Best Chair for Coccyx Pain

Best Chair for Coccyx Pain – Obviously, pain at the back and especially around the coccyx (the end of your spine) is very problematic, as it is the point where our complete backbone relies on.

It can have many reasons including surgery, trauma to the coccyx, and long-term sitting on an uncomfortable surface. This all makes your tailbone feel crampy and itchy all the time. It is no doubt a big issue while doing work – whether at home or in the office.

So we recommend thinking about better posture while you are sitting as it can help to treat your trauma shock to the lower back as well. This can only be pitched by choosing the best office chair for Coccyx Pain.

Not all chairs can be safe for aiding tailbone complications. If you suffer from tailbone pain (also known as coccydynia), sitting can be an excruciating experience. For relief, the key is to find an ergonomic office chair that diverts pressure away from your tailbone while encouraging a variety of different sitting positions. The good news is, without further aggravation, coccyx pain usually goes away on its own after a few weeks or months.

The following are our favorite office chairs and pillows for tailbone pain, each bringing something special to the table.

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1.Serta AIR Health

Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Office chair is an appreciated model of Serta whose primary goal is to earn ease for its users by bringing air pillow support from the back and throughout the complete tailbone.

If your budget is not so high and your demand is a chair that can suit your height as none other chair has proved equally supportive to be long enough to sustain neck comfort. You need not be worried anymore.

Serta executive office chair has a big backrest and stylish finish with supportive features you can get under an extremely reasonable price tag. (Hit your problems right away!)

The appearance of this chair is simple yet definitely assembled with the backrest scaled higher and provides top-notch relief to the complete posterior.

Be happy because you don’t need to add extra pillows near lumbar where actually the coccyx is irritating you. The chair has an integrated pillow on the back which seems like an outgrown bend of the backrest and pushes your spine without being stiff on touching.

Do not think extra if your height is short. You can also conveniently go with its structure. Simply adjust the height, using cable levers, to a position where your feet touch the floor and reduce pain originating from the end of the spine.

It is an easy option for office workers with bad tailbone pain. By fixing a desirable position using a pneumatic lift beneath the chair, you can scale your backbone up without stiffing it to grow painful for long-term sitting.

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2.Steelcase Gesture

If you want a chair with a professional design and which ensures the stability of sitting for a long run, we have tested the Steelcase gesture chair to be a perfect fit so far.

Its ergonomic features collectively help you release aches from the back once you end up positioning yourself in a posture that your back is relaxing on the backrest, height is supportive and feet are touching the ground.

The overall body is plastic-made and allows movements in all directions with easy adjustment options.

Your best comfort to the lumbar for reducing extra burden over coccyx can be provided through Steelcase gesture’s armrests, seat depth, and height adjustment screws that are easily reachable while you are calmly sitting in it.

The seat comfort is an amazing factor in this chair which promises to provide skin-friendly fabric and comfy seat padding.

While sitting to get a quick nap, place your arms over armrests that are adaptive to 4d movement and made of durable plastic.

It is true that the complete chair is covered with plastic. But this plastic is sufficient to provide equal comfort to areas where flexibility is required, such as pelvic and shoulder. Also, metal features, including tilting mechanisms and height levers are upholstered with a plastic layer to give a cleaner view overall.

You can lock the position at 7 different points you think where your tailbone feels more satisfaction to stand. It makes it a compatible chair among the stocks we are reviewing.

You can choose Steelcase gesture chair for all back pain types as it is confident to provide luxurious sitting involving both its attractive structure and manageable features.

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If you are facing extreme trouble with your tailbone that even no backrest of chair can heal, we have Dragonn by Vivo Ergonomic Kneeling chair, which is such an affordable treatment for your lower extremities complications while sitting.

The chair is very easy to connect all its components and comes directly for use.

You will be impressed by its supportive style which is different from other office chairs and doesn’t have a backrest and armrests at back or around.

Sit on its downward sloping seat and put your knees over knee pads filled with comfortable padding in front so that your feet are moving backward, pushing your spine forward and reducing strong pangs occurring in back joints (just appropriately built for tailbone pain sufferers).

Your big contribution to spine problems including tailbone pain and disc slips comes from inappropriate sitting while performing desk tasks.

This kneeling chair has 2X padding support and comfort for both knees and seat which limits the bending possibility of the spine like no other.

There is a screw behind the seat for seat height adjustment and this frame excluding padding is pure metal which is firmly constructed to bear weights up to 250lbs.

Instead, you deal with armrests, backrest height, and lumbar depth in the seat, this kneeling chair doesn’t demand this all management. It is a heavy-duty, simple, yet effective seat you can have everywhere as it is easy to carry from one location to another.

If you are bored with the same chair look and also want to bring a new one that understands your current instability of tailbone, here is your choice in the form of DRAGONN by VIVO kneeling ergonomic chair. Just grasp it for living a better working life!

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4.Duramont Ergonomic

If you are appointed to overlook managerial tasks in summer and handling hours of work which can be highly stiff for your tailbone and make you sweat, here is the best choice you can consider right away which is Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair.

It is meshed and designed very simply so that anyone buying it can understand its features without reading details mentioned in the description.

Among all meshed chairs ensuring complete airflow to sustain comfortable and ventilated sitting, Duramont is highly featured and has many more to assist your posture while making yourself active on the desk for multiple hours.

The chair has a tilting limiter while reclining you to a suitable position. It also has height adjustments through simple handles that you can get assembled right beneath your seat.

The armrests are an ordinary design but can permit two-directional movement when you are tired of placing your arms in the same state for hours.

Douramont doesn’t support the extensive features that other professional chairs have. It still operates in a way where your lumbar is extremely relaxed and finds support to reduce tailbone stiffness. Hence, it has been adopted by hundreds of users with five-star reviews!

As far as value goes, the Duramont seemed more like the “you get what you pay for” brand. When the Duramont suits your budget and you are taller, you might want to consider it.

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5.HAG Capisco

An amazing and unique style of saddle chair is HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Chair which is extremely comfortable for executing podcasts and doing more desk work in less time.

Its body is designed considering human comfort as a priority and you will see that the back has a template that seems like human parts supporting the back.

Similarly, the seat is shaped from where your thighs are free to move without being covered up to your knees – which is a really exceptional thing you would ever experience in a chair.

So, if you have no time adjusting to the many and many features we usually have in ordinary chairs, just go with this option and you will enjoy it while feeling differently and at ease for the tailbone.

The HAG Capisco Standing Desk chair is the right choice for tall and extra tall people who have to frequently face height problems in chairs. But with this chair, you will get composition components consisting of only two things; backrest and seat, while there is nothing to bother and adjust at all.

It has a seat height of 22.5″ – 33″ with an 18.5″ backrest which is a great thing to stay above the ground at a maximum position and slaying at a very minor angle while your feet are touching the ground.

At the base, there are rolling casters for moving over all surfaces, whether softwood or hardwood carpet. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds which makes it highly durable and firm. So be ready to support your back wherever you are appointed to run an hours job!

HAG Capisco Standing desk chair is an overall trendy choice mostly adopted by youngsters. But if you are buying it for the elderly, there are more chairs with complete components you can consider than this.

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A very simple solution to your tailbone pains can be the OFM ESS Collection Bonded Leather Executive chair which has all features simply integrated and can be derived without any hassle.

People of any age and from any back pain can have this comfortable sitting template which is highly durable and comes attractively due to its multi featured yet understandable look.

If you are tired of making so many adjustments that are no doubt essential to hold you strongly in a seat, consider this option to fulfill your tailbone comforting needs within one to two quick adjustments, including height and backrest orientations.

Never let this option go as it is pocket-friendly and lasts for up to years to assist your posture while sitting!

It is an executive chair that has high back support to cover the complete spine and leaves no region unprotected. That’s how it is recommended for people having frequent backbone pangs.

You can use it at home as well as in offices since its design is quite adaptable and goes perfectly with every background.

The outer covering is leather and provides flexibility through comfy padding which is not hard at all from the backrest.

There are multiple features available in it like other five-star rated ergonomic chairs including a good tilting mechanism, position locking, and 360-degree smooth swivel to let you not only do the work but also enjoy it completely while sitting!

OFM ESS Collection is known for its products designed to provide comfort to its users. Its chair is also a quick remedy for people facing tailbone problems and hence, it is a good time to pick it for all-day working days you spend in business!

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Why does sitting make my tailbone hurt?

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  • Childbirth – The coccyx naturally becomes more flexible during the last trimester so it can give way during birth. Sometimes, the muscles and ligaments surrounding the tailbone get overstretched, leading to pain in the area.
  • Injury – Hard impact to the base of the spine, perhaps from a fall or accidental hit during contact sports, can injure the coccyx. Sometimes it’s just bruised, but in the worst case scenario, it can be dislocated or fractured.
  • Repetitive strain injury – If you enjoy cycling and rowing, the constant leaning forward and stretching of the base of your spine can strain the muscles and ligaments around your coccyx. Eventually, they can be permanently damaged so your tailbone will lack support.
  • Unhealthy weight – When you’re too heavy, too much pressure is placed on your coccyx. At the same time, being underweight might mean that you don’t have enough buttock fat to prevent your coccyx from rubbing against the tissues around it.
  • Ageing – As we age, the cartilage supporting the coccyx can deteriorate. The little bones that make up the coccyx can also get fused too tightly together.
  • Poor sitting posture – Sitting with poor posture such as slouching or on a hard surface for long periods of time can lead to agitation of the coccyx.

As you can see, Coccydynia, or tailbone pain, has plenty of possible causes.

It is better to know which components in a chair can make it reliable for posterior support. So you can ensure them and then pick the one and best option for getting a convenient sitting style that never puts pressure on the coccyx to hit the tailbone in return.

Here are some important features you need to know before buying the best office chair for tailbone pain:

Structure and Material

Do not miss to check what the structure of the chair is and if it seems relevant to your needs or not. For this, we have mentioned above different seat designs including advanced ergonomic office chairs, kneeling chairs, and ball chairs. They all are different and support different types of back pain or tailbone pains.

So you can pick from them understanding the nature of your tailbone pain and comparing it with structure support for that area.

Backrest Height


Since a long backrest will work the same way to support your tailbone as it is done by short backrests. So never bother this thing you are going to get high backrests in order to support your lumbar.

Just sitting comfortably and pushing optimally to the last bone of the spine or coccyx will be good to go with your tailbone relief. Consider as well, the chair you are using has sufficient room for seating and doesn’t resist or feel rock line to the body.

Composition and Built Quality

Have a look at the material used for providing comfort to the lower back or tailbone. Since flexibility matters to regain tailbone agility, it is better to go with a material that allows movement and relaxation at the same time!

Also, check out the built quality of the chair. Most chairs have steel and aluminum mechanisms for tilting which is sometimes directly exposed in real material while sometimes covered in a plastic sheet.

Choose the chair whose plastic body is durable and firm. You can also check plastic durability by comparing it with the weight limit mentioned in the product description. The greater the weight capacity, the stronger will be the plastic to bear heavy weight over it.

Lumbar Adjustments


It is important to note down lumbar strength given to the user as tailbones come directly to fit in the lumbar area. Therefore it must be comfortable, strong, qualified for adjustabilities, and overall a good spot in the chair.

Many chairs have plastic support right behind the seat near the lumbar region to hold your back perfectly when it fits in the seat. You can also say that the ease you feel while tailbone pain when sitting on a chair is just the reflex of its better lumbar support.

One that provides lumbar height locks and position adjustments is the finest to buy from the rest of the stock.

5 Best Office Chairs That Eliminate Coccyx Pains - Welp Magazine

Can an ordinary chair help reduce tailbone pain?

An ordinary dining chair or table chair cannot be as effective as an office chair as it doesn’t support many features supported by ergonomic office chairs.

You would have to place extra pillows in seats near or around the lumbar when sitting in an ordinary chair. The wooden stiffness from the back can make the tailbone experience shock and hence be more disturbed.

How does an office chair provide support to the tailbone joint?

Office chairs are different in many ways than ordinary ones due to owing height adjustments, reclining, tilting, and overstuffing. These all components are extremely supportive to put light pressure on the spine which helps it to stand exactly right and lessens the burden over the coccyx or tailbone joint.

Why do I feel a hurting tailbone while sitting in an office chair?

There are many reasons such as trauma to the tailbone and long-term negligence of pain that can lead to chronic pain of the coccyx.

Reaching this condition will make you uncomfortable even by sitting in office chairs and you immediately need a doctor’s consultation here.

How should I sit with a tailbone injury?

Top 5 Best Office Chairs For Tailbone Pain

This key to avoid worsening your tailbone pain when sitting is to shift your body weight to your thighs and ischial tuberosities (sit-bones). These are stronger than the tailbone so they’re better suited to handle more pressure:

  • Shift your weight forward to your sit-bones to ease any pressure on your tailbone.
  • Use a wedge or donut-shaped seat cushion to help keep pressure off of your sit bones when you sit.
  • Sitting, in general, can worsen your tailbone pain. Make it a habit to get up and walk at least once every 30 minutes. Set an alarm until you develop the habit.
  • Keep your monitor an arm’s length away and elevate your screen so that the upper portion is eye level. This will discourage you from slouching, which puts undue pressure on your entire spine.
  • Every now and then, move your legs. Fully extend them, hold them close to your chair, or bend them part way. These small movements can ease tailbone pain by improving circulation in your entire lower limbs.

What should I look for in an office chair for tailbone pain?

Look for the following features when shopping for an office chair that won’t exasperate your tailbone pain.

Forward Seat Pan Tilt

This feature enables you to lean forward periodically. By shifting your weight forward a bit, you’ll notice that the pressure is taken off your coccyx and placed instead on two bony spots under your hips which are the sit-bones.

Another benefit to having a forward seat pan tilt is that you’re not stuck in one position. You can play around with the angle to adjust the pressure on your hips and spine.

Forward Seat tilt can be found in the Sidiz T50 and Alera Elusion Series.

Reverse Sitting Support

Office chairs that allow you to sit in reverse can also be beneficial for tailbone pain. Such chairs come with a low backrest where you can rest your chest on and use your arms to shoulder some of your body weight.

Mid back office chairs and the HAG Capisco can both be used for reverse sitting.

Dense Foam Seat

If you suffer from coccyx pain, the material and firmness of the seat are both important considerations in an office chair.

Office chairs with high quality cold cured foam are the best. Compared to memory foam, this material holds its shape better to prevent sagging, ensuring your body weight is evenly distributed based on the shape of the seat.

Seat with a Channel/ Coccyx Cut-Out

Office chairs with a seat featuring a channel or coccyx cut out can also be beneficial for tailbone pain, by sparing the coccyx and tailbone from direct contact with the seat.

Office chairs such as the Harachair Doctor, certain saddle chairs and external seat cushions come with such a design in the sitting area.

Gesture: An Ergonomics Evaluation - Steelcase

What kind of office chairs should I avoid if I have a tailbone injury?

Just as there are features that can help you mitigate tailbone pain, there are also some that you need to avoid to prevent your tailbone injury from getting worse.

First, avoid chairs with a hard seat. A hard surface will aggravate your coccyx injury until it becomes unbearable. This means that wooden and plastic seats are out of the question. If, for some reason, you can’t replace your hard chair, use an external seat cushion on top of it.

We also suggest avoiding mesh office chairs, as many cheaper ones come with soft mesh that sag over time.  Once your body starts to sink inside the chair, your weight is no longer evenly distributed and the bulk of the pressure goes to your coccyx.


Best Chair for Coccyx Pain – Have you been working your butt and been suffering from pain? Well, here are the type of chair for tailbone pain to help relieve pressure from your tailbone OR Coccyx Pain.

Working while sitting for several hours might cause injuries to different parts of your body, like your back, neck, and even your coccyx. Well, it’s not like it can stop you from working, so it is best to have the most accessible reliever — a good chair!

Consider the above guide if your tailbone is breaking while sitting down in chairs. We have reviewed the top 6 office chairs including their complete profile details and working mechanisms, from which you can choose the best office chair for tailbone pain.

Also, consider the components highlighted to ensure in the chair through buyer guide before buying to help you figure out which chair is most suitable for your pain side.

These chairs are suitable for all users including office workers, the elderly, and pregnant ladies.