Best Chair for Back and Neck Pain

Best Chair for Back and Neck Pain – Neck problems are challenging to treat and quiet nagging. Becoming a victim of neck pains at work is not desirable. It is worse when the pain happens due to poor chairs and sitting positions. Purchasing the best office chair for neck pain is ideal.

Several office chairs provide neck comfort when working. These seats make work feel better for the concerned office workers. Most ergonomic chairs with neck support fit the bill. Below are some office chairs with neck support best suited for neck pain relief.

When sitting in an office chair for a long period, the natural tendency for most people is to slouch over or slouch down in the chair, and this posture can overstretch the spinal ligaments and strain the discs and surrounding structures in the spine. Over time, incorrect sitting posture can damage spinal structures and contribute to or worsen back pain.

So – two sullen looking guys walked into a bar, sat next to each other in front of the bar stand and barked orders at the bartender – who was busy flirting with an attractive white collar girl, presumably one of his colleagues – to bring them the single best house wine there was.

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“You’re literally a pain in the neck, young’un. Save my neck, zip it and get the best one”, as he wiped his nose and brushed the side ends of his hairline over the rims of the old man glasses.


1.Steelcase Gesture

The award-winning Gesture chair from Steelcase is one of the finest ergonomic chairs money will buy, and that’s saying something because Steelcase has some solid chair options and is our Editor’s pick.

This revolutionary new office chair is designed to accommodate various natural body positions and sizes, all while supporting and protecting the back and neck.

Gesture uses exclusive LiveBack technology that automatically adjusts to your body, mimicking the natural movement of your spine and neck.

Struggle with certain chairs because the armrests box you in? That won’t be a problem with this chair, as you can easily manipulate how the rests are positioned. Nobody wants to feel pinched in their chair. The arms can also swivel with 360 degrees of motion, literally supporting your arms in any possible position.

This design has a slightly taller seat height option. It can raise up to 21 inches, which should be fine for most individuals, even if you are over six feet (although once you push 6’6 you might be too tall for the chair). Most office chairs stop at 20 inches, so this extra inch might be exactly what you need.

Gesture won the Neocon Gold award in 2013 and is available in eight different colors, so you can always feel good about how your chair looks as well as how it functions.

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2.Steelcase Leap Plus Fabric

With full adjustability, top-tier materials, and being specifically engineered to provide maximum comfort, this is, in my humble opinion, the best ergonomic office chair available on the current market.

Digging through the weeds, you’ll discover this chair’s LiveBack technology will bring you a level of office comfort you’ve never experienced before. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting, reclining, working on the computer, or reading a book, it will always shift to meet the needs of your body (if only everything else in life could do that).

Not only does the Leap Chair conform to your body and move with you in ways no other chair does, but it is also sustainably produced. No less than 30% of the chair is made from recycled materials, and over 90% of the chair is recyclable — meaning that when this chair does finally give out, the materials can be reused, providing minimal environmental fallout.

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3.X-Chair X4 High Chair

While ratings may mean little to some, I find it hard to believe that thousands of Amazon shoppers have had nothing but words of praise for X4 if it’s not actually an exceptional product. This encouraged me to cover the features, potential benefits, and the reasons why it’s one of the top-selling chairs out there.

Featuring an exquisite brown leather finish and utilizing an array of unique technologies, most of my questions were answered quickly. This chair rocks SciFLoat Infinite Recline technology, which is essentially a next-generation system that provides superb flexibility, allowing you to find an ideal position quickly.

Full adjustability? Check. Its seat, back, arms, and headrest are all depth and height adjustable. Even though you can’t adjust its lumbar support, the DVL (Dynamic Variable Lumbar support) technology ensures you’ll stay comfy for hours on end.

In terms of aesthetics, this chair is quite a looker and is available in a variety of different colors. There are a few things I thought could be improved regarding X-4, though.

First and most notably, it may be pretty hard to properly assemble it if you don’t have some basic DIY skills. Although the process is straightforward, there are a few features that you’ll probably see for the first time, which may puzzle an inexperienced builder a bit.

Secondly, the X4 Ergonomic Office Chair is a pricey chair. With a couple of hundred dollars extra, you could probably afford a Steelcase one. Even so, its aesthetics, unique floating reclining system, and excellent performance overall make it a valuable choice.

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4.Herman Miller Classic Aeron

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair has developed quite a following over the years as the chair that started the ergonomic craze. The chair was designed for Herman Miller by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, and it was the very first to feature a woven seat and back without foam cushions.

The Aeron is based on the biomorphic principles of the body for ultimate comfort and comes in varying size options, which means you can pick out the height for you. Because let’s face it, nobody has the same body type. Whether you’re tall, short, somewhere in between, or you have other chair requirements, one-size-fits-most chairs might not do it for you.

If you run hot, and leather or foam seats don’t cut it for you, then Aeron is the best mesh-back chair you can get for hot working conditions. Not only is this chair made from a breathable material, but it is also designed specifically for back support. Having been in the market since 1994, we are confident in this recommendation as the chair is known to be quite durable, lasting a decade or more for most users.

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5.ERGOUP Chair

Ergroup’s ergonomic office chair is the first mesh chair on the list, as well as one of the sturdiest, best-looking chairs in its price range.

Sporting a metal base and aluminum construction, I’m under the impression that this chair will be able to survive at least a decade of use. Furthermore, it can support up to 550 pounds, which is something not many mesh ergonomic chairs can boast about.

Speaking of mesh, this chair is made of a material that is highly resistant to wear. According to the brand that made it, Ergroup’s ergonomic office chair went through thousands of resistance tests before hitting the market.

All of its features are fully adjustable, including the armrests, headrest, and lumbar support, but I want to touch base on its rolling caster wheels. They are unique in that they are outfitted with special foot mufflers that reduce the sound they make when grinding against the floor. Each wheel is covered with PU material, boasting an impeccable level of sturdiness without sacrificing mobility and flexibility.

The only downside to this chair is that it does not appear to be made for taller people. Namely, even though you can adjust the headrest, you can’t really extend it too far upward, which makes this feature relatively useless for the taller among us.

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6.Nouhaus ErgoPRO

The ErgoPro chair is a lighter alternative to Ergroup’s model, offering a relatively similar set of features and benefits at a shallower price tag. Although there are a couple of distinct differences that set them apart, NouHaus’s ErgoPro is still an excellent choice for anyone searching for customized comfort, regardless of budget.

I was pleasantly surprised with its SWS technology, which is essentially a weight-sensing mechanism that disperses the user’s weight in optimal proportion, regardless of how strong the force pressuring it is. On the downside, it can only support 275 pounds of weight, which is still fairly good.

In terms of durability, its base is made of high-quality aluminum while the back is made of breathable mesh fabric. More specifically speaking, NouHaus’s proprietary ElastoMesh forms this chair’s back, offering excellent sweat-resistance, elasticity, and comfort.

Unlike ordinary ergonomic chairs, this model features proprietary Pro Wheels, which are super-silent and offer a comfortable sitting experience.

Four-dimensional armrests, the headrest, and dynamic lumbar support are all fully adjustable. However, I found that the armrests are a bit too petite for my taste. Be that as it may, this is a wonderful chair that’s worth the buck, despite its minor imperfections.

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Most Important Things to Look For in an Office Chair for Back and Neck Pain

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs That Actually Support Your Back

The most important thing in preventing neck pain is to maintain proper posture. As such, the key features in an office chair that are most effective in preventing and reducing chronic neck pain are ones that encourage a good sitting position.

Head and Neck Support

Let’s start with the most obvious – head and neck support. There are two types of neck support commonly found on ergonomic office chairs.

The first is a fixed headrest that spans the width of the entire backrest. Typically found on executive office chairs, it consists of a protruding pillow that can be very comfortable, provided it is the right height.

The second type of neck support comes in the form of an articulated headrest that is shaped and curved to conform to the user’s cervical spine. If you have neck pain, it’s vital that any articulated headrest is at least height adjustable to support the exact region of your neck that needs extra support. Otherwise, it could exasperate your condition.

Lumbar Support

The lower part of the spine naturally curves inward to create what is called the lordotic curve. A lumbar support fills in the gap between the backrest and the spine to prevent slouching, which can lead to a forward head posture over time.

Look for a chair with a good lumbar support, which can greatly help prevent postural problems that cause not just neck pain, but shoulder and back pain as well.

There are three types of lumbar support that can be found in office chairs:

  • Fixed Lumbar Support: Typically found on lower end chairs, it cannot be adjusted to better fit the user.
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support: For this type, the height, depth, or firmness of the lumbar support can be manually adjusted.
  • Dynamic Lumbar Support: The best out of the three, it automatically adjusts its depth and firmness depending on your position.

A lumbar support depth of 0.6 to 2” is sufficient for most people. However, since women have a more pronounced lordotic curve, a better choice for them would be an office chair with a deeper lumbar support. If you’re on the tall side, a taller lumbar support is ideal.

Adjustable Armrests

When talking about neck pain prevention in the office, the armrests are probably one of the last things that you’ll think of. However, lack of arm support or poorly placed arms while working can lead to shoulder pain, which can then travel to the neck.

The proper arm position is such that the forearms are parallel to the desk surface, with the elbows assuming a 90 – 100 degree open angle. At this position your arms and shoulders are most relaxed.

To achieve this posture, look for office chairs with armrests that are at least 2D (height adjustable).

Best Office Chairs To Buy To Avoid Lower Back & Neck Pain -

Robust Seat Height

Another feature that you’ll want in an office chair for neck pain is robust seat height control. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a seat height adjustment range of 15 to 22” works for most people. The reason for this as it relates to neck pain is the same as armrest height adjustment.

When your desk is too high, you move your shoulders up and raise your hands, wrists, and forearms to reach the right height. However, staying in this position for too long will strain your neck muscles and eventually cause headaches as the suboccipital muscles at the bottom of your skull get fatigued.

On the other hand, when your desk is too low, your neck and upper body flexes forward, shortening your suboccipital muscles and causing headaches, neck pain, and muscle spasm.

One main feature to consider is adjustability. Chairs with adjustable heights are key in helping keep pressure off of your lower back, according to Joel Giffin, PT, DPT, a physical therapist and founder of Flex Physical Therapy.

“You need to make sure the seat can adjust up and down, because you want your feet to be flat ideally on the ground…,” Giffin says. “If your feet are just dangling, it pretty much puts direct pressure onto the low back, and, believe it or not, even up into the neck, so that’s why the seat height is important,” Giffin adds.

Additionally, finding a chair with adequate lumbar support is important if you want to prevent back pain. This is going to help check your posture and keep you from slouching, which is something that can ultimately lead to pain in your back and neck in the long run.

“You don’t need a lot of [lumbar support], but you probably need more than what the average chairs [have]. Some chairs say [they have] lumbar support but [there’s] really hardly anything there. So you want something real. If you have a distinct back problem like a herniated disc, you might want more back support.” In that case, Giffin says you can use something like a back cushion or pillow to tack onto your chair as a substitute lumbar support if your chair doesn’t have any.

What are the best brands for ergonomic office chairs? 

Some of the best brands for ergonomic office chairs are AmazonBasics and Herman Miller. This does not mean that an off-brand chair won’t serve you well, but these brands have plenty of reviews and hefty warranties backing up their quality. 

What is the most comfortable ergonomic chair? 

The most comfortable ergonomic home office chair may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, but that does not mean less expensive chairs are a bad bargain. In our opinion, the Serta Mid-Back Office Chairs is one of the most comfortable ergonomic chairs available around. However, the Embody Chair by Herman Miller and many more follow close behind. 

What is the best office chair for sitting for long hours? 

The best office chairs for sitting long hours should come with key features of adjustable seat arms and height and a design that mimics the curves of your body. This article features some of the best ergonomic office chairs for your back. 

Which chair is the best for your back? 

Ergonomic office chairs with adjustable arms and seat height and a curvy back that aligns with your spine are the best chairs for your back. Adjustable lumbar support also acts as a guarantee of pain-free working days to come. 

What are the best ergonomic office chairs for back pain? 

The Serta Mid-Back Office Chairs and the Embody Chair by Herman Miller are some of the most comfortable ergonomic chairs for your back. 

What is the best Orthopedic office chair? 

Eko Executive Desk - Archiutti | Tomassini Arredamenti

The Serta Mid-Back Office Chair and Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair are some of the best orthopedic office chairs. 

What is the best high-back ergonomic office chair? 

The Steelcase gesture chair, Steelcase Series 2 Office Chair, and the Herman Miller chairs are designed to support a wide variety of body sizes. They provide both low and high back positions, making them a winner for most people. 

If you work at a desk day in and day out, you definitely need to invest in a good ergonomic chair for the sake of your health and comfort.  

As discussed above, Herman Miller chairs are top-notch and backed by years of research and testing (see here). If these are out of your price range, we’ve covered a whole lot of others, so make sure to keep this guide on hand when making a purchase. 

Do share in the comments below and let us know which chair you like the most. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Benefits of an Office Chair for Neck Pain

If you’re still doubting whether it’s worth investing in an office chair for neck pain, here are a few more benefits that might convince you:

  • It can help you create a more ergonomic office setup
  • It can lower pressure on your back and legs
  • It can improve your sitting experience
  • It can relieve neck pain
  • It can promote good posture
  • You can use it for both working and playing video games
  • You can choose from a variety of models and upholstery types
  • You can fully adjust it according to your body type and specific requirements

Should I Buy an Office Chair for Neck Pain?

If you’re a remote worker or spend five days per week sitting in an office chair, sooner or later, you’ll start experiencing pain in your back or neck. And if you already notice that you’re feeling fatigued after a day at work, it’s worth buying a high-quality chair to help you prevent these unpleasant scenarios.

And while you might be buying an office chair for neck pain, it will still be protecting your whole body, including your spine, legs, and shoulders. We know that a high-quality ergonomic chair for neck pain isn’t super cheap, but if you use it almost every single day, it’s absolutely worth it.

We hope you managed to find what you were looking for. And if you have any questions or have an idea of what we should review next, please let us know.

A good chair can mean many things. So on a chair shopping trip average Joe told plain Jane that he had his eyes set on this really good one at a stall they passed through, made out bamboo branches and chopsticks. Aesthetically sound, too, or at least to those that longed for an eastern dream.

Eko Executive Desk - Archiutti | Tomassini Arredamenti

Jane decided to try it out, after eleven creaks and body turns to keep a stable and to show that she cared, she smartly asked if it was cheap, and if it was, they should buy it. Joe’s face turned bright as day, since he was usually the one who paid. So a good chair in Joe and Jane’s mind is one that is cheap and won’t create cracks in their financial stability. It also must pass the eye test, which is looking pretty enough.

A good chair can also be viewed from a technical standpoint, the level of quality of the things that make it, you know, a chair. There are a lot of factors that can instantly turn a chair from good to bad, for example a chair that has a good back support but poorly designed seating, which dulls its strong point since a back support, or backrest, is a very big part of the chair. Other components are required to function just as well in order to correct the users into a more natural posture.

Its stability is also another thing to consider, unless you want to be the physical comic relief to your colleagues by falling off your chair all day everyday, though I would say, what’s worse is hurting yourself in the process.

So yes, again, a lot of factors, but all similar. These days, the office furniture industry has become particularly competitive – so much that “innovation” looks more like copying each others ideas. And that point is the Ergonomics of it all. A good ergonomic product, not just a good ergonomic chair, will meet all of the customer’s demands of physical, mental comfort and more, through dedicated and intelligent designs that seriously take the users’ own interactive experience into account.


Best Chair for Back and Neck Pain – Neck pain can be caused by many things, and sitting in an office chair all day long is one of them. If you experience fatigue and pain, it’s likely that your current office chair doesn’t provide you with proper back and neck support. And since you’re reading this right now, you probably already figured it out.

However, just a headrest isn’t enough to ensure your shoulders and neck are fully protected. If your chair doesn’t help you maintain correct posture throughout the workday, it means your spine is in the wrong position, and, as a result, your neck as well.

Of course, the first thing you do is google. But the number of chair models online can be very overwhelming. And what seems like a few-minute task can easily turn into a day’s long browsing quest…if not longer. So to save you time and prevent frustration, we’ve reviewed dozens of chairs and selected the nine best office chairs for neck pain.

​​When you’re glued to a desk for most of the day, having an office chair for back pain (rather, for relieving or preventing back pain) is not a luxury, but a must. Sitting for long periods without the right support can wreak havoc on your back muscles, reinforce bad posture and end up causing a lot of pain and potential damage. But while so many office chairs promise to be ergonomic and comfy, how can you really tell if a chair is good for supporting your back?