Best Bean Bag Chair for Toddlers

Best Bean Bag Chair for Toddlers – Bean bags come in many different shapes and sizes, with some including back support and others providing enough space for more than one person. We looked carefully over value, design, material, ease of cleaning, and age recommendations when reviewing products.

Whether you’re family is spending more time at home or you want to spruce up your living room, playroom, or kids’ rooms, adding some comfortable and versatile seating is something your whole family can benefit from. Bean bag chairs come in all different sizes, shapes, and price points, so everyone in the family can enjoy them depending on the style you choose.

Remember when bean bag chairs were all the rage? Well, friends, they’re making a major comeback—namely because their modern incarnation bears no resemblance to the crunchy, uncomfortable bean bag sack of yore. In fact, the new and improved chairs on the market offer all the comfort and coziness of a well-loved couch (hello, memory foam) for a fraction of the cost. Plus, their low-profile—in terms of both style and actual height off the ground— makes them particularly appropriate for kids of all ages. Don’t take our word for it, though. Here, find our roundup of the best bean bag chairs for kids and teens—from waterproof and washable, to patterned and plush—that will make a believer out of you and your brood.


1.Yogibo Chair

The Yogibo Max isn’t your average bean bag chair. It’s 72 inches long and 24 inches tall, allowing it to be used as a chair, recliner, bed, or even a couch, and it conforms to your body to eliminate pressure points. Both of our testers rated it as a five out of five in terms of comfort, noting that they loved the versatility of the chair.

The Yogibo Max comes in more than a dozen color options, and its washable cover is made from a comfy cotton-spandex blend. In our testing, we liked its oversized form, which can accommodate up to four people at a time, and we found that it does a great job cradling your body to keep you comfortable in any position. The Yogibo Max is one of the larger bean bags on this list, but our testers found that it was light enough to move around with ease and required only one person to move from one location to another.

Although the Yogibo scored just below the Sofa Sack Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair, we deemed it our Best Overall winner because of its versatile design and larger size. When the Yogibo was laid flat on the ground, multiple testers could sit side-by-side comfortably.

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2.Sofa Sack – Plush

The Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair looks like a classic bean bag, but it’s actually filled with memory foam stuffing that makes it cozy and comfortable to sit in. (The foam filling also prevents a huge mess if the bag ever breaks.) Our testers liked the bag’s clean and structured appearance, which they said would look good in a living space. It has a microsuede cover that comes in a variety of colors, and there are several sizes to choose from, as well, including 2- and 3-foot options. We tested the 3-foot option and found it to be a great size for one adult.

Our testers gave the Sofa Sack a four out of five in terms of comfort, and a five for its overall size. They did note that the chair could be made from higher-quality material, as it didn’t seem quite as durable as other products we tested. When hair and cheerios were scattered over the bean bag, it took several passes for the hair to be sucked up by a handheld vacuum. If you have a household with pets, this is worth noting.

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3.Big Joe Milano Chair

If you’re looking for a more classic bean bag chair, we also recommend the Big Joe Milano, which is a bit more budget-friendly. This product has a chair-like design that makes it a comfortable spot to sit and lounge, and our testers gave it a 4.5 or five in terms of comfort. The chair is covered in smooth and durable polyester fabric and comes in a few different colors, and it has a weight capacity of 200 pounds. We tested the navy color and found the color to be consistent with the pictures online.

The Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair impressed our testers, who gave it all fives in terms of materials, size, durability, and value. It’s a top choice for both kids and adults, and the brand even sells refill bags that allow you to re-stuff your chair if it sags over time. Our testers loved that the polyester fabric was incredibly durable, and hair vacuumed off it quite easily. This bean bag would be perfect for homes with both kids and pets.

Pros & Cons

4.Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

This beanbag chair has over 8,800 five-star reviews, and nearly 700 reviewers specifically call it “comfortable.” One reviewer, who bought it for her “chick cave,” says, “The memory foam pieces make this the most comfortable seat I could have asked for.” The only downside is that her pets seem to agree. Based on how often they take it from her, she says it’s probably “the most comfy dog bed ever” and that she might have to get another so that they can each have their own. Another reviewer recommends this beanbag chair to “any human or dog or cat or gerbil who enjoys soft, delicious relaxation in a blue puddle of joy.”

She personally has never felt more comfortable and even thanks “capitalism” for “this glorious gift you have granted upon me and my roommates.” Reviewers note the beanbag takes about 24 hours after being removed from its packaging to fluff up completely. But once that’s happened, one reviewer says it’s “big enough for a cozy couple.” And, they add, “if it loses its shape, all you need to do is flip it around or use it as a punching bag. I’ve had this thing for a couple of years now, and it is still in great condition.”

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Another top choice for kids is the Ultimate Sack 3000—the smallest Ultimate Sack size available that’s around 3-feet in diameter. It comes in a wide range of colors with either suede or faux fur fabric, and in testing, we loved the soft, silky feel of the suede material, scoring it as a five out of five. These bean bag chairs are filled with shredded polyurethane foam instead of traditional beans, and while it’s certainly comfy to sit in, the material doesn’t offer as much support as other chairs and feels somewhat clumpy in spots.

One of the reasons the Ultimate Sack is great for kids is because it’s easy to clean. Our testers found that the chair was easy to vacuum and didn’t even get static-y, and the cover can also be machine washed. The bean bag does need to be fluffed up after use to retain its shape, but we like that it comes with a 10-year warranty—a much longer period than most brands offer.

Pros & Cons

6.Moon Pod Chair

These high-tech, luxury bean bag chairs aren’t specifically designed for kids, but that’s not such a bad thing. (Spoiler alert: You’ll definitely want to seek some R&R in this plush seat when your kid isn’t around.) As for its claim to fame, the Moon Pod is so comfy, it actually makes you feel like you’re floating in space.

Yep, the weightless sensory experience this chair provides is truly unique—and the combination of zero-gravity technology and ample back support has earned this product rave reviews as an ideal spot to meditate, read and ready your body for bedtime. In other words, if you invest in one of these bad boys, it may just help your restless, sleep-resistant kid get to bed without a struggle…and if not, it will certainly be kind to your aching back.

Pros & Cons

What to Look for When Buying Beanbag Chairs for Kids

Choosing a bean bag for your child can turn out to be more complicated than choosing one for yourself because we often care more about the quality of the products that our children use more than we care about our own. With safety in mind, it’s important to pick products that our children can be around, so let’s take a look at some of the features to look out for:

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  • One of the most important things when buying stuff for our little ones is knowing that they are safe to use. Children are always out and about exploring the world, so putting different objects in their mouth comes pretty naturally. You don’t want them choking on anything, and bean bag filling does represent a choking hazard if exposed in the hands of a two year-old. That means that you want to invest only in quality bean bags, with strong seams and protective layers that stand between the child and the fill. Also, inspect the bean bags daily to check for torn parts.
  • The material that’s used to make the cover of a bean bag for children should be easy to clean. Spilling seems to be some sort of a sport for the little humans, so if you find yourself scrubbing faux fur covers on a weekly basis, you’ll pretty much end up wanting to throw the chair out. So with something like leather or faux leather, even outdoor fabrics that are water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Make sure you pick a chair that’s of an appropriate size. When you pick a bean bag chair that’s too large, your child might find it uncomfortable to sit on it or even stand up. There are plenty of bean bags out there that have sizes appropriate for children, so take a look into those models.

Materials to Consider

The cover of the bean bag you want to buy is going to determine a lot of things about the product in question, from how easy or difficult it is to clean, to how cheap or expensive the product is going to be. Let’s take a look at the main materials that are used to make bean bag covers:

  • Cotton is one of the most common fabrics used in the clothing and bedding industry, but did you know that you can also find bean bags made with cotton covers? Cotton is preferred to other fabrics because of its price-to-quality ratio. It’s quite affordable, breathable, and feels very soft against the skin. This makes it one of the top cover choices for kid’s bean bag chairs. However, unless the cover can be unzipped and cleaned in the washing machine, it’s going to be a hassle to remove stains, as the fabric isn’t stain-resistant, absorbs moisture pretty well (and that includes apple juice spills), and takes a long time to dry.
  • Leather is a pretty common material in the furniture industry, especially for making couches and armchairs. Today, leather is also used to make bean bags, and some pretty quality ones, might I add. Even if it tends to be more expensive, leather is resilient and very easy to clean, so if you’re willing to spare some extra money and invest in a higher quality bean bag, leather is a good choice.
  • Faux leather bean bag chairs are basically the cheap alternative to leather models. This artificial leather is made from polyurethane or PVC, which makes it waterproof and flexible. However, it doesn’t have the same durability as genuine leather, so you pretty much get what you pay for. Might still be a worthy purchase if you’re sure your child will grow out of the bean bag-loving phase before the chair gets torn apart.
  • Microsuede is another highly common fabric used to make bean bag chair covers, and there are plenty of benefits to choosing one. It has a unique feel to it and is available in a wide variety of colors. The fabric can be described as a type of leather that comes with a fuzzy finish, which makes it soft to the touch and comfortable to use. Microsuede is a fabric that’s difficult to clean, so you might want to think twice before buying a microsuede bean bag chair for your child.
  • Polyester chairs are one of the best investments because they are inexpensive, easy to clean, and quite durable. Granted, they are not the most eco-friendly option on the market, but they tend to be water-resistant and available in a bunch of different colors. Plus, if you suspect your child won’t be that careful around their bean-bag chair, a budget-friendly option such as polyester might be the right choice.

Bean Bag Chairs & Child Safety

Of course that buying a bean bag chair needs to take into consideration aspects such as budget, cover material, inner fill quality, durability, and others, but since we’re talking about a product used by your children, we’re pretty sure that nothing is more important than safety. So, we thought that the wisest thing to do is talk a little bit about bean bag chair safety:

  • Since one of the greatest hazards when it comes to children and bean bags is having them choke on the pellets and beads that make up the fill. In order to prevent this from happening, quality products come with interior liners that hold the fill, plus childproof zippers with safety locks, so that the little ones can’t gain access to the fill all that easy.
  • It is also important that you only let your children sit on a bean bag when they are old enough to support their own weight and move around. If you put a baby on a bean bag chair, they will sink into the surface too deep, and they might even turn around facing the chair and end up suffocating because they can’t rely on their own strength to get back into position.
  • Those of you that live in the US might have already heard about the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is the one responsible with regulating flammability for different types of fabric. This institution varies from country to country, but it surely exists in yours too, whatever it’s called. However, it is the duty of the consumer to make sure that there is no open fire around the bean bag chair. You can do this by opting for chairs that are made from less flammable materials. Two such examples are chairs that have polyester and nylon fabrics. Instead of bursting into flames, these materials will melt under extreme temperatures, shrinking due to the heat. Fabrics of lower density are more likely to catch on fire. The filling of a bean bag chair for kids should also be checked for fire safety. Expanded polystyrene (which is EPS for short) is pretty safe, since it takes more than 200° C to burn it.

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From little toddlers to older teens, beanbag chairs can be a great seat alternative for your whole crew. When finding the right one for your kiddos, you want to purchase the right size for their age. Smaller options are easier for toddlers to climb onto while the bigger, fluffier options are great for teens that want to sink into a cloud of lounging comfort.

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Some chairs are less structured, designed for supreme lounging and relaxing, while others are firmer and resemble chairs. Depending on what you want to use your beanbag chair for, you’ll want to choose a structure that suits your needs.

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Consider your lifestyle: You may need a chair that can hold up against a rambunctious group of kiddos. This could mean choosing a chair with a durable polyester shell or going for a plush chair with a removable, machine-washable cover.

< id="mntl-sc-block_3-0-8" class="comp mntl-sc-block litho-sc-block commerce-sc-block-subheading--lifestyle commerce-sc-block-subheading mntl-sc-block-subheading">Filling

Most bean bag chairs are filled with polystyrene, which is like a dense styrofoam-like pellet. The small pellets are lightweight and easily shift for the sake of comfort but can become compressed over time. Another increasingly popular filling is shredded foam. This bean bag filling offers a more contouring and supportive option.

< id="mntl-sc-block_3-0-10" class="comp mntl-sc-block litho-sc-block commerce-sc-block-subheading--lifestyle commerce-sc-block-subheading mntl-sc-block-subheading">Cover material

The cover material of a bean bag chair has a big impact on the aesthetics and comfort of the chair. A wide variety of cover materials are popular, ranging from stretchy knit fabrics that are easy to remove and wash to upscale leather or suede covers. Microfiber or shag covers make a cozy spot to curl up while canvas covers are durable enough for outdoor use. Covers are available in a wide range of colors and materials, so prioritize your search based on the care requirements you need and the look you want for your bean bag chair.

< id="mntl-sc-block_3-0-12" class="comp mntl-sc-block litho-sc-block commerce-sc-block-subheading--lifestyle commerce-sc-block-subheading mntl-sc-block-subheading">Support

The amount of support offered by a bean bag chair will vary, largely depending on the filling. Polystyrene beads offer the least support, as they easily shift when compressed. Bean bags with shredded memory foam offer the most support, with many conforming to the contours of your body. However, they will require regular rotation and fluffing to maintain a full appearance.

Choosing a bean bag chair for your child can be a very daunting task. Unlike many adult bean bag chairs, bean bag chairs for children come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, comfort, and functionality. You have all of these choices. And, if you have a picky child as I do, the more choices available, the harder it is to pick the right chair. Here is some guidance in what to look for when picking the perfect chair for your child.

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< id="First_Step">First Step

The first thing you should look for in the comfort of the chair and the look of the chair. Your child is going to want a chair that is comfortable but also goes along with their style. If your child is going to be sitting in the chair a lot, you will want one that has back support and, maybe, armrests. If your child moves around a lot and is squirmy, you will want a more circular chair so that they don’t lose their balance.
< id="Second_Step">Second Step

The second thing to look for is the sturdiness and durability of the chair and the fabric. You want a fabric that is easy to spot clean or throw in the washing machine. Your child is going to be spending time on this chair watching TV, playing video games, using it as an opponent in an Ultimate World Wresting match… You want a chair that can stand up to being tossed around like a, well, bean bag. The material should be strong and the stitching should be durable.
< id="Third_Step">Third Step

The third thing to look for is the safety of the fabric and the bean bag, itself. Check the material that the cover is made from. Is it hypoallergenic? Does it have an itchy material that will cause irritations? Check that the seams. Will the filling come out? If it does, will your child choke on the filling? Where is the zipper located?
< id="Fourth_Step">Fourth Step

The fourth thing you should look at is the size of the chair. Is it small or large enough for your child? Is it too big or too small for the room you will keep it in for most of the time? Luckily, there are bean bag chairs for kids of a variety of sizes. The ideals size of chairs for toddlers is a chair with a circumference in the range of 110-120 inches. If your child is a teen, you will want a chair in the range of 140 – 150 inch circumference.
< id="Final_Step">Final Step

The final thing you should look for when picking out a bean bag chair is the prints and colors. Choose a color that your child will love. Many children love chairs that are bright and colorful instead of pale and bland. Your child might even like a print or a specific shape.
< id="How_safe_are_bean_bag_chairs_for_toddlers">How safe are bean bag chairs for toddlers?

As with any product, there is a caution aspect. Bean bag chairs don’t have sharp edges or hard parts are a very versatile place for kids to sit, play, and roll around. BUT, toddlers should not be left unattended when sitting on a bean bag chair. Toddlers are small and have limited muscle capability. If the toddler is wrestling with the bean bag chair, the chair could land on top of their mouths. This could be a potentially dangerous situation.
< id="Why_do_bean_bag_chairs_cost_so_much">Why do bean bag chairs cost so much?

Some bean bag chairs cost a lot due to the type of fabric used to make the chair cover. Nylon is a fabric that can be placed both indoors and outdoors. It has strong fibers that last longer. Silk and suede fabrics are exquisite looking but cost quite a bit. Polyester is a fabric that is durable, waterproof, and less costly. You also have to take into consideration the size, filling, and design features. The larger the size, the more it costs. There are different filling options. Memory foam costs more than beads. Finally, consider the brand. If the chair is made by a high-end company, the cost will be higher.
< id="Are_bean_bag_chairs_worth_the_time_and_money">Are bean bag chairs worth the time and money?

The short answer is: yes.  They provide additional seating. Some provide additional storage space. Most bean bag chairs are light and soft, making a great seating option for your child and they won’t ruin the floor.

How do I keep a beanbag chair clean?

If you’re concerned about the upkeep of a beanbag chair, check what the manufacturer recommends before purchasing. Most will state how to properly wash the chair so you don’t cause any damage and can use the beanbag chair for a long time. 

Many beanbag chairs come with covers, which are typically machine-washable, so you can throw it in with your clothes or by itself on a gentle cycle. The actual chair will need to be spot cleaned per the manufacturer’s instructions. When in doubt, check the beanbag chair’s tag for additional information to ensure you’re cleaning it properly.

10 Best Bean Bag Chairs for Kids To Sink In Comfortably

Can my child use a beanbag chair instead of a traditional chair with a back?

If your child wants to occasionally use their beanbag chair instead of a traditional chair, there’s no harm in that. However, it’s all about moderation, as too much time in a beanbag may cause back pain due to the lack of back support.

While there are beanbags on the market that provide back support, many don’t, especially for the upper back. It all depends on the chair your child has. For healthy back support, your child should use a traditional chair instead of a beanbag most of the time. This will promote good posture, which leads to a decrease in body aches and pains, strain on the spine, and more.


Best Bean Bag Chair for Toddlers – Whether you have kids, want to furnish a fun game room, or just moved into a new apartment and need new (and cheap) furniture fast, a good beanbag chair could probably be for you. And according to thousands of hyperenthusiastic reviewers on Amazon, there are plenty that are comfortable, versatile, and even stylish.

We picked the best ones available for you, but if you decide you want something a touch more high-end, we also have roundups of gaming chairs, futons, and inexpensive sofas for you to check out too.