Best Beach Chair for Tall Person

Best Beach Chair for Tall Person – Who said that the beautiful warm beach is only for the lightweight and slender? It’s not. Even the big and tall can have a good time on the sandy surface.

Did you know that there are beach chairs for big and tall people? You need such an option to have a good beach camp experience.
Best Beach Chair for Tall Person
Lucky for you, I have 5 of the best-selling beach chairs for big and tall users on this post. I’ll also provide you with a detailed buying guide and answers to the most frequently asked questions about the chairs.

As the last vestiges of summer slip away, it’s time to get in as many beach trips as possible. A beach chair or lounger can make that trip (or just about any outdoor activitythat much more comfortable. So to help you find the best chair for your shoreside excursions, kids’ soccer games, or even stoop hangouts, we’ve rounded up the best beach chairs, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. And if you’re looking for more beach gear, we’ve got roundups of the best beach towels, beach umbrellas, and beach bags too.


1.RIO beach Big Boy 4-Position

Dozens of five-star reviewers appreciate the low price of this beach chair, including one who “bought these to sit on our unfinished roof in NYC during quarantine and bring down to the shore this summer (if that ever happens!).” He continues, “They get the job done for the price — I researched a lot and wanted the cheapest chair that was sturdy and this does the job!” Sitting outside isn’t the only activity they’re good for, either.

One reviewer uses it for gaming, and another sits in the chair while working from home: “I do online telehealth and was looking for something, anything that could help keep me aligned properly so my back didn’t hurt after a few hours. Best decision I made! It’s incredibly comfortable, sturdy and folds up nice to store” she says. Beachgoers also vouch for this chair’s comfort, including one reviewer who describes the chairs as “comfortable enough we fell asleep in them.” Plus, they’re “easy to carry and perfect for sitting in sand and watching the waves.”

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2.GCI Outdoor

Best Beach Chair for Tall PersonIf your tall and heavy, you’re going to love this ‘Big Jumbo’ beach chair by Copa. It has a huge weight capacity of 500 pounds and is built like a tank. Extra wide and extra strong.

Best of all it has a seat height from the ground of 16 inches. Getting out of a 8 inch high beach chair as a heavy person is just about impossible. If not impossible for some people. So having this Copa chair with a double high seat height males getting in and out that much easier.

The extra wide seat on this beach chair is quite impressive. With a width of 23 inches and a depth of 22 inches, most heavy beach goers will be able to find comfort in the Copa. Because it has a high weight capacity, it needs to be reinforced and upon immediate contact with the Copa you can tell this thing was built to last. Reinforced and just looks heavy duty.

The tall backrest has a pillow on it for placing your head against while reclining in one of the positions. The spun polyester material in combination with the pillow and wooden arm rests are quite the comfortable combo. When it comes time to pack away, there is a cutout in the wooden arm which is used as a handle. Makes carrying this heavier beach chair much easier.

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3.Big Jumbo 500 lbs XL

A zero gravity chair is the ultimate height in pure relaxation and comfort. They are not all that common of a site down at the beach, but this may be down to the traditional thinking of what a beach chair is.

A zero gravity chair reclines back so that your body is in the zero gravity position. This is the position astronauts use in a spacecraft simulator. What this does is distributes the body weight evenly and relieves and pressure place on your body. Which basically means pure relaxation. Your knees are typically in  position that is in alignment with your heart.

So if a peaceful and relaxing experience is what you are after from a beach chair, then a zero gravity chair like this one from Caravan Sports is ideal.

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4.ALPS King Kong Chair

You need a unique chair for your weight if you are 500 lbs or higher. I cannot think of a superior endorsement for such a weight than the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair.

The heavy-duty chair comes with an 800 lbs weight limit, which makes it the perfect definition of strength and comfort. Its steel frame construction gives it stability, while its 600D polyester fabric makes it sturdy and durable.

The high duty beach chair comes in different stylish colors like light gray, khaki, and deep sea. It weighs 13 pounds and measures 38 by 20 by 38 inches.

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5.Coleman 2000003082

While combing through the over 5,000 glowing reviews, we saw that reviewers consistently praised the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair for its built-in accessories and overall comfort. “This Coleman chair is worth every penny — it’s comfortable, supportive, sturdy, convenient, and roomy. The cup holder is a common feature, but the cooler that is built into the left arm is unique. It comfortably fits three bottles with two small bags of ice. The side pouch with netting is good for keys, books, phones, sunblock, bug spray, or whatever else you’re carrying with you,” writes one reviewer. A second satisfied customer writes, “This chair is very comfortable. It has not only a cup holder, but a small mesh flap that will hold a cell phone, attached to that another flap for a book and/or magazine, AND on the opposite side, a small cushioned “cooler” pouch that will hold at least two soda cans or water bottles.”

Reviewers also praised the chair for its accommodating size: “These chairs are plenty sturdy and sized for bigger folks. The backrest has a bit of an angle and very comfortable compared to more vertical designs,” writes one reviewer. “My husband and I are both big people, and I needed a chair that would hold us, sitting upright, and not low to the ground, so we can sit comfortably and watch our grandkids’ ball games. These chairs are great, so glad I ordered two!”

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6.ONIVA Chair

“I got one of these for my father and my mother-in-law. These work way better than beach chairs for them because it’s so much easier for them to sit down and get up from. They both have bad knees and hips, so sitting in a low chair on the beach is not very comfortable, and getting up is even worse. In fact, this is the first time I’ve seen my dad sit in a chair on the beach in years,” writes one reviewer. “I’m 300 pounds, and these have held up great.

I have no fear of collapse. I love the height, padded seat and arms, and how they’re easy to get out of.” On top of being easy to get in and out of, reviewers were delighted by the additional add-ons. “Tray table and pockets are well designed and useful. The grandkids arrange them tray-to-tray, side-by-side to eat, play games, etc.” Another reviewer adds, “The pockets on the side and the table make this model highly coveted. It even has an umbrella loop on the back to keep your umbrella secure and your chair in the shade.”

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Why Do Big and Tall People Need Special Beach Chairs?

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If I can rephrase the title question – why should you spend $100 or more on tall beach chairs for big people when there are standard options that go for less?

Well, here are the primary reasons:

  • Greater Comfort – These chairs come heavily-padded, highly-adjustable, and spacious to give you greater comfort.
  • More Stability – You need a chair that can support your weight when you are big and one that matches your height. The chairs on my list are robustly-built to protect you from tumbling, thus more stable.
  • Long-Lasting –Beach chairs for massive and tall users are built from durable materials to last long. Their materials can resist wear and tear as well as weather damage.

Buying Guide for Beach Chairs for Big and Tall People

Now that you know why you need a unique beach chair when you are big and tall, you should also know how to identify such chairs. Here are the properties to consider:

Higher Weight Limit

Best Beach Chair for Tall PersonYou should choose a beach chair that has a higher weight limit than your body weight. In that case, the beach chair will still hold your weight even after adding a few pounds.

For example, it makes sense to go for a 300-pound beach chair if you weigh 250 lbs. But in case you weigh 300 lbs, then go for any other higher limit like a 400-lb capacity beach chair or a 500-lbs option.

Adequately Padded

If you are big and tall, then you have to go for the most comfortable beach chair. One way to ensure that it is the case is to go for adequate padding.

From the headrest and armrest to the back and seat, there should be adequate cushioning. That will allow you to rest on the chair longer without suffering fatigue or body aches.

Strong Build

When it comes to the frame construction, two material choices lead the line; steel and aluminum. While steel is undeniably strong, especially for beach chairs for plus size, it can be slightly weighty.

So, if you want a lightweight beach chair, then you should consider aluminum. It’s reasonably strong and portable.

Remember to check the arms and legs of the chair. They need to be sturdy to support your weight.

You also need to consider the fabric of the sturdy high beach chairs carefully. You want a material that does get torn easily, and this is where polyester is an excellent pick.

Best beach chairs | CNN Underscored

Readily Portable

Even though you expect your beach chair to support your weight, it shouldn’t be heavy itself. You should be able to carry the chair to the beach.
Best Beach Chair for Tall Person
Interestingly, some options even convert into backpacks or come with shoulder straps to allow you to carry them on your back. A perfect example of a tall backpack beach chair on my list is the Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair.

So, what’s the best weight for a portable beach chair for big people? It should be 7-8 pounds depending on the construction materials.

Its size should also allow you to fit the beach chair in your car’s truck.

Multi-Positional (Adjustable)

You need your beach chair to be adjustable and should recline in multiple positions. So, look at its backrest to confirm that it’s flexible. The more it can sprawl, the better it is for you.

The footrest and headrest are other features that need to be readily adjustable. The footrest, for example, should allow you to raise and lower your legs conveniently. The headrest, on the other hand, should allow you to change your head position freely.

High And Wide Seat

It can be strenuous and awkward to rise from a low beach seat when you are big and tall. That’s why you need a high seat. It not only makes it effortless to get up from it, but it also provides you with adequate legroom.

So, how do you identify high seat beach chairs? Look at the ground clearance (ground height) to ensure that it is at least 10 inches.

The other vital consideration for the seat is its width. You need a wider seat to accommodate your big body. Preferably, the seat width should be about 20-25 inches wide.

Easy To Set Up

Your big and tall beach chair should be easy to set up. You shouldn’t have a problem getting it ready for use. Similarly, the disassembly needs to be effortless and quick.

The best beach chairs, as a matter of fact, do not need any special tool or knowledge to set up. You’ll find such examples on my top list.

Convenience features

Best Beach Chairs in 2021 for Every Type of Lounger

Several factors set beach chairs apart from other chairs. So, if you are looking to have a relaxing experience at the beach, you need these convenience features.

They include:

  • Small pouches for keeping small items and books
  • An insulated cooler for keeping your beverages chilled
  • A cup holder for firmly holding your drink
  • Back or shoulder straps for carrying the chair
  • A canopy (shade) or a loop for attaching an umbrella to shelter you against the sun and rain


Beach chairs for huge people come in different budgets. Ideally, more luxurious features attract higher prices. So, do not be discouraged by a higher price quote just because you are looking for a budget buy.

First, check out the features to see if the chair is worth the price the seller is asking. If yes, then you should go ahead and buy it if you can afford it.

Good Warranty

There are reasons why oversized beach chairs come with warranties. From a manufacture’s standing, it shows confidence in the product. As a result, you’ll be investing in an excellent product.

A warranty also improves the chair’s resale value and covers you against abnormal repair costs. Generally, a 1-2 year warranty is okay for beach chairs. So, consider it.

Are you planning to go to the beach or to any other relaxing outdoor environment? Every trip to the beach deserves an inclusion of a well-chosen beach chair or more. You need a good quality chair to add to your assortment of accessories that you are planning to use at the beach. It will keep you off sand, allow you to sit in the perfect relaxing position, and let you enjoy life outdoor. This guide presents to you a list of the best beach chairs for big guys. Check it out to see if you can find what best suits your needs and if you can afford it.

Beach chairs are an important item for anyone planning a vacation at the beach. Most of the chairs are low maybe so that you can feel the water carried by ocean waves sweep over your feet. An appropriate choice of beach chair will ensure an enjoyable stay at the beach. Just like you put a few things in mind when buying climbing tree stand for big guys, you should also do that when it comes to beach chairs. Consider the following factors while choosing a beach chair.

< class="" data-css="tve-u-1700f9cac1e">Availability Of An Umbrella

There is a scorching sun at the beach. Choose a chair that has an umbrella that is adjustable to all dimensions. A changeable umbrella can be modified to fit the space you are going to cover. Umbrellas are a must-have because they protect the skin from sunburns and UV rays that cause skin cancer.

< class="">Accessories Provided

You want maximum comfort so don’t hesitate to get a chair with inbuilt features to increase luxury during a holiday at the beach. Look out for chairs with inbuilt space for resting your book if you are the reading type. The chair should preferably have a place to put a drink rather than putting it on the sand. The added features reduce the burden of carrying a stool a great deal!

< class="" data-css="tve-u-1700f9ca183">Availability Or Type Of Footrest

Make sure the chair has a movable footrest. Aside from comfort, elevating your legs has other health benefits. The entire body relaxes and tension is eliminated from the mind. For your feet to be stable at a raised position you will require a footrest that can be moved to the desired height. You will be at ease while your feet are in a comfortable position.

1. What Should I Look For In The Best Heavy Duty Beach Chairs?

Comfort, sturdy construction, and portability are the key consideration when you are big and tall. But still, things like adjustability, easy setup, and affordability are worth considering. I’ll refer you to my buying guide above for the full list of buying considerations.

2. Where Can I Buy The Best Beach Hair For Big People?

You can find all the above beach chairs on Amazon. Here are the links to the five beach chairs on my list that’ll land you on Amazon:

  • Rio Beach Big Guy Folding 13” High Seat
  • Big Jumbo 500 Lbs XL Aluminum Heavy Duty Beach Chair
  • Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Cooler
  • ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair
  • Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair

3. Which Is The Best Beach Chair For Big And Tall People?

It depends on your weight. If you are below 300 pounds, consider going for the Rio Beach Big Guy Folding 13” High SeatIt’s robust, foldable, and portable.

If you are over 300 lbs but less than 500 lbs, then go for beach chairs for over 300 lbs like the Big Jumbo 500 Lbs XL Aluminum Heavy Duty Beach ChairIt’s quite robust, user-friendly, and convenient for big people.

If you are above 500lbs, then the best pick has to be the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair. It can hold up to 800 pounds.

4. Why Is Aluminum Preferred For Beach Chairs For Heavy Person?

Aluminum is mostly preferred because it’s lightweight to encourage portability, but also strong to support plus size weight. Aluminum is also rust-resistant and comes in attractive colors.

5. How Can I Take Care Of My Beach Chair?

Majorly, it takes proper and regular cleaning to do it. You have to wipe the dirt and stain off after every use.

If the dirt and stain are stubborn, consider using vinegar and baking soda. The mixture is also effective against mildew.

Also, ensure the frame dries appropriately to avoid rusting.

Lounging around the pool or on the beach on a chaise lounge chair is a brilliant way to relax and escape the day to day stress. But as a tall person, it’s no fun having your feet dangle off the end. This is why you need to make sure the length of the chaise is suitable for your height.

I understand the difficulty of being a heavy person, and I also know of the embarrassments that can come with it. Just last summer, I headed down to the beach with my wife while we were on vacation in jamaica and had one of the worst experiences of my life after the beach chair snapped under my weight at the resort. There were hundreds of people watching, and as embarrassing as it was, I only had myself to blame. 

I should’ve known that with my 347 lb body, I couldn’t just use any beach chair. It had to be sturdy, have a high weight capacity, and durable materials that won’t tear. As such, I made a promise that I’ll never let this happen to me again. 

Buying a Better Beach Chair for Summer Vacation

With that mentality, I’ve spent the past six months testing the best plus size beach chairs for heavy people like myself, all in preparation for this summer. After vetting over 40 heavy duty beach chairs, I’ve settled on seven that I’ll share with you in this article. 

If you are similarly big and heavy or want a reliable heavy-duty beach chair, I’m sure you’ll find these options useful in saving you time, money, and from the embarrassing experience I had. 

This beach chaise by Rio Beach is a great fit for tall people for a number of reasons such as:

  1. The sunbed by Rio has a seat height of 14 inches which is taller than most.
  2. The backrest is extra tall measuring 31 inches high from the seat.
  3. Multi position recliner with an adjustable foot rest. Lay completely flat with your feet rested on the foot rest. The foot rest can also be tucked under when using the Rio as a normal beach chair.


Best Beach Chair for Tall Person – Inadequate sized beach chairs are the burden all tall persons face when summer rolls in and it’s time to hit the sand and water. Some of these chairs are ridiculously low that even the fittest of people would struggle to not only sit in them, but pull them selves out without having to use the sand as leverage.

When it comes to finding the best beach chairs for tall people, there’s generally only two requirements. They are; height of seat from ground level and back rest height. With the exception of pool chaise lounge type of chair where lower to the ground is the major design.

The height the seat sits isn’t as relevant when you buy a recliner beach chair as you can lay back and kick those legs out and relax. But on a fixed position chair, it feels like going back in time to sit in a Primary school chair.

So with these simple beach chair requirements I’ve gone out to find the best tall beach chairs on the market. Disclaimer: My taste in chairs may vary from yours. So be patient and scroll down until you see something you like. But rest assured that they are suitable for the big and tall man.