Best Chair for Back Pain Relief at Home

Best Chair for Back Pain Relief at Home – Most people will experience some form of back discomfort during their life. The leading cause for such pain are injuries associated with uncomfortable activities, such as using the incorrect chair. Finding the best chair to help your back pain at home can solve many of your back pain issues caused by an uncomfortable chair at work or many other situations.

Even though chairs can cause back problems, finding the right chair for your needs will help alleviate such pain and discomfort. The chair that you choose should provide the appropriate level of support to your lower back and your neck and upper body. Here is a great list of chairs that will make your chair-sitting experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

When you need to treat your back pain at home, it can be hard to know what type of chair will work best for you. Many things contribute to this decision, and we can help guide you through the process by answering some questions about yourself. We want everyone who suffers from back pain to have access to a comfortable place in their own homes where they’ll find relief.


1.Oslo Collection

On the very first of the chairs for back reviews, we’ve got the Mac Motion from Oslo collection. With this comfortable friend in your arsenal, you can say goodbye to your painful days once and for all.

As the name says, this one knows you love to make all those grooves when you’re on the chair. This is why it comes with a completely adjustable mechanism.

Doesn’t matter if you’re watching tv, reading a book or just taking a nap, you can have your comfort zone confirmed. Thanks to the side knobs, you can set your reclining level. Rather than just reclining back and forth, you can switch to multiple positions from now on.

The chair adapts to the shape of your body while it soothes each and every single muscle. As your sore butt rests on the chair, it gets enough room as the seat pan is wide and dense.

It straightens your spine and makes sure they don’t get any harm at all. You can adjust the headrest as well to take a power nap. Swivel the chair 360 degrees at your comfort. The excellent lumbar support allows you to experience a superior sitting position so that you can relax after embracing the calmness.

And the best part, you get to stretch your legs as well. The Mac Motion comes with an angled ottoman where you can keep your legs on. This will make sure the blood does not just flow to your upper and lower back but also your legs as well.

The manufacturers have used heavy-duty memory foam that enhances cushioning. It absorbs your body weight while relieving the pressure from your entire body, including the places you’re experiencing the pain.

As for durability, the Mac Motion comes with top-grain leather which looks stunningly rich that matches your décor.

The leather can withstand all the toughest abuse and you can use it for years to come with no worries at all. If you happen to spill a drink, just wipe it off. Its breather air leather won’t leave any strain at all. All that being said, you can call the Mac Motion one of the best recliners for back pain without any doubt.

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2.Hегman Millег Mirra 2

If you work long hours at a desk every day, it’s worth investing in an ergonomic chair for back pain that will support your body properly, and our top recommendation is the Herman Miller Mirra 2. Yes, it’s expensive. But as you’d expect from a Herman Miller chair, it’s fantastically comfortable and looks stunning too. And it provides the best back support we’ve experienced.

The butterfly-shaped backrest responds effortlessly to your movements, making your spine feel cradled and supported, and preventing you from slumping or slouching. We also found that this chair comfortably holds you with knees slightly lower that hips, while your feet are flat on the ground – a key requirement ot sit properly on a chair straight from the UK’s National Health Service (for more on that, scroll to the bottom of this page).

The mesh is lovely and breathable, so you can stay cool on warm days. The chair offers excellent lumbar support, which can be adjusted for height (many of the cheaper chairs in our list include lumbar support but that isn’t adjustable) and the arms are fully adjustable too. The seat cushion distributes your weight beautifully, and it also takes the largest maximum load (159kg / 350lbs) of all the chairs on this list.

In short, this is the best ergonomic office chair that money can buy, bar none. For more Herman Miller options, see our dedicated guide to the best Herman Miller chairs and our Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Aeron showdown.

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3.Serta Hannah

Most of the time you have to work on your desk and this is why we’re focusing more on office chairs to help with back pain. And when we’re talking chairs, we can’t ignore the microfiber office chair by Serta.

This stunning beauty comes in three color variations to choose from. You can either take the Black, which most people prefer, or you can get your hands on the Brown. However, if you want to taste the premium richness, you should go for the Light Beige.

First off, we prefer this chair for the waterfall edge system it comes with. This feature increases the blood flow of your body and makes sure it circulates to the major parts. As a result, you get to experience the ultimate comfort you deserve.

Besides, with this feature in the arsenal, you get to feel less pressure on your knees and the back of your legs. So, while you sit on it, you sit with ease and convenience.

As you let your head or neck rest on the chair, you’ll embrace the soothing comfort while your eyes shut down. It comes with a comfortable headrest pillow that allows you to experience warmth and softness to eliminate your neck pain.

Sit on it and you’ll find your hips land on a giant marshmallow. The seat is pretty big in size and gives your hips enough room to fit in perfectly. The multi-layered body pillows, on the other hand, take your seating experience to its pinnacle with its awesome serene.

Doesn’t matter if you’re fat, skinny, or overweight. Let the Serta Microfiber office chair adapt to the shape of your body whenever you sit on it.

If you think you need to adjust the height of your chair, you can do it easily all by yourself.  This chair comes with easy-adjustment settings. All you need to do is pull the handles and set the height.

On top of that, the excellent lumbar support ensures you can switch to one sitting position to another, without compromising your comfort.

As the name hints, the Hannah office chair from Serta is made of microfiber. So, you won’t have to worry a bit about durability. It can withstand all the beatings like a pro. The fact that it’s resistant to stain is a cherry on top. Since the chair is dust-free, you can clean it easily within minutes.

You can swivel this chair to a complete 360 degree and thanks to the four caster wheels, you can move it anywhere you want.

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4.SIHOO Chair

Concerned about your back but don’t have enough funds for the first chair on our list? Here’s the best quality office chair for back pain at an affordable price. This stylish chair looks the part for office use and it compares favourably with many pricier models in terms of functionality as well as looks. After using it for a few days, we think the highlights here are the mesh back, which is breathable, and the good level of lumbar support that comes with it. This, as detailed at the bottom of this page, has been identified by professional physiotherapists as an essential criteria for judging a chair to be beneficial for alleviating back pain.

It’s also super adjustable: you can tweak the back support, headrest, armrests, height and tilt of the chair. You can’t adjust the seat depth, but the features that are adjustable do at least let you make most of the adjustments that health experts recommend, for example allowing you to adjust chair height so your knees are slightly lower than your hips. This adds up to excellent lower back support for office chair users and at a price point much lower than its features would suggest.

The level of finish is quite evidently not up to the standard of more expensive designer chairs, which is unavoidable at the price. But in general, it not only looks the part but provides an excellent level of comfort and protection given the reasonable price.

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5.Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Our reviews would stay incomplete if we didn’t include the Massage Recliner from Esright. This one stands out than any other chair and recliners over here. Why? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out.

As the name hints, this recliner can do the massage job on your body. Sit on it and activate your massage mode, you’ll see chair starts to vibrate while giving your body a complete massage.

It doesn’t fail to touch the major parts of your body, no. Head, buttocks, feet, upper and lower back, you name it, this beast right here makes sure everything is getting the hit during the operation.

Besides, with the heating system, the recliner provides enough amount of heat in your lumbar area, eliminating your lower back pain.

Now, the vibrating mode and the heating mode are just two of the 5 functions the recliner offers. You can also switch to the reclining mode to experience the ultimate relaxation you need. Also, there’s the rocking mode which will rock the chair which will help you to take a good power nap.

And guess what? All of these options and you won’t have to do anything by yourself. Just press the remote-control device and your recliner will obey your command. You can also switch between 2 massaging intensity anytime you need.

The faux leather it boasts is pretty soft and sturdy. As you sit on it, your buttocks will land on the extra thick sponge. Besides, the thick-padded armrests allow your elbows to feel the ease and convenience.

As for extras, the massage recliner from Esright comes with 2 cup holders along with storage bags. This will allow you to store your drinks and magazines. You can also swivel this massage chair to 360 degrees like a smooth breeze. When it comes to looks you’re getting 7 different colors to choose from.

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6.Flash Furniture

So you want to get your hands on a good office chair for lower back pain but then again, you want something that eats a little space. Well, you can have your hands on the Drafting chair from Flash Furniture.

For an office chair, this one has got a very stunning fashion that will make your jaw-dropped. The brown finish has blended in perfectly with the slender body it has. If you have got space issues in your office room, the Flash Furniture drafting chair is the perfect catalyst for you.

Here’s the wow factor though. Unlike any other office chair, it has got a breathable mesh. Meaning, the mesh material is transparent, which allows the air to circulate freely. As a result, you will stay more productive on your workdays.

When your hips land on the seat, they’ll have the springy feel. Thanks to the waterfall front-seat edge, you don’t feel any pressure on your lower legs at all. This improves the blood circulation in your body. Besides, let’s not forget the contoured backrest. It gives your back the firm support it needs to stay straight.

The best part? Your spine stays just like it’s meant to. So, you can work for hours, you’ll not feel any discomfort at all.  The built-in lumbar support, on the other hand, makes sure you can switch to different postures very easily. With the padded armrests, you never get to experience any pressure on your shoulders and neck.

Moreover, the Flash Furniture has got a synchro-tilt control in its arsenal. You can easily recline at different angles while increasing and decreasing it between your thighs and torso. With the adjustable pull handle, you can adjust the seat height from 24 inches to 32 inches whenever you want to.

And who cares you’re skinny or a bit overweight. This chair can adapt to the shape of your body just like that.

The chair has got 5 caster wheels, so moving it from one room to another won’t be a problem. Besides, you can swivel it to 360 degrees like a breeze.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Chair for Backs at Home

13 of the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $200 of 2022

So, you want to get your hands on a good chair to relieve back pain. Good for you. However, do you know what features you need to look for before you make a purchase? If your answer is no, the odds won’t be in your favor. To make sure you don’t get your hands on the wrong chair, we’ve provided a short guideline for you. Get to know the things to consider before buying a chair for back.


If you’re someone who doesn’t want to compromise the outlook of a chair, you should get your hands on something that dominates your place. But that’s just one thing. Aesthetics are also important to reduce your back pain as well. If your chair doesn’t have a good shape, you will find a hard time sitting on it. It won’t adjust to the shape of your body and you won’t get your comfort.

This is why whenever you’re buying a chair, whether it’s a recliner or office chair, make sure the shape is perfect and adapts to the shape of your body. Take the Sayl from Herman Miller for example. The aesthetic is so helpful that it makes sure the Spine of your body maintains the S-Shape.

Is the Seat Wide Enough?

The seat of your chair you’re buying should have a wide space, making enough room for your hips to fit in. Often, the chair’s all fine, it looks good but just because the seat doesn’t have a wide space, the users never get to experience their comfort. You can go for a seat that is at least 18 inches wide.

In the reviews, we have covered a lot of chairs that are up to 23 inches wide. So pick the one that suits you.

Lumbar Support

The chair you’re buying should have great lumbar support. As you switch to a new sitting position, you can experience a bad ache if the chair doesn’t provide good lumbar support to you.

For example, if you want to get your hands on a recliner with good lumbar support, you can try the Oslo Mac Motion from our review list. As for office chairs, you can go for the Hannah Microfiber Office Chair from Serta. Both of these chairs can offer you the lumbar support you need.

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Most orthopedic chairs for back pain have one problem in common. They provide you the support you need in your back, however, they often don’t provide the cushion you need. Rumor has it, the more the cushion, the more problems you’ll face in your back. Pfft!

You can always find the best chair for a bad back that offers you the ultimate cushion as well. Before buying it, make sure it’s soft enough to relax your muscles.


Not saying that you must need it but if you can purchase a chair that comes with an ottoman, it’s definitely a plus for you. An ottoman will help you stretch your legs and while it helps the circulating blood in your body, it eliminates the lower back pain as well.

You can go for chairs like Oslo Mac Motion and the Newport Swivel Recliner from Benchmaster. Both of them come with high-quality ottoman that will keep your legs relaxed.

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Headrest and Armrest

Getting a chair that reliefs only the pain of your back won’t do you any good. If your neck and arms do not stay relaxed, you’ll have the same discomfort on your body. Make sure the chair you’re buying has a comfortable headrest so that your neck can have the comfort zone. You can go for the adjustable-headrest chairs.

As for armrests, you can choose the one that comes with black padding or the one that has got waterfall style. Both features are unique and provide your arms the comfort they need. You can check the High Back Executive Chair from Amazon Basics or the Commodore II from Comfortable Products. Both the chairs have got amazing armrests.


Not just chairs, durability matters when it comes to almost everything. If you buy a chair that’s not durable enough to last long, you’ll have to buy another one within months. This will waste your time and money.

You can go for the chair that has got a top-grain leather construction. The ones that are made of bonded leather are also pretty strong and durable. Also, make sure you check the bases as well. We’d suggest going for the one that has got either a heavy-duty Chrome Base or a Leather-Wrapped Base.

Don’t forget to check the memory foam as well. If the memory foam isn’t heavy-duty, the chair won’t survive for a long time. The inner springs should be durable as well.

Are recliners good for your back?

Of course, however, it depends on the recliner you’re using. Some recliners do have problems. As you sit on them, you can face discomfort and fatigue. However, if you can get the recliner that straightens your back, you will have your convenience for sure.

I’m looking for a compact-sized recliner which I can take a nap on sometimes. Which one shall I go for?

For power naps, you can try the Christopher Knight Davis recliner we’ve reviewed in this right-up. It’s compact and eats up very little space. However, if you happen to shift to a spacious room, you can try the Oslo Mac Motion.

Is it hard to move the chairs that don’t have wheels? And does it have any impact on the base while moving it?

If you buy a chair that has wheels (the office chairs for example), you won’t have a hard time moving them at all. As for the recliners that don’t have wheels, it depends on the type you’re going for. Some of these chairs are light in weight while others are heavy. So, you might need someone’s assistance while moving them.

Am I getting any warranty offered with these chairs?

Of course. You’ll have a satisfying warranty duration. However, to know how long the warranty will last, you’ll have to contact your seller.

Is assembling these chairs hard?

Not at all. The chairs we’ve reviewed here are very easy to assemble. Even you can set them up all by yourself. However, if you find it a bit complicated, you can always a helping hand.

Sit Smart! These Are the Best Chairs for Back Pain Relief

Can you recommend the best recliner after back surgery?

These chairs are often used as therapist chairs with good back support. The recliners we’ve reviewed are often recommended by doctors for patients who go through back surgery.
If you’re someone who had surgery already and needs to recover, you can go for any of the recliners we’ve reviewed here. However, it’s better NOT to go for the Christopher Knight Davis in such a case.


Best Chair for Back Pain Relief at Home – So, after watching the movie for an hour, you thought ‘Hey, why don’t I just get my nuggets?’ You stand up and Ouch! Your back hurts. If you don’t have the right chair or recliner to sit on, you’ll make your back pain issues worse.

Typical chairs have bad shapes, so they rarely adapt to the shape of your body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a patient with back pain or someone who’s just experiencing this for the first time, these chairs will mess with your spine sooner or later. Getting the best chairs for back pain at home can be a bummer when the marketplace is full of junks. Don’t worry, this is where we play our part. InformersGeek team will make sure you get your hands on the perfect chairs for backs.

Well, that was pretty much everything. Now that you’ve gone through all the reviews, we think you can get yourself the best chairs for back pain at home. You can give this write-up a read again, keep notes and decide which feature goes with your taste. No matter which one you go for, you won’t regret it, that we can say.