think about investing in a shower seat like a folding shower seat, a bath bench, or a wall mounted shower seat that will not only keep you safe but also comfortable and well supported while you shower.


1.Carex Bath Seat

Making the aged spend time in bathtubs by diffusing their favorite bath bombs can keep them mentally relaxed and happy. All that you need is one of the best transfer shower chairs for the elderly that can effortlessly transfer them into the bathtub water. The Carex Bathtub Transfer Chair comes with a movable backrest and a long base designed to make aged people sit for a comfortable bathing session or seamlessly transfer them into the bathtub.

The seat and backrest have a textured surface to prevent the seat from slipping. Adjust the anti-slip legs between 16-20 inches in height for better leg rest. The stand is lightweight and yet bears 300 pounds of weight. Get this chair to help the aged have their good old bathtub days again.

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2.NOVA Medical

The Nova Shower Chair is an excellent option for seniors looking for a reliable and safe shower chair. This model has two comfortable armrests, an ergonomic backrest, and a design that makes the cleaning process a lot easier. It is also a lightweight device that you can adjust to your height.

It has a good weight capacity and can hold up to 300 lbs (136 kg) while remaining a portable option. This model doesn’t require any special tools or knowledge to assemble, making it suitable for beginners.

This model is highly durable and has skid-resistant rubber tips that can prevent unwanted movement during use. Additionally, it also uses high-quality aluminum with anti-rust technology and easy-to-clean molded plastic.

The main drawback of this device is that it can be a bit narrow for overweight users. It is also not a tall model, making it an unsuitable option for tall people.

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3.Carousel Sliding

The Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench is a home care device for the bathroom designed to help during patient transfer. It is a high-quality model with excellent durability features like an anti-rust surface, closed-cell padded chairs, and an easy-to-use swivel mechanism.

The padded seat of this model can help prevent friction and damage to your skin. It is also a reliable device that will provide the necessary support for your body. It can hold up to 330 lbs (149.6 kg) and has an adjustable mechanism that you can use to adjust its height.

Additionally,  it is easy to assemble and includes non-slip rubber grips for better safety. The main drawbacks of this transfer bench are that it has a shallow seat that can make you feel unstable unless you use the seatbelt. Also, this model does not offer a wide seat, so beware if you are a bigger-than-average user.

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4.DMI Rolling Shower Chair

Getting around inside your home can be a challenge if you have limited mobility. It’s nice when a product can accomplish many things at once, as this special chair does. This chair boasts an impressive set of lockable 4-inch rust-resistant wheels, allowing for the ability to move around without needing to get up from the seat.

The soft cushioned seat has a hole in the center for use over a commode, which is a feature most shower chairs don’t have. The vinyl back for support is quite comfortable and can be used both in the shower setting or out of it. It’s the ideal option for moving around the bathroom while remaining relaxed in a sitting position. You (or your loved one) can have peace of mind while in the bathroom, knowing that shifting from the toilet to the shower won’t be the hassle it once was.

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5.Vaunn Medical Chair

You should consider the Vaunn Medical Shower Chair if you are looking for a model you can place in the corner of your bathroom. This highly affordable shower chair has an ergonomic design that can also prevent water from accumulating on the seat. This design reduces the possibility of scum and mold forming and makes the cleaning process a lot easier.

Another benefit of this device is that it allows you to adjust the height of the legs with an easy-to-use mechanism. It also provides solid safety features thanks to its non-slip rubber grips.

Additionally, this model has a compact and lightweight design that lets you transport it or move it when needed. One more benefit of this device is that it includes a wider-than-usual seat for better comfort.

The main drawback of this shower chair is that it doesn’t include armrests and has a lower weight capacity than other models.

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6.Deluxe Shower Chair

PADDED SEAT AND ARMRESTS Provide Comfortable, Warm-to-the-Touch Seating and Minimizes the Risk of Skin Tears and Subsequent Infections. Armrests prevent falls and assist in entering and exiting the chair. 310LB CAPACITY. NOTE THAT A 600LB CAPACITY VERSION IS ALSO AVAILABLE BY SEARCHING: B09LZ9GMRG

SAFER, CLEANER DESIGN- Modern blue/silver design. Main Components are BLUE to better VISUALLY CUE the user, unlike old style white/gray chairs that blend into the backgound. Especially Helpful for Dementia and Visually Impaired Users to Help Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls; the Leading Cause of Death by Injury in People Over 65. Blue Pads also Prevent Staining and Discoloration- a Common Problem with old style white and gray plastic chairs.

MEDICAL GRADE Aluminum Frame Will Never Rust. Institutional Quality for Reliability, Durability and Safety. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE Seat Allows the Chair to be Custom Fitted to the User for Optimal Safety and Comfort. NOTE THAT A 600LB CAPACITY VERSION IS ALSO AVAILABLE BY SEARCHING: B09LZ9GMRG

EASY TO CLEAN Polyurethane Padding Will Never Absorb Water and Softer Surface Prevents Users from Slipping and Sliding.

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What To Look For In A Shower Chair For The Elderly

6 Best Shower Chairs in & How to Choose Yours

  • Size

There are safety chairs for the elderly designed to fit any bathroom or bathtub but a bathroom chair of the perfect size will make old adults feel comfortable. Choose a chair that has a base of at least 16×14 inches. Anything smaller than this size can bring discomfort to the adult. Old people always feel comfortable having their feet touching the bathroom floor. Chairs with height-adjusting features (anywhere between 16-21 inches) could be a great choice for them.

  • Support

An ideal bathroom chair comes with anti-skid legs and an anti-slip seat. Choose a good bathroom chair that comes with an anti-slip textured base to keep the elderly safely seated. If the adult is disabled, a chair with a good backrest and raised armrests for better support. There are chairs that come with leg holders and waist belts for better protection.

  • Additional features

There are shower chairs that are designed not only for a comfortable bathing experience but also for a seamless transition. If the older adult at your home is disabled, get a shower chair that can transfer the adult from bed to chair or from chair to bathtub. You also get chairs with wheels to drop the burden of carrying the adult into the bathroom. Look for such shower chairs to make the shower sessions simple.

This is our list of the 12 best shower chairs for elderly people at your home. When you choose the shower chair for the aged at your home, look out for the best chairs that come with utmost comfort and use for your loved ones. The chairs with wheels or the ones that can smoothly transit the aged in and out of their beds and bathtubs. The aged often feel tired and weary during a bath and a simple chair can keep them feeling comfortable. The chairs mentioned above are the most reviewed ones on the shopping sites and you can buy the most useful one of all for the aged at your home.

Will the chair stay in place or need to be moved?

Shower chairs can weigh 10 pounds or more. They may also be cumbersome to put in and out of the tub. Determine if you want a shower chair that will remain in place or if you want one that is mobile and can be used in multiple locations.

Look at the chair’s measurements

Measure your bathtub to determine what size chair it can accommodate.

Do you want extra bench space to transition onto the chair?

Getting in and out of a bathtub can be difficult. Some shower chairs include attached transfer benches, which provide added stability. However, if you have a walk-in shower stall, you may not need a transfer bench.

The weight capacity of most standard bath chairs is in the 250- to 400-pound range. Bariatric shower chairs can typically hold up to 550 pounds.

Ergonomics and chair height make a difference

The Best Shower Chairs & Bath Benches for Seniors | Performance Health

Many shower chairs have height-adjustable legs. Look for a chair with a height that allows your feet to remain stable and flat on the floor. Avoid getting a chair with a seat that is too low to the ground for your height. A too low seat can be hard to get in and out of.

If you’re 5 feet tall or shorter, you may feel most comfortable in a chair with a seat height of 12 inches up to 16 inches. If you’re 6 feet tall or taller, you may like a shower chair that has a seat height of 18 to 20 inches.

Will a chair back, arms, or handles help?

Determine if you need a chair with a back or with handles for hoisting. Some chairs have arms, while others have built-in handles that help you lift yourself up and down.

Stability is paramount

Bath chairs on wheels are available. But these may not provide enough stability for people with mobility issues. If this is a concern, look for a shower seat that has large or oversized nonslip suction cup feet.

Your comfort during bath time is important. Consider what’s most comfortable to you. Some seats are contoured rather than flat. Others may be padded and have padded backs. Trying out several styles may help you decide which type is best for you.

If you anticipate needing your chair temporarily, consider storing the chair when it’s not in use. Some chairs have parts that easily snap apart for easy dismantling and storage.

An alternative to shower chairs

Many people fall in the shower because there’s nothing to safely grab onto when they lose their balance. Instinctively reaching for a towel bar or shower curtain may make a fall worse, as it may come down too.

There are many types of shower seats and bath stools available on the market today, ranging from the most basic models to high-end luxury designs. You can choose between a standard seat, a stool or an easy-transfer bench.

Chair sizes can vary quite a bit, so consider the size of the user and the size of their shower. Some might benefit most from a chair with an adjustable seat height. As you compare models, consider the following factors to make sure your pick promotes safety and comfort:

Look for models that are sturdy and include non-slip grips on the feet. Reading reviews will help give you an idea of whether or not you can expect the chair to wobble or break.

Not all chairs include a back or armrests. If you or your loved one has balance issues or back problems, look for models with built-in support for the back and sides.

Many of the most comfortable bath chairs include foam padding or removable cushions. These help reduce skin irritation and minimize contact with cold surfaces.

Ultimately, the right chair greatly depends on individual needs and the home environment. For example, a lightweight stool could be a better option for those who live with others.  A company representative or your doctor can help you figure out which one makes the most sense for your situation.

If you prefer to stand or lie down while bathing, you may wish to consider installing bathtub grab bars. Grab bars can be placed at multiple locations on the inside and outside of your tub. They’re a viable alternative to shower seats for people without a high risk of falling.

If you want to know more about assistive devices in the bathroom and toilet, you can read our review of the best bidet toilet seats. Bidet toilet seats and attachments are gaining greater popularity with time. Using a bidet can be more hygienic as compared to using toilet paper. Bidet seats have come into sharp focus after the toilet paper shortage seen during the COVID pandemic in early 2020.

For those who are confined to their beds, getting to the toilet itself is a challenge. If you know someone in this situation, they can benefit from bedside commodes. If you are looking at general information on adaptive bathroom equipment, you can read our article on how do bath lifts work.

In case you are buying a shower chair for an elderly parent, there are some devices you can use to make seniors more independent. This will free up your time so that you can be present with them mentally, instead of just running chores. And if you have someone at home who is temporarily immobile, you might want to look at lightweight transport wheelchairs to get them around the house. These are easy to maneuver wheelchairs, specifically meant for movement within a building.

When do I know if I need a shower chair?

Oftentimes it will be suggested by your doctor or caretaker when it comes time, however, you may feel ready for one before that point. It is a good idea to bring up at your next doctor’s visit.

Will I need to make any renovations to accommodate my shower chair?

No, the use of a shower chair is generally to avoid costly renovations to your bathroom.

Are shower chairs portable?

Mostare, yes. They are not fixed features. This is particularly helpful when two people are sharing the same bathroom.

Best Shower Chairs with Wheels - Updated for 2022 -

Will my insurance cover my shower chair?

Many insurance companies do cover the cost of shower chairs, but of course it is best to double-check with your provider.

Do I need to clean my shower chair? If so, how do I do so?

Yes, it is good practice to clean the seat, back, and armrests of your shower chair to prevent dirt and bacteria build-up. Normal cleaning supplies that you use to clean the bathtub work on most shower chairs. Allow your chair to fully dry between uses, if possible, to eliminate possible mold growth.

Are shower chairs hard to assemble?

While it varies from chair to chair, most shower chairs are designed to be easy and quick to assemble without the need for tools. Instruction booklets and videos can help you put the chair together without much effort required.

There are many different choices to pick from when deciding which shower chair is right for you or your loved one. It all just comes down to what features you’re looking for and which chairs can best provide that for you. From seat height to comfort, to security and stability; and whether it’s for accommodating an injury, disability, or something else, shower chairs are an important part of the bathing experience. They help by keeping everyone involved safe from slips and falls and helping to bring comfort back into the bathing routine. The seven best choices above have many different features to fit whatever needs you have or that you may need in the future.

It is worth taking the time to ensure you are making the right choice for your individual needs and situation.

If possible, consider both the current needs as well as the likely needs of the foreseeable future (maybe an individual is fairly mobile now, but they expect an upcoming surgery will reduce mobility considerably).

Choosing the right solution can make a big difference in an elderly individual’s comfort and safety.

Whichever solution you choose – whether stool, chair or bench – be sure to measure the bathtub and bathroom space carefully. Many shower chairs and benches can’t be returned after they are opened since they are considered hygiene products.

It can be a waste of money to purchase something that doesn’t end up fitting into the available space.

Worse, an awkward fit could compromise stability and safety. Never force a shower chair, or alter it to fit anywhere particular.

Be sure to be mindful of weight capacities as well as seat size to ensure a safe and comfortable fit. Choose a chair that supports well more than the senior’s weight. If their weight falls close to the upper limit, it is a good idea to choose another model.

Be aware of seat design and seat size. Even if the chair is rated high enough for the senior’s weight, if the seat is too small for their body shape, it won’t be comfortable, and it may not be safe.

Some seats are designed with small holes to allow for water drainage. This can make the seat less slippery and more comfortable.

Some seats have openings to allow for access to the senior’s private perineal areas. This is especially important if the senior has difficulty standing and will have assistance from a caregiver.

Ensuring the shower chair is at a proper height is important for safety and comfort. If it is too high, getting down can be awkward or dangerous. Too low, and it can be hard to get up.

A shower chair set to the proper height will allow the senior’s feet to be flat on the floor when their knees are bent at ninety degrees.

Many shower chairs are adjustable in height to accommodate a range of needs.

Will the chair or bench will need to be used just occasionally? A smaller, lighter stool or chair might be a good choice.

Will it need to be relocated elsewhere during another person’s shower? A fold-away option could work well to make space.

Will it need to be taken along to various locations, such as a hotel or family member’s home? Some shower chairs are designed to be easily assembled, disassembled and transported.

A shower chair with arms and backrest will generally be more supportive than one without.

Shower chairs with back rests provide additional support while washing and allow the senior to lean back if needed. Armrests can offer greater weight support and assistance when standing up or sitting down. 

Buy Platinum Health HydroSlide Bath and Shower Chair with Padded Swivel  Seat, armrests and backrest Online in Slovakia. B00HOGKRLK

Aluminum frameworks are often strongest and most stable, although they may cost more than plastic options. Wooden options provide a more stylish look, but at a premium price tag.

Some shower chairs are designed with compartments or slots to accommodate soap, shampoo, shower wands or other items. Aside from simply being convenient, these features can help limit reaching and movement.

Limiting unnecessary reaching can help conserve energy and can keep a senior safer in the shower – an important feature in some cases.

Shower Chairs Are Not Just for the Elderly

Shower chairs are not just for the elderly. Individuals who are recovering from surgery or an injury, such as a broken leg or foot can benefit from shower chairs. 

Individuals with disabilities or medical conditions that affect balance, fatigue or energy level can also really benefit from the added stability of a shower stool or chair.

Some individuals without injuries enjoy using a shower stool while shaving their legs, washing their feet – or even brushing their teeth!


Best Bath Chair for Elderly – As we age, we lose a lot of our mobility. While many elders want their independence, even everyday activities like showering and bathing can become difficult. Showers are a prime place for falls, which can be extremely detrimental for seniors. Falls have a high likelihood of resulting in injury, and even hospital stays for those over 65. Sadly, this risk leads many elders to seek at-home care or even move into a nursing facility.

However, there is another way. Shower chairs can provide much-needed stability for elders in the shower. They give you a comfortable resting place while you’re showering, which can prevent falls. After all, it is hard to fall if you’re sitting down. Some shower chairs are even designed to help you get in and out of the shower safely. If your loved one is prone to falls, it’s also a good idea to purchase a medical alert system.

Some shower chairs might fit your needs better than others. Do you just need a stool to rest on while in the shower? Or a full transfer system to help you with every step along the way? Do you travel a lot and need a chair to bring with you? All of these questions can determine what shower chair you need.