Best Chair for Arthritis

Best Chair for Arthritis – Did you know that severe arthritis can lead to physical disabilities? If you do not want to see your arthritis getting worse with age, all you need is a arthritis friendly chair for Knees, hip & spinal arthritis problems.

Well, if you are searching for one, then this article is just for you. However, continuously sitting on an uncomfortable chair can end up worsening your condition.

No doubt choosing the perfect chair amongst tons of other products sounds complicated, but not anymore.



Now it’s time to replace that uncomfortable chair with this amazingly durable and comfortable NOUHAUS Ergo 3D ergonomic office chair.

Well, what makes this chair 3D?

This incredible product comes with a 3D adjustable armrest and three-dimensional lumber support, elastomers, back with 135° tilting and smooth hydra lift.

However, mesh chairs are not known as ideal for giving comfort. Anyhow, this is not the case with this chair.

NOUHAUS has designed this chair very efficiently, so this mesh offers softness and comfort to the body without making it feel uncomfortable.

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Let us introduce you to the incredible 110 gaming chair by RESPAWN. This is one of the most comfortable chairs. Its padded seat, back, armrest and headrest hugs your body and give you intense relaxation.

The best part about this chair is that you can set it according to your comfort zone, and it is all possible because of the 4D adjustability.

You can recline your chair between 90 to 155°. This 110 gaming chair is environment friendly which means it can also be your good looking office buddy. Moreover, it got dynamic movement as the chair rotate up to 360°.

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3.Mcombo Swiveling Recliner Chair

Upgrade your interior with this beautiful leather recliner with an ottoman. Meanwhile, it is the best recliner chair for arthritis. This set is ideal for relaxation as the seat, headrest, armrest, and back are padded with a high-quality thick sponge, making it soft and comfortable.

This chair can be rotated up to 360° due to its ball-bearing swivel feature. MCombo swiveling chair can recline up to 140°. However, it doesn’t recline all the way flat, but this doesn’t affect the comfortability.

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4.Ashley Yandel

Ashley Yandel’s recliner is a unique upholstered power lift sofa. It is ideally best for tall, elders, and disabled people. This chair aims to provide the ultimate lounging experience just with one touch.

Moreover, it is stuffed with thick poly fibre, which feels cosy at first touch. Therefore, the cushions are soft and comfortable. You don’t have to be qualified for assembling this chair as assembling is really easy with this recliner chair.

Ashley Yandel has invested genuine efforts in manufacturing this product, making it the best office chair for rheumatoid arthritis.

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5.Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture is one such office chair that has a cushioned seat, headrest, and leg support. You can recline this chair for further comfort. It is a good choice of a chair for tailbone pain. The makers have used a LeatherSoft Upholstery that enhances the support offered.

  • Padded armrest
  • Extendable footrest
  • Adjustable height

Pros & Cons

6.Hbada Ergonomic

Hbada Reclining Office Chair is one of the suitable chairs for arthritis sufferers. Having the ability to recline up to 150-degrees, this chair provides comfortable back support that is good for your joints’ health. The addition of an extendable footrest is something that makes this chair ideal in providing you extra comfort.

  • Mesh backrest and headrest for better airflow
  • Padded armrest
  • Lumbar support

What is Arthritis?

An arthritis chair from VELA is one of the best aids for arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that is associated with inflammation of joints that can affect one or more joints. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis are the most common types of Arthritis. Arthritis patients usually experience joint pain and stiffness that are known to become chronic with age. In layman’s terms, the main cause for this pain is the wear and tear of joints, which dramatically affects this disease.

One thing to understand is that Arthritis is a name for a broadly divided disease that has several other types under it. In general, it refers to joint pain and swelling because these are the most common symptoms. Arthritis is not limited to any specific gender; instead, it can be experienced by both males and females.

People with chronic arthritis pain often find it difficult to climb stairs or walk. Often people have reported experiencing permanent joint changes, which makes it worse. We know that you must be thinking of why people experience Arthritis in the first place. So, read the next section!

What Causes Arthritis?

Arthritis can be caused due to various reasons, and the exact cause of Arthritis is still unknown.  The gradual deterioration of the cartilage between joints is usually considered a common cause of Arthritis. As the cartilage deteriorates, bones rub with each other. Hence, they experience wear and tear, causing inflammation in joints that eventually results in Arthritis.

Arthritis can also be a result of an autoimmune disease where your own immune response starts attacking any body tissue. In this case, it is the cartilage tissue. Any injury to your joints can worsen this ailment, so it is vital to have a seating surface that is comfortable enough for any arthritis sufferer to sit.

Typically, an office chair with back support is suitable for such patients because they eliminate any pressure points and ensure you have a stress-free work experience where you do not face any wear and tear of joints. However, it is better to check which chairs are the best ones in this regard. Do you want to know that? Well, let’s read further.

Simply arthritis is a disease of joints. According to Healthline, arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. It means the swelling of joints. That can affect one joint at a time or maybe more than one.

There are a lot of types of arthritis, more than 100. All of these different types have different treatments. There are two main types, and these are pretty famous. One is osteoarthritis (OA), and another is Rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

The symptoms of arthritis are basically developed over time and can also appear suddenly. It is mainly found in the elderly with the age of 65, but it can also be seen in children, teens,s and younger adults. It is more common in women than men in people who are overweight.

There are not the proper reasons that are the only reason that causes arthritis. There is no single known cause of arthritis. The doctor thinks that it can be caused by several factors, which can be the reason in some cases and not in some. The reason is given below.

  • It may be caused as the result of an injury. Sometimes, an injury in joints may lead you to more trouble than the injury, which is arthritis.
  • In some cases, it is genetic and only because it is in your genes.
  • There is a good chance that smoking can also be the cause of arthritis. Smoking is a reason for a lot of other diseases, and arthritis is one of them.
  • Infection is one of the main reasons the only wound can only spread arthritis infection if it does not get the proper treatments.

Symptoms of Arthritis:

The most common arthritis symptoms are joint pain, stiffness which is the inability to move easily and without pain and swelling. Your range of motion may also be effective and maybe change.

Your skin may also be affected, and you may also experience redness in the skin around your joints. Most of the people who experience their symptoms are the worst in the morning.

Some other arthritis symptoms can also be the reason, which includes Tenderness, inflammation around joints, and weakness in the muscle.

The Right Furniture for Arthritis:

If you are someone you love who has arthritis, it is very important and essential to choose the best and right furniture for arthritis pain, and that is a recliner. It would be best if you had a recliner which suits your needs and requirements.

The patient of arthritis spends most of their time in the bedroom and living room. They have a bed to sleep in the bedroom, but he needs a recliner in the living room, so he spent most of his time, and a good and comfortable recliner should be effective in this situation.

You need to ask yourself or someone which recliner will be a right choice for your situation.

Is it difficult for you to get out of the chair, sofa? If your answer is yes, you need a good lift recliner that helps you to get up from the chair due to its lift mechanism. If the answer is no, then you are good on your own.

Do you get pain in your joints and more pain in aches after sitting for a long time? If your answer is yes, then you need to get a comfortable recliner as soon as possible because the recliner can let you have pain in your joints, and it keeps you very comfortable all day long.

Why Recliners are Best for Arthritis Sufferers?

If your loved one has arthritis, these best recliners for arthritis will help you in that painful period. Most people who suffer from this disease do not know or do not want to get comfortable in these terrible times.

In this section, we will discuss how a recliner helps you to get through these tough times.

Little Lento Children's Care Chair - Yorkshire Care Equipment

Rise With Ease:

The best and amazing thing about these recliners is that it helps you relax into the recliner chair before you are even sat down. The only thing that is very simple but becomes very tough in this situation is getting up from the recliner, but a riser recliner solves this problem.

Now you can get up without any extra effort, placing strain on your legs, arms, hips, or joints. You can lift the entire recliner in the air and raise it with the help of remote control.

Take Pressure off:

In arthritis have to avoid putting weight on your feet or simply on your joints. In a reclining position, your feet are up, and your back is low, so it will take the weight off from your legs and let you relax.

The main relief in this disease is to take off the pressure, and to do that; you only need a recliner.

Spread the Weight:

The spreading weight means to have a recliner, chair, or something in which you can spread your weight. But a recliner is best for this job. A good recliner that helps you spread your weight evenly to make you feel more comfortable.

If your weight is distributed and spread evenly in the recliner, you will sit in the recliner for a very long time, which is very important due to your medical condition. Adjust your needs:

You have to be comfortable with all the arthritis, and for that, you need a recliner that can recline easily and move forward and backward easily from any position. A recliner is best for this situation which has the best transition mechanism and can be changed from one position to another with ease.

That is why we include the recliner in our list, which has the facility to move and forward easily and can be set on multiple positions easily.

Sit Comfortably:

It would be best to have correct and supportive cushions that let you sit in a recliner for a long time with comfort.  All you need is a recliner that has comfortable upholstery to stay in for a longer time. The recliners which are given below are all comfortable and very soft.

Help with Poor Circulation:

The elevated leg rest can help you improve circulation, and it can be achieved while watching TV with recline position.

Now I hope your mind would be clear about arthritis and would be able to choose the best recliner chair for Arthritis. First, get a quick look at the top 7 top-rated recliners that I listed right after this paragraph, through which you can choose the great choice for yourself.

But I would recommend you to read the complete review and valuable features of each recliner. Now scroll down and choose the perfect one that also comes under your budget.

In this article, fully based on the best recliner chair for arthritis, we discuss important topics that can be important to anyone. First, we discussed some arthritis diseases; then, I gave a detailed product review rather than a conclusion.

Arthritis is a disease of joints in which usually the joints swell and put you in a lot of pain. This disease is usually appearing in people more than 60 years of age and mainly in women. But nowadays it can be found in young teens and adults and even children.

There is no specific reason for this disease that the doctor can say that this is the one, but the doctor has some suggestions that the main cause is genetics, smoking, infection, and injury. The main arthritis symptoms are inflection around the joints, swelling, tenderness, and weakness in the muscle.

I put a lot of effort into this article and tried to make it perfect for you. Now, if you have any sort of question about this, please let me know in the comment section; till then, good luck. Keep your country clean and planet Earth cleaner.

What to consider in seating for people with Cerebral Palsy
< id="backrest">Independent Backrests

One of the main things needed in a chair for someone with arthritis is independent back angle options. Independent backrests and back angles give you a lot of flexibility in your positioning.

This is key with arthritis as different people will find different positions comfortable for a longer duration of time.

It’s also good to include independent legrest elevation in the chair as well. Again, this gives your client flexibility in their positioning.

They can then adjust the chair with ease and find the perfect position that causes them minimal pain. A dual motor tilt-in-space Copgrove rise and recline chair is great for people who require flexible positioning.
< id="riser">Riser Function

Something else to bear in mind is a riser function – particularly vertical rise. Some arthritic clients may struggle to get to a standing position because of the pain it can cause – particularly if they have arthritis in their knees.

Including a riser function in the chair will help your clients to stand up from a seated position with more support and less pain than usual.

If a chair rises, then it’s always worth considering having a knuckle at the end of the arm with a suitable ergonomic design. This gives you something extra to grip on to when the chair does rise, giving you extra peace of mind during the sit to stand phase.
< id="fabric">Fabric Choice

This is something that regularly comes up when we’re specifying chairs for people who have arthritis. The choice of fabric or material covering the chair can have a massive effect on how comfortable you are when sat down.

Arthritic joints can feel hot or warm, so having a specialist chair covered in Dartex or another similar material can feel more cooling or cold to touch. This is particularly soothing for your clients who spent a lot of time sat down and find their joints feeling uncomfortably hot.

The Lento is covered in Dartex fabric which is cool to touch.

< id="handset">Easy Handsets

Whenever you’re assessing someone for a specialist chair and they have arthritis, always consider the handset they will be using. For clients with arthritis in their hands, it can be very difficult to push small buttons or hold them down – particularly with care chairs and riser recliners.

Always try and make sure that if there is a handset, then it has bigger buttons that are easy to press. The Lento care chair is equipped with an easy-to-use handset that is ideal for this.

Guide to seat sizing & specification

Here are four useful questions you can ask a client with arthritis when specifying seating. This will help you to identify problems they might be having with their existing chair.

  1. Do you find it hard to manoeuvre in and out of your chair?
  2. Do you slouch due to the position/structure of your chair?
  3. Do you ache when sitting still for a long period of time?
  4. Does your chair feel too big or too small and you have to use cushions to become comfortable?

However, our best piece of advice if you’re struggling to find the right chair for someone with arthritis is to seek professional help!

You can get more information on what to look for in specialist seating for people with Arthritis, or any other condition or illness, in our free specialist seating eBook. Our team can also carry out free no-obligation seating assessments at home; get in touch to find out more.

The people we see are computer users, (most commonly with arthritis of the spine, hands, neck and hips) wanting our help to safely use their computers at home. As well as recommending ergonomic equipment, we offer them advice on dealing with arthritis, which we’d like to share with you now.
< id="if-you-suffer-from-arthritis-of-the-spine">If you suffer from arthritis of the spine:

Support for the lumbar region is important for people who suffer from arthritis of the spine and we recommend to our customers that they invest in a chair that has a wide range of adjustment features and a memory foam base for excellent support.

And even if your chair allows you a wide range of movement, it’s imperative that you get up and move about yourself throughout the day. Make a note on your computer calendar, or use a kitchen timer to set a reminder every 40 minutes to get up for a wander around the room. Or install Workpace, to remind you to take a break when the software determines you need it and to actually show you which stretches you need to do.
< id="if-you-suffer-with-arthritis-of-the-hands">If you suffer with arthritis of the hands:

This tends to mostly affect either the fingers or the wrists and it is critical that you don’t put too much strain on the affected joints. Many people believe that tilted keyboards were designed to angle early typists’ wrists to avoid them developing wrist pain but this is a myth. Early typists were actually trained to keep their wrists parallel to the desk, a skill that we have not been passed on to our generation.

Many people use a gel rest, though this actually puts extra strain on the carpal tunnel and can actually exacerbate RSI and arthritis of the wrist. So to keep your wrists straight, and avoid putting undue pressure on them, our advice is always to choose a flat keyboard.

If you have swollen finger joints that are inflamed by clicking a mouse then why not take a free trial of the nib clickless software which automatically performs up to 95% of mouse clicking operations for you? Alternatively, a Rollermouse can help minimise discomfort as it reduces movement through the hand and wrist.

Try an ergonomic mouse that is shaped to fit your hand. Ergonomic mice are usually larger than a normal mouse, this is better for those who suffer from arthritis in the hands.

Using a mouse incorrectly is a big cause of arthritis in the hands and wrists. If your mouse is the wrong size or placed too far from you it can cause strain on the wrist. To find out more about the pain caused by using a mouse check out our other blogpost on mouse wrist pain.

The recliner is the furniture that most of us use for luxury, but it can also be used to relieve any sort of disease. There are many diseases, including arthritis, for which the physicians recommend comfortable recliners.

Specialist seating for people with arthritis - Yorkshire Care Equipment

Remember that not every recliner is perfect for relieving arthritis pain. But worry not here; we listed some of the recliners with tons of comfortable features that can better relieve your arthritis pain.

All the selected products have the facility to relieve pain caused by arthritis disease. You would be awarded a detailed guide that would make your sense more clear to choose your favorite product. Remember that the selected recliner must fulfill all your requirements and come under your budget.

Now quickly scroll down and get a quick look at the list of arthritis recliners, which we categorize well in a comparison table.


Best Chair for Arthritis – The workplace has a diverse environment where workers can have various health conditions. Arthritis is one such ailment that any worker might have, so it is better to have chairs for arthritis sufferers in any office. Although any office ergonomic chair would be suitable for this task, it is better to buy the one that is the most suitable in this regard.

But before you do that, you should understand the details regarding Arthritis so that you know which body parts are targeted in this ailment and which office chair would be the best office chair for Arthritis. Therefore, we have shared the relevant information below to give you a better idea. So, without any delay, let’s have a look at what Arthritis is.