Best Bean Bag Chair for Adults

Best Bean Bag Chair for Adults – When you want to relax at home, the best bean bag chairs for adults are stylish, comfortable, and sturdy. For a cozy bean bag chair that will last, look for one with a shredded memory foam filling and a durable cover that will stand up to repeated use. Shredded memory foam is an especially comfortable filling that’s ideal for adult bodies, since it’s more supportive than other fillings, though you might opt for a more breathable polyurethane (PU) foam for outdoor use in hot weather. Bean bag chairs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so choose the one that offers the structure, versatility, and space that you need.

When it comes to the cover, consider convenience and aesthetics. Look for a machine-washable cover if you think you’ll need it — most fabric covers fit the bill. Shag or microfiber covers are popular since they create a cozy, soft surface that you can curl up in for hours, and the shag can look stylish. If you’re furnishing an outdoor lounge area, you’ll need a water-resistant cover, and the best are a cinch to wipe down when dirty.


1.Big Joe Smartmax

For those after a bean bag that’s made to last, you can’t go past the Smartmax Milano by Big Joe. This sturdy and reliable seat offers resilient wear without sacrificing on comfort.

Move from the bedroom to the living room in an instant, thanks to its handy handle. The covers are double stitched so that it will keep its shape even after years of use. The UltimaX filling contours to your body shape, providing hours of pure support on your joints. Choose from a wide selection of colors that best suit your home decor – you can’t have just one!

If you’re looking for a more classic bean bag chair, we also recommend the Big Joe Milano, which is a bit more budget-friendly. This product has a chair-like design that makes it a comfortable spot to sit and lounge, and our testers gave it a 4.5 or five in terms of comfort. The chair is covered in smooth and durable polyester fabric and comes in a few different colors, and it has a weight capacity of 200 pounds. We tested the navy color and found the color to be consistent with the pictures online.

The Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair impressed our testers, who gave it all fives in terms of materials, size, durability, and value. It’s a top choice for both kids and adults, and the brand even sells refill bags that allow you to re-stuff your chair if it sags over time. Our testers loved that the polyester fabric was incredibly durable, and hair vacuumed off it quite easily. This bean bag would be perfect for homes with both kids and pets.

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2.Sofa Sack Chair

If you want an old school-style bean bag chair that’s actually comfortable, this Sofa Sack bean bag is exactly what you need. The microsuede cover is super soft, with double-stitched seams that make it durable.

Inside, the bean bag is filled with thick, shredded memory foam that contours to your body for a more comfortable seat. The shredded foam is kept inside a liner so it’s easy to remove the machine-washable cover without getting foam everywhere.

The cozy, low-maintenance bean bag has earned an overall rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon, with more than 11,000 reviews and counting! Shoppers have 15 colors to choose from, so you can get this popular bean bag in whichever shade best suits your décor. It also comes in a smaller size if you want to get a matching seat for the kids.

“At first it looked way too small, but if you fluff it up (or kick the crap out of it) the foam pieces inside will break up and expand to fill out the bag. It is comfy to sit in, supports the weight of an adult, doesn’t make a lot of noise (it is foam, not Styrofoam), and doesn’t get hot (fabric breaths nicely, it isn’t like old plastic/vinyl ones from decades ago). I’m going to get another one or two for the living room.”

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3.Comfy Sacks 6 ft Chair

The faux-fur cover on this extra-large bean bag chair from Comfy Sacks makes this one of the coziest seats in the house. The cover is removable and machine washable, so you get that luxurious feel without the added maintenance. The inner liner keeps the shredded memory foam contained so you can remove the cover without making a mess.

With 34 colors to choose from (some of which are covered in microfiber, not faux fur), this low-maintenance, high-quality bean bag is easy to coordinate with the rest of your furniture. It also comes in a number of sizes ranging from 2 feet to 8 feet in diameter (the larger sizes can likely fit more than one adult), or in a more rectangular pillow sack shape.

“This sack is so comfortable – and huge. We love it. Our Golden Retriever does too. Thankfully there is plenty of room for him and an adult. I love how easy the outer bag is to remove, wash, and put back on.”

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4.Cozy Chair

This bean bag chair from Cozy Sack comes in 15 colors and five sizes, including this reasonably-priced 7-foot one, which feels more like a sofa than a chair. It’s ideal for seating more than one adult or acting as a guest bed (or afternoon nap spot). If you want even more seating space, Cozy Sack’s largest size is 8-feet long, though the chair is available in sizes as small as 4 feet long too.

Whichever size you end up choosing, they all come with a removable microsuede cover that’s machine washable and houses finely shredded memory foam in its own separate lining. The fine shred makes the bean bag less likely to get lumpy, and the foam itself is the same kind used in mattresses.

“The Ultra Suede Cover feels great and appears to be very durable, I have washed it 3 times since May 2017 on the Heavy Duty Setting on Both Wash & Dry, I am please with the results and the condition. Being able to keep it clean by having a removable cover is important! […] The foam is soft but firm enough to be supportive. I don’t have the usual aches and pains I get when getting up from my bed […] It truly is gentle on the pressures points.”

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5.Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

The faux-fur cover on this beanbag chair is “luxurious,” “SO soft,” and “like laying on a cloud.” It’s so cozy, in fact, that, “My kids even use it as a bed for sleepovers and fight over it with the dogs. It’s also become the most expensive dog bed in America.” Another reviewer finds it so comfortable to sleep on, “I don’t think I’ll be using my bed for a while lol.” The only downside, according to another reviewer, is that “it literally knocked me out. I was out cold.” Many note that it takes a day or two for the beanbag to expand to its full size, because of the memory-foam, but for one reviewer, the two-day wait was worth it: “This is by far my best purchase ever from Amazon … the kids love it and we as adults do as well.”

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6.CordaRoy’s Chenille Nest Chair

This unique convertible bean bag from CordaRoy’s gives users two pieces of furniture in one. When inside the plush, double-stitched microfiber cover, it’s a bean bag durable enough for adults and perfect for lounging. But when you remove that cover, it folds out into a mattress, stuffed with soft, supportive memory foam. The cover has an extra-long zipper to make it easier to transition from bed to chair as needed. Choose from six colors and three mattress sizes: full, queen, or king.

The convertible aspect makes this chair a great piece for spare bedrooms, family rooms, and unexpected guests. Keep it as a bean bag chair for everyday seating and then unfold it into a bed when you have a guest over, or for late-night movie marathons. If you don’t think you’ll need the mattress feature, you can also opt for a non-convertible version with the same premium memory foam filling and durable, double-stitched cover. “This bean bag is just what I was looking for. I got the queen size after much thought and it was definitely the right size for me. I wanted an oversized bean bag and it’s a perfect fit for me and my fur babies. The mattress is perfect and super easy to fluff out, but it can get a little flat after long sleeping times. At the end of the day I wanted something that was easy to put up and could be left out for additional seating and this is it. I would 100% recommend it.”

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Bean Bag Buying Guide

The Best Bean Bag Chair | March 2022

Bean bags are a great modern addition to your home or office. However, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right kind for your space and use so that it’s practical and won’t wear out faster than it should. Factors to consider include shape, materials, fillings, functionality, size, and zips and stitches.


The size and shape of your beanbag are some of the most significant decisions you’ll need to make. What you choose should suit the purpose you want it for. If you’re looking to augment your living room furniture, then an armchair or L-shaped design will be the best choice. You could also opt for a two-seater bean bag couch if you want to share. However, if it’s for the kids’ playroom, then an easy-to-move pear-shaped one with handles is better. Finally, if it’s for lazing about by the pool or on the terrace, a long reclining style will be ideal.


There’s more to bean bag material choice than just aesthetics. While you do want it to look nice and suit your style and space, it also needs to be practical, so it lasts. The two most common types of fabric are soft polyester and faux leather. The softer polyesters are better suited for indoors, while faux leather can be used outside as well, though you still shouldn’t leave it out in the elements. The latter is also a bit easier to clean, especially if you have kids or pets. However, ideally, you’ll have a design that has an inner and outer layer, where the inner layer holds the beans, and the outer layer can be removed for washing. Finally, for use around wet areas such as the pool, you should always choose a waterproof option for longevity.


You can get various fillings for your bean bag. This includes ground polystyrene foam, shredded foam, expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads, or even buckwheat grains. The most common and popular choice is EPS beads. These are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to move around. Shredded foam is also a great option, though a little more expensive. However, it uses offcuts from furniture manufacturing, so it can be better for the environment. It also mixes well with EPS beads if you want a combination. Natural grains are a less ideal option, as they are heavy, expensive, and can attract pests, while ground polystyrene foam can wear out and go flat quickly.


Like any piece of furniture, if your bean bag doesn’t suit your needs, then it wasn’t an excellent investment. If you want a bean bag that you can work from or use as a couch, then a structured design will be better — bonus points if it comes with a laptop table. However, if all you want to do is lounge around, watch television, read a book or nap, then a laidback, round or oval shape is perfect. The same goes for outdoor use. Chilling by the pool and soaking in the sun is best done on a more bed-shaped design made from waterproof fabric.

Bean Bag Chair Size

Love Sack Bean Bag 180cm,Huge 7ft Bean Bag Bed# - Buy Bean Bag 180,Custom  Bean Bag,Love Sack Bean Bag Product on

What size bean bag chair you pick will depend on the space you have available and how you want to use it. You can get some massive bean bags that act as a sofa for two people or that you can stretch out on to full-length. However, these will take up a lot of room, so you’ll need ample space. Keep in mind that the more structured the piece, the less spread you’ll get when sitting down – they tend to hold their shape better. The size you choose will also dictate how much filling you need to purchase (if it’s not included). A bean bag needs to be filled enough to be practical but not overfilled that you risk it busting open.

Stitches and Zippers

The weakest point on a bean bag will be the stitching and zippers, so you need to make sure they’re good quality. Look for double-stitched seams, as these are less likely to result in a bust out if you sit down too hard. Again, ideally, you’ll have a removable outer layer and inner bag that holds the filling. Both should have good quality stitching and overlocked hems as an extra level of security. Then, when it comes to zippers, they should be concealed under a flap of fabric to prevent damaging or scratching your floors. Zippers on outdoor bags should be strong with wide teeth that are less likely to rust or corrode. The final consideration is that the zipped opening is a good size and position to be practical for removing the outer cover.

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Bean bags are a great piece of multi-purpose furniture and have been featured in homes since the ’70s. This versatile item is an excellent option for kid’s rooms, living rooms, and home cinemas. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they can also add an extra-cool flair to your home.

12 Best Beanbag Chairs 2022 | The Strategist

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Best Bean Bag Chair for Adults – When most people think of bean bag chairs for Adults, they think of a classic rounded one with enough space for one person to sit comfortably. Classic bean bags are great for an all-purpose seating option, but you might want to look for a larger oval-shaped version to fill out a bigger space or seat more than one person. Structured bean bags with reinforced backs and sides that look more like a standard floor seat or recliner can be more comfortable for longer-term sitting, as they provide a little more support. For added versatility, convertible bean bags that can be used as a chair or expanded into a bed are a great choice.

Whether you have kids, want to furnish a fun game room, or just moved into a new apartment and need new (and cheap) furniture fast, a good beanbag chair could probably be for you. And according to thousands of hyperenthusiastic reviewers on Amazon, there are plenty that are comfortable, versatile, and even stylish. We picked the best ones available for you, but if you decide you want something a touch more high-end, we also have roundups of gaming chairs, futons, and inexpensive sofas for you to check out too.