Best Camping Chair for Big Guys

Best Camping Chair for Big Guys – Sitting on a camp chair beside a campfire after a long day of hiking can completely wipe your tiredness. Although hiking is one of the things to enjoy with your group of friends, sitting with your friends and enjoying the view of stars in the chilling wind of the forest and seeing the sunrise is amazing.

The best camping chair is not only determined by the price but there are many other factors to consider. Most of the chairs are for small guys but after spending hours on research and contemplating hundreds of chairs, we have compiled a list of the best camping chairs for big guys for your next trip.

Thoughts of camping chairs may conjure up images of $10 specials out front a big-box retailer, but let’s reorient ourselves to a slightly higher standard. We expect a proper car camping chair to not only fold up for easy transport, but to be comfortable, supportive, and made to last—even in rough and tumble weather. Below are our top picks for 2022, which run the gamut from budget-friendly models to comfort-first chairs and fun designs that rock and recline.


1.ALPS Mountaineering

The King Kong Chair stays the most grounded, generally solid, and tough quad seat you can discover. It is made with 600D polyester texture — a quality you can depend on to endure forever. The King Kong holds up to 800lbs, and regardless of whether you’re an individual who doesn’t bother with the additional weight limit, the comfort and strength that you’ll acquire from this seat are exceptional to some other seat.

This is one of the top-notch chairs that folds up, fits in a convey pack, and can be advantageously brought to every one of your occasions. The King Kong is offered in different shading choices such as Deep Sea, Khaki, Light Gray, and Charcoal. The key features include two adjustable armrests that come with a cup holder and a side pocket for maximum storage. Moreover, it includes a convenient shoulder carry bag, allowing you to transport and store chairs with ease.

This chair is regarded as one the best chairs in the world and you’ll know why as soon as you take a seat. Whether you’re settling down beside the campfire at your favourite National Park or you’re cheering on a sporting match from the sidelines, this exquisite chair keeps you comfy and cozy all day long.

Whether you backpack your meals in or haul them in a pull trailer, having the best camping dishes can make camp cooking a lot easier. So you must try Best Camping Cookware for Open Fire.

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2.Coleman Quad

The Coleman Camping chair is one of the best camping chairs for big guys, which supports up to 300lbs. It is imported and made for polyester for your comfort, which allows you to enjoy your trip without any issue of any sort. This Camping chair combines a voguish design with a convenient built-in cooler with a built-in 4 that can provide a cooler pouch that keeps cold drinks within reach. You don’t have to move to your cabin just to get a can of beer or any essentials you might have forgotten.

The Fully cushioned seat and back provide support and comfort, which comes with a mesh cup holder and side pocket for quick access to personal items.

This camping chair is collapsible, and its folding design is easy to store and transport. It comes in various colours such as blue, red, black, which allows you to select a chair which suits you the best. This chair is perfect for a wide variety of activities, from picnicking to camping, thanks to its comfortable and compact, pack-away design. So kick back while camping out in this Coleman’s comfortable camp chair. Lightweight and durable – these chairs are ready for any outdoor activity.

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The Alpha camp chair is certainly in the top 10 list of best camping chairs which comprehends tremendous features one looks forward to. Firstly, this chair is made up of Powder Coated Steel Frame and 600d Padded Oxford Fabric, making it an immensely strong chair to use. Regardless of the alloy steel used, the large seat area and lumbar support system provide luxurious comfort, one of the best features of this chair.

It does not stop here, with a powder-coated steel frame and 600D padded oxford fabric, which easily support up to 350lbs, and you’re guaranteed a long-lasting chair to enjoy all year outdoors. On top of that, the durable mesh cup holder and armrest at the perfect height allow you to relax in comfort. It also comes with a side/back stash pocket and a side storage pocket with a zip that can hold cell phones, notebooks, and maps.

The hard material does not at all mean that it’s heavy of any sort, the Alpha camp camping chair is foldable and is very easy to set up in seconds, and can also be called one of the best camping chairs for big guys. When folded it only weighs 9.7lbs which allows it to be stored and carried anywhere. So whether you’re in your garden, at the beach, camping, or hiking, this quad chair is super comfy and portable.

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4.Kijaro XXL

As the name suggests, this chair is huge but also easily portable. This beautiful chair supports up to 400lbs with a premium feel. This luxurious dual Lock chair gives you a premium seating experience with no-sag seating, durable diamond ripstop polyester, and breathable mesh on the seatback, which offers nothing but comfort.

It comes in all colours such as Hallet peak grey, Hanami pink, Ireland green, Izamal yellow, Maldives blue, Vik black, and many more, so you can choose from various choices. This dual lock chair is perfect for taking with you whether you are tailgating, camping, or watching your favourite sports teams. The chair also includes 2 cup holders, an organizer with zipping & mesh pockets, a carry strap attached to the chair, and a carry bag, so simply it’s a whole package.

On top of that, it does not only holds your essentials but is easy to transport, which allows you to take it anywhere you want. This chair is perfect for long trips, just sit and enjoy the view and the comfort it offers. Perfect in all weathers and places. So if you’re a big guy who loves to travel and wants the best comfort, this chair is for you.

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5.Guide Gear Oversized

The only qualification you need to get into the prestigious Oversized Club is a desire to be comfortable in your chair. With a generous 500lbs. Weight capacity, oversized shape, and extra plush padding, the Guide Gear Club Chair will soon be your favourite. Even a big, burly man will feel secure in its extra-padded embrace, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It also has countless other features as well such as a cup holder that’s always at your side and a mesh pocket that stores your essentials. Bring this Oversized Club Chair on your next outing, and it’ll be the coveted seat at the campfire. It combines the cushioned comfort of your family room couch with the convenience of a folding camp chair. And don’t be fooled by its easy collapsing, stash-and-go folding legs. Their solid steel build is extra sturdy like a camp cot and will hold every bit of 500 lbs.

On top of that, the oversized dimensions provide plenty of room for the big guy or the mom and toddler ready to curl up in for a memorable bedtime story. Add in a mesh storage pocket and convenient cup holder, and you’ve got the kind of creature comforts normally found in your living room.

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6.GCI Outdoor

If you used to think you’d never feel safe using a rocker chair chair as a tall person, you may need to have a rethink.  The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker chair is designed with tall guys in mind and has a patented Spring-Action and Eazy-Fold technology for more functionality.

The Freestyle Rocker has a solid construction. Despite having a weight capacity of only 250 pounds, larger folks used this chair without any issues. It feels like it could support as much as 300 pounds, but its best to stick to the specification.

Also, the Eazy-fold technology makes it easy to carry around, well, if you overlook its overwhelming weight.

Finally, the Spring-Action rocking feature is top-notch. It delivers smooth rocking action even on rough or uneven surfaces with its flat base. The high-quality shock absorber allows for a soft rocking motion, but the range comes up a little short.

The back of the chair is too upright, at least for a rocking chair. It would have been more comfortable if there was room to slouch in the chair a bit while rocking.

Also, the padded armrests come up short. As if that’s not enough, they slide to the back of the chair. So you are left with bare steel, or to adjust the armrests to fit all the time.

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Best Camping Chairs For Big Guys Buyer’s Guide

Top 24 Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair Review 2021 MyTrail

After a day-long experience away from camp or along the path, you’ve earned a comfortable spot to perch. Seat creators have gone a little wild lately, so you have plenty of choices for your time gear.

Trust me, purchasing a camping chair isn’t just about as simple as it appears. There are different variables to keep in mind, from choosing a comfortable and portable camping chair to its weight and convenience. No need to worry, in this guide, we will elaborate everything to help you pick the best camping chair as per your preference.

The material of the camping chair

There is a wide range of equipment in the camping chair. Thus, you can pick any material according to your necessities. However, the majority of the camping chairs have a body casing and aluminium legs. The aluminium one has high strength. Moreover, the aluminium prevents rust as it is highlighting the property of consumption obstruction.

Furthermore, the majority of the camping chairs have armrests and seats. These are of rip-stop-nylon texture. This texture has numerous features. Along these lines, this texture gives water-resistance capability. What’s more, it likewise offers durability. So, the material upgrades the life span of the camping chair.

Some famous brands are additionally utilizing closed-cell foam cushioning. This is for giving additional padding and backing. In contrast with the nylon, this one is far tough. Nonetheless, both of these textures expand the existence of the camping chair.


This one is a significant element to consider while you purchase a camping chair. Portability is a fundamental element for the open-air adventure. Therefore, for the convenience of transport, one should choose light just as a strong seat.

However, the camping chairs should be tough just as very much cushioned. Yet, it should be sufficiently compact enough to carry it with you without any problem. You should pick the one comfortable in carrying and putting away. These factors of taking the camping chair rapidly and putting away it without occupying space are fundamental things to consider.

The best camping chair will surely be convenient for transport. Moreover, they should come up with a carry case. And the carry case must have either straps or a handle.


Another significant key to look into the camping chair is the weight. While purchasing a camping chair, one should not overlook this factor. Envision yourself when you need to carry the heavy equipment and stuff for long distances. It will give you spinal pain. Additionally, it will likewise cause loads of burdens.

However, opting for those weighing a maximum of 5 to 6 pounds is an ideal decision but it won’t be possible to find such for big guys. If the weight is less than 5 pounds, then it will be the best camping chair for you. Chairs with less than 5 pounds can help you in carrying them anywhere without hurting your back if it comes with a bag.

This probably won’t come as a huge shock to you, but not all chairs are created equal.

There are cheap, plastic ones at sale at Walmart – but those are not suitable for anyone over 12 years old.

Then come the standard folding chairs, which are fine, but have a limited weight capacity (usually around 200 or 300 lbs.) That might be ok for some, but they are not suitable for heavier people.

And then we have the heavy duty camping chairs. These are larger, sturdier, and a lot more comfortable than the previous options. They are also a bit pricier, but the added support and comfort are well worth the price.

They do offer a lot of bells and whistles, so here are a few ways you can decide on choosing the best one for yourself.

Let’s face it – comfort is probably the most important deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a chair.

This is especially true for camping chairs since you’ll be spending a lot of time in them, and you want them to be as cushy and cozy as possible.

Several factors decide how comfortable a camping chair is. For one, the amount of padding it has – the more the better. Luckily, most of the high-quality heavy camping chairs come with a ton of padding already, so you’re covered there.

Additionally, armrests and back support play a critical role in deciding how you’ll feel after several hours sitting in that chair. Look for chairs that are designed with back and neck support in mind – they usually mention it in their product descriptions quite prominently.

Maximum Capacity

In all honesty, this should probably be the first thing you look at.

After all, it doesn’t matter how comfortable the chair is if it can’t support your weight effortlessly.

The Best Backpacking Chair For Big Guys in 2022- Comparison and Ranked

Most heavy duty chairs have a minimum of 300 lbs. capacity – that’s for starters. Some overachievers (Like ALPS King Kong chair) boast an impressive 800 lbs. capacity, while most other chairs are somewhere in the middle.

If you’re in doubt, always choose a chair with a higher weight capacity since it can support you AND anything else you decide to have with you while sitting down.


Normal camping chairs are made out of cheap materials and you’ll be lucky if they last one summer.

Heavy duty chairs, on the other hand, are built to last for ages.

With a reinforced frame and durable fabric, most of these chairs can easily hold people weighing 300+ pounds without even creaking once.

Now, this sturdy design does come with a cost, which is the added weight. This leads perfectly into the next section.

Size & Weight

As I said above, one downside of these types of chairs is that they are fairly heavy. After all, they have to be to support heavier individuals. When you add in all the other gear you have to carry – tents, camping tables, cooking utensils, and so on, it can add up.

Luckily, most people who are interested in this type of camping are usually car campers so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue – but it’s still worth pointing out.

Looking on the bright side, added weight means these chairs are also larger sizes. That means they can comfortably fit even the heaviest of individuals with ease.

Extra Features

And lastly, we come to any additional features these chairs might offer.

These include (but are not limited to):

  • Cup holders
  • Storage pockets & pouches
  • Mini coolers
  • Carry bags
  • Adjustable armrests
  • And many others

Now, inclusion or absence of these features shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. But, an added perk (like a cooler) can be the cherry on top that turns a good chair into a great chair.

How to Clean Camping Chairs & Folding Chairs

5 Problems With “Non-Heavy-Duty” Camp Chairs

If you’re here looking for a camping chair for big guys, you’ve already realized that the average (puny) camp chairs that you see everywhere aren’t going to cut it for you. They have issues. But just so everyone is on the same page, let’s talk about the failure points and main problems that heavy guys (and gals) have with camp chairs.

1. They have too low of a weight capacity

This is the most obvious of problems and probably the one that led you to this article. For most big and heavy people, a 250-pound capacity chair just isn’t going to cut it. A 250-pound capacity camp chair might work for a 250-pound guy but, given that a 250-pound guy can generate 400lbs of force when sitting down, the chair probably won’t last long. So we need a camp chair fully capable of supporting a 500lb person, meaning that we’ll need a chair with a capacity of several hundred pounds over that!

2. They have narrow seats

The office I work at just bought a whole bunch of high capacity folding office chairs to keep us big guys happy. The only problem is, they are the same size as a normal folding chair! What is the purpose of them having a 1,000-pound capacity if I can only fit half of my butt on them?? A good camp chair will have ample space for a big and heavy person to sit.

3. They don’t use heavy-duty fabric

Often, it is the fabric (not the frame) that fails on camp chairs. A heavy-duty frame should be coupled with heavy-duty reinforced nylon covering if it’s going to last more than a season.

4. They are hard to get out of

Traditional camp chairs are difficult to get out of for two reasons: they are too low and they set you back too far. Any decent camp chair for heavy fellas will rectify this.

5. They have an uncomfortable leg bar

If you’re a heavy person that sinks into chairs, you’re probably familiar with the ever-present bar that hits you in the back of your leg right above your knee. If a camp chair is made of heavy-duty enough fabric this shouldn’t be a problem (because you won’t sag so far) but some of these chairs have figured out a way to bypass this issue altogether!

When I first started thinking about all the problems with traditional camp chairs I figured it would be a real endeavor to find one that solved every issue. Long story short, it wasn’t. There are some very smart outdoor gear manufacturers who understand the needs of fat people and have taken it upon themselves to make us chairs.

Why Metal Outdoor Folding Chairs are good for Camping?

The metal outdoor folding chairs are made of steel or aluminum, making them sturdy and rust-resistant. Also, steel is lightweight and durable for long-lasting use. So don’t miss out on metal outdoor folding chairs when going camping with your loved ones.

How do I choose Camping Chair for Big Guys?

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Camping chair for big guys must-have features like a fully cushioned seat, less weight, back support and designed according to elder’s comfort level. Guide Gear Oversized Club Camp Chair the most comfortable for big guys according to its oversized quality.

How much Weight can a Camping Chair Hold?

The weight of camping chairs usually ranges from 200 to 420 pounds. Therefore, you need a light chair or chairs that are easier to carry while camping. Try the Coleman camping chairs with built-in coolers and thick bodies. The Coleman camping chairs are very comfortable while camping and are easy to move around.


Best Camping Chair for Big Guys – I guess they didn’t foresee the situation where my Walmart “Camp Chair For Big Guys” had two of the legs bend right in half and the seat tear, dumping me on the ground. While that day was a little bit painful and a whole heap embarrassing, I figure it could have been worse.

I could have slid sideways into the fire, I could have had the sharp end of the broken chair frame stab through my leg, or I could have just been chairless for the rest of the week-long trip. Luckily, none of those things happened.

Who does not like camping? Is there anything better than pitching a tent in nature, cooking your supper over an open fire, and falling asleep under the stars? There is something about being out in nature which makes life worthwhile. Sometimes, you just need to get out there and get away from the lights and noise.

Now, being out in nature is about leaving the comforts of home behind, but if you are anything like we are, you appreciate a good spot to sit. Sitting on the ground is fine, but there is nothing better than pulling up a camping chair to the fire to warm yourself and find outdoor comfort.

For big and rugged guys, finding the perfect camping chair is not always easy. You need a durable and a heavy-duty chair which is strong and long-lasting, and that is exactly what we have found. The chairs on our list are as tough as you are.