Best Chair for Fibromyalgia

Best Chair for Fibromyalgia – Fibromyalgia refers to a very painful form of rheumatism in your soft tissues and muscles. This condition can equally affect your ligaments and tendons and don’t often need any originator to develop.

Fibromyalgia under normal circumstances develop from other conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus, or Ankylosing Spondylitis.

The most noticed symptom of Fibromyalgia are pain and aching sensations in the muscles and joints, and can be throughout your entire body, in some cases well-defined tender points can easily be formed.

There are a few treatments for Fibromyalgia, although in most cases you will need to see a physician and take some form of medication.

Though in this article we are going to look at finding you the most comfortable reclining seat, to offer you pain relief and complete relaxation, that targets the areas and symptoms of this condition.


1.Ergohuman Chair

You’ll love this chair for its multiple adjustments. It really allows you to sit comfortably for many hours and focus on your work.

So what features you can find on Ergohuman office chair?

You can lower or raise the whole chair, as well as change the height of the backrest – depending on your height. Thanks to that you can adjust the lumbar support so it could fit your spine curves.

There is also tilt tension and 3-position tilt lock for those who’d like to take a break and relax a bit. You can lock the chair so it doesn’t tilt at all as well.

Another great feature is the headrest which you can slide up and down, as well change its angle. People who struggle with fibromyalgia often complain about neck stiffness and pain, therefore having a headrest that supports neck is so important.

Seat depth is adjustable too – just slide forward or backward to find the best position for your thighs and knees. Thanks to that you’ll decrease the risk of numbness in legs which is often one of fibromyalgia symptoms.

Armrests are height-adjustable and they pivot left to right therefore your wrists are always supported, whether you’re writing, typing or drawing.

The mesh on the seat and backrest prevents your body from sweating while giving you proper amount of the support without causing any pressure!

Even people after back surgery use this office chair and most of the customers (on Amazon) praise it for help with back ache, neck tension, hip and leg pain.

Keep in mind that Ergohuman office chair is most suitable for average in height and tall users (5’2’’- 6’5’’). It may be uncomfortable for a very short person.

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2.Herman Miller Aeron

Pain and stiffness along your back, neck, and hips are common symptoms of fibromyalgia. Sitting around for a long time only increases stiffness in your muscles. However, the Aeron makes it possible to easily change positions or move around in your seat while still feeling supported.

The Aeron is best known for its 8Z pellicle mesh material, eight zones of varying tensions. Unlike most office chairs that use very rigid mesh materials, the Aeron uses a very flexible and forgiving mesh. This absorbs the pressure, which increases circulations and reduces pain.

In addition, the Aeron has a forward tilt feature allowing users to position their chair forward. As a result, your hips open up, and the weight distribution shifts forward. This puts less stress on your hips and tailbone. If you want to take the load off your lower back, you can either adjust the lumbar support or recline the seatback.

The Aeron offers their unique PostureFit SL, which is two individual lumbar pads that can be adjusted separately. It supports the base of your spine so that keeping a healthy posture becomes effortless. This also helps to keep your pelvis tilted slightly forward and chest open, taking the load off your back as well.

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3.SIHOO Ergonomic

When it comes to budget office chairs, SIHOO stands on top. It provides an ergonomically designed chair to keep your body comfortable and relaxed at a very affordable price point.

The ergonomically built chair comes with a durable metal frame and a sturdy design. It is hefty and can hold up to 350 pounds capacity, accommodating people of any size and shape while making it extremely durable.

This product’s highlight is that it has a two-way fine-tuning lumbar pillow that protects the spine and is integrated with a multi-dimensional free rotating head pillow suitable for the work environment.

The mesh used is wear-and-tear resistant and has passed all the rigorous standard SGS checks; it has also been carried out by the high strength metal gas lift and foundation. The compressive strength of the excellent net mesh is much more vigorous than regular cloth.

Another great highlight of this product is that it has a smooth and thickened PU roller that does not damage the surface. The mesh armrests can be positioned in or out to form a closed or open “V” shape, apart from being adjustable in height.

It is convenient for resting and working as it can move up and down. The chair can tilt up to 90-125 degrees. To adjust the back tilting, you need to spin the knob from the bottom of the chair, and it can be changed quickly.

The chair is perfect for Fibro patients who are most affected by lower back pain. It has a comfortable and adjustable lumbar support pillow and an S-shaped seat for spine support.

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4.SMUG Office Ergonomic

You will love this chair for multiple reasons, but the topline is that it comes with a natural curve of the spine and is fast and easy to adjust to any body type.

If you are looking for a perfect balance between comfort, quality, price, and design, then this chair is for you.

In terms of features, this chair has the basics well covered from providing breathable mesh fabric, 360-degree swivel, 135 degrees recline, ottoman footrest, and much more.

SmugDesk comes with a highly breathable mesh and is made up of soft quality sponge for maximum comfort. The multi-function mechanism includes pneumatic controls making it easier to adjust the seat according to your convenience.

The chair has a sculpted seat with a canopy fabricated from breathable mesh that helps you sit on the chair for long hours without any discomfort to the body. The lumbar support feature is best implemented in this chair as it provides exceptional support to the neck and back, avoiding any pressure to the body.

It also comes with a support pillow that helps relieve pain and fatigue, especially for people who have Fibromyalgia. You can easily adjust the seat, headrest, and backrest. Moreover, you can also turn on the rocking mode to relax and take a break.

SmugDesk high back office chairs are an excellent choice for users who want a balance between comfort, quality, price, and design, all of this in one chair. This is an all-around nice chair at a fair price.

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Not everyone can afford the Aeron. Luckily, there are more affordable options that still can keep your body supported while working. The Staples Hyken offers plenty of adjustable features that help workers sit in an optimal position for productivity. You can adjust the seat height, armrest height, back angle, and tilt tension.

Also, the Hyken comes with a full mesh upholstery allowing air to circulate and keep you sweat-free. Feeling hot or sitting in a warm seat can cause discomfort and distract you from working.

For fibromyalgia sufferers who have tenderness behind their head or neck, you may find the headrest quite helpful. Your neck can easily become stiff and cause a lot of pain. It can be adjusted by height and angle to support your neck and shoulders. In addition, you can comfortably nap on your office chair, knowing that your neck won’t be left in an awkward position.

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6.WorkPro® Quantum 9000

For those who can’t afford the Aeron but want similar features or designs, the WorkPro Quantum 9000 is a great alternative. Considering the price point, it’s hard to find a chair with a better value. One of the big advantages of the Quantum 9000 is that it offers more adjustability than most chairs. For example, you can adjust the height for the backrest and also the seat depth.

Oftentimes, the midback chair may not be suited for tall people because their back isn’t fully supported. However, the Quantum allows you to raise or lower the backrest height to ensure your entire back is supported. The seat depth adjustment ensures that your back is always against the backrest. It also accommodates people of different leg lengths. For tall people, they may find that laying on the backrest causes a cut-off in circulation under their thighs. In contrast, it could mean that their feet aren’t planted on the ground for short people.

Some people with fibromyalgia suffer from joint and muscle pain, especially in their hips and knees. Proper seat depth helps distribute the weight evenly, which alleviates pressure in your hips and knee joints. Some people with fibromyalgia suffer from joint and muscle pain, especially in their hips and knees.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Chair For Fibromyalgia

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Patients who have Fibromyalgia feel constant pain in their muscles and usually have discomfort all over the body. This is why having an ergonomic chair is essential while choosing the best chair for Fibromyalgia. A good chair should always support your back, neck, head, and must be ergonomically designed to maintain the right posture while working. Before buying a chair, ensure if the chair has a 360-degree swivel, tilt mechanism, and lumbar support for a comfortable and pain-free experience.


The material used in making the chair should be of soft quality with breathable mesh. Mesh provides excellent support and is suitable for ventilation. The outer body should be made up of durable plastic, steel, or aluminum with high-quality PU caster wheels that roll silently. Ensure the material used in the construction is recyclable and environment-friendly.


A fully adjustable chair can help you stay more comfortable and relaxed in the office environment. Make sure the chair is smooth and rolls easily on any surface area with a 360-degree swivel. It should be fully adjustable in length and width, allowing you to adjust the headrest as per your requirement.

It is important to have the right ergonomic office chair for Fibromyalgia.

Build Quality

The build quality will determine the lifespan of your office chair. Brands such as Herman Miller and Steelcase offer an impressive 12-year manufacturer’s warranty largely due to their confidence in product build. You’ll want to avoid chairs with a lot of plastic components. For example, plastic armrests or gas lifts can be problematic and break down quickly. The most sturdy chair frames and bases are made out of steel, aluminum, or wood. Try to stray away from any other types of materials in these areas.

Another aspect to look for is the upholstery. For example, bonded leather and genuine leather are typically more durable than PU leather. PU leather may be prone to scratches and tears. Also, fabric materials may be susceptible to spills. Avoid lower-quality fabric such as polyester. However, vinyl and mesh are the strongest fabrics for office chairs. 

Fibromyalgia can cause discomfort while sitting, which is why an office Chair designed for ergonomics is essential. The ergonomics of an office chair can be a culmination of adjustability, support and comfort, and adaptability.

The higher-end chairs tend to be the most adaptable and supportive. For example, the Steelcase Leap and Gesture provide a 3D LiveBack technology, which twists and bends to adapt to any micro-movements—moving your body while sitting is great for getting the blood flowing in your body and alleviating the pressure placed in one area. As a result, it can reduce pain, especially for people with fibromyalgia.

Another example of ergonomic design is the BackFit adjustment by the Herman Miller Embody. It can be adjusted to align with the curve of your spine. The curved support can be decreased or increased based on your preferences.

Any feature that is designed to promote good posture and reduce discomfort is considered ergonomic. The best chairs look to enhance the sitting experience rather than simply adding more padding or using cheap quality materials to lower the price.

Back Support

The poor back support can lead to back pain but also affect other areas of your body as well. Your chair’s back support should be adjustable and adaptable.

First, the backrest should be designed to support the lumbar region. The lower back is the most compromised part because it has to shoulder the biggest load. Lumbar support keeps your lower back supported, which allows you to keep an upright posture effortlessly. The lumbar support should be height and depth adjustable. This ensures that it fits into the natural curve of your spine, and the right amount of support can be given based on your needs.

Higher-end chairs will be able to adapt to the changing movements in your spine. Your spine is flexible and will change shapes when moving. It’s important to align to keep your spine aligned at all times. Some backrests can flex and bend to encourage movement.

Adjusting the back angle helps your muscles relax when sitting upright isn’t needed. It also shifts the weight off of your lower back to reduce back pain.

Office Chair for Fibromyalgia: What's the Best Type of Office Chair for  Fibromyalgia Patients?


Everyone has a unique body size, which is why adjustability is important. Adjustable features allow you to sit in a healthy posture no matter your height and unique body composition. The most common adjustable features to look out for are: seat height, seat depth, back angle, tilt-tension, synchro-tilt, armrest, lumbar support, and headrest.

The seat height adjusts to ensure your feet are planted on the ground and your head is leveled with your monitor screen. With the seat depth adjustability, it slides the seat pan forward or backward to ensure your back is rested against the backrest. The armrest adjustability keeps your arms parallel to the desk height to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow pain. The backrest angle, synchro-tilt, and lumbar support all work in tandem to ensure back comfort and good posture. A headrest should be adjustable to fit your neck and keep it supported while sitting.

Seat Comfort

An ergonomic and comfortable seat makes it easier to sit with a healthy posture, reducing the pain you feel from fibromyalgia. Sitting on a hard surface will only place a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles. Ideally, you’ll want a highly dense foam cushion that reduces the pressure and lessens the compression on your spine, tailbone, and hips.

Office chairs may achieve this goal through various means. For example, the La-Z-Boy Delano uses multiple layers of memory foam, which have properties that contour to your body shape. As a result, it’ll provide pain relief in your tailbone and hips.

However, mesh materials without a seat cushion can still achieve the desired result. The Herman Miller Aeron uses their proprietary mesh suspension material, which has a medium firmness to it. It is extremely forgiving, especially at points of contact, to absorb the pressure allowing you to be pain-free while sitting.

Weight Capacity

Most standard office chairs can support up to 250 pounds, which can accommodate most workers. However, if you weigh over 250 pounds, you may want to check the weight capacity of your desired office chair. Typically, the durability of the chairs will determine the weight limit. For example, the Steelcase Lap uses an aluminum base that supports up to 400 pounds. The La-Z-Boy Delano is a chair with larger specifications that support up to 350 pounds.


Not everyone can afford to buy the most high-end office chairs. That shouldn’t mean you still can’t buy something that makes you feel comfortable and supports your body’s needs. Our list of ergonomic office chairs varies in all price ranges. For those on a budget, we recommend the Staples Hyken chair, Duramont office chair, or WorkPro Quantum 9000. These chairs offer excellent adjustability to ensure you’re always supported and in a healthy posture.

We like the Secretlab Titan and La-Z-Boy Delano for mid-tier options because they offer plenty of cushions to alleviate pain and keep you comfortable for long hours. If you want the best office chairs in the market, look no further than the Steelcase and Herman Miller office chairs. Each model offers proprietary technology and features that are unique to its brand. For example, the Aeron uses their 8Z pellicle mesh, an elastomeric suspension, which is more forgiving than most mesh chairs. Ideally, you want to invest in a high-quality chair that will last you many years to come.

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What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that causes discomfort and tenderness in the body. It happens when your brain and spinal cord cannot control or interpret pain signals from other parts of your body.

What is the best chair for Fibromyalgia?

All of the chairs mentioned above give excellent performance when used in an office environment. To get a phenomenal sitting experience, we have chosen the Homall High Back Ergonomic Chair as it’s a perfect choice to manage pain and avoid fatigue amongst fibromyalgia patients.

Why do office chairs cause back pains?

The main reason behind excessive back pains on regular office chairs is because of the static posture. It increases the stress on the back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Having an ergonomic design office chair can help you eliminate the frequent back pains and help you work at peace.

If you sit at a desk all day long for work or school, you might notice the type of chair you use affects your symptoms. A not-so-great desk chair can end up making your chronic pain worse. But if you need to be able to sit at a desk, what are you supposed to do? Just suffer in silence? Not a chance! With some research and experimentation, you’re likely to find a chair that works for you.

What makes a comfortable office chair?

There are too many comfortable office chairs available to buy on the internet to count, and which one is considered “the best” varies by person. Shah mentions that there are no overarching guidelines in terms of comfort for every single person because it is subjective and dependent on how they like to sit during work. However, Shah says everyone should look for the same few things in a capable office chair to help maintain a healthy sitting position. Opt for an office chair that has:

  • Adjustable height and back angles that allows you to customize your chair to your sitting preference. A good office chair will prop you up into a “task” position to naturally keep your posture upright and prevent slouching or hunched shoulders.
  • Accommodating cushioning to evenly distribute your body weight and relieve pressure on your joints. A soft yet supportive cushion will help correct poor posture (and feel nice on the tush).

Not sure where to start? With the above features in mind, we compiled a list of comfortable chairs that real shoppers use and love. And bonus, they’re all available on Amazon. Whether you’ve recently developed lower back pain or you’re planning to work from home for the long run, you’re going to want to sit on something that supports you 24/7—not just from 9 to 5.

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You might need a chair that helps relieve back pain or a chair that helps with your posture. Or maybe you just have constant pain everywhere and need a chair that can change depending on your needs that day. Whatever your reasons might be, finding the right desk chair can help make your day a bit easier.

We wanted to hear from people who have found desk chairs that have worked for them, so we asked our Mighty community for their recommendations. While these desk chairs have helped the members of our chronic pain community, they might not fit for your needs. At the very least, we hope the recommendations below give you some potential options.


Best Chair for Fibromyalgia – Fighting against fibromyalgia symptoms can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re navigating through everyday activities such as standing, sitting, walking, lifting objects, and exercising. If you’re someone that experiences constant pain around your body, the last thing you want to do is sit in a chair for 8 hours a day.

Maybe your neck and back are stiff, and it’s uncomfortable to sit up straight. Prolonged sitting only exacerbates the stiffness and may cause numbness in your arms and legs. As a result, you may struggle to concentrate or get any work done.

That’s why it’s important to choose the proper ergonomic office chair designed to keep you comfortable and pain-free. In this article, we’ll discuss what fibromyalgia is, the best office chairs for this condition, and what features to look for before buying.

You wake up every morning feeling tired with pain in your joints – it was another night when you slept poorly.

You feel stabbing pain or burning sensation in your muscles, especially in your back and neck. Your body is fatigued and stiff after the whole night.