Best Beach Chair for Over 300 lbs

Best Beach Chair for Over 300 lbs – Apart from the fact that there are limited swim wear for plus size people, beach chairs for over 300 lbs or for a heavy person, are also rare.

Going to the beach is a thought that most heavy people don’t entertain often because of the stigma that goes on with it.

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Plus size people require a beach chair that is not just strong enough to handle the weight, but also wide in dimensions so they can fit comfortably.

After tirelessly looking for the best beach chairs for heavy person, we have compiled a list of the oversized deluxe beach chairs in the market both in features and appearance.

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1.Rio Beach 4-Position

This chair is from a brand that’s all about providing the best gear for the beach. It comes in 9 beachy colors that look amazing, and it has a large enough seating area for any heavy person. However, it only has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. So if you weigh anything over that, this chair might not be the one for you. But if you weigh less, this is a great option to consider taking with you for your next trip to the beach. 

The Rio Big Boy extra large beach chair can recline at four angles for extra comfort. It has a molded armrest that comes with a removable cup holder. Moreover, the chair even includes a large storage pouch and a removable pillow. 

The best thing about this heavy-duty beach chair is that it is made with durable aluminum tubes instead of steel. This material ensures that it is rustproof and lighter than steel chairs. So it’ll be easier to carry with you, plus the chair even has straps that will allow you to carry it on your back. 

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2.Coleman Chair

One of the best plus-sized beach chairs that I’ve come across so far is the Coleman Big-N-Tall quad chair. This chair brand is well known in the outdoor and camping space for making some reliable products. And I can safely say that this chair will meet or exceed your expectations with its durability. 

It has an impressive max weight limit of 600 lbs, which means that regardless of your weight, you’ll have no trouble sitting in it wherever you go. Moreover, it has a seat dimension of 24″ in width and 19″ high, so it’s just the right size beach chair for big and tall people. 

The Coleman Big-N-Tall even comes with a cup holder and a water-resistant sleeve that you can use to store your phone and other small devices. And it also has a carry bag that will allow you to easily transport the chair to the spot you want to sit. 

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3.Coastrail Outdoor

The Coastrail plus sized beach chair is another excellent option that’s suited for overweight persons. It has a max weight limit recommendation of 600 lbs, thanks to the impressively well-designed frame. And unlike the option before it, this beach chair offers a leg design that makes it suitable for any surface.  

With this heavy-duty beach chair, you get a super wide seat made with 600D polyester and measures 28″. It also has a wide back suitable for big guys or (ladies) with a long torso as it measures 21 inches. 

Furthermore, the Coastrail chair also has a side table with a cup holder, which is a step up over the basic cup holder design most other chairs will offer. With this setup, you’ll have a stable surface to put your snacks or anything else you want on it.  

They’ve also included a side pocket storage and organizer on the left side of the chair that is perfect if you have a lot of stuff to take along with you, like sunscreen, shades, books, etc. 

Overall, this chair is very impressive and suitable for any situation and any surface. So you can carry it with you to the beach, as a camping chair, for fishing, or even to a barbecue event. 

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Timber Ridge’s Zero Gravity Chair is a classic that you can expect to serve you well. It has a max weight limit of just around 350 lbs, and the zero-gravity design makes it one of the best options to use as a beach chair. 

The Timber Ridge chair is built with sturdy steel tubing and has a bungee suspension system that will allow you to recline up to 160 degrees. It has easy to use locking levers that make it possible to adjust your sitting angle anywhere from upright to almost completely flat. Plus, the padded headrest offers extra cushioning to keep you comfortable. 

In terms of other features, this beach chair also offers a good deal of extras that you’ll appreciate. It has an adjustable side table with a cup holder and an extra slot that you can drop your phone into. And best of all, it folds up nicely into a compact size that’ll allow you to take it along with you easily. 

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5.LivingXL 1000-lb

The LivingXL heavy Duty beach chair is another solid option for anyone looking for a reliable seat to use on the beach. It is built with 22mm tubed steel frames that will easily handle fat people who weigh up to 500 lbs. Moreover, it comes with two large cup holders that are great if you want to keep an extra beer close. 

These chairs are built with 600D polyester that boasts high durability to withstand heavy people and the worst weather conditions. And it has four shatter-proof feet that add plenty of stability for beaches and traction for gripping slippery surfaces like rocks or grass.

For big guys, this beach chair is all you could ask for if you’ve ever had durability issues. 

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6.Mac Sports Chair

The Mac Sports beach chairs for fat people isn’t the most heavy-duty option on the list. It’s one of the worst as it only has a max weight capacity of 225 lbs. So it’ll only be suitable for shorter overweight persons.

However, it has a unique take on what a beach chair would be as it can double as a cargo cart that will allow you to haul everything you need for the beach on the chair thanks to the large wheels. 

In terms of overall durability, it has the same 600D fabric that offers great durability to withstand tearing and weight. However, it doesn’t have the frame support I would’ve wanted it to offer. So unless you weigh less than 225 lbs, move to the next option. 

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< class="">Buyer’s Guide For Heavy Duty Plus Size Beach Chairs

Before you go ahead and buy a plus size beach chair, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. In this section, I’ll go over the key factors you should use to determine which big and tall beach chair you’ll need. 

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Weight Limit:

Most times, people tend to ignore the weight limit specification of the products they buy, which is a bad thing to do. The higher the weight specification, the more durable the product will be since the manufacturers will need to use sturdier materials to accommodate heavy persons. 

As such, when looking for a heavy-duty beach chair, you always want to look for chairs that are 10-20 lbs over your weight. More is better, so if you can afford it, always buy the chair that can handle the most weight. 

Leg Type:

The second most important feature to pay attention to is the type of feet of the plus size beach chairs you plan to buy. The best type of chair to get is one with a four-piece leg design for rocky beaches. This is because these chairs can adjust to any incline or uneven surface. Whereas if you go with the traditional design, the chair will be uneven. 

If you are going to a sandy beach, the best type of heavy-duty beach chair for fat people to get is the traditional one-piece leg design as they will sit on top of the sand perfectly. 

You could also opt to get the Coastrail oversized chair as it features a mixed leg design that makes it suitable for any surface. 


You also want to go with a chair that uses a durable mesh fabric that allows water and sand to fall through. These chairs are also cooler than other types and offer better comfort for use on the beach. 


The height of the beach chair you like is subjective to what you prefer. But in general, beach chairs should be shorter as the shorter the chair, the more stability it will offer. However, taller chairs like the camping style chairs make it easier to get up when you need to. I found the taller chairs more comfortable as a big and tall guy. 

Seat Angle:

You should also consider whether you want to sit upright, in a reclined position, or have a mixture of both by getting an adjustable chair. I prefer a mix that allows me to relax when I want and then upright when I want to see my kids playing. 

Owning a plus size beach chair is always a good thing for any heavy person. And even if you aren’t a fat person, it won’t hurt to get yourself one of these heavy-duty beach chairs. I highly recommend getting the Coleman Big-N-Tall beach chair or the option from Coastrail if you want to sit upright and have a beer. 

If you want pure relaxation go for Timber Ridge Chair or the Ezcheer Oversized Chair.

Most beach chairs can be folded easily, but some are more portable than others due to lightweight materials or added features, such as backpack straps. Movability is a key factor if you’re planning to carry these chairs with you to the shore.

Beach chairs come with recommended seating capacity—for example, one person—as well as weight recommendations. Be sure to find a chair that best suits your needs.

How high off the sand would you like to sit? Beach chairs that are 9 to 12 inches above the sand will be easier to get in and out of. They may also provide better views. Chairs that are 8 inches or lower will make it easier to stretch out and sunbathe.

Beach chair frames are often made out of aluminum, wood, steel, and/or recycled plastic. Each of these materials is fairly lightweight, weather, and rust-resistant. For the chair seat and back, look for water- and mildew-resistant materials, as well as fade-proof fabrics such as polyester.

It goes without saying that beach chairs for large people must be very strong and be extra-large.

That said, there are some other factors you should look for in order to get the best beach chairs for plus size people;

While it may not always be true, most heavy people are also big in size.

The best beach chairs for heavy people must have a wide sitting area.

Furthermore, the backrest and the armrests must also be a bit wide to fit a relatively large arm comfortably.

Most of us support ourselves on the arms of a chair while standing up and sitting down but this is more so true for plus size people.

Generally, plus size beach chairs must have very strong arms that will not break when the user is trying to support themselves up.

Like armrests, the legs take a lot of weight especially when the user is sitting down.

Beach chairs for large person should have strong legs that won’t bend or break due to weight. And if possible, duck feet to ensure the legs don’t sink into the sand.

While you might be looking for beach chairs heavy duty that can handle a lot of weight without breaking down, you must also consider your height. That’s because it will matter a lot when you sit down.

Tall people require a chair that is a bit high off the ground so their long legs will be comfortable while short people will need a short chair.

Alternatively, buy a big and tall beach chair with adjustable legs so anyone can sit on it comfortably.

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Last but not least, the best extra-large beach chairs must be comfortable for the user at all times.

Features that enhance comfort include sufficient padding, comfortable armrests, cup holder, pockets, lumbar support and a headrest.

Generally, plus size beach chairs for over 300 lbs for heavy person are always big in size and some are heavy too.

So, before you buy any beach chair, ensure it is easy to maintain and to carry from your car to the beach without any help.

Beach chairs are an important item for anyone planning a vacation at the beach. Most of the chairs are low maybe so that you can feel the water carried by ocean waves sweep over your feet. An appropriate choice of beach chair will ensure an enjoyable stay at the beach. Just like you put a few things in mind when buying climbing tree stand for big guys, you should also do that when it comes to beach chairs. Consider the following factors while choosing a beach chair.

There is a scorching sun at the beach. Choose a chair that has an umbrella that is adjustable to all dimensions. A changeable umbrella can be modified to fit the space you are going to cover. Umbrellas are a must-have because they protect the skin from sunburns and UV rays that cause skin cancer.

You want maximum comfort so don’t hesitate to get a chair with inbuilt features to increase luxury during a holiday at the beach. Look out for chairs with inbuilt space for resting your book if you are the reading type. The chair should preferably have a place to put a drink rather than putting it on the sand. The added features reduce the burden of carrying a stool a great deal!

Make sure the chair has a movable footrest. Aside from comfort, elevating your legs has other health benefits. The entire body relaxes and tension is eliminated from the mind. For your feet to be stable at a raised position you will require a footrest that can be moved to the desired height. You will be at ease while your feet are in a comfortable position.

It is a vacation or holiday. You want to make a lot out of it. So what are you going to do with the seats and armrest?

Cushions will be exactly what you need to support you while leaning on them for comfort since they are soft and comfy. The armrest should as well have a soft pillow on them so that a user does not get tired putting a hand on a hard armrest.

A chair has to be of high quality to be long-lasting. The condition at the beach is different from that in the house. The chair is exposed to water and waves at the beach. Poor quality metal chairs rust easily. The materials used to make the chair should be resistant to water and rust. They should not be made from materials that rot easily. This can incur extra costs for the user.

When choosing a beach chair to be careful with the materials used to make the legs of the chair. The materials should be long-lasting for instance in case an overweight person sat on the chair knowingly or unintentionally, it should be able to carry the person without breaking. Choose chairs made of strong legs that can carry your weight comfortably. Screeching of a chair due to weak legs could be a nuisance.

Beach chairs should be portable, they have to be carried to and from the beach. They should be foldable because carrying around chairs that cannot be folded tend to be tedious. Also, a strappy chair is easy to carry around, it is folded and carried as a backpack.

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Q: Which Is The Best Beach Chair To Buy?

A: Colman Over sized Quad Chair with Cooler is believed to be the best beach chair to buy so far.

Q: Why Are Beach Chairs So Low To The Ground?

A: They are so low to the ground for better comfort and relaxation. Also, being low to the ground allows you to let water splash up over your legs and to keep your toes in the surf.

Q: What Are Beach Chairs Called?

A: Beach chairs are also known as collapsible chairs or camp chairs.

Q: Can You Take Beach Chairs On A Plane?

A: Yes you can take your beach chairs on a plane just like any other accessories or home appliances so long as it qualifies to pass the weight test and other air-bound qualifications.

How do I clean mold from a beach chair?

Your beach chair should have mold- and mildew-resistant material. However, these are inevitable if you’re regularly using your chair at the beach. You can easily clean the chair using white vinegar, or a solution of water and white vinegar. Allow the solution to sit for a while before washing or wiping it off.

How do I clean rust from a beach chair?

Metal chairs that are continuously exposed to salty sea air are likely to rust. Vinegar is a go-to cleaner here, too. You can also use lime juice to remove light rust on the chair. If the rust is more severe, you may need to apply a new layer of rust-resistant paint to prevent further degradation and protect the chair in the future.

From this list of plus size beach chairs, you are more to find what is best for your outdoor relaxation needs. Each of these chairs has been designed with, among other things, your comfort in mind. Each is unique in some way and such specialty is supposed to set them apart from each other so that you have a quality to choose it over other for. Based on the above-mentioned choosing factors, you should come up with the most suitable chair for whoever it is being bought for.

Beach chairs are a great way for elderly adults to be active in any outdoor environment without having to worry about mobility limitations or balance issues affecting them.

They provide comfort, stability, accessibility and relaxation but only if they are the right fit for that person.

It’s amazing how our bodies change as we age. All of a sudden, we’re not able to do the things that were so easy just ten years ago! A standard beach chair may be great for young adults and children but it can aggravate issues with arthritis or chronic back pain which are more common in an older person.

That’s why you want to make sure that the chair you choose is comfortable not only to sit in but to get in and out of too. It should also offer plenty of support so you can enjoy your time on the beach or the park, etc.

In this post we will explore some of the best beach chairs for elderly adults.

Should a beach chair come with sun protection?

This is a matter of personal preference. Beach chairs are available with sun canopies. However, you can also opt for a chair without sun protection and purchase a beach umbrella or beach tent instead.

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I went to the park the other day with a friend and we saw some older people sitting in folding chairs enjoying their meal. A few minutes later I saw the man struggling to get up from his chair and when he finally did, he put his hands on his back indicating he was in some discomfort.

Now, although it was great that he and his companion were out and about enjoying the beautiful day – it seems silly that he would subject himself to any level of pain and discomfort in order to do that. A better chair would have given him more pleasure.


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Are you planning to go to the beach or to any other relaxing outdoor environment? Every trip to the beach deserves an inclusion of a well-chosen beach chair or more. You need a good quality chair to add to your assortment of accessories that you are planning to use at the beach. It will keep you off sand, allow you to sit in the perfect relaxing position, and let you enjoy life outdoor. This guide presents to you a list of the best beach chairs for big guys. Check it out to see if you can find what best suits your needs and if you can afford it.