Best Budget Gaming Chair for Big Guys

Best Budget Gaming Chair for Big Guys – As a big and tall gamer, you might not be able to buy the average gaming chair, but that hardly means you have no options. The 13 chairs we showcased in this article prove that no matter your budget, you can find an amazing gaming chair that’s comfortable, ergonomic, and sure to win you some cred among your gaming buddies.

The hunt for a gaming chair is intimidating. There is an insane amount to choose from with loads of features, and you oftentimes can’t test them before shelling out hundreds on the new seat. Adding to the pressure are many gaming chairs seem like they can do the job for big and tall gamers, but the reality is a lot are built for those with more average sizes. That means those options won’t offer as much seat space, as much support, and as tall a backrest. Finding something that’s properly large enough and provides ergonomic support will make a huge difference for you in long-term comfort and also help avoid potential strains.

We’ve rounded up a great selection of chairs that don’t come up short (literally) when it comes to giving big and tall gamers a comfy place to rest their bones. With these options, you’ll find wider seats, tall backs, and higher load capacities. Plus, you won’t miss out on the classic gaming chair style or other common features, like 4D armrests or lumbar support.


1.Furmax High-Back Chair

Let’s get started with the Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair. This chair, which can hold 300 pounds max, comes with a seat you can adjust between 16.5 inches and 22 inches. The chair itself is 20.7 inches deep and 20.7 inches wide with a backrest that’s 33 inches deep and 20.7 inches wide. That ought to give you plenty of room to sit back and contemplate your next strategy between rounds.

Tilt this racing style chair forward so you never miss a second of the action, or tilt it back when you need to relax thanks to awesome tilt-lock adjustments. The recline angle adjuster can even alleviate pressure so you’re ready to get back into the game. Other cool features are anti-scratch casters, backwards movement between 90 and 180 degrees, and swiveling all 360 degrees.

Not only does the carbon fiber leather exterior with a high-density sponge interior fit the tastes of many gamers, but it improves lumbar support as well. That makes the Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair a viable pick.

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2.GTRACING Gaming Chair

Should you need more support from a gaming chair than one that can hold 300 pounds, don’t fret. GTRACING’s Gaming Chair is a great fit for big and tall gamers. Its wide design is conscious of its users, preventing you from ever feeling squished. That goes for whether you use this chair for gaming and even activities like studying and getting some work done.

The chair measures 47.5 inches to 52 inches tall depending on where you set it. Its width is 22.5 inches and its length 26.5 inches. The exterior is covered in PU leather that has a smooth, slick appearance sure to add to your aesthetic when you stream. Of course, this chair is about more than just looks. It also features pillows at both the headrest and back for better support (these cushions come off), padding at the cushions, nylon casters that roll quietly, and a heavy metal base.

Swivel all 360 degrees so you can move freely if you have multiple monitors as part of your gaming setup. The chair reclines between 90 to 170 degrees for a more rigid or relaxed setup per your preferences. You can also move the armrests up or down for a height that feels comfortable for your arms as you play your way to victory. This customized fit will make GTRACING’s Gaming Chair truly your own.

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3.DXRacer Tank Series

First up on our list the DXRacer Tank Series Gaming Chairs. DXRacer is one of the more popular office and gaming chair manufacturers, known for their high quality and well-engineered products. The Tank series of large gaming chairs are specifically designed to be bigger for those that might need, or want, it.

The first thing that stands out about this chair is its size. The chair stands over 53 inches from the ground and is over 30 inches at the widest part of the seat. This makes the chair a good deal heavier than normal (about 65 pounds) but large enough for tall and wide gamers. The seating offers an impressive amount of cushion and two gas cylinder hydraulics which is slated to support up to 450 pounds.

The chair has a strong aluminum frame that runs up the back. The metal frame makes the chair much more stable but can take away some comfort if you are used to softer chairs.

A negative consequence of the frame is that you can’t tilt and lock the chair in a reclining position. The armrests are also fixed in place, which is especially annoying for taller gamers who are more likely to need some adjustments; honestly, at this price point, that’s the least they could do. While this DXRacer is rather pricey, it’s also durable, so it will last you for a while. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 24-month warranty on parts.

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4.KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

The KILLABEE Big and Tall is an impressive wide gaming chair, standing almost 53 inches tall and weighing almost 60 pounds. The alloy frame is very tough and the ultra-thick seat bed is made out of springy memory foam that, over time, adapts to the shape of your butt and hips. It even includes two adjustable pillows for lumbar and neck support.

Like the Ficmax, the KILLABEE has a USB powered massage device built into the lumbar support pillow and an retractable footrest. It has a very wide back which is good for those with broad shoulders, though the seat bed might be too wide to be comfortable for some.

The armrests are adjustable, but they don’t have a switch so you might find yourself accidentally shifting them while moving around in the chair. We don’t really understand why this is part of the chair’s design– it’s probably one of the chair’s biggest drawbacks.

The chair also does not have much vertical adjustability; I guess in that way it does way more for the “Big” part of their target audience than their “Tall” part. It does has a wide recline range, but again, for bigger bodies, this may mean more potential fault points in the frame.

The memory foam seat is very soft, but the PU leather gets dirty easily, which can make the seat feel tacky and sticky. Luckily, it can be washed with most normal cleaning solutions, and nothing special is required.

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5.Vertagear VG-PL6000_BL

The VERTAGEAR P line of heavy-duty gaming chairs is built to last, the PL 6000 included. The heavy duty frame/base is made of a reinforced steel alloy and is rated for a max capacity of 440 pounds.

The PVC leather seat of the VERTAGEAR is perforated with holes that let the chair breathe and keep your butt cool. While the same can’t be said of the PU leather back, it’s not unique on this list when it comes to PU leather backs.

It somewhat lacks in vertical adjustability but the arms are adjustable in 4 directions, which is a huge win in terms of ergonomics and comfortability. Unfortunately, the back seat is not reclinable, but it does flex a bit so you can at least lean back a small amount.

Although it’s a little more expensive than the other gaming chairs we’ve covered thus far, Vertagear’s P-Line PL6000 gaming chair is still a pick worth seriously considering. This extra-large chair is made for gamers between five feet, nine inches and six feet, eight inches tall and 350 pounds max.

Featuring Vertagear’s own Slide-in design, installation shouldn’t take too long. That means you can get back to gaming faster. Once again, memory foam lumbar and neck support cushions are featured so you don’t get up with an achy back after a hard day of gaming. The lumbar backrest measures 20.5 inches wide while the seat is 19 inches deep and 21.7 inches wide.

Although the chair is only rated to hold 350 pounds, the entire thing can withstand weight of up to 440 pounds. Its base, which Vertagear says is five stars, is made of a weighty aluminum alloy. You can also adjust the chair in up to four different directions, with contouring and cushioning made for a comfy experience the entire time. Vertagear’s P-Line gaming chair is coated in faux PUC synthetic leather with high-resiliency foam beneath. Penta RS1 casters, each three inches, have a polyurethane finish so they can glide over hard floors and carpeting with ease.

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6.AKRacing Masters Series

The AKRacing brand was involved in race car manufacturing back in 2001, which alone might give you a reason to consider their Masters Series Max Gaming Chair. Each chair is produced in AKRacing’s facility. That’s how you get such features as the Rock It & Lock It, which promotes rocking tension that you can adjust to your liking. Once you find a setting that works, you can lock it in place so the chair doesn’t change angles on you.

The aluminum base is molded and boasts great tensile strength. According to AKRacing, compared to steel, you get 10 times the strength with aluminum. The PU caster wheels are attached to the base, and each measure 2.5 inches. Gas lifts come heavy-duty and customized to support the adjustments of this chair, which has a max weight of 400 pounds.

One of the AKRacing gaming chair’s biggest features by far is the width of the seat, which is designed for big and tall gamers looking for space and comfort. Should you need to make some adjustments to your chair when it arrives, it’s very simple to do so. The chair reclines 180 degrees while the armrests can go back and forth as well as down or up via sliding. AKRacing’s Masters Series Max Gaming Chair comes with a PU leather exterior.

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What To Look For In A Chair For Big Gamers

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Before you buy a gaming chair, there are actually several things you want to keep on eye out for. Thankfully, unlike most computer related products, they are pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean they’re less of a pain to keep track of when searching through a bunch of different chairs.

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Capacity

The most important thing to check out is the maximum weight capacity for chairs. Most gaming chairs top out at 250 pounds. This, along with the chairs being shorter and narrower, makes them less fit for larger gamers.

In contrast, most plus-sized gaming chairs can support in excess of 300 pounds. Some of the better gaming chairs on our list can even support up into the 400 pound range. We recommend getting a chair whose weight limit is about 50 pounds more than your average weight.

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Adjustability

Gaming chairs are normally prized for their adjustability. However, for big gamers this can be somewhat of a double-edged sword. In particular, chairs that allow you to lean back can compromise the structural integrity of the chair.

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Width And Height

The main reason why big gamers need particular chairs aside from a higher weight capacity is that many normal chairs are just too narrow or short to comfortably fit your frame. That’s why chairs for big gamers are normally larger than average, featuring a wider seat and a taller/wider back.

While all of the chairs on this list are extra tall and extra wide, they aren’t uniform. Some are taller, others are shorter. Some are wider, others are narrower. If you’re uncertain at any point, then it is probably best to double check.

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Durability

Lastly, bigger gamers need a chair that can handle more stress than normal chairs. The best heavy duty gaming chairs typically have an interior metallic frame which keeps the chair’s shape and gives it the ruggedness it needs to withstand the test of time. Unfortunately, this also means heavy-duty gaming chairs are heavy.

Make sure you check product reviews so you can get something that will last. Just because something is made with metal doesn’t mean it actually had a good design. For instance, many companies like to go cheap on the casters despite them being the component that holds the entire chair up.

Testing the products we recommend is a huge part of the overall selection process in our best of guides. It’s a way to make sure what we recommend is, without a doubt, the best option in its specific category.

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To be sure a product is “the best,” it must show excellent performance in our tests, and display better qualities and features than the competition it faces.

Most of the products we recommend here at WePC have gone through a strict testing process that involves everything from the price and performance, to build quality, efficiency, and aesthetics. Each product is pushed to the limit to see how it performs under intense stress to make sure it warrants our coveted top spot.

Doing this enables us to provide you with the most accurate review of how the product performs and, ultimately, whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Obviously, a bigger guy is gonna want to shop for something that will handle his weight and still feel sturdy and comfortable.

To do this, you’ll want a chair with a capacity at least 25 lbs higher than your own weight, preferably higher. The closer you come to a chair’s weight capacity, the more you’ll strain the chair and the less stable it will feel.

Buying a chair while maxing out or exceeding its capacity will degrade it much more quickly than it would otherwise. Chances are if you’re spending a couple hundred bucks on a chair, you want it to last for years into the foreseeable future.

Height Capacity is another important consideration. You don’t want to lean back in a chair only to feel it digging into the middle of your spine, and this is an unfortunately common experience for taller people trying to get comfortable.

Additionally, while you don’t necessarily need a full back on your chair, having one will offer a much higher level of comfort than anything else can offer. By supporting your neck and your head in addition to your back, you can recline completely and relax in a way that most office chairs simply don’t allow.

Materials and features are also worth considering.

Materials like leather and PU vinyl will feel amazing to rest on, and most of the chairs on this list come with high-quality materials like those to enhance your seating experience.

Features, meanwhile, can include things like additional adjustment options, or cushioning for your head/back. Chairs that go out of their way to make sure you feel completely comfortable reclining in them are a priceless joy.

How to Properly Measure Chair Seat Size for your Body

As a large user, there is nothing more important in a gaming chair than the size of the chair’s seat for long term comfort. Too small a seat, and you’ll feel constantly constricted; too big, and it’s like putting a kid in an adult chair, with your thighs cut off and entire bottom mis-aligning with the contours of the seat.

Here is how to determine the ideal seat dimensions in a gaming chair for your body.

Step 1: Sit down in your existing office chair (or even just a kitchen chair) in an upright position, your back flush against the backrest. Assume a relaxed position, with your thighs slightly apart.

Step 2: Calculate the ideal chair seat depth for your body. Using a measuring tape, get the vertical distance from your tailbone to the end of your inner thighs. Then subtract 1-2 inches to derive the ideal seat depth for your body, where when you sit flush against the backrest of the chair, there is a small gap at the edge of the seat to promote blood circulation in your inner thighs and legs.

Step 3: Calculate the ideal chair seat width for your body. Still sitting upright and with your thighs slightly open, measure the horizontal distance across your thighs just before they drop off the seat’s edge (Assume ideal seat depth, or 1-2 inches before end of inner thighs). Then, add 2 inches to derive the ideal seat width for your body, where when you sit upright with relaxed slightly open thighs, there is still around 1 inch of clearance on either sides of the seat for wiggle room.

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Step 4: With these measurements in hand, look up the dimensions of your desired gaming chair to see if the seat will fit you well. For the chair’s width, make sure it refers to the width without the side bolsters (wings), which are common on many gaming chairs:

What to consider when a big guy buys a gaming chair?

Make sure that the chair supports your weight and then some. See the maximum weight capacity as we’ve listed for each chair, and then also see if the chair fits your size by clicking the “read more specs” button.

How long should big guys sit on a gaming chair?

You probably already know the answer. Not for long. Try to move around every once in a while and keep yourself active even when sitting on your chair. Take some water every few minutes so you have to go pee regularly, which will force you to leave the chair and somewhat be active throughout your sitting sessions.

Does a gaming chair make sense for big guys?

Why not? Big guys usually need the chair the most, honestly. So a gaming chair perfectly makes sense for anyone, especially if you’re a big guy who’s a big overweight or just taller or healthier than an average person.

How long will a gaming chair last for a big guy?

If you, as a big guy, get a gaming chair that does support your weight and still has some more weight capacity, it should last you like any other normal chair that’s for smaller guys. But if you don’t get a chair that supports your weight, then the chair will probably last shorter than it’s expected lifespan.

If you’re on the large side for a gamer, you’re not going to want to run out and just pick whatever chair everyone else is getting. If you’ve ever felt the minor discomfort of sitting in a chair that was clearly built for smaller people, you’ll quickly discover that a lot of that is exacerbated by the racing style of gamer chairs.

There are a lot of design elements to racing-style chairs that can get very uncomfortable if it’s too small for you, and some may not be obvious right away when you just test one out briefly. So let’s take a look at specific things you should look for to make sure you’re getting a chair that’s going to work for you.

One of the first and easiest things to make sure you’re getting is a strong enough chair. Check the max load capacity to ensure it’s strong enough to hold you up. It’s a good idea to get one that offers a bit of a buffer so the chair’s not always operating near its limit.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re getting a wide enough seat. Many racing chairs have bucket seats that have lightly padded metal bolsters at either side. If that seat is too narrow, the bolsters are going to dig into your thighs and hips. That can either be immediately uncomfortable or it can wear on you over time, as we’ve discovered during many long workdays testing these types of chairs out. Checking to ensure that a chair’s listed width doesn’t include those bolsters is essential (don’t worry, we’ve looked out for that on the chairs in this list). Better still, you can find some big and tall gaming chairs that don’t have these bolsters, and that’s a good sign the chair maker knows who they’re building for.

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Mind your height as well. Your vertical adjustments are going to play a big part in your comfort as well as your ergonomics. You’re going to want to ensure the seat is deep enough to come close to the backs of your knees (without pressing into them), tall enough to let your lower legs drop straight to the floor while still touching it, and with a long enough backrest to support your spine. A short backrest may seem like a small problem at first, but if the lumbar and neck pillows as well as the curves of the seatback don’t line up with the curve of your spine and shoulder it will impact your posture.

If you want to ensure you’re going to get good ergonomics, you may want to also check that the height range from the floor to the top of the armrests overlaps with the height of your desk, as this keeps your arms level with your mouse and keyboard. This is less of a concern if you’re playing with a controller, though.


Best Budget Gaming Chair for Big Guys – Let’s face it: most gaming chairs out there aren’t made for big guys. Fortunately, the five we’ve found have been specifically designed for that exact person. In the following guide, we’ll help you determine the best gaming chair for your needs, whether wide, tall or both.

If you’re out trying to find the best gaming chair for big guys, congratulations: you’ve reached the end of the road. Where other articles will list a dozen options without explaining the important factors of each one – with a few simply listing a couple of DXRacer chairs and being done with.

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that we didn’t do that. We ensure that, by the end of the article, you’ll know exactly what chair best suits your needs and why. We dove deep into the details, specifications, and user reviews of dozens of gaming chairs on the market, making sure the five we recommend truly are the best for your gaming needs.