Best Chair for Elevating Legs

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Best Chair for Elevating Legs – Are you looking for a suitable place to rest your feet because you are tired of continuously dealing with leg pain because of your edema? Then you need to buy best recliner for edema. Because a trendelenburg recliner elevate your feet above heart that helps you to recover from edema pains. 

Well, don’t worry, we have list of best lift recliners that elevate feet above heart. We understand that living with heart conditions can be quite a challenge.

Complications like edema can make simple tasks like walking difficult. Your feet frequently get swollen from standing too long, and you will experience great pain.

As a result, you are bedridden for a while until the swelling goes down. However, beds are not the ideal places for relieving your edema.

To do so, you need to keep your feet at a higher level, and stacking up cushions on the bed is no easy solution. Lucky for you, the market is swamped with lift recliners that elevate feet above the heart. Thus, making them ideal for reducing your edema.


1.Artiron Chair

The Artiron power lift recliner gets its name from its power lift functionality. The power lift conveniently raises the chair in order to gently drop the user on their feet when they intend to stand from a sitting or reclined position.

This function comes in very handy for users who are older, sick, or recovering and this makes the chair a good choice for people with edema. The power lift allows the user to reduce the pressure exerted on the legs and knees when standing without it.

The chair has comfortable and durable upholstery with plush and soft paddings with a tufted design. The chair is electrically controlled with a remote and it also has an inbuilt massage therapy that provides added comfort and relaxation to users.

The chair is strong and sturdy and the footrest is both supportive and soft, perfect for preventing edema.

2.Peciafy Chair

This chair is made with a high-density foam that is super comfortable and soft. It has a power lift function for conveniently helping users to a standing position with minimal help from them physically.

The massaging and heating function is designed with 10 unique modes. The massager typically concentrates on the shin, thigh, lumbar, and shoulder region. It has pocket-like storage that houses the remote control used to control the chair’s smooth and convenient adjustment mechanism.

It has a weight capacity of 300lbs and it is wide and spacious enough to accommodate users on the heavy side.

3.Irene House Lay

Third, on our list, we have the Irene House 9188 Recliner Sofa. The manufacturer at Irene House has specifically designed this sofa to facilitate the elderly. It comes with several features. First, this sofa is not a manual rather an electric one.

An electric dual motor powers it. The motor does not create any noise instead operates smoothly. With an electric motor in place, users can adjust the backrest and footrest without much effort. All they have to do is press a button on the remote. These electrical components come with a one-year warranty.

There is a seamless pocket on the side so you can place the remote in it. This way, you won’t be at risk of losing. Second, you can adjust the backrest from 105 to 180 degrees, placing yourself in an infinite position. You also have the option of adjusting the footrest alongside it from 90 to 180 degrees.

So you can fully stretch and enjoy your reading and naps in the recliner with electric leg lift. What further enhances this experience is the in-built massage and heating system. There are four vibrating modes for the back, lumbar, and one heating system for the lumbar. By turning in one of these, you will the most pleasant experience.

4.Golden Technologies MaxiComfort

Next, up we have the Golden Technologies Comforter PR -505. It is the best recliner chair for diabetics and heart patients alike. Like our previous recommendation, this one is electric too. With hand control, you can set yourself into several positions by adjusting the footrest and backrest.

Skilled workers have designed the chair for your comfort and pain relief. The chair comes with a backup battery – two 9 volts ones. So, you can enjoy restful naps even when the electricity goes out. You will also find that the soda provides excellent lumbar support with no sinkhole.

 Furthermore, we all know that older people face difficulty in standing up and sitting down. However, this chair addresses that issue too. It aids you in sitting down or standing up with a bit of push. So, there is no stress on your joints.

It can support a total weight of 375 lbs. The sofa has soft and fully padded chaise seating to provide the best possible relief to its user. Moreover, the sofa is made from premium fabrics. These fabrics last a long time and rarely require replacement.

You have the option of choosing between three types of fabrics – Sunbrella Loft, Luxe, and Leather. So, there is no compromise on beauty and comfort.

5.BOSSCARE Massage Chair

Last on our list is the BOSSCARE Massage Chair. It is the best chair for swollen feet and other body ailments. It provides back heat therapy making for a cozy seat to snuggle in winters.

 This particular massage chair is superior to its counterparts because it provides airbag kneading massage.

It addresses all the pressure points, including shoulder, back, hip, feet, and leg, with airbags. Additionally, it uses multiple rollers to press on these areas for the best massage experience softly.

You can enjoy yourself with the six different intelligent massage modes, and you can choose any of the three levels of massage strength. You can further customize it by adjusting the settings of the 14 massage units.

Who doesn’t like to listen to soft music when they are relaxing on a comfy chair? With the Bosscare massage chair, you can do just that with Bluetooth speaker support.

Furthermore, the materials used in building this sofa prioritize not only you but also the environment.

 The materials used are environmental-friendly making it the perfect option for those who are climate activists.

 You might be scared looking at the massive chair and assume it requires a complicated assembly process. However, the engineers at Boss care have solved this problem for you. It will only take 5 minutes! The package comes with only two main parts that anyone can easily fit together.

 The designers also solved the problem of transporting it from one place to another too. How is that, you ask?

They incorporated back wheels in the chair. So you can quickly move it around the house despite its heavyweight.

The company behind the product has been in business for ten years now. Throughout their career, they have made several products for the comfort of their customers. All their products undergo heavy inspection before making it to the market.

So you can rest assured about the quality of your chair. If you are dissatisfied or find a defect, you can return it though there is a specific charge for the return of the product.

6.Pride ViVaLift Chair

If your loved one or patient uses a wheelchair or a scooter, we definitely recommend this lift chair. The power armrests make transfers easy, and even though this product comes in at a slightly higher price point and single size, this feature can be very beneficial. This Cozzia chair also needs to be only 15 inches from the wall, making it the most space-efficient model on the list. However, since this chair does not include the Trendelenburg position, therefore it does not fit the conditions you may need for  heart patient lift chairs and the other models may be more ideal for users with heart or poor circulation conditions.

This lift chair comes in a single size, which seems consistent with the medium size on other models, and it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. This chair comes in an espresso color and includes an extendable footrest to cater to taller individuals.

The footrest and backrest operate independently of one another, allowing this chair to move into a variety of positions with ease. The chair includes sitting, standing, and Zero Gravity positions, but it is not able to extend into the Trendelenburg position.

This chair is designed for individuals that utilize a wheelchair or scooter, the powered armrests lower to the height of the chair for easy sliding transfers. The remote is also easy to use, as it utilizes simple two-button controls for the armrests, backrest, and footrest and can be programmed for TV, lift, and Zero Gravity positions. Storage pockets are available on both sides, and a backup battery is also included.

This chair incorporates an adjustable, cradling headrest.  The cradling headrest allows for customized neck and head support.  The seat is composed of memory foam, which ensures optimal comfort. This Cozzia chair also comes included with a pop-out footrest extender, but this medical lift chair does not include heat or massage capabilities.

The fabric used is water, stain, and oil repellent, making this chair easy to clean. The chair weighs about 160 pounds which is the heaviest on list.   But it only needs 15 inches from the wall.

If you or a loved one are looking to get a lift chair you have a clear understanding of what you need and why you need. We want to be here to make sure you know exactly what you are looking for in a lift chair and some of the features you should pay attention to.

Not everything is written clearly and easily for you to understand so we’re covering a few of the significant points and things you should look for when you go to purchase your lift chair.

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How Many Positions Does The Chair Have?

This is one of the most important factors you should pay attention to when browsing for lift chairs. How many positions does the chair offer to the user? Some chairs only provide two positions, which typically consist of reclined and straight.

The standard position can be all you need, but there are a multitude of other positions that are beneficial for a variety of different concerns, such as back pain, swollen ankles, tight hips, and spinal discomfort.

For example, some chairs offer multiple positions that allow you to sit entirely reclined, and there are also chairs that will enable you to sit upright while your leg rests are up.

When you are deciding on a chair and how many positions you need also keep in mind that chairs with multiple positions typically come at a higher price. This is something to discuss with the user of the chair. If they feel that they need a chair that offers some versatility then look for one with many different positions so they can be as comfortable as possible.

Comfort And Durability

Something else you want to pay attention to when you are deciding on a lift chair is the comfort and durability of the chair. You want something that is nice and comfortable, but you do not want it to be so soft and plush that everything wears down quickly. This is an area where you want to find an excellent medium.

Pay attention to the frame of the chair and make sure everything looks sturdy. Be sure that the chair does not creak and groan when you put your weight on it. You want it to rise and fall smoothly and easily with your weight on it, so if you are putting too much pressure on it, you can burn out the motor.

All in all, you want a chair that is comfortable enough for the user to spend time in but you also want to make sure it will hold up as you spend more and more time in it. Especially for seniors who are aging in place, it’s important to make purchasing decisions that you know will last you a long time so you don’t need to worry about it later when you may have less mobility or time to pick out products.

Heart Patients

Lift chairs are a popular choice for individuals with heart, circulation, and edema, or arthritis issues, as these products can situate the body in various positions. Many lift chairs offer the Zero Gravity position, which works to alleviate physical stresses on the body, helping to relieve sore joints and muscles. Other heart patient lift chairs offer the Trendelenburg position, which places the legs and feet slightly above the heart and helps to reduce swelling in the legs and increase blood circulation.

Each of the lift chairs on this list is completely automatic and includes easy-to-use hand controls, making them perfect for all individuals, even those with dementia. These products do differ in material, design, and size, and we hope that we can help you pick the perfect chair for you or your loved one.

Feet elevated above heart

Positioning feet elevated above the heart means there is less force needed to circulate blood throughout our body.

In a standing position our feet are on the ground so, the blood moves thru our body, down our legs, into our feet and back up to our heart for fresh oxygenated blood.   If the feet are elevated, the pump circulation is easier because there is less gravity pulling downward towards our grounded feet.

In other words, think of your  heart as a pump.  It pumps the blood around your body.   There is input to our heart and there is output.  The condition  of our heart may mean that perhaps our heart is not pushing (output) as much blood.   With our feet elevated above the heart you make it less stressful on your body.

Chair Size

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The size of the chair is incredibly important because if something does not fit you properly, it will not be comfortable. Furthermore, it can be dangerous for a senior to have to struggle getting in and out of a chair. If a chair is too small, you could be placing too much stress on your arms, and if it is too large you could also be struggling to move your lower body out of the chair.

As you’re looking at lift chairs, it’s important to consider the dimensions of the chair to make sure that they make sense for you and your size.

Is A Recliner Good For Swollen Legs?

Yes, lift recliners are good for swollen legs. They help raise your legs at a level higher than your heart. In this position, blood in your body moves around better rather than staying in one place. This way, there is no fluid retention in your legs, reducing edema.

How Do You Elevate Legs On A Recliner?

You can elevate your legs with a power lift recliner. Adjust the power lever on the side to set your recliner in a slanting position. Or, if you have an electric recliner, you can press the respective button to adjust your position.

Is Sitting In A Recliner Bad For Circulation?

No, sitting in a recliner is not bad for circulation. Raising your legs helps improve blood flow to your legs. However, long hours of sitting without much activity can have the opposite effect. So, it is advisable to get up and go for a bit of walk after every hour.

Benefits of Elevating Your Legs

The simple act of raising your legs above your heart can have incredible benefits. Let’s take a closer look at three benefits.

Better Blood Flow

This is the key to helping many leg and feet issues. By elevating your legs, you are allowing gravity to help return the blood to your heart giving your veins a well-deserved break.

Reduce Swelling

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Causes of swelling vary. It can be standing for long periods of time or can be due to heart, kidney or other health conditions. By taking pressure off your legs and veins, the fluid built up can start to flow away from your legs and feet.

Alliveate Leg Pain and Muscle Tension

Taking the pressure off you veins can help minimize leg pain from a hard day or from conditions such as varicose veins and lymphedema. The eased blood flow will help relax your legs and can provide you with much needed relief.

Now that you know the benefits of elevating your legs here are some recommendations for getting the best results.

It is advised to elevate your legs at least 15 minutes, 3 times a day to maximize the benefits. Although you will still get some benefit if you are only able to elevate your legs once or twice a day. So don’t let your busy schedule stop you!

You will want to elevate so your feet are above you heart to get the most out of the process. This can be done using a wall or a stack of pillows. However, you might end up straining your neck if you want to read or use your phone.

The most enjoyable way would be laying comfortably in a power lift chair. Lift chair recliners can get you into a proper elevated position and provide a relaxing place to sit and rest.

A lift chair can be one of the first products you buy when beginning to age in place inside your home. As a senior, resting and maintaining your comfort are some of the most important things to pay attention to as you age.

With a lift chair, you can watch TV, read, nap, and relax while knowing that you’ll always be able to get in and out of your chair easily without help. A lift chair can also provide you specific position that optimize your blood flow, so you don’t have to worry about further complications that arise from sitting for too long.

Regardless of your size, mobility, or ability, there’s a lift chair for you on the market. Consult with a loved one and find the perfect option to keep in your home for years to come.

Improving circulation is one of the main benefits of our high-leg lift motor. The fact that the chair lifts your legs above your hips and in line with your heart means it is ideal for aiding problems with circulation. As time goes on your capillaries wear out over time and it becomes harder for your heart to pump blood. This can result in ailments such as swollen ankles, legs and feet to a lack of blood in your extremities like Raynaud’s.

If you have heart problems like heart disease, chest pain, angina or have suffered from a heart attack, a rise and recline chair can help make circulation easier for your body. It works because by raising your ankles in line with your heart, it takes the pressure off your heart and it can pump blood around your body more easily.

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Similarly, if you have a build-up of fluid in your legs and ankles you might be raising them on a cushion or a footstool, this will not properly support your legs and joints. The rise and recline chair high-leg-lift will both support your joints and help reduce the swelling in your legs.

When you sit normally you strain certain muscles to support yourself. When you are reclined back in the ideal 90-degree angle all your muscles are properly supported by the recliner armchair and can easily relax your muscles.

This is ideal for backaches, which are mostly caused by strained muscles, so you can sit back and relax knowing the chair will ease and relax your muscles.


Best Chair for Elevating Legs – Power lift recliners function and appear as just a simple recliner, but they are a great resource for a number of people, including those who  need to keep feet elevated and those who struggle standing up.

If you or your loved one have limited mobility, suffer from sore joints and stiffness, or suffer from any number of health conditions.   You will find that these power lift recliners for heart care are a good choice.   This article focuses on recliners that elevate feet above heart but we do have a more moderate choice for those that just need to keep feet elevated.

Summing it up, living with edema can be quite a challenge. With your swellings acting up all the time, you are unable to carry out basic tasks. Thus, it becomes essential for you to invest in furniture that promises you comfort and relief.

So, what are you waiting for? For your convenience, we have listed the best recliners for heart care and elevate feet.

Lift chairs assist you in getting up and down, which is crucial because it allows you to control the chair yourself and get up without having to call for help every time. This is especially helpful for caregivers who can have peace of mind knowing that certain chairs are safer for the seniors they’re caring for. Some chairs even help promote blood flow and are programmable into positions that the user likes the most or are best for specific injuries and aches.

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