Best Chair for Coders

Best Chair for Coders – Continuously spending hours trying to crack code can sometimes bring the soul out of a programmer or creator. It is already hard to project an image of software in your head, and don’t get us started on the implementation!

Programming or developing is undoubtedly not a profession to take for granted. Your whole life depends on binary codes and sitting on an old chair for the rest of your life – no hard feelings. Have you ever thought about why you often lack ideas at the nick of time?

Your mind needs to be relaxed and free of thoughts to look at the screen, develop graphics, and code. You can only do that when you are on a bed of roses, meaning a beautiful chair.

Your days of struggling and getting agitated on an uncomfortable chair are over. We are here to showcase a montage of fantastic chairs, suited especially for programmers and developers.

Indeed, several processes are involved when finding the perfect chair for an all-time computer worker. Most buyers recommend sitting on every chair you come across to catch the essence of getting an idea of what you need. But, we have a different theory.

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1.Amazon Basics

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a high-end model, the AmazonBasics High-Back chair is an excellent choice for you. This chair is one of the best selling chairs on Amazon and has excellent customer feedback. On top of that, this model is one of the cheapest on the list which makes it very competitive compared to other high-end models (such as Herman Miller’s chairs).

This chair has been designed for executive tasks. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for programming. On the contrary, it has all the features for an optimal comfort for programming.

The AmazonBasics High-Back chair is very well upholstered, even on the armrests. The cushioning is made of leather and PVC. It is available in 3 different colors (black, white, or brown leather). The choice of these materials improves the tenacity and comfort of the chair, you will be able to sit for long hours without feeling tired or back pain.
Its height is also adjustable thanks to the pneumatic controller, it is perfect for people of small or large sizes. You will be able to adjust the height between 41.34 and 45.08 inches. The pneumatic controller allows you to control the inclination of the chair, it does not give the effect of a wobbly chair. A handle also allows you to control the inclination of the chair. The chair can rotate 360 degrees.

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2.Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic chair is one of the latest models of the Herman Miller brand. The Herman Miller brand is often considered one of the best brands of ergonomic chairs. It is an excellent choice for programmers who wish to acquire a high-end chair.

It is very comfortable thanks to its wide seat and agile backrest that allows breathability and remarkable movement. Its support for your back is exceptional. The seat and backrest of the chair are manufactured using a pixel matrix. According to the brand, its structure allows you to lower your heart rate and control your stress, which increases your concentration.

The chair has an elaborate design that adapts to your position. Indeed, it is possible to adjust the backrest so that it adapts to the curvature of your spine. Each part of the chair moves independently according to your movements. Thanks to its ergonomic design, your head will be directly in front of the computer screen, this reduces neck and shoulder problems. With its excellent support, you will be able to stay in a sitting position for long periods of time (and being a programmer, this is not negligible).

Thanks to its remarkable structure, your pelvis will not move backwards and this allows your hands and legs to be less pressurized.

The textile used is breathable, which reduces the sweat on your clothes. You will feel more comfortable and fresh during your programming session.
Although its price may be excessive, it remains an excellent choice in the long term (it is guaranteed 12 years by Herman Miller). It is available in 16 colors (the price varies depending on the color chosen).

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3.Steelcase Gesture

The Steelcase brand is as well known in office seating as the Herman Miller brand. Steelcase did a great job designing the Steelcase Gesture chair. It is designed with high-end materials, which partly explains its slightly high price.

This chair is extremely robust and perfectly imitates the posture of the human body, especially the back and neck. It is offered with Live Back technology.This technology relieves your back by mimicking the shape of your spine, you will be free to move around and avoid feeling stiff muscles.

The armrests can move 360 degrees, so you will be able to move your hands as you wish.You will be able to change your position if you are tired and sit more relaxed. The armrests are extendable forward, backward, sideways and adjustable up and down. This reduces pressure on the wrists in particular and gives a comfortable feeling.

The seat is flexible which allows freedom of movement while sitting comfortably. It imitates your body perfectly and prevents you from feeling stiff muscles.

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4.Hbada Office

The Hbada ergonomic office chair is not as well known as the Herman Miller and Steelcase brands. But for programmers looking for a reasonably priced chair, it can be interesting.

For people with a large body, it’s not really suitable. Indeed its reclining mechanism is more suitable for people of small or medium body weight.

If you work seated most of the time, you will appreciate its breathable net and headrest. The headrest can rotate a few degrees to give you more freedom in the movements of your head without tiring you out.

The design of the backrest is rather classic and only slightly improves your comfort.

The Hbada chair is available in two colors (black and white).

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5.SMUG Ergonomic Chair

The Smugdesk office chair has all the features that programmers are looking for. It is one of the best quality/price ratio on the market.

This chair is perfectly ergonomic. Its reinforced seat provides lumbar support (ideal when you suffer from low back pain) and its neck support system rests your head ideally. The armrests are good value, even if they are made of plastic. This has the disadvantage of decreasing the feeling of comfort and reducing the ergonomics for the arms.

The chair has a breathable two-layer cotton padding. The headrest is fully adjustable and the chair can tilt 120 degrees. A coat rack is also available at the back of the chair.

For students, this is an excellent chair for a reasonable price. If you don’t have a large budget, I highly recommend it.

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6.Ergohuman Swivel Chair

As its name suggests, the Ergohuman is an ergonomic chair and has been designed to adapt to all postures of the human body. As a programmer, when you spend many hours at the office, you need a chair that has a perfect structure and this chair meets these criteria.

To relieve your back, this chair is equipped with a lumbar support system consisting of a seat, a cushion and an adjustable headrest. All this equipment allows you to support your body during your efforts and movements.

This seat is also equipped with swivel armrests. Thanks to this, you will be completely free to move and your hand will stay where you want it on the armrests by adjusting only these.

Ergohuman is equipped with a tilting and locking system with 3 positions. You will be able to modify your inclination as you wish according to what you are doing on your computer. The locking system allows you to lock the seat inclination, which is useful when you want to keep your position.

You can lower or raise the chair very simply and with a minimum of force thanks to the pneumatic cylinders installed on the bottom of the chair. The height can vary between 18.5 and 22.2 inches.

This is one of the best chairs for programmers today.

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9 super comfy ergonomic office chairs for your home office – CBS San  Francisco

Without a doubt, computing, you, your body, and the chair are all busy for long, long hours. People often lose focus when sitting on a low-quality chair, and all it makes you do is wait for the day to end so you can sleep.

Sitting and working is not the victim of your tired body. The prolonged hours of working and sitting can lead to existential health issues like fatigue, chronic backaches, and increased weight. However, one way to avoid certain risks and remain active while working is to adopt a healthy lifestyle while sitting on a comfortable computing chair.

When you shop for a state-of-the-art workspace chair, a few features demand your consideration. You can focus on your work and feel comfortable even when working for hours with these features.

Take a look at these crucial features that can severely change your purchase.

  • Quality Construction

Considering the construction of your preferred chair will help you analyze whether you should buy it. But, as you already know, it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies to be a programmer/developer; it takes a lot of hard work to achieve everyday goals. That is why you need a premium quality chair that can withstand all the evil forces of labor.

Your preferred chair must pass a few testaments; dirt, long hours, and stains’ survival. In addition, high-quality artistry and materials play an outstanding role. Picking the right quality chair is equivalent to improving posture and better focus on work.

  • Adjustable Features

An ultimate computing chair must meet your working needs, and your body needs as well. So before you reach the buying point, make sure the chair includes a reasonable reclining extension, has flexible armrests, and can be raised or lowered with ease.

Considering the adjustability of a chair will ensure a strong position of your posture and make you feel at home while working.

  • Height of Seat

One of the hallmarks of a good-quality computing chair is adjusting it according to your height. A chair with adjustable seat height will enable you to sit comfortably even when you have to work for a whole day.

The chair has to let you sit with your feet flat and thighs parallel to the ground while aligning your knees lower than your hips.

  • Base and Foundation Integrity

The primary function of a computing chair is to provide ultimate support and comfort. That’s why you must countercheck the integrity of the foundation and base of the chair. Pick a chair that will not lose balance when reclining or gliding.

The best way to avoid running into a chair with stability issues is to search for many spoke bases for extra support.

  • Lumbar Support and Adjustment

The perfect chair should deliver excellent support for your lower back. If your profession involves a lot of sitting, which gives you excessive lower back pain, you need a chair with proper lumbar adjustment and support.

With stunning lumbar support, you can avoid slouching and develop that software before the deadline.

However, there is a series of ergonomic chairs that provide lumbar support, but be sure to pick one for your lumbar spine.

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  • Chair size

Of course, a small-sized chair may seem uncomfortable, but an oversized chair will not be good either. The method to find a chair with a suitable size for your body is to make sure it is one-inch bigger than your hips.

  • Tilt Mechanism

It would help if you had a chair that lets you tilt the back. The tilt mechanism is useful when you have to work for long hours, and you need a moment to stretch to relieve the fatigue from your end. You can effortlessly recline the chair in the most horizontal position you need to support your back.

  • Easily Adaptable

You must know, every little feature of the chair counts. That is why buyers must make sure all components of the chair offer an element of adjustability with your body. The lumbar support, armrest, seat height, headrest, and backrest have to adjust freely from one another.

  • Seat padding

Another crucial feature to consider is the cushioning of the seat. The seat cushions should be of premium quality for ensuring it can carry your weight during excessive hours of work.

Considering these above-said features will surely bring out the Sherlock in you when inspecting computing chairs. Focusing on quality and construction will be helpful for you in the long-run.

What can investing in a high-quality computing chair bring for you?

Other than work, the second most crucial asset in a programmer/developer’s mind is to work in a peaceful and comfortable environment. A high-quality chair can turn out to be the smartest investment any developer/programmer can make.

We urge all developers/programmers to consider the value of a good chair. Here is why computing chairs are necessary:

3 Signs You Need a New Office Chair - Riley's Real Wood Furniture

  • Chairs can enhance programming/developing: Working eight or more hours every day for the rest of your computer-life can be hectic. Like it or not, the place or platform you choose to sit has a significant impact on your work.
  • Cheap chairs can kill your mood: Working on a low-impact chair can quickly spoil you. Sure, you can find an affordable chair with incredible features, but that’s only a matter of fortune. A high-quality chair is so comfortable and accommodating that it effortlessly blends into the background. That way, you can keep your focus at work. Otherwise, a cheesy, low-quality chair will give you constant reminders of how much more hours you have to work.
  • Premium chairs are durable: The power of a premium chair is that it can last for several years. Many people have bought high-quality computing chairs in the ’90s and still seem to have it in tip-top shape, all thanks to the quality. Yes, it may cost you a couple of extra bucks, but the experience will surely be worth the value.

Well, it is hell difficult to pick out one chair from these absolute masterpieces. The method to purchase a good looking chair for programming or developing purposes shouldn’t be hard. You must focus on how much money you can pitch in and what features fascinate you the most.

Sure, all of our reviewed chairs contain a unique ‘wow-factor’ in them. Still, if you put a little thought into it, you can end up with the most fabulous chair for your computer-workaholic body.

We will be recommending proven, highly rated designs from companies you can trust, and guiding your priorities with this guide.

So what are the features that aren’t gimmicks? Elliot Robinson, from has recommended 5 key support areas to watch out for:

  • Enough depth and width to accommodate upper leg so no strain is put on your knees
  • Waterfall design to follow the shape of your body
  • Reclining back. Sitting up straight for long hours can cause lower back pain and put a continuous strain on your back. A 135 degree angle reclining seat back offers more support to your lower back resulting in evenly distributed pressure on your lordotic curve. The lordotic curve is the natural inward curve of the spine.
  • The padding should be medium in firmness to allow adequate contouring to your body. If it is too firm, it will be uncomfortable as the day progresses and if it is too soft, it doesn’t provide proper lumbar support.
  • Comfortable armrests: they should accommodate your computing position. If you write all day, they should accommodate your writing posture. Overall, armrests take the pressure off your shoulders and neck. There are office chairs with armrests made specifically for computing work or writing.

David Ewart also recommends a suede material if you’re sitting long hours compared to leather options. Less slippery but also more prone to staining, this is one example where your priorities should help you make the consumer decision.

If you’re a programmer or computer technician and spend much of your day at an office desk, then these recommendations are meant precisely for you. The chairs here are investments that will help you ease in and out of work, feel comfortable all day, and never cause you trouble. If you’re currently using a chair that’s old, torn up, or broken, it’s time to upgrade and get something that will help you work more efficiently.

While we’re certainly focusing on programmers who spend the majority of their work time at a desk, you don’t have to work in tech to appreciate a great office chair (nor do you need one if you are used to working on a standing desk). No matter what kind of desk job you currently work in, these chairs are all great choices and will help you breeze through the day.

Working from a computer has excellent benefits and perks but requires a significant amount of focus. Programmers can develop unique and creative projects but still need to focus on doing their job correctly. If you are thinking about back pain and having a bad posture, you are more likely to be distracted. Since we want you to be comfortable doing the best job you can, we bring you a list of the top 10 best chairs for programmers in 2022.

Whether it’s a back strain or just feeling less active while working, these problems can determine if your job performance gets worse. No worker should suffer from those problems, but it’s very common ergonomic office injuries since not everyone is actively investigating the issues that using a conventional chair can cause.

You could ask yourself: What is a good programming chair? The question is not that hard to answer. The best programming chair is the one that supports your back and makes you comfortable while working. Since some of these chairs are designed with that purpose entirely, there is no need to be worried about feeling any pain.

Now that you know the importance of finding a good programming chair, it appears the following question: What to look for in a programming chair? That is an excellent question because you need to take into consideration some critical criteria.

There are tons of office chairs, but not picking the right one that offers you what you need can turn out to be a bad investment for you.

We want to help you make the right choices, so here are some fundamental things that you should look for when buying an ergonomic chair:

Traditional chairs can often cause back pain or discomfort when sitting in them because people make them with general characteristics and can’t change them. That lack of adjustability is well known by the ergonomics industry, which is why they offer you the possibility of adjusting your chair according to your needs.

The seat height or depth, the armrests, the leg rest, and the back support are just some of the few things that you should be able to modify in a good ergonomic chair. However, some offer up to 19 different modifications exclusively for you to find the spot when you feel the most comfortable in them. So, look for a chair that lets you adjust it into the best chair for you.

As explained before, seat height is one of the things that you should be able to adjust in a good programming ergonomic chair. This one is pretty important since it can make a chair useless if you can’t fit it with your programmer desk setup other components.

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Whether it’s too high or too low, working without being at the perfect height for your computer can be highly unpleasant for any programmer. Some people look for chairs with a seat height from 16 to 21 inches off the floor and are happy with them. However, those chairs may only be useful for one task and limit the possibility of using the chair for something else.

The materials of a programmer chair are like the ingredients of a food recipe; they are essential. The ergonomic chair design can be spectacular, but the chair is just a sophisticated conventional chair without adequate materials. The main goal of a chair is to be as comfortable as possible, avoiding anything that could make the users experience unpleasant or average.

Some of the best materials for an office chair for programmers are:

  • Mesh: It boosts your back seat breathability, improving the airflow of the chair.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl makes the chair highly resistant, which assures its longevity. It also is very easy to clean.
  • Leather: Because it makes your chair look sophisticated and offers outstanding comfort.


Best Chair for Coders – So consider chairs as your long-term investment and take care of it as you do while investing in finance. That said, it is important to choose the perfect chair for Coders, software developers who spend important years of their life sitting on a single chair and work for 8 hours every day.

And I bet you are lucky today to be on this site. Wondering Why?… Because I have done fieldwork and tested these chairs in person. Yes!… I have figured out the best chair for programmers which will be more comfortable and flexible for your work. Pick the right one wisely after reading this article