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Best Chair for Editing – If you have done video editing for years on end, then you know the toll that it takes on your arms, thumbs, back, and neck. As such, a chair is the most important arsenal that you will need when putting together a healthy work environment. Ensure that you get an ergonomic chair that fits both your needs and budget.

Video editors spend a lot of time sitting and this underscores the importance of having a good chair. The best chairs for anyone who does video editing should have ergonomic features that facilitate the right sitting posture and comfort. Failure to do this may lead to poor posterior health which could lead to other ailments.

Also, with a poor sitting posture, you will not be as productive as you need to be. And during this period when many people are working from home, it would be a good time for anyone and, not just video editors, to invest in a good chair that keeps you comfortable as you work long hours.


1.Ergousit Home Office Chair

This chair has an impressive ergonomic design that improves your sitting posture as you edit your videos. The backrest is made in the shape of the human spine meaning that as you work, your spine is well-aligned and supported. This allows you to continue working in one position without the need to make any adjustments. This chair also minimizes lumbar pain meaning you can work for very long hours without straining.

You can adjust the height, headrest, and backrest. The backrest can tilt to 110 degrees giving you more room for tilt. Adjusting the height of the chair is done through the pneumatic lifting system which lifts the chair steadily to your desired height. You could also adjust the headrest to achieve the most comfortable sitting posture.

The backrest is lined with a high-density mesh that allows heat and moisture to escape leaving you cool, dry, and feeling fresh even after a long day of sitting. The mesh braid is fixed using high-quality plastic for extra comfort and durability.

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2.Hbada Ergonomic

If you’re not a fan of aggressive and stylish looks and want something a bit more elegant and classy then the Hbada Ergonomic office chair is your best bet. Renowned as one of the most comfortable chairs around, this comfortable chair is what a video editor might need.

The Hbada chair has a design that was made to mimic the human spine. The unique design keeps your spine aligned and manages your posture to support the lower back. You won’t need to do any kind of adjustments. This chair is specifically great for those with back pain.

It comes with quite a few adjusting features. It has height-adjustable arms and lumbar support, headrest. You can also recline from 90° to 125°. Meanwhile, it also has a breathable structure seat that allows airflow. The airflow allows your back to remain cool and comfortable while working long hours.

Unlike other chairs, this is very easy to assemble. The screw that this chair comes with has extra backups so even if you lose one you won’t have any problem. As no additional tools are needed you can put it together very quickly. This chair can hold up to 250 lbs as it’s quite durable.

Speaking of durability this chair has a steel base. The mute nylon wheel on the other hand is shock-resistant, non-slip, and wear-resistant. It also has SGS-3 certified cylinders. All in all, we couldn’t find a better chair for video editors than this one. Don’t have any doubts about picking up this one.

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3.OFM Essentials

If you don’t like the Homall gaming chair and want a similar gaming chair in the same price range then take a look at the OFM Essential racing style chair. This chair looks fabulous and comes in 11 colors to choose from.

The OFM chair provides comfort during intense workdays. That’s because it has a segmented padded seat and back design that offers the utmost comfort to its user. It also has a SofThread Leather and blue mesh with black stitching that gives it an aggressive vibe. 

Durability isn’t a factor with this chair as it can hold up to 275 lbs at a time. It makes comfortability its main priority with a padded headrest, padded arms, and padded back. 

This chair features height adjustment, center-tilt control, flip-up arms, and 360 degrees of swivel. All of this weight is handled by durable rolling casters. Don’t expect this chair to break up anytime soon.

Though the height goes down by itself at times, it’s just a temporary problem. Other than that there aren’t many chairs that can perform on the level of OFM essential chairs. Pick this up while you can.

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4.Herman Miller Sayl

If quality is what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with the Herman Miller Sayl chair. Not only is the seat comfortable but it has a modern and sophisticated design.

Featuring a stunning white design, this chair is aesthetically pleasing as well as being comfortable. The unframed mesh back lets the chair be breathable and keeps your back cool during your work.

Going back to the shape, the Heman Sayl chair comes with an organic shape that makes it look elegant from every angle. It also comes with elastomer strands of the suspension back. These strands have variations in thickness tension so your back will get great support along the spine area and you’ll sit comfortably. 

It has an adjustable height of between 15.5 inches and 20 inches, this makes it compatible with all heights of people. Meanwhile, the suspension finish on the back ensures that you can move and stretch freely. It’s also durable and comes with a 12-year warranty.

However, the armrests aren’t adjustable. You can also get your buttons stuck on the webbing mesh. But if looks, comfortability and affordability are your main concern then there aren’t many better chairs for video editors than this one.

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5.Steelcase Gesture

The Gesture Chair by Steelcase has won several awards from top medical institutions thanks to the functionality that the seat offers. It looks great and feels great. The price isn’t much either. All these qualities make this chair a budget bargain for the video editors.

This Steelcase chair has been designed to adapt to today’s working life. The company was inspired by the human body movement hence the reason why the seat can adapt to different body positions and accommodate all types of shapes and sizes. Besides using it for editing, you can also use the chair for reading.

The chair’s design incorporates a LiveBack technology that imitates the neck and spine movement. Also, the height of the chair can also be adjusted to suit your height and needs. It also comes in multiple colors.

The Steelcase gesture chair also has an Advanced synchro-tilt function that allows the chair back and seats to move in a 2.8:1 ratio. The neck is always in alignment with the body. It’s quite durable too. On top of that, there are also 360-degree rotating highly adjustable arms. Use the arms when you’re tired and pull them up when you don’t.

Though the lumbar support is non-adjustable, this is one of the best chairs for people that have back problems. It’s comfortable and good for your back. Before picking a chair, consider getting yourself the Gesture Chair.

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6.Duramont Ergonomic

This traditional-looking office chair is another great choice for video editing. It offers a breathable mesh back, which can keep you dry and sweat-free for many hours. The headrest and back support keep this chair as supportive as possible. This chair is made to last and is built well using high-quality materials.

Putting the chair together is also very easy. In less than 10 steps you will have a ready and functional chair. This chair can also be adjusted and customized to fit your individual preferences and comfort level. The company provides a money-back guarantee, so if you try it and realize you don’t like it, it can be returned.

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What is the best chair for sitting all day?

All the chairs we have discussed in this article are capable of giving you the best level of comfort while clocking an all-nighter in front of your computer. Video editors often need to work tirelessly for extended sessions to get their projects done. So, they must use the best chairs for video editors to keep spine injury risks at bay.

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What features should I look for in a chair for video editing?

First and foremost, you need to check the quality of the padding used. Since you would be spending a lot of time in these, you need to make sure your backside remains comfortable no matter how long you sit in the chair. The height and tilt adjustment features are also essential because you need to find the right position that suits you best.

Recline-ability is also an important thing to consider. You might often feel the urge to loosen up and take a break. You can just recline and relax for a while as the video software work its magic on the screen.

All video editors find themselves juggling between multiple screens time and time again. To handle such work frenzy situations, you would want the chair to swivel instantly and the casters to move effortlessly on the floor.

Should I look for mesh back or leather?

Mesh and leather both are excellent backrest materials, with individual functionalities. Leather coatings seem more gorgeous and often outlast mesh backs. However, without a proper air-conditioning system in your workspace, a leatherback chair might make you feel hot and sweaty after a long working shift.

Mesh backs are the obvious go-to choice if you need to keep your back cool and comfy during the summer. But if you can handle the heat, leatherbacks would be the best option for you.

Guide to Buy the Best Video Editing Chair

You may have already realized this, but for the people who edit videos professionally, there are several things to take into consideration. What is more important if you are unable to choose the right chair for you? So, I have written this guide for you to choose the best chair for video editing.


Comfort is the number one priority of every person sitting in a chair. Make sure that you get a comfortable chair, even if it costs more. The comfortable chair has excellent lumbar and back support for those of you who sit long hours. So, your back does not hurt and you can stay concentrated on your work.

More so, the chair should also have a comfortable headrest for your neck and head. The headrest should be adjustable. So, you can adjust it according to your preferences. It is also good that the armrests are adjustable and ergonomic too.

It doesn’t matter how good your office chair looks or whether it was popular with other people. If you don’t feel comfortable in this chair, it is time to buy another one.


Video editors spend a lot of time in front of their computer screens editing videos. Therefore, they need an extremely durable chair. Look for one which has metal parts but at the same time, it should also have a comfortable seat.

Also, the weight capacity of your chair must be more than you weigh. It is because you will be sitting on it every day between 8 to 12 hours. So, if the weight capacity of your chair is small, then this means that you will not be able to use it as you wish.

Also, look for a chair that comes with an all-metal construction. This is because the metal parts of these chairs are durable and do not break easily. Moreover, they are also supportive enough to support your back while you work on video editing projects.


After comfort, adjustability is the most important thing to look at in an office chair. The chair must be extremely adjustable so that you can use it to your maximum benefit.

The important things that should be adjustable are headrest, seat height, armrests, etc. The more adjustable your chair is, the easier it will be for you to work in different positions.


This is a matter of personal preference. But, if you have a carpet in your office, then you must buy a chair with casters. It helps you move freely in your office and you don’t get stuck.

If the chair doesn’t have casters, then you will not be able to move it from one place to another. Moreover, if there is only a little distance because of the carpet between your desk and the wall, then it will be very difficult for you to push your chair towards the desk.

360-Degree Swivel

Swivel ability is also another important feature of a good office and editing chair. If you have to work on your computer every day, then this feature will be very helpful. You can move the seat in any direction so that you remain comfortable while working.

Moreover, the swivel ability allows you to turn towards someone who is talking to you or if there is a noise from behind, then also you can turn towards it. It is also helpful when someone comes to your desk and they need something from you.

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I hope that this guide will help you find the perfect chair for you!

To conclude the whole discussion, this was all about the best chair for video editing. The above given five top chairs mark to be super comfortable and long-lasting. With a slight difference in the basic features, all five video editing chairs are worth buying.

The durable construction and ultimate comfort and support mark to be the highlighting features of these super amazing chairs. We hope that you will choose the best one out of these.

When the mandatory work from home orders came down, I turned our guest bedroom into a home office. I already had a desk, but I didn’t have anything that resembled a regular office chair.

I went for the antique chair—given to me by my parents ages ago—that had never seen any actual usage. And, for about the first hour, it sufficed. However, as the day wore on, everything about it began to tear away my mental stability. The creaks that accompanied every slight adjustment, the complete lack of proper lumbar support, the unforgiving wooden base—devoid of cushion—made me realize that a new work chair was necessary. ASAP!

I decided there might be others like me—editing, typing, gaming for more extended periods than usual at their home desks—looking to give their posteriors a much-needed break. So, I researched the best office chairs for working from home and am passing along what I learned.

Editing videos is a long process. Sometimes it requires sitting for extended periods. Video editors need a healthy and comfortable seating arrangement. Otherwise, the lack of support could wreak havoc on your back.

With more and more video editors working from home, the need for a good video editing chair for the home office is greater than ever.

The best chair for video editing helps maintain proper posture, while the wrong chair could cause you tons of pain. The following guide breaks down what features to look for and our top picks for the best editing chairs on the market.

The right chair reduces the likelihood you’ll experience these negative symptoms. Look for the following features in your video editing chair. 

The chair you get should be adjustable to your size. The University of New Hampshire claims a proper chair will have:

  • A backrest that follows the natural curve of your spine
  • Back support across the lumbar and thoracic regions
  • Height adjustments and tilt controls at least 15 degrees from the vertical position
  • A comfortable and padded seat
  • Adjustable seat height and pan depth
  • Soft armrests that allow your shoulders and elbows to sit comfortably
  • A sturdy base
  • Five legs
  • Mobility across the floor

The chair must fit your body or at least have the adjustment to do so (more on this later).  An adjustable chair is perfect for video editing. You should also be able to tilt and lock the position in place.

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The University of New Hampshire says your chair is adjusted properly if you have:

  • A lower and middle back support
  • 90-degree angle knees when your feet are flat on the floor
  • Space for at least two fingers between your thigh and the edge of the seat pan
  • Space for at least two fingers between the back of your knee and the front of the seat
  • Hips and ankles are also at 90-degrees while sitting
  • Armrests not in direct contact with your elbows

Higher quality video editing chairs may utilize varying adjustable options. 

Video editing chairs also must be supportive. The chair needs to reinforce the neck and back so you can sit without causing any discomfort or pain.

Ergonomic chairs are highly recommended for anyone who sits for an extended time regularly. Research shows that using an ergonomic chair reduces the musculoskeletal dysfunction symptoms associated with prolonged sitting. The reason for its success is the support. 

A video editing chair also needs to move freely and change postures. Look for five wheels, which should support your weight and maintain good alignment as you glide across the floor.

Considering getting the best chair for video editing? The vast number of them on the market can make this a daunting task. You are in luck because that is what we have for you today. Our research will let you focus on getting those perfect edits and waiting for them to render in comfort. Continue reading and you may find the best chair for you.  Video editing requires some of the best chairs that can help one support the neck and back. It is a straining job that can result in some back pain and neck aches.

Video editing chairs must offer adjustability to support your spine, maintaining proper posture over long periods. Otherwise, you may get off work to find your body is full of pain and discomfort.

Finding the best chair for video editing also depends on your preferences. For example, tall people may want to avoid the smaller AmazonBasics chair in favor of a model that better conforms to their body. Our top pick, the Steelcase chair, has built-in air pockets for the maximum amount of comfort possible. If you’re trying to correct your posture, go with our next best choice, the Herman Miller Sayl. It’s an excellent price for how much adjustability you receive.

Poorly designed chairs can lead to posture problems, and posture problems can lead to a sore back and neck and an unpleasant office experience.

A sore spine will affect everything else you do throughout the day, which means you may seek medical attention, opt for massages, head to a chiropractor, and look for any kind of relief available. Maybe you find relief, but at what cost?

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Instead, you’re much better off investing in yourself and in your home office by purchasing one of the best ergonomic office chairs available. But with so many chairs out there, which is right for you?

We’ve combed through hundreds of chairs and pinpointed several I can highly recommend, with options at varying price points. So, before you accept the fact that you’ll be going to the chiropractor for the rest of your life, treat yourself with an office chair designed with your comfort in mind.


Best Chair for Editing – A comfortable and healthy seating arrangement is a must for video editors since they spend hours stationed in front of their screens. Without using the best chairs for video editing, your posterior health could take a severe hit in the long run because of years of poor posture. Therefore, an ergonomic and comfortable chair has to be an intrinsic part of a video editor’s workstation.

The chairs we would be discussing here would benefit anyone who needs to sit for extended periods. You would find them useful while gaming, or binge-watching your favorite TV shows on the computer.

In the current situation, many of us are getting used to the idea of working from home. So, now would be a good time to invest in a chair that keeps your back comfy as you put in long hours at your desk.

Video editors spend most of their time seated. As an editor, it is essential to have the best office chair that you can afford. The best chairs for video editors need to be ergonomic and be used in combination with the perfect desk, as this will help prevent bad sitting posture that can lead to certain ailments.

That said, we’ve reviewed some of the best chairs video editors can buy for both home use or for the studio office.