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Best Chair for Edema – Undoubtedly, life with edema, pains, and discomfort is difficult. You have to put up with the constant swelling that makes you unable to handle basic tasks, even the personal ones like showering.

Thus, the best way aside from medication is investing in the ideal furniture that guarantees relief and comfort. The best recliner for edema is conveniently comfortable and relieving to enhance ultimate heart care and elevated feet.

So, don’t waste more time but select your best pick from the above top-rated selection. Buy any and improve your life’s quality for good!

Walking and standing for too long becomes difficult for someone suffering from edema, causing great pain. Usually, the pain makes you bedridden until the swelling goes down. But, the bed is not the ideal spot to relieve your edema. Why so?

Relieving the constant pain from edema needs you to rest your feet at a higher level, and piling up cushions on the bed doesn’t just cut it. However, buying the best recliner for edema is what you need.

Common reasons that jump to mind are doctor’s orders, comfort, relief, and alleviation. Alleviating your feet above the heart level is a simple task for the Trendelenburg recliner as it helps ease and recover from the pains of swollen feet.

Fortunately, this article provides a list of the six best in the market. Keep reading.


1.Irene House Lay

Third, on our list, we have the Irene House 9188 Recliner Sofa. The manufacturer at Irene House has specifically designed this sofa to facilitate the elderly. It comes with several features. First, this sofa is not a manual rather an electric one.

An electric dual motor powers it. The motor does not create any noise instead operates smoothly. With an electric motor in place, users can adjust the backrest and footrest without much effort. All they have to do is press a button on the remote. These electrical components come with a one-year warranty.

There is a seamless pocket on the side so you can place the remote in it. This way, you won’t be at risk of losing. Second, you can adjust the backrest from 105 to 180 degrees, placing yourself in an infinite position. You also have the option of adjusting the footrest alongside it from 90 to 180 degrees.

So you can fully stretch and enjoy your reading and naps in the recliner with electric leg lift. What further enhances this experience is the in-built massage and heating system. There are four vibrating modes for the back, lumbar, and one heating system for the lumbar. By turning in one of these, you will the most pleasant experience.

2.Golden Technologies MaxiComfort

Next, up we have the Golden Technologies Comforter PR -505. It is the best recliner chair for diabetics and heart patients alike. Like our previous recommendation, this one is electric too. With hand control, you can set yourself into several positions by adjusting the footrest and backrest.

Skilled workers have designed the chair for your comfort and pain relief. The chair comes with a backup battery – two 9 volts ones. So, you can enjoy restful naps even when the electricity goes out. You will also find that the soda provides excellent lumbar support with no sinkhole.

 Furthermore, we all know that older people face difficulty in standing up and sitting down. However, this chair addresses that issue too. It aids you in sitting down or standing up with a bit of push. So, there is no stress on your joints.

It can support a total weight of 375 lbs. The sofa has soft and fully padded chaise seating to provide the best possible relief to its user. Moreover, the sofa is made from premium fabrics. These fabrics last a long time and rarely require replacement.

You have the option of choosing between three types of fabrics – Sunbrella Loft, Luxe, and Leather.

3.Artiron Heavy-Duty

The Artiron power lift recliner gets its name from its power lift functionality. The power lift conveniently raises the chair in order to gently drop the user on their feet when they intend to stand from a sitting or reclined position.

This function comes in very handy for users who are older, sick, or recovering and this makes the chair a good choice for people with edema. The power lift allows the user to reduce the pressure exerted on the legs and knees when standing without it.

The chair has comfortable and durable upholstery with plush and soft paddings with a tufted design. The chair is electrically controlled with a remote and it also has an inbuilt massage therapy that provides added comfort and relaxation to users.

The chair is strong and sturdy and the footrest is both supportive and soft, perfect for preventing edema.

4.Peciafy Power Chair

This chair is made with a high-density foam that is super comfortable and soft. It has a power lift function for conveniently helping users to a standing position with minimal help from them physically.

The massaging and heating function is designed with 10 unique modes. The massager typically concentrates on the shin, thigh, lumbar, and shoulder region. It has pocket-like storage that houses the remote control used to control the chair’s smooth and convenient adjustment mechanism.

It has a weight capacity of 300lbs and it is wide and spacious enough to accommodate users on the heavy side.

5.Mecor Power Lift Chair

As the best recliner for swollen legs, Mecor tells a story of its ultimate comfort and pain-relieving abilities. What’s more?

  • Multifunction: This dual-motor recliner allows the reclining and footrest to function independently with an adjustable back of 90-180 degrees. Furthermore, the power lift function enables you to stand upright, sit, and recline to infinite positions stopping anywhere in between as you desire.
  • Construction and Design: It features a sturdy wood frame and metal base structure that accommodates 330 pounds: the PU leather and a high-quality composite board top up the overall resilience of this recliner. Conversely, the humanistic design comprises a wide backrest and armrests. The convenience of the USB charging ports charges your gadgets from your chair’s comfort. Finally, the Mecor recliner is portable thanks to the two rear universal wheels.
  • Comfort: The soft memory foam and skin-friendly faux leather provide adequate padding for extreme comfort and support. Moreover, the 8-point massage and lumbar heating function relieve pressure on specific areas with adjustable intensity.
  • The chair is firm and rigid, making it uncomfortable for someone in pain.

Many customers said that this large recliner was highly comfortable and worked as expected. One customer had to say, “The lift function is lovely, and the mechanical parts still work beautifully, quietly, and smoothly.”

If your edema pains make you dependent, this independent Trendelenburg recliner is your haven. It makes sure you feel no more pain and relax in ultimate comfort. Buy yours while stocks last.

6.Flamaker Power Chair

Loving yourself and your space is excellent must-have quality for a sharp homeowner.

  • Multifunctional: Flamaker motor recliner uses the remote control to lift you to a standing position and takes you down smoothly to sit without adding pressure on your back and knees. Also, it reclines to different angles and extends the footrest to stretch your body as desired.
  • Comfort and Support: Firstly, the thick sponge padded back, armrest, seat, and footrest provide ultimate relaxation and support to your body. Better still, it has a 4-point massage and heat, offering a complete home spa experience for pressure relief and proper blood flow.
  • Structure: The soft PU leather adds a classy finish to your space and is durable and easy to maintain. It also has a convenient design that includes 2 cup holders and a side pocket for the ultimate relaxation within quick reach. Sturdy metal and wood construction ensure safety, durability, and strength for 360 pounds.
  • It produces a loud massage that makes it hard to take a peaceful nap.

According to most users, Flamaker is a great chair that provides value for the price. Additionally, the black or brown colors easily blend with all the existing decors. Remarkably, the heat and massage worked excellently, relieving the pain and swelling of edema.

Flamaker is elegant, firm, and also very comfortable. All the functions work harmoniously for your good, not to mention the ease of maintenance. Go ahead and buy now!

What to look for in the best recliner for edema (Buying Guide)

The recliners mentioned above are some of the best recliners for swollen legs and they also work well in preventing them entirely.

However, if you are in the market for the best recliners for swollen legs or edema, there is some key information you must know and we are going to go over them in this section of the article. These are some of the most important things every recliner for swollen legs must have and they include;

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  1. Footrests: People with swollen legs are often told to always keep their feet elevated, now what would be the point of purchasing a recliner with an adjustable footrest if it cannot keep your legs elevated. This feature is exceptionally important and not just for people with edema or people trying to prevent edema but for general user comfort.
  2. Size: Oftentimes, recliners come in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large. Purchasing a recliner that doesn’t suit your body type or size may very well be the beginning of discomfort for you and this would in no way help with your swollen legs either. Both you and your legs would be too uncomfortable to think about the swelling around your ankles.
  3. Cushion and foam density: Essentially this determines your overall comfort, in a recliner, there are specific regions that have to have soft and comfortable cushion padding and they are the seat, the backrest, the armrests, and the footrest.
  4. Framework and strength: Users often know the end product of this to be the weight carrying capacity of the chair. No one wants to buy a chair that would collapse the minute they sit in it.
  5. Reclining angle: Some recliners have limited reclining angles, if you’re in the market for a recliner, it would be wise to know about this in the chair you are purchasing. What this means is that some chairs can be angled and positioned at any angle the user deems fit, while some have more limited angles.
  6. Type: The type of recliner chair you eventually purchase could be influenced by your budget because different recliner types come with a different price range.
  7. The Symptoms and Causes of Edema

    According to Medical News Today, edema causes swelling after excess body fluid gets trapped in the tissues, especially the skin. Though it starts slowly, it becomes a severe condition that affects simple tasks like walking.

    Edema affects everyone; however, it’s common in pregnant women and the elderly. Primarily, it affects the skin in the hands and feet, but it can also occur in the brain, muscles, eyes, bowel, and lungs.


    Some of the signs and symptoms that you might have edema are;

    • Swelling in the affected area
    • Skin appears stretched and shiny
    • Difficult walking with swollen feet
    • Edema in the lungs causes coughing or difficulty in breathing
    • Pushing your finger in the swollen area leaves the skin with a dimple


    Typically, edema has several causes. They include;

    • Gravity: Prolonged sitting or standing in one place naturally pulls down fluids to your feet and legs; hence swelling occurs.
    • Weak leg valves of the veins: Venous insufficiency is a problem that causes difficulty for the veins to take the blood back up to the heart. Eventually, it causes varicose veins and accumulation of fluid in the legs.
    • Disease: Certain ailments like heart, kidney, and lung failures cause or worsen edema.
    • Medications:  This commonly occurs in older adults because of the many drugs they take for blood pressure or pain, causing or worsening edema.
    • Edema can also occur due to an allergic reaction, trauma, burns, severe inflammation, poor nutrition (excess salt in the food), and clots.
    • Pregnancy:  In pregnancy, the uterus exerts pressure on the lower body’s blood vessels, causing swollen and painful feet due to edema.

Does elevating legs help with edema?

Edema is quite a common condition and people have learned ways to cope or manage the situation when it does arise. As I mentioned before one of these ways is to keep the legs elevated, raise the swollen limb or body part.

This particular body part should be kept elevated above heart level. The extra fluid concentrated on the swollen part would move flow towards the heart to be circulated evenly around the entire body. Lying on your back while your legs are elevated above your heart level is the best position for the swollen body part to reduce.

Some people achieve this by placing pillows underneath their legs. Some users who have access to hospital beds elevate the foot of the bed above their heart level.

When using a chair, you can use a stool to elevate your legs after placing pillows on top of the stool. Want to know something fun? A recliner can provide all these options for you in one design. A recline can keep your legs elevated while sitting or reclined. So the answer is an express yes, elevating your legs does help with edema.

Lift Chair Positions

The Grosvenor Suite | Orthopaedic Chair | Grosvenor Mobility

Probably the most crucial feature in making the best choice for a lift chair, there are three basic positional types to choose from, including 2position, 3position, and Infinite Position. Recline functions are also generally powered just like the lift function, making it a lot easier for people with limited strength to position the chair to lie back.

As the most economical, basic option, two position lift chairs recline up to 45 degrees. Because they tend to have a single motor, they must be in a reclining position in order to have the footrest slide out. They’re ideal for moderate amounts of sitting time, but not the best choice for sleeping or longer-term sitting needs.

Three Position lift chairs tend to cost a little more than 2position styles, but recline up to an almost 180degree flat angle, making them more comfortable and better suited for longer periods of sitting or napping. They may include basic heat and massage functions to increase their therapeutic value. But like the 2position lift chairs, the 3position style has a footrest that cannot be operated independently.

As the most sought after style, Infinite Position lift chairs usually also come with the highest price point. Also known as ZeroG and Trendelenburg lift chairs, these ultra-comfortable chairs are specially designed for people who will spend most of their time sitting or lying in them, offering a weightless feeling when in the fully extended recline position. They enable infinite positioning options, including lying with the feet above the heart, making them well suited for sleeping as well. They often include heat and massage functionality and have dual motors so the footrest and recliner can operate independently. They’re ideal for people with hypotension and circulatory disorders, while they also help reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling (edema).

Lift Chair Size

Just like with any furniture, you’ll need a lift chair that fits your body size and weight. Be sure to check dimensions and weight capacities for styles you’re interested in to ensure they will fit the intended user correctly. Generally, the larger the chair is, the deeper the seat cushion will be. If you choose a lift chair that’s too small, it may adversely affect your lower back, with your legs dangling unsupported. If you choose a lift chair that’s too big, your feet may not touch the floor when sitting straight up.

Upholstery and ease of cleaning

Recliners can be covered either in fabric, leather, or polyester. Each type of upholstery has its advantages and disadvantages, but whatever material you choose, make sure that it is soft to the touch and breathable.

  • Leather recliners are extremely durable and their look improves with age. They are water-resistant and very easy to clean. However, leather tends to get hot, sticky, and slippery in warmer temperatures, so leather chairs may not be suitable if you live in a warmer climate. What’s more, leather is prone to scratches and is not the best choice if you are a pet owner.
  • Polyurethane (PU) leather is artificial leather—a synthetic, environmentally friendly material. Although it doesn’t age as well as real leather, PU leather is soft, comfortable, and resistant and makes recliners very easy to maintain.
  • Fabric recliners are soft and extremely comfortable. They are available in a variety of different options such as cotton, chenille, and velvet and come in plenty of styles and patterns. However, fabric recliners can be stained easily and require quite a lot of maintenance.

Recommended best recliner for edema

The Grosvenor Suite | Orthopaedic Chair | Grosvenor Mobility

Every recliner reviewed above is great and amazing in its own different ways but the recommended best chair for this article is on the top of our list for several different reasons you would get to find out when you purchase the chair.

It is super soft and comfortable, it has a power lift for convenience and ease of standing. It is electrically controlled with a remote, it has thick paddings that are doubled on the backrest, seats, and armrests.

The footrest is also super comfortable and keeps the legs elevated in a locked position for people with edema. The chair is the Artiron Heavy-Duty Power Lift Recliner ChairIt also has a massage and heat therapy function that provides extra comfort to users.

Is Elevating Your Legs Helpful For Edema?

Yes. You need to elevate the legs above heart level thrice daily for about 30 minutes to improve ankle, foot, and leg edema. Though elevating reduces or eliminates leg edema, severe cases require immediate doctor’s attention.

How Can A Recliner Help Swollen Legs?

A recliner elevates your legs while you sit upright. As a result, the fluid moves effortlessly throughout the body, reducing buildup and swelling.

What Is The Best Way To Elevate Legs On A Recliner?

Ensuring you’re effectively elevating your legs on a recliner, you must lift your legs above your hips. A recliner with an adjustable footrest helps raise your legs a maximum of 4 times daily. Still, it would help to remain in the elevated position for 10 minutes each time you raise them.

What are the different features found in lift chairs?

Differentiated into two position, three position, and infinite position designs, lift chairs offer a variety of upholstery materials, sizes, weight accommodations, recline angles, and other beneficial features like massage, heat, and foot extensions.

What is a 3 position lift chair?

Also known as a 3way recliner, a 3 position lift chair enables people to recline comfortably up to a 180degree angle, making them ideal for eating, reading, watching TV, napping and sleeping.

Are lift chairs worth it?

Whether lift chairs are worth the expense depends on the intended user. Most people who use lift chairs love them and they depend on them for safer sitting and standing up from a chair. The vast majority of lift chair users report that whatever they paid for this specialized support is well worth it, and has enhanced their quality of life, health, and wellbeing. However, if an intended user is living with cognitive or intellectual impairments, a lift chair may not be their best option unless the use is supervised.

How do lift chairs help seniors age in place?

Lift chairs assist users in getting up and down safely, enhancing mobility and independence for seniors who are looking to age in place comfortably and securely. Because they don’t require strength or exertion on the part of the user, lift chairs help seniors aging in place to better manage painful health conditions and prevent falls.

Will Medicare pay for a lift chair?

If certain criteria are met, the seat lift mechanism for a lift chair may be covered by Medicare, but not the entire lift chair itself. Medicare will require a certificate of medical necessity from your doctor to explain why you need the lift chair in order for the lifting mechanism to be covered.

What makes a lift chair ultra-comfortable?

Introducing Rise Recliners and Electric Lift Chairs -

Padding, the depth and width of the seat, and how far the chair reclines are factors that determine comfort level. Infinite position lift chairs or Zero gravity chairs are considered to be among the most comfortable, as they recline to a flat position that places the user’s feet above their heart, encouraging rest, relieving pain, and improving circulation.

Is Sitting In A Recliner Bad For Circulation?

Not at all, here’s why. A well-designed recliner isn’t just comfortable but improves poor circulation, mainly for those sitting or standing for long periods. Still, the best recliner for circulation enhances gravity to relax your body as it properly circulates blood all around.

Summing it up, living with edema can be quite a challenge. With your swellings acting up all the time, you are unable to carry out basic tasks. Thus, it becomes essential for you to invest in furniture that promises you comfort and relief.


Best Chair for Edema – Before we jump right in, let’s take a moment to really understand what edema is all about. Edema is the swelling of body parts caused by trapped excess fluid in body tissues. Edema can occur on any of your body regions but it is most prevalent around the legs, ankles, arms, and feet.

Edema can be treated with medication intended to remove excess fluid from the body. This condition can also be prevented by reducing the amount of salt intake. However, if edema is caused by a preexisting condition or disease, then the disease or condition would have to be treated separately.

Are you looking for a suitable place to rest your feet because you are tired of continuously dealing with leg pain because of your edema? Then you need to buy best recliner for edema. Because a trendelenburg recliner elevate your feet above heart that helps you to recover from edema pains. 

Well, don’t worry, we have list of best lift recliners that elevate feet above heart. We understand that living with heart conditions can be quite a challenge.

Complications like edema can make simple tasks like walking difficult. Your feet frequently get swollen from standing too long, and you will experience great pain.

As a result, you are bedridden for a while until the swelling goes down. However, beds are not the ideal places for relieving your edema.

To do so, you need to keep your feet at a higher level, and stacking up cushions on the bed is no easy solution. Lucky for you, the market is swamped with lift recliners that elevate feet above the heart. Thus, making them ideal for reducing your edema.