Best Camping Chair for Plus Size

Best Camping Chair for Plus Size – Folding camping chairs currently on the market are typically with a weight capacity of around 300 lb (136 kg) or so. This may be good enough for most of the users but clearly, this cannot be strong enough for some heavy and large people. This is why I have decided to present this list with extra strong chairs with the capacity range mentioned above. They are strong because of their frames that are usually built from powder-coated steel, and because of their high-denier value fabric.

So why the upper limit of 1000 lb? This is simply because this is the upper limit available. I have not seen any chair on the market with a bigger capacity. Anyway, who would need it?

How about the lover 400 lb limit? Well, there is no particular reason except that I wanted to show a very exclusive group so this is well above the typical capacity mentioned above. If you need something with a lower capacity, please check my list with folding camping chairs.


1.ALPS Mountaineering

It’s called the King Kong chair for a reason, and you will feel like a king sitting in it, even if you are only the king of the gorillas. The chair is built to last, with a reinforced frame, durable material, and lots of comfort.

There are four colors to choose from, so you can color-coordinate with your other camping gear if you wish, blend in with nature, or stand out and make a statement. The steel frame is powder-coated, and the 600D polyester fabric is as sturdy as they come. Lots of stability and comfort.

The armrests have a lot of flexibility, cradling your arms and supporting them, and they each come with a cup holder and side pocket. Both armrests are adjustable too.

The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is rated for up to 800 pounds, and folds down for easy and convenient transport and storage. The durable chair comes with a shoulder carry bag for you to get it to and from your perfect relaxing spot.

Weighing in at only 13 pounds, this is an easy-to-transport chair that will hold a lot of weight.

Pros & Cons

2.Coleman Big and Tall

Coleman has an excellent reputation when it comes to outdoor accessories. The Coleman Big-N-Tall Camping Chair is comfortable, durable, and stylish too.

You have a choice of two colors, one blending in and the other standing out a little more. You will also be impressed with the affordability of the chair, lots to love here, and a low-price too.

The oversized seat accommodates the largest person, and the feet are extra-large, too, providing lots of stability. You will not be cramped in when you are sitting, allowing you to sit comfortably for longer.

This chair is all about comfort. The size and height allow you to sit comfortably, but it is the extras that you will appreciate. The CellPort is designed to hold your cell phone and will keep it dry too. The Seat Drain system also allows the moisture and water to filter from the seat pad, keeping you dry when you do sit down again. There is a side pocket for any digital or print media, a cushioned back and seat, a strong steel frame, and adjustable arms.

The seat is rated for up to 600 pounds while remaining light. The durable camping chair comes with a carry bag, allowing for easy transport and storage. An excellent chair for the largest people out there.

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3.ALPHA CAMP Oversized

When you want to go big or go home, then you can’t go wrong with the Alpha Oversized Camping Chair. If you have a large physique or just want a little more room when you sit, then the comfortable and generous seat will support you, and the heavy-duty steel frame will give awesome backup.

The seat is 600x300D padded oxford fabric, giving you comfort and also holding up to rips and tears from items such as keys and knives in your back pocket. The padded back will allow you to sit back and relax by the fire. The steel frame has a hammer tone powder coating to keep it resistant to rust, and it can hold up to 450 pounds.

The armrests are at a comfortable height, and you have a mesh cup holder on one arm to hold your drink and a cooling bag on the other arm to keep all of your other drinks cool. Add in a side pocket for all of your books, magazines, and other items, and you don’t ever have to get up once you have sat down.

When you are done, simply fold up this chair and you are ready to go.

Pros & Cons

4.Mossy Oak

Back to basics with this elegant camping chair. There are three colors to choose from, each representing a shade of nature, and the design brings comfort, stability, and ease-of-use.

Steel tubing has been used for the frame, and that steel is black powder coated for extra durability, and to also give a clean finish. The 600D polyester material is rated for up to 400 pounds, and will wick away moisture, drying quickly (something that is important when you are in the great outdoors). The fabric is double-layered in key areas, and there is a foam pad stitched into the back for extra comfort.

The seat is extra-wide, so you will not be pinched when you do sit. It folds and unfolds extremely quickly, perfect for camping, the beach, or your lawn at home. The Mossy Oak Camping Chair only weighs in at 8.5 pounds and comes with a black carry bag that will protect it while in storage and make it easy to take everywhere with you.

There is a built-in 4-can insulated cooler in the arm, zippered for easy access. On the opposite arm, there is a solid fabric cup holder, large enough for almost all drinks, and featuring a metal eyelet draining hole. A great chair to relax in comfort.

Pros & Cons

5.Kijaro XXL

You will love the look of this chair, with elegant style, and sleek lines, giving it a functional look that is tough and durable. Before we get into the real details of the chair, know that it is one of the most affordable on the market, and comes in a multitude of colors, both bright and muted.

The dual-lock chair brings lots of comfort and sturdiness. The seating has been designed not to sag, bringing you more comfort over time. The durable diamond ripstop fabric is resistant to rips and tears and will allow moisture to be wicked away too. It is perfect for any outdoor event.

The Kijaro XXL will support up to 400 pounds, but remains ultra-light thanks to the solid yet sleek steel tubing. The chair locks open for extra support, and locks closed for easier transport. It folds up nicely for storage and is easy to carry.

You always want a cup holder, and this camping chair comes with two, one mesh holder on each arm. There is also an organizer with zip, extra mesh pockets, and a carry strap and bag. A sleek chair that will go with you anywhere.

Pros & Cons


This is a chair that looks comfortable, and you will be delighted to know that it is comfortable too. There is a large seat (you will experience no pinching), soft Oxford fabric, and a lumbar support system that will support your back. Everything comes together to help you relax in style. It is so comfortable that we have even heard stories of people using the chairs in their homes.

The frame is crafted from high-strength steel tubes, and the metal on metal contact points add durability where lesser materials cannot. Add in the durable fabric, and you have a chair that can hold up to 350 pounds. You will be surprised, then, when you lift the chair to find that it is extremely light, only 11.3 pounds, to be exact.

The KingCamp Oversized Camping Chair folds and unfolds easily, helping you to pack up when you need to, and there is a carry bag included for easy transport and safe storage. A durable mesh cup holder in the arm lets you safely stow your open drink, and any spills or condensation can drip away as you relax. There is also an insulated cooler bag (big enough for three cans), and a side/back stash pocket.

The chair is comfortable enough to sit for long periods of time, and you have everything you need to relax at your fingertips.

What To Know Before Buying a Heavy-Duty Camping Chair

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Type Of Chair

There are many different camping chairs out there, so it is good to know what you are getting into before purchasing one. The differences between the chairs can determine the weight they can carry and the features which can be included. Let’s take a closer look.

Traditional camping chairs are the most common and are the chair which you will see around most campfires and in most campgrounds. They have a sturdy build and are raised from the ground (usually at a similar height to regular chairs). They are comfortable, flexible, and can be folded for easy storage.

Portable camping chairs are similar to traditional chairs but more commonly sit closer to the ground. They are perfect for hunting and fishing, and anything else where you have to keep a low-profile. Being low to the ground, these chairs are sometimes hard to get out of, especially if you are a bigger guy.

Hybrid camping chairs are still collapsible camping chairs, but they often feature a lot of luxury features which make the chair more comfortable. This can make them bulkier and more expensive, so you will have to weigh up cost versus functionality.

Director’s Chairs look like the chairs that directors use on movie sets. They have a full seat, good sturdy back, and solid arms. The arms are usually rigid yet padded, so they can be comfortable, but offer more durability over time than comfort. The back keeps you in an upright position, protecting your back and posture, and the chair will fold flat for transport.

Construction And Materials

Regular camping chairs are strong and tough, but we are looking for extra-strong and extra-tough. We need chairs which are going to hold up under extreme conditions. You want the best chair out there. This often means a frame which is well put together and crafted from ironsteel, or aluminum.

For the best mix of weight and strength, we recommend powder-coated aluminum. This material is strong and light while being perfect for a folding chair.

Then we come to the part you sit in. You want to combine a strong frame with a supportive and comfortable seat material. Heavy-duty materials like polyester and nylon will cradle you while holding up to the elements too. You want a material which is waterproof and UV-resistant. Mesh fabrics will give breathability. Look for the stitching on the material; this is where the weak points are. Double-stitching is preferred. If you want more comfort than just the fabric, then you can look for extra padding too.

Comfort And Capacity

Most chairs are rated for capacity. Heavy-duty camping chairs are usually rated for 300 to 800 pounds. This capacity is usually below what the chair can actually hold, but we still do not recommend toeing the line. Choose a chair which can comfortably hold all of your weight to prevent the frame from becoming damaged over time. The more the chair can hold, the better it will be in the long run.

Choose a chair based on comfort, too. The chair should have the basic function of holding you, but that does not mean that it should not be as comfortable as possible. Back support is essential. You can also look for a chair which has a footrest so that you can put your feet up by the fire.

When you are relaxing, you want somewhere to store your belongings, such as phone, wallet, and keys. Look for a chair with pockets to store all of these items. A table is also handy and can be used to lay a book to read, a notepad to write, and snacks to eat. A cup holder is never an unwelcome addition for those hot or cold drinks by the fire.

Seat Height And Width

How often have you thought about the height of a seat?

Probably not very often. In fact, when we are buying chairs, we don’t often think about it, choosing by accessories and comfort instead, but seat height and width are all about your comfort. If you have ever sat in a chair for a long time, your comfort can suffer, especially if it is the wrong height or width.

If the seat is too high, your legs can hang down, and the backs of your thighs can press into the material. It can quickly become uncomfortable. This adds pressure to the backs of your knees and can cause damage over time.

A chair with a seat that is too low can also be uncomfortable. You may need to extend your legs instead of allowing them to sit in a natural position. This is especially true for larger people.

The width also adds to your comfort. Even an inch too narrow can cause the seat to pinch at you when you are sitting. If you are in doubt, always go for a chair that is too wide rather than a little too narrow.


If you are going on a long camping trip, then a chair which has a lot of portability is a welcome thing.

Does the chair fold up? How small and compact does it fold up? We find that the best chairs come with a bag which the chair can go into once it is folded. Camping chairs are generally not the smallest items in the world so a case with a handle or shoulder strap can set a chair apart from another.


If you are looking for a heavy-duty camping chair, then nothing says durability more than an extended warranty. If a product is built to last, then it will usually come with a warranty, some insurance that the company believes in their product.

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A camping chair should not be something which you spend a whole lot of money on, but you always get what you pay for. The chairs on our list are not the cheapest chairs out there, but they are the most affordable. They are the chairs which will last you for a long time, saving you from repairs and replacements (and, let’s face it, you will likely be replacing a chair instead of repairing it).

So this was my current list with best camping chairs for heavy people. Many of them are with a similar structure, folding and with soft armrests. This type remains relatively large in one dimension only. The other type is with solid armrests and such chairs remain large in two dimensions when packed, but they become thin and you can store them in narrow spaces at home or in your trailer.

Other than that, this is just a matter of features and bonuses. So you might want to consider:

  • Padding: Not all of them are padded but if this is about summer camping perhaps you do not need this.
  • Storage pouches: This is always useful to have, the more the better.
  • Cup holders: This is surely a bonus.
  • Locking mechanisms. This extra bonus is rare, but it may be very useful to have.
  • Carry bag: This is good to store the chair and keep it clean from dust at home, and also to carry short distances.
  • Seat size: All of them are big, but there are differences so check the links in the text.
  • Seat height: This is important if you are particularly tall or particularly short.

Then there is the price as well, but all of these chairs are quite affordable and with reasonable prices for what they offer. In any case, just follow the links to see more and to check for the updated prices.

This list will be updated regularly and new models will be added, so bookmark this page and visit it from time to time.

This ultimate guide to finding the best camping chairs for heavy people will leave you with many options to suit a variety of needs. With the primary focus being around overweight and obese people. This is because the overweight population often gets neglected and when it comes to camping, no one should ever be left behind.

If you have been battling the bulge for a long time, experiencing camping for the first time can be overwhelming, to be honest, it can be daunting for any first-timer. But when you are a heavy person, the anxiety can deter you from ever packing the car with your essential camping equipment.

This is because a large person will need an oversized camping chair, one that can withstand higher weight limits. The fear of breaking the chair while you’re in the middle of nowhere can put you off.

Most people when they go looking for a camping chair will just grab one of the cheapest from a big box store and be happy with it. It’s not so simple for us big people who have some requirements that others don’t so we need to do more research which is why I put this buyer guide for camping chairs for heavy people.

There are a number of things that you will need to do before you go off and buy a camping chair since they’re more complicated than most people think. Thankfully this is all things you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Check the weight capacity and go with something that can handle someone who is heavier than you if you want to feel safe on the chair.
  • Make sure the measurements of the chair will suit you and will give you enough room to feel comfortable in.
  • The height of the chair needs to suit your overall height as you don’t want it to be to low to the ground and be difficult to get out of.
  • Bonus features are always nice but aren’t essential and should only be considered after you know if the chair will fit and hold you.
  • If you’re unable to lift a lot of weight I recommend finding out what the weight of the chair is to see if you can lift it.
  • Work out how much you can afford and are willing to spend on a camping chair and be prepared to cut features to make way for safety.

What You Need To Check First

The first thing you will want to do is take your own measurements and find out how much you weigh, and how wide your hips are. Using a simple tape measure and scales is a good way to do this and is something you should do before considering purchasing a camping chair.

Knowing how much you weigh will give you an idea of what weight capacity you will be looking for which can help narrow down your search making it easier. This also goes for knowing how wide you are at the hips as you can tell if you will fit in a chair before purchasing.

This is important as it will narrow down your search and help save you money in the long run. Since you won’t have to try and return things that weren’t the right size for you so this is a great place to start in my opinion.

Checking The Weight Capacity Of A Camping Chair

Before even considering if a camping chair is right for you is finding out what its weight capacity is. Camping chairs come in a wide variety of weight capacities and there is practically something for everyone since they can go up to 1000lbs.

What you choose should be something that you will feel comfortable with sitting in. What I mean by this is, will you trust the chair when you’re sitting in it? I know when I sit in some chairs I’m unable to feel comfortable because I think they’re not going to hold me.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to go with something that has a much higher weight capacity then what you actually weigh. This is a good way of giving you peace of mind when sitting on a camping chair. By going with a chair that has an 800lbs weight capacity when you weigh 400lbs will feel much sturdier then if the chair was rated at 450lbs.

How Important Is The Size Of The Chair?

Camping chairs have a number of different measurements with all of them playing a factor in if it’s right for you. Size is crucial in making sure you feel comfortable and don’t feel cramped up when you’re sitting! Who can relax when they feel like they’re trapped like a sardine in a can!

One of the first measurements you should find out first is how wide the seat is between the armrests if they have them. Making sure the width of the seat will be able to fit you comfortably is one of the more important things to check and should be the first thing you check after weight capacity.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore things like the seat depth and how high the backrest is. By making sure the seat is deep enough for you to sit back on and not have too much of your legs overhanging. This will help with comfort and is highly recommend that your knees are only around 2 to 3 inches from the front of the chair.

Heavier people often get back pain which is no secret so it’s important that you find ways to minimize this. Choosing a camping chair that has a higher back will give more of your back support which can help with this pain.

The Forgotten Measurement

Something that people often forget to do when they’re measuring camping chairs is to measure the distance between the seat and the floor. This is something that tall people understand really well and is just as important for bigger people as well.

The reason being that the lower the chair is to the ground, the more difficult it is to get in and out of. Going with something that is a bit higher can make getting in and out of it easier if you’re of average or taller height.

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Making Sure The Chair Isn’t Too Heavy

Depending on the type of camping you will be doing the weight of the chair can come into play in a more important way then you think. Most campsites you can just drive up to your spot so the weight of your chair isn’t a massive factor since you only need to carry it a short distance.

If you’re going to be camping far away from your vehicle and need to carry the chair for a longer distance. The weight will play a far larger part and going with something lighter is the best way to go in my opinion.

One thing to consider is if you have mobility restrictions and lifting things are difficult for you. Finding out how much the chair weighs beforehand can help save you from having to return it for being too heavy.


Best Camping Chair for Plus Size – Who does not like camping? Is there anything better than pitching a tent in nature, cooking your supper over an open fire, and falling asleep under the stars? There is something about being out in nature which makes life worthwhile. Sometimes, you just need to get out there and get away from the lights and noise.

Now, being out in nature is about leaving the comforts of home behind, but if you are anything like we are, you appreciate a good spot to sit. Sitting on the ground is fine, but there is nothing better than pulling up a camping chair to the fire to warm yourself and find outdoor comfort.

For big and rugged guys, finding the perfect camping chair is not always easy. You need a durable and a heavy-duty chair which is strong and long-lasting, and that is exactly what we have found. The chairs on our list are as tough as you are.